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Lewisham, Lewisham

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Melvilles 1858 Directory of Kent.

Gentry in 1858

Public Houses in Lewisham

Traders in 1858 Melvilles Directory

Adams, Charles, bricklayer, Catford hill
Adams, Henry, bricklayer, Rushey green
Ade, Thomas, dairyman, Lady well
Agate, William, Castle, the Village
Allen, William Henry, solicitor, Brook House, the Village
Allwright, Edward, timber merchant, Lewisham road
Ambrose, Mrs, Ann, straw hat maker, the Village
Andrews, Josiah, Rising Sun, Rushey green
Arnold, Robert, silk throwster, manufacturer of gold and silver threads, Silk mills, Lewisham lane
Atkins, Henry, parish beadle, and agent to the Phoenix Fire and Pelican Life Assurance Companies, Rushey green
Ayres, William, bricklayer, Lee bridge
Barham and Martin, undertakers, the Village
Barham, Charles, clothier, 6, Granville terrace
Barr, William, Hope, Loampit hill
Barratt, William, corn chandler, Holme's dale
Barton, Robert, fishmonger, 7, Granville terrace
Pastin, Francis, grocery dealer, Bridge place
Baynam,. Mr., stationer, Lewis place
Bedley, John, fishmonger, Lewis grove
Bedley, John, fishmonger, Lewis grove
Belcham, James, linen draper, registrar of births and deaths for the Lewisham village district, and registrar of marriages for the Lewisham union, North row
Bell, John Zephaniah, artist, 7 Sandwell place
Berry, Thomas, farm bailiff, Lady well
Biggs, Richard, gardener, George place
Birchard, Richard, Spotted Cow, Hither green
Bishop, Mrs, Jane, stationer, etc, Rushey green
Bizzey, Jphn, linen draper, 5, Frederick place
Blackett, Mrs. Ann, news agent, Lewes grove
Blake, Thpmas, baker, II, Lewisham road
Booth, William, grocer and cheesemonger, the Village
Brace, George James, baker, the Village
Brooker, William, beer retailer, Rushey green
Brown, Samuel William, surgeon, Camden place
Brown, Samuel, grocer, 6, Lewisham road
Buries, John, beer retailer, North row
Burton, Frederick, watch and clock maker, the Village
Butler, Miss Catharine, fancy repository, 3, Avenue place
Byatt, Joseph, Tiger's Head, South end
Carter, James, chandler's shop, 8, Chandler's place
Carter, John, chandler's Shop, Loampit hill
Chalk, Thomas, job master, North row, the Village
Chapman, Mrs. Mahala, beer retailer, Loampit hill
Churcher, Andrew, zinc worker, 5,Arundel place, Loampit hill
Clark, Thomas, farmer, the Village
Clement, William John, hairdresser, the Village
Clift, Edward, chemist and postmaster, Lee bridge
Clift, Edward, agent to the Sun Fire and Life, Lee bridge
Cole, Henry and James, private lunatic asylum, Dartmouth House
Cole, Henry, surgeon, Dartmouth House
Colgate, George, farmer, Brockley
Coney, Edward, beer retailer, Holme's dale
Coomber, Thomas, accountant, the Village
Coppen, George, grocery dealer, Rushey green
Corbett, George, auctioneer and appraiser, and land and timber surveyor, Limes Cottage
Corbett, James, stonemason, the Village
Corbett, John, master of the English free school, the Village
Corbett, Mrs. Sarah, undertaker, builder, and timber merchant, the Village
Couldery, Henry, collector of rates
Couldery, Robert, artist, Rushey green
Criddle, James, carpenter, 3, Victoria place, Avenue road
Crowe, Spicer, furnishing undertaker, 2, Avenue place
Davies, David, grocery dealer, Loampit hill
Davis, Mrs. Anne, midwife, Lewis grove
Davis, Arthur, baker, Bridge place
Dodge, Joseph, fishing line manufacturer, Vectis Villa, Rushey green
Dorival, Augustus, commercial traveller, 1, Avenue terrace
Dove, Joseph, tailor, 12, Exchequer place
Downs, Mrs. Sarah, stationer and library, 13, Exchequer place
Drake, George, carpenter and sexton, 5, Ravensbourne terrace
Dray, James, beer retailer and livery stables, Loampit hill
Dunn, George, grocery dealer, Rushey green
Eades, James, grocer, Lewes place
Eagleton, Octavius Chapman Tryon, solicitor, the Village
Eccles, Mrs. Deborah, confectioner, 4, Lewisham road .,
Edgerton, John, farmer, Holloway Farm, South end
Edgerton, William, farmer, White House Farm
Elliston, Joseph, boot and shoe maker, 4, Avenue place
Ellis, Thomas, miller, South end
Fearnley, James, Corn and coal dealer, High road
Finch, James, plasterer, Avenue Cottage, Avenue road
Fisher, William, plumber, painter, &c., the Village
Flowers, John, shoemaker, Lewis grove
Forbes, Thomas Slalpes, butcher; the Village
Fowle, Edward, carpenter, Lewis grove
Freeman, James Plater, baker and grocer, South end
Frost, Mrs. Lydia, Green Man, South end
Fudge, John, gardener, 4, Avsnue terrace, Avenue road
Gamon, Oliver, Harness maker, Rushey green
Gardener, Charles, professor of music, 2, Exchequer place
Garner, Charles, fruiterer, the Village
Gattey, William, butcher, 1, Lewisham road
Gibbons, William Henry, miller, 1, East cottages, Avenue road
Gill, Mr., baker, High street
Glasscock, William, linen draper, 2, Granville terrace
Gleaves, William and Robert, stonemasons, Lewisham road
Glover, William, cowkeeper, the Village
Gooch, Thomas, china and glass dealer, 1, Granville terrace
Gooding, William, painter and gilder, 5, Granville terrace
Goodman, Benjamin James, grocer, 1, Avenue place
Goodwin, Mrs. Jemima, builder, the Village
Goodwin, Miss Sarah, lodging house, the Village
Grant, Mrs. Elizabeth, milliner, etc., 2, Lewisham road
Grant, Mrs. Mary, cowkeeper, George place
Hall, Henry, grocery dealer, Holmes dale
Hallam, Henry, tailor, 7, Lewisham road
Hanes, Joseph, Smith and farrier, Loampit hill
Hardstone, Thomas, carpenter, Rushey green
Harris, George, brewer, Rusney green
Hart, William, grocer and cheesemonger, 1, Frederick place
Hartree, William, civil engineer, Lewisham road
Haynes, John Alfred, surgeon, 1, Lewisham terrace
Herring, William, omnibus proprietor, Rushey green
Harvey, Jonathan, Lady Well Inn, and builder, Lady well
Hillman, William, fly proprietor, the Village

