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Melvilles 1858 Directory of Kent.

Public Houses in Plumstead & Plumstead including gentry

Traders in 1858 Melvilles Directory

Adams, Miss Sarah, shopkeeper; Sandy Hill road
Akers, William Thomas, baker, Ann street
Ambler, Henry, shopkeeper, Ann street
Amon, John, beer retailer, Common
Anderson, John, engineer, Crescent road
Anderson, Robert, beer retailer, Melbourne place
Andrews; George, coach builder, Burrage grove
Baker, Daniel, wheelwright
Baker, James, wheelwright
Bawcook, William, shopkeeper, Burrage road
Bayne, James; boot and shoe maker, Maxey road
Beecham, Frederick, general dealer, Plumstead road
Benge, William, shopkeeper, Plumstead road
Best, William; shopkeeper, Colefields
Biddock, Mr., beer retailer, Jackson's lane
Billings, John, grocer, Ann street
Blacknell, William, baker, Burrage road
Boniface, Richard, shopkeeper, Burrage road
Bragnell, Mr shopkeeper, Plumstead road
Boxshall, Thomas, Queen's Arms, Burrage road
Brassington, William, grocer, Bright terrace
Brazfield, Jonathan, beer retailer, Common
Gann, Robert, house agent, Plumstead road
Carrington, Mrs., Johanna, haberdasher, Common
Cavey, George, cowkeeper, Plumstead road
Cay, George, shopkeeper, Burrage road
Champion, Davidi shopkeeper, Burrage road
Ohaplin, Thomas, baker
Cook, John, market gardener
Cook, Robert, carman
Covil; Eaward, builder, Crescent; road
Crawley, William, baker, Burrage road
Daly, Thomas, Dover Castle, Plumstead road
Davis, Lewis, brewer, surveyor; and estate agent, Ann street
Dawson, William E, brick and rain pipe maker, Pottery common
Day, Edward, beer retailer, Princes road
Day, Thomas, shopkeeper
Devine, Mrs. Margaret, shopkeeper, Frederick place
Dingley, John, beer retailer, Abbey Wood
Earl, Mrs. Ann, ladies' school, Shooter's hill
Earl, William Robert, artist, Shooter's hill
Edwards, John, boot and shoe maker, Plumstead road
Elcock, Thomas, shopkeeper, Sandy Hill road
Ellis, John boot maker, Melbourne place
Evans, Mr, Green Man
Evans, William, shopkeeper, Villa road
Farnsworth, James, builder, etc, Frederick place
Fludger, Stephen, shopkeeper, Maxey road
Forrest, John, furniture broker
Fowell William R, Shopkeeper, Walmer terrace
Gates, Charles, potter, Common
Goldsmith, William T., grocer, Maxey road
Goslin, Mr., Anchor and Hope, Manor Way
Griffiths, John, shopkeeper, Plumstead road
Griffiths, Samuel, beer retailer, Crescent road
Hammond, Samuel, builder; Common
Hansom, William, market gardener, Common
Hanson, William, cow keeper, Common
Hardy, Samuel, grocer, Perry place
Harris, James, sugar mould maker, etc., Pottery Common
Harris, John, farmer, Bostal
Hasler, Richard, blacksmith, Common
Hayes, John, shopkeeper, Plumstead road
Hill, Mrs. Hannah, Bull, Shooter's Hill
Hoar, John, market gardener, Old Park Wood
Holden, Jesse, shopkeeper, Burrage grove
Holroyde, John, shopkeeper, Common
Hook, Mrs. Eliza', shopkeeper, Common
Hopgood, Boyce S., market gardener
Hopgood, Robert, beer retailer, Common
Hopkins, Mr., Royal Standard
Houltum; Mrs, Elizabeth,. cow keeper, Shooter's Hill
Hudson,. George F., solicitor, Plumstead place
Hughes, John, wheelwright
Jacobs, James, cow Keeper, Common
Jacobs, Joseph, cow keeper, Common
Jacobs, William, cow keeper, Common
James, William, tailor, Plumstead road
Jeans, William, market gardener, Plumstead road
Jeffery, Wm., preparatory military school, Broom Hall, Shooter's hill
Jenkins, Henry, grocer, Villa road
Jenner, Charles, market gardener
Jessup, Abraham, baker, Burrage road
Johnson, Richard, market gardener
Kendall, George, Feathers
Large, Joshua, Broomfield, Common
Leathbridge, Robert, beer retailer, Common
Lee, John, Windsor Castle, Maxey road
Levitt, William, cow keeper, Common
Lewis, Samuel, shopkeeper, Ann street 
Lock, John G., market gardener
Lock, William, tailor and shopkeeper, Common
Lupson, Henry, shopkeeper, Maxey road
Lyons, Henry, wholesale milliner, Fox place ,
Manning, George, parish clerk
Marshall, George, grocer
Mase, Miss Ann Caroline, grocer and postmistress
Mason, Henry, builder, etc
Mason, Henry George, collector of rates
May, William, sen., surveyor, Plumstead road
Mayben, Isaac, shopkeeper, Burrage road
Maynard, Aaron, builder, Plumstead road
McNairn, Thomas, draper, Plumstead road
Meak, William, farmer, Shooter's hill
Milstead, Henry, road surveyor, etc.
Mumford, Jeremiah, cowkeeper
Myers, George, butcher, Jackson's lane
Newman, Charles, lath render, Villa road
Neyler, Thomas, Railway Tavern, Plumstead road
Osborne, Thomas, greengrocer, Melbourne place
Pascal), Samuