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Dover, Dover, Thanet with Dover

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Gentry in 1858

Allen, Mrs. Elizabeth, Commercial quay
Alpe, Miss Mary, Claremont place
Andersbn, Rev. Thomas, Castle street
Andrews, Mr. Benjamin, Town Hall street
Ashmore, Mr. John, Castle street
Astley, Edward SV, M.D., Marine parade
Back, Mr. Thomas E., 16, Castle street
Back, Miss Lydia, Saint Martin's terrace
Baker, Mr. John, Snargate street
Baldwin, Miss Rachel, Liverpool terrace
Bass, Mrs. Ann, Buokland place, Buckland
Baynham, Rev. John F., Rectory, London road, Charlton
Bazley, the Misses, Saint James's street
Beale, Mr. James, Folkstone road
Bedford, Mrs. Susan, East cliff
Bentham, Mr. George, High street, Charlton
Beresford, John, Esq., Effingham crescent
Birch, Thomas, Esq., Limekiln street
Blake, Mrs. Anne, Town Wall street
Blackman, Mrs. Mary Ann, Norman terrace
Bottle, Mr., High street, Charlton
Boyles, Lady Catherine, East Cliff terrace
Briggs, John, Esq., Snargate street
Briggs, Rev. Thomas Barker Wawne, Unitarian Minister, 7, Priory terrace, Folkstone road
Broadley, Mr. Thomas, Hubert terrace, Castle hill
Bromley, Mrs. Elizabeth, Windsor terrace, Buckland
Bushell, Mrs. Ann, Russell street
Carter, Mrs. Mary, Laureston place
Carre, Mr. Richard, High street, Charlton
Chalk, Stephen, Esq., Biggin street
Chantrell, William D., Esq., Charlton House, London road, Charlton
Claringbould, Mr. Richard, Hawksbury street
Clayton, William, Esq., Town Wall street
Clement, Mr. Edward, 2, Priory villas, Folkstone road
Clements, Mr. Edward Nixon, Priory villas, Folkstone road
Cleveland, Mrs. Harriet, Norman terrace
Cohen, Miss T., Folkstone road
Cockbourn, Major-General Sir Francis, East Cliff terrace
Coram, John, Esq., Queen street
Cotman, Mrs. Jane, Hammond place
Cockbourn, Mrs. Louisa, Eastbrook place
Cranswick, Rev. Matthew, Wesleyan, Norman street
Darrah, Mrs. Jane, Esplanade
Darvvall, Mrs. Jane, Hubert terrace
Davis, the Misses, Saint Martin's street
Davis, Rev. Charles, East Cliff
Davies, Edward Pellew, Esq., Norman street
Dechair, Miss Isabella Mary, Castle terrace
Dickeson, Mr. Richard, High street, Charlton
Dickson, Miss Jane, Winchelsea crescent, Folkstone road
Dobbin, Mrs. Elizabeth, High street, Charlton
Dodd, Mrs. Maria, Buckland
Dray, Mrs. Jane, High street, Charlton
Dunkin, Mrs. Emily, Cambridge terrace
Ellis, Mr. Edward, Town Hall street
Elve, Henry, Esq., Adelaide House, Princess street
Elvey, Miss Rebecca, Charton place, London road, Charlton
Elwell, Rev. W. E., Cambridge terrace
Elwin, Edward, Esq., Castle street
Epsley, Miss Mary, High street, Charlton
Evans, Thomas, Esq., Guilford lawn
Eyre, Mrs Emma, Marine Parade
Fielding, George, Esq., Effingham House, the Priory
Fielding, Rev. Charles, Bucklands, Buckland
Fison, Rev. Edward, Wesleyan, Buckland terrace, Buckland
Fletcher, Mr. John, Hawksbury street
Ford, Mr. Stephen, Council House street
Friend, Mrs. Eliza, Alfred place
Gange, John, Esq., Esplanade
Garside, Mr. Joseph, Folkstone road
Gaskin, Mr. George, Charlton place, London road
Geere, Captain John, Folkstone road
Girardot, Colonel Charles, Wellesley terrace
Goldsmith, John, Esq., Waterloo crescent
Graham, George, Esq., Effingham orescent
Grant, the Misses, 1, Effingham place, Folkstone road
Gray, Mr. George, Folkstone road
Green, Miss Mary Ann, Claremont terrace, Buckland
Greey, Mrs. Frances, Ivy Cottage, Buckland
Grigsby, Rev. William, Independent, Buckland place, Buckland
Halford, Richard, Esq., Guilford. lawn
Hall, Mrs. Mary Ann, Eastbrook place
