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Lewisham, Lewisham

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Melvilles 1858 Directory of Kent.

Public Houses in Lewisham

Traders in 1858 Melvilles Directory

Gentry in 1858  Melvilles Directory

Abbott, John, esq., lime Grove
Abell, H., esq., Vine Cottage, Rushey green
Adam, James, esq., the Hermitage
Adkin, John, esq., 2, Dartmouth terrace
Adkin, Charles, esq., Rushey green
Aird, John, esq., 6, Dartmouth villas
Allen, Mrs., Lewisham hill
Angell, Mrs., Rushey green
Appleton, David, esq., 4, Sandwell place
Bailey, 'Mrs., Springhead Cottage
Bartonj W. N., esq., 6, Sandwell place
Billinghurst, H. W., esq., 6, Dartmouth terrace
Boustred, John, esq., 9, Sandwell place
Boyle, William, esq., Hithe green
Banks, Joseph, esq., Ravensbourne terrace
Barr, J. William, esq., 3, Sydney terrace
Beater, Andrew, esq., 3, Dartmouth villas
Bell, Mrs. Colonel, 1, Sydney terrace
Boddiker, W., esq., Ravensbourne park
Bristow, Alfred, esq., Rushey Green House
Breakspeare, Mrs., 6, Ravensbourne terrace
Brooks, C., esq., 3, West Cottage, Avenue road
Brooks, Jonathan, esq., 12, George place
Brown, John, esq., Ravensbourne park
Brown, Mrs., Camden place
Brown, Samuel William, esq., Camden place
Brounnutt, Mrs., 9, Limes villas
Bryer, Thomas, esq., Hither green
Carter, Harrington, esq., 12, Sandwell place
Castendieck, Charles, esq., the Village
Cawthorn, George, esq,, 4, Sydney terrace
Chambers, G., esq., Hither Green Lodge
Chambers, W. M., esq., I, Belmont terrace
Chappel, Robert C., esq., 14, Lime grove
Child, Mrs., 2, Exchequer place
Christian, Charles, esq.j Ravensbourne park
Clark, Matthew, John, esq., 13, Lime grove
Clarke, Mrs., Southfield House
Clinch, John, esq., near Ravensbourne park
Cockshaw, Samuel, esq., Woodland
Consett, Miss, 2, Camden place
Cooper, Mrs., the Priory
Corder, Frederick, esq., 8, Sydney terrace
Courtney, John F., esq., 2, Lewisham terrace
Cresswell, Henry, Richard, esq., the Village
Curling-, Mrs. Elizabeth, the Village
Cutbush, Edward, esq., 2, Sandfield terrace
Davenport, C., esq., Ravensbourne park
Davie, Mrs., 12, Dartmouth terrace
Davis, Rev. John, Lewisham hill
Daw, George Henry, esq., Hither green
De Montmorency, W. R., esq., 6, Ravensbourne terrace
Desgrand, J. V., esq., 6, Lime grove
Desvignes, Peter H., esq., Hither green
Dewer, _, esq., Ravensbourne park
Dollman, E., esq., Devon Cottage, the Village
Douglas, Captain R., 14, Sandwell place
Duffin, W. H., esq., North Cottage, North row
Dupas, Mrs., 13, Sandwell place
Edwards, George, esq., Catford hill
Elborough, Alfred, esq., 1, Lime grove
Evans, George, esq., 4, Sandfield terrace
Evans, Thomas, esq., 2, Belmont terrace
Farmer, William, esq., Ravensbourne park
Fearnall, Mrs., 8, Dartmouth terrace
Field, William, esq., 3, Lime grove
Finch, Joseph, esq., 3, Dartmouth terrace
Forster, Rev. R. Stuart, South end
Eraser, William G., esq., Clarence Lodge
Frushard, G. E., esq., 5, Lime villas
Furze, Thomas, esq., Hither green
George, Francis, esq., 8, Lime grove
Glaisher, James, esq., 13, Dartmouth terrace
Goodman, W., esq., East Cottage, Avenue road
Goodwin, Miss, 10, Dartmouth terrace
Graves, J., esq., Amelia place, Avenue road
Green, John, esg., 10, Lime grove
Gregory, H., esq., 4, West Cottage, Avenue road
Griffin, S. W., esq., 7, Camden place, the Village
Groves, Mrs., 2, Belmont villas
Hadley, Nathaniel, esq, the Village
Hall, Edward, esq., 1, Lime villas
Hall, Captain John, 1, Sandwell place
Hardy, James C., esq., 2, Exchequer place
Harvey, _, esq.
Hatch, Mrs., 5, West cottages, Avenue road
Haynes, John, esq., 3, Ravensnourne terrace
Hayes, Mrs., 6, Lewisham terrace
Hellier, Mrs. M., 5, West cottage Avenue road
Hetherington, R., esq., 17, Dartinbuth terrace
Heurtley, Mrs., Park House, SoiltU end
Hodges, Mrs., 11, Exchequer place
Holmes, Mrs., Grove terrace
Horwood, James, esq., 2, Albert place, Avenue road
Hunt, William, 6, Limes villas
Jordan, Miss, 5, Lewisham terrace
Kennedy, George, esq., 10, Sandwell place
Kingsford, Charles, esq., Belmont House
Lance, the Misses, 7, Lewisham terrace.
Latham, Mrs., 18, Dartmouth terrace
Ledger, Edward, esq., Sandwell Cottage
Ledger, George, esq., 14, Dartmouth terrace
Lee, John, esq., Camps hill, Hither green
Leech, Mrs., 5, Dartmouth terrace
Lewin, George Herbert, esq., the Village