Hinder, Henry, bricklayer, the Village
Hoath, James, miller, Catford mill
Hockley, Alfred, blacksmith, Rushey green
Hockley, George, baker and corn chandler, Rushey green
Hockley, George, wheelwright, Rushey Green
Hockley, James, King's Arms, South end
Holdsworth, James, farmer, Bridge House Farm, Lady well
Holloway, John, White Hart, the Village
Holmes, Edward, plumber, painter, etc, the Village
Holmes, Mrs. Eliza, bookseller and stationer, the Village
Horsell, William, bookseller and stationer, 7, Waterloo terrace
Horton, Benjamin, farmer and dairyman, Ivy Farm, Little Brockley
Horton, Benjamin, wood broker and timber merchant, Loampit hill
Howell, John, gardener, Loampit hill
Hubble Reuben, bricklayer, Loampit vale
Hutson, Henry, carrier and grocery dealer, Rushey green
Ingersoll, Frederick Henry, blacksmith and ironmonger, the Village
Jex, William, shopkeeper, Lady well
Jones, James, George, the Village
Jones, John, baker, the Village
Jones, John, parish clerk, 4, Exchequer place
Kelsey, Robert, grocer and cheesemonger, the Village
Kelsey, William, miller, South end
Kidman, William, butcher, South end
Kingsford, John, baker, 8, Granville terrace, and Loampit hill
Kirner, John, beer retailer, near the Church
Knox, the Misses Mary Ann and Louisa, ladies' school, Avenue House, Avenue road
Lamb, Thomas, butcher, Rushey green
Lane, John, tailor, the Village
Law, David, baker, the Village
Lawrence, Mrs. Elizabeth, confectioner, the Village
Lawrence, George, gardener, the Village
Lawrence, Robert, grocer, Rushey green
Lee, James, beer retailer, Loampit vale
Lee, John Edmund, brickmaker and lime burner, Loampit hill
Legh, Edward, brickmaker, the Limes
Leigh, Mrs. Esther, greengrocer, 8, Lewisham road
Leigh, William, gardener, Lewisham road
Luck, Edward, saddler, Lewis place
Major, Henry, bricklayer., Rushey green
Matthews, Miss, milliner, Waterloo .terrace
Miller, Mrs. Elizabeth. Roebuck, the Village
Miller, George, plumber, painter, etc, the Village, near the Church
Miller, William, builder, Rushey green
Mirams, Joshua, linen draper, 2, Frederick place
Morris, William, beer retailer, Rushey green
Morris, William, Plough, the Railway
Moyee, Thomas, carpenter, Lady well
Newington, the Misses Mary and Esther, milliners and dressmakers, Gothic Cottage, the Village
Newman, John, bricklayer, Gothic Cottage, the Village
Newman, Samuel, builder, Lee bridge
Newport, George, saw mills, Loampit hill
Nieholl, Harry and Vincent, brewers, near the Railway
Norris, William, tailor, Lewisham hill
Ortell, Mrs. Elizabeth, millinery and trimming warehouse, 3, Waterloo terrace
Owen, Thomas Henry, butcher, the Village
Painter, William, Ravensbourne, Oxford hill
Palmer, George H., relieving officer, 3, Exchequer place
Parker, Thomas Watson, and Sons, solicitors, Lewisham House, near the Church
Parker, Thomas, jun., solicitor and clerk to the Lewisham union, Lewisham House, near the Church
Parks, Benjamin, brickmaker, Silver street
Parr, Mrs. Mary, fruiterer, the Village
Patch, Robert, grocer and Italian warehouse, postmaster, and agent to the Co-operative Building and Land Society, High street
Paterson, Charles, baker, Cross street
Penn, John, civil engineer, the Village
Penny and Wyam, builders, Lewisham hill
Penny, William Charles, agent to the Monarch Fire and Life, Lewisham hill
Perriam, William, beer retailer, the Village
Perry, John, carpenter, Lady well
Perry, William, master of national school, the Village
Phillips, Daniel, farmer, Rushey green
Pilcher, Thomas, builder, the Village
Pink, Frederick, shoemaker, 18, Lewisham road
Piper, Miss Clara, milliner, the Village
Pledger, Mrs. Ann, grocery dealer and postmistress, South end
Pollard, Charles, boot and shoe maker, Rushey green
Powell, William, butcher, the Village
Price, Charles J., bricklayer, Catford hill
Price, Mrs. Mary, grocery dealer, Loampit hill
Quait, Charles, grocery dealer, Loampit hill
Quelch, John, plumber, painter, etc, North row
Ranford, Samuel, horse dealer
Reek, Mrs. Elizabeth, ladies' school, 4, John's terrace, Avenue road
Reeves, Thomas, boot and shoe maker, the Village
Rickards, William, and Co., linen drapers and mercers, the Village
Riddington, Stephen, baker, near the Church
Robinson, Joseph and Henry, millers, Bridge Mill
Rogers, Jacob Reed, auctioneer and appraiser, Avenue road
Rolfe, Philip, plumber and glazier, Lewis place
Rose, James, carman, Catford hill
Sargent, Matthew, coal dealer, South end
Shepherd, Henry and Edward, farmers and market gardeners, Plum Farm, Hither green
Shove, John, corn and coal merchant, and agent to the Industrial Building Society, the Village
Smith, John, well sinker, Lady well
Smugga, James, Museum of Natural History, Grove House
Spickslock, Mr., chemist, the Village
Stark, Robert, beer retailer and grocery dealer, Catford bill
State, Charles, cheesemonger
Steel, Charles, surgeon, the Village
Stevens, Charles, ironmonger, North row, the Village
Stevens, George, beer retailer, Rushey green
Still, Frederick, bricklayer, Lewis place
Still, Mrs. Sarah, coal dealer, Loampit hill
Surth, William, tailor, Lewisham road
Tapley, Thomas, farmer, Sangley Farm
Tilley, William, baker, 4, Frederick place
Thompson, Edward, jun., nurseryman, florist, and seedsman, the Park
Todman, Henry, corn merchant, the Village
Tritton, Richard, fruiterer, 3, Frederick place
Turpin, Joseph, cooper and basket maker, the Village
Tyler, Samuel, market gardener, Hurst Cottage, Loampit vale
Walker, William, civil engineer, architect, and land surveyor, 4, Limes villas
Warren, Mrs. H., professor of music, 6, West cottages, Avenue road
Warren Henry, commercial traveller, 6, West cottages, Avenue road
Watt, Frederick, Sidney Arms, Lewisham road
West, John, grocer
West, Mr., tobacconist
Westoverj Friend, grocer, the Village
Whiffen, John Ives, boot and shoe maker, Rushey green
White, George, gold and silver wiredrawer, 4, Ravensbourne terrace, Lady well
White, James, master of Lewisham union, Exchequer place
White, Mrs. Mary, matron of Lewisham union, Exchequer place
Whiting, Charles, jun., furniture broker, the Village
Whomes, Mrs. Mary, furniture broker, Loampit hill
Wickenden, William, shoemaker South end
Widdows, David, greengrocer, 4, Waterloo terrace
Williams, James, jun., stationer, etc, Loampit hill
Williams, Mr., fruiterer, Lewis place
Williamson, Matthew, chandler's shop, 6, Exchequer place
Willmott and Chaundy, nursery and seedsmen, the Village
Wilson, Mr., beer retailer, Ivy place
Wilson, J., Duke of Cambridge
Wood, Mrs. Elizabeth, tobacconist, the Village
Woollard, John, coal merchant, Lewis grove
Yates, Thomas, Angel, Loampit hill
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