Hammond, Colonel Frederick, Laureston house
Hammond, the Misses, Rose Cottage, Buckland
Hammond, Mr. Abraham, High street, Charlton
Hamilton, John, Esq., Guilford lawn
Hancock, Mrs. Elizabeth. Athol terrace, East Cliff
Barman, Mr. Richard H., London road, Charlton
Hart, Mrs. Anna Maria, Norman street
Hayward, Mrs. Margaret A., Strond street
Heaver, Mrs. Elizabeth, St. Martin's streei
Hobb, Mrs. Maria, Balmoral Cottage, Buckland
Hogben, Mr. George, High street, Charlton
Holmes, Mrs. Elizabeth, Limekiln street
Hudson, Mrs. Caroline, Efflngham place, Folkstone road
Huntsman, Mrs. Sophia, Claremont terrace, Buckland
Hutchesson, Lieut-General Thomas, Clarence Lawn
Hutchinson, Captain Joshua, Effingham crescent
Hyde, Captain Samuel, Athol terrace. East Cliff
Ibbetson, Miss fanny, Camden crescent
Iggulden, Mrs, Castle street
James, Mrs Eliza, St Martins street
Jarrett, Rev. James, Wesleyan, High street, Charlton
Jarvis, Miss Ann, Alfred place
Jeken, John, Esq., Liverpool terrace
Jell, Mrs. Polly, Oxenden street
Jenkings, Captain Henry, Esplanade
Jennings, George, Esq., Shrewsbury, Buckland
Jennings, George Finch, Esq., Lostbrook Cottage, Eastbrook place
Jones, Mr. Robert H., Castle street
Jones, Mrs. Margaret F., London road, Charlton
Keeling, Captain John, Eastbrook place
Kennett, Matthew, Esq., St. James's street
Kentish, Miss Isabella, Hubert terrace, Castle hill
Kingsford, Sampson, Esq.., St. Martin's place
Kingsford, Alfred, Esq., Sundy House, .Buckland
Knatchbull, Miss Eliza, Liverpool terrace
Knocker, John B., Snargate street
Knocker, Edward, Esq., Castle hill
Knockers, the Misses, St. Martin's street
Knowles, Mr. John, Guilford cottages
La Coste, Mrs,, Eliza, Folkstone road
Lake, Mr. Thomas, Effingham street
Lloyd, Mrs. Harriet, Camden crescent
Long, Mrs. Margaret, Charlton place, London road, Charlton
Lond, George H., Esq., Bucklands
Lyne, Mrs. Philadelphia, St. Martin's place
Macdonald, Mrs. Julia R., Norman street
Marjorebanks, Mrs. E., Liverpool house
 Marsh, Mr. Adam C., St. Martin's place
Marston, Rev. Charles D., incumbent of Christ Church, Hougham, the Parsonage
Mercy, Miss Eliza, St. Martin's terrace
Mesham, Mrs. Ann, Laureston place
Metcalf, Mr. William, Old Park
McCullum, Captain John, Turnham Green Lodge, High street, Charlton
McHewing, Captain William, Esplanade
McToldridge, Mr. William, Oxenden street
McToldridge, Mr. James, Windsor terrace, Buckland
Milbourne, Mrs. Frances Jane, Alfred place
Mills, Mr. William, Biggen street
Minet, Charles William, Esq., Pier House, Strond street
Molony, Rev. Charles, Folkstone road
Morgan, William, M.D., 1, Cambridge terrace
Morris, Miss Maria, St. Martin's street
Mosse, Rev. Samuel T., vicar, Buckland
Mowll, Mr Edward R., Strond street
Nazer, Mrs Maria, Buckland
Nethersel, Miss Sarah, Norman terrace
Noble, Captaon Jeffery W, R.N., Eastbrook House, Eastbrook place
Okey, Mr Charles, Athol terrace, East cliff
Ollivant, Mr James sen., Hawksbury street
Podevin, Mrs Martha, High street, Charlton
Page, Mr. Alfred, 4, St. Martin's terrace
Page, Mr. George S., Limekiln street
Pain, Thomas, Esq., Strond street
Pallett, Miss, St. Martin's terrace
Parks, Mr. Charles, Windsor terrace, Buckland
Patten, Mrs. Charlotte, Guilford Lawn
Pattle, Mrs., Camden crescent
Payn, William H., Esq., Bfflnghatn place, Folkstone road
Payn, Anthony F., Esq., York House, Buckland
Pearce, Mr. George M., Windsor terrace, Buckland
Pearson, Mr. Edward, Victoria crescent, Charlton
Peche, Rev. George, Eastbrook place
Peirce, Mr, Samuel, Bartholomew terrace, Buckland
Peirce, Mr. John, Bartholomew terrace, Buckland