Lidgett, John, esq., Morden hill
Lockley, Mrs., 4, Lewisham terrace
Long, Samuel, esq., magistrate, Bromley hill
Lusk, Andrew, esq., Catford House, Catford hill
Mackenzie, Thomas Henvy, Ravensbourne terrace
Main, Robert, esq., Ravensbourne park
Makepeace, Mrs., Rushey green
Marsden, Richard, esq., 1, Dartmouth terrace
Martyn, Thomas, esq., the Elms
Mearns, William Archibald, esq., Haslam Cottage, the Village
Miles, Miss, 3, Sandwell place
Miles, Mrs., Ravensbourne park
Mingaye, Miss, 2, Avenue terrace, Avenue road
Moates, William, esq., the Village
Morgan, John Holdsworth, esq., Hither green
Mortimer, William, esq., Lewisham hill
Mudge, Mrs., Ravensbourne park
Nelson, Anthony, esq., 4, Camden place
Noakes, John Pompsett, esq., Brockley House
Northcote, Charles, esq., Stanstead Lodge, Catford hill
Northcott, Joseph S., esq., Catford hill1
Nye, William, esq., Catford hill
Oakley, James Robert, esq., 3, Sydney place
O'Brien, Mrs,, 2, East cottages, Avenue road
Oram, Thomas, esq., Ivy place
O'Rielly, John, esq., 2, Limes villas
Osborn, Mrs., the Priory
Osborn, William, esq., Cambrian Villa
Ottey, Rev. George Philip, M.A., 11, Exchequer place
Palmer, Miss, Avenue cottages, Avenue road
Palmer, William, esq., 4, Dartmouth Villas
Parsons, Mrs. Mary, Caroline House, Avenue road
Pena, John, esq., the Village
Potter, Edmund, esq., 7, Limes villas
Potter, William, esq., 3, Belmont villas
Powell, William, esq., 2, Grove place
Prendergast, Rev. Joseph, D.D., Lewisham hill
Prettyman, Daniel, esq., Limes villas
Prior, John William, esq., 7, Lime grove
Prowse, Stephen Robert, esq., 5, Camden place
Cjuick, Joseph, esq., 1, Dartmouth villas
Ralph, Harrison, esq., 2, West cottages, Avenue road
Randall, Richard John, esq., 5, Lime grove
Randall, Richard Ross, esq., 1, Amelia place, Avenue road
Redman, Richard, esq., 1, Avenue terrace, Avenue road
Roberts, BroVrn, esq., Ravensbourne park
Roscoe, Mrs., 3, Albert place, Avenue road
Ross, Thomas, esq., Ravensbourne park
Rowland, Alexander, esq., Rosenthal, Rushey green
Sarjeant, John Herbert, esq., 1, Albert place, Avenue road
Sayers, Thomas Lewis, esq., Grove terrace
Scarborough, John Royston, esq., the Village
Sears, William, esq., Lewisham house, the Village
Selby, Alfred, esq,, 2, Sydney terrace
Selby, George, esq., Ravensbourne park
Shaw, Miss, Rushey green
Simons, Miss, the Limes
Simpson, William, esq., 11, Dartmouth terrace
Skeggs, John, esq.
Slader, Captain Peter, 7, Ravensbourne terrace
Slee, Cuthbert Britain, esq., Hither green
Smith, Benjamin, esq., Morden Villa
Smith, Francis, esq., 9, Dartmouth terrace
Smith, Jeffery, esq., 4, Belmont villas
Smith, John, esq., 5, Albert place, Avenue road
Smith, Mrs,, Victoria Cottage, Avenue road
Stainton, Henry Tibbatts, esq., Mountfield, near Hither green lane
Stainton, Miss, Springfield House
Stainton, MissE. M., Meadow Croft House
Stalker, Mrs., 12, Lime grove
Stevens, Thomas Henry, esq., Avenue road
Stewart, Miss, 4 Dartmouth terrace
Stookford, Samuel, esq., Rushey green
Stow, Charles, esq., 3, Camden plape
Stuart, Miss, 3, Limes villas .
Sturdy, Daniel, esq., 1, Belmont villas
Sturdy, Thomas, esq., Beijnpnt villas
Tappin, Mrs., 1, Sandfield terrace
Thackeray, Miss, the Priory
Thurlow, Oetavius, esq,,;7> Dartmouth terrace
Tomlin, Captain James, R.N,, 7, Albert place, Avenue rpad
Townend, William, esq., near the Church
Turner, Mrs,, Greenaway place
Underhill, Edward, esq,, 5, Dartmouth villas
Van Heythuysen, Captain Henry, 2, Lime grove
Walker, Frederick, esq,, 15, Dartmouth terrace
Washington, Thomas, esq., Ravensbonrne Lodge
Weldon, Charles, esq., Magnolia House, Camden place
Weller, Captain Charles, R.N-, Greenaway p!aqe
Weller, W., esq., 1, Caroline place, Avenue road
Welsh, Edward, esq., 5, Sandwell place
Whistler, Miss, Manor Cottage
Whittnsrsb, Herbert, esq., 7, Sydney terrace
Wickenden, William, esq.,. 1, Sydney place
Wilkinson, Alexander, esq., 19, Dartmouth terrace
Williamson, Edward Augustus, esq., 11, George place
Williamson, Mrs,, 2, Sydney place
Willson, John, esq., Ravensbourne park
Wilson, John, eq., 2, Dartmouth villas
Wilson, Mrs., Russell Cottage
Withcomb, Thomas, esq,, U, Sandwell place
Wood, Henry, esq., near the Church
Wood, John, esq., Camden House, Camden place
Woodhams, William Thomas, esq., Grove House
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