Public Houses, Inns & Taverns of Huntingdonshire in 1864 Post Office Directory Q - W

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Directory of Pubs in the UK, historical public houses, Taverns, Inns, Beer Houses and Hotels in Huntingdonshire, The listing uses information from census, Trade Directories and History to add licensees, bar staff, Lodgers and Visitors.

Queen's Head, G. Allin, Godmanchester, Huntingdon
Queen's Head, H. Cook, Fenstanton, St. Ives
Queen's Head, Mrs. S. Emery, St. Neots
Queen's Head, W. Webster, Needingworth, St. Ives
Queen's Head, C. G. Wilson, High street, Huntingdon
Railway hotel, Mrs. F. Ding, Station road, St. Ives
Railway inn, M. Cartwright, St. Neots
Railway inn, J. Murden, Brampton road, Huntingdon
Railway inn, F. Oliver, Stow Longa, St. Neots
Railway inn, J. Sams, Holme, Peterborough
Railway inn, John Shelton, jun. Ramsey St. Mary's, Huntingdon
Railway tavern, W. Markham, Godmanchester, Huntingdon
Ram, T. Harrison, Bullock market, St. Ives
Recruiting Sergeant, G. Rowell, Yaxley, Peterborough
Red Lion, J. Payne, Godmanchester, Huntingdon
Robin Hood & Little John, T. Day, Great Staughton. St.Neots
Rose & Crown, J. Benton, Somersham, St. Ives
Rose & Crown, W. Butler, High street, Ramsey
Rose & Crown, R. Furley, North end, Huntingdon
Rose & Crown, J. Isley, Upwood, Huntingdon
Rose & Crown, J. Rutter, St. Neots
Rose & Crown, J. Scott, Wood Walton, Peterborough
Royal Oak, J. Apex, Sawtry, Peterborough
Royal Oak, H. Betts, Hail Weston, St. Neots
Royal Oak, J. Gilford, Hemingford Abbots, St. Ives
Royal Oak, T. Jarvis, Godmanchester, Huntingdon
Royal Oak, H. Martin, High street, Huntingdon
Royal Oak, family & commercial hotel, William Carter, jun. Fletton, Peterborough
Saddle inn, R. J. Lord, High street, Kimbolton, St. Neots
Salutation Arms, J. Bradshaw, St. Thomas's Pond's bridge, Ramsey
Ship & Chequers, J. Smith, Market place, Huntingdon
Ship inn, C. Watson, Warboys, Huntingdon
Six Bells, T. Gilford, Hemlngford Grey, St. Ives
Spread Eagle, J. Jacob, High street, Huntingdon
Spread Eagle, W. Worley, Buckden, Huntingdon
Stag & Hounds, E. Clack, Old Hurst, St. Ives
Station hotel. Spiers & Pond, Fletton, Peterborough
Sun, J. Pestell, Brampton Hut, Brampton, Huntingdon
Sun inn, Charles Ibbs, High street, Kimbolton
Swan, R. Barber, Godmanchester, Huntingdon
Swan, W. Hammond, Cannon street, Huntingdon
Swan, Mrs. R. King, Yelling, Huntingdon
Swan, T. Page, Godmanchester, Huntingdon
Swiss Cottage, G. Hunting, Fletton, Peterborough
Talbot, T. Cox, Stilton, Peterborough
Three Butchers, F. Sandevor, Wyton, Huntingdon
Three Horseshoes, J. Ashbridge, Winwick, Oundle
Three Horseshoes, J. Blackmail, Yaxley, Peterborough
Three Horseshoes, J. Cawcutt, Wistow, Huntingdon
Three Horseshoes, R. Dodson, Great Gransden, Royston
Three Horseshoes, Mrs. R. Payne, Little Whyte, Ramsey
Three Horseshoes, Mrs. E. Poole, Abbots Ripton, Huntngdon
Three Horseshoes, W. Pooles, Swineshead, St. Neots
Three Horseshoes, S. Shelton, Great Stukeley, Huntingdon
Three Tuns, J. Clark, High street, Huntingdon
Three Tuns, T. Corby, Bridge street, St. Ives
Three Tuns, R. Edey, St. Neots
Unicorn commercial inn & posting house, Edward Henry Fisher, Bullock market, St. Ives
Vine inn, J. Cowling, Buckden, Huntingdon
Waggon & Horses, G. Briggs, Thurning, Oundle
Wagon & Horses, W. Fairy, Great Catworth, Thrapston
Wheatsheaf, J. Branson, St. Neots
Wheatsheaf, W. Brooks, Alwalton, Peterborough
Wheatsheaf, J. Charter, Colne, St. Ives
Wheatsheaf, R. Doughty, Alconbury Weston, Huntingdon
Wheatsheaf, J. Fletcher, Stilton, Peterborough
Wheatsheaf, F. Hall, East & West Perry, Great Staughton, St. Neots
Wheatsheaf, W. Lilley, Ellington, Kimbolton
Wheatsheaf, W. Viles, Somersham, St. Ives
White Hall, J. Cross, Brampton, Huntingdon
White Hart, Mrs. A. Bird, Godmanchester, Huntingdon
White Hart, T. Cade, Sheep market, St. Ives
White Hart, G. Campbell, High street, Huntingdon
White Hart, Mrs. S. Copeland, Winwick, Oundle
White Hart, Mrs. M. Descou, Alconbury Weston, Huntingdon
White Hart, R. Hall, Great Gidding, Oundle
White Hart, I. How, Warboys, Huntingdon
White Hart, E. Shrive, Fletton, Peterborough
White Hart, A. Spencer, Bythorn, Thrapston
White Hart, S. Taylor, Staughton highway, St. Neots
White Horse, J Byfield. North end, Huntingdon
White Horse, J Dav, Keyston, Thrapston
While Horse, J. Hardwick, Graffham, St. Neots
White Horse commercial inn & market house, Elliott Robert Odams, Fenstanton, St. Ives
White Lion, J. Burton, Godmanchester, Huntingdon
White Lion, G. Craddock, High street, Kimbolton, St. Neots
White Lion tap, C. Sisman, back st. Kimbolton, St.Neots
White Swan, T. Wilson, St. Neots
Wilk's Head, J. C. Fisher, Bridge street, & Crown street, St. lves
Windmill, R. Jenkins, Orton Waterville, Peterborough
Wool Pack, J. Brewster, Stanground, Peterborough
Wrestlers, W. Shelton, St. Neots
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