Pennell, Mr. James, Charlton place, London road, Charlton
Pepper, Mrs. Ann, Hawksbury street
Philpot, Mr., St. James's terrace
Pioher, Mrs. Elizabeth, Norman street
Pilcher, Miss Miriam, Castle street
Pitts, Rev. Alexander, Baptist minister, Norman street
Potter, Rev. Henry, Baptist minister, Commercial quay
Prickett, George, Esq., Castle street
Puckle, Rev. John, incumbent St. Mary's, Biggin street
Ramsbottom, John R., Esq., Waterloo crescent
Reed, Rev. Martin, Folkstone road
Reid, Mr. John William, Saxon street
Rennell, Mrs. Frances, East Cliff
Richardson, Mr. John, Conservatory Cottage, London road, Charlton
Ronget, Mr. Henry, folkstone road
Rose, Miss Fanny, Waterloo crescent
Rose, Mrs. Mary, Marine parade
Rutter, Mr. Edward, Castle street
Rutley, Mrs. Louisa, Norman terrace
Ruttledge, Mrs. Maria, Marine parade
Savage, Rev. Joseph L., catholic priest, Elizabeth square
Sayer, Miss Maria Frances, Buckland
Shepherd, Mr, George, Effingham crescent
Shipden, John, Esq., Town Wall street
Sillery, Robert, M.D., Charlton Lodge
Sims, John, Esq., St. James's street
Skelton, Captain Daniel George, Clarence Lawn
Sladden, Mr. Edward, Claremont terrace, Buckland
Smallpice, Mrs. Cordelia, East Cliff
Smart, Colonel Henry, Liverpool terrace
Smith, Mr. Thomas, High street, Charlton
Smith, George Pitt, Esq., Claremont place
Smithett, Captain Luke, Snargate street
Smithett, Mrs. Nancy, Limekiln street
Smithett, the Misses, Limekiln street
Spain, Mr. John, Priory terrace, Folkstone road
Spear, Mr. Joshua, Windsor terrace, Buckland
Spicer, Mrs. Susannah, Town Wall street
Spicer, Mrs. Eliza, Esplanade
Spink, Rev. Samuel, Independent, Folkstone road
Stalkard, Mrs. Elizabeth, Winchelsea crescent, Folkstone road
Stanbrough, Mr. James, Winchelsea crescent, Folkstone road
Stilwell, James, Esj., Marine place
Stoddart, Miss Frances A., Castle terrace
Stoke, Mrs. Sarah, Waterloo crescent.
Stolden, Mr. George, Swiss cottages, Buckland
Stone, Spencer, Esq., Norman street.
Stone, Mr. John, High street, Charlton
Stride, Lewis, Esq., Saint Martin's hill, Folkstone road
Taylor, Mr. Thomas, Biggin street
Taylor, Captain Robert, Laureston place
Thistleton, Thomas, St. Martin's place
Thompson, Henry, Esq., Marine place
Thompson, George, Esq., Camden crescent
Thomson, Henry U., M.D., Marine parade
Titter, Mrs. Mary, Marine parade
Tucket, the Honourable Miss Jane E., Hammond place
Tuke, Mrs. Maria, Marine place
Tulk, Mrs. Mary, Eastbrook place
Turnbull, George, Esq., Clarence place
Vaughan, Mrs. Sarah, Russell street
Warman, Mr. John, Castle street
Watson, Charles, Esq., Calpe Cottage, Folkstone road
Watson, Robert William, Esq., Snargate street
Watson, Mr. Alexander, Victoria crescent, Charlton
Watson, Mrs. Eliza, Charlton place, London road, Charlton
Webb, Captain Theodosius, Alfred place
Wellden, Mrs. Catherine, Marine parade
White, Rev. Lewis B., incumbent of Trinity church Trinity parsonage.
Whittle, Mr. John, Russell street
Wilkinson, George Esq, Cambridge terrace
Williamson, Mrs. Charlotte, Castle street
Wing, Mrs. Kate, Marine parade
Winter, Mr. William, Hubert terrace, Castle hill
Winthrop, Benjamin E., Esq., Marine parade
Wisenden, Mr. William, Charlton place, London road
Wisenden, Mr. Henry, Charlton place, London road
Wood, Mr Christopher, Town Wall street
Wood, Mr. James, Norman street
Woodcock, Mr. William, Windsor terrace, Buckland.
Woodgate, Francis, Esq., 4, Claremont place
Worsfold, Miss Hester, Biggin street
Worthington, Mrs. Mary, Efflngham crescent
Yates, Rev. William, St. John Mariners' Church, Council House street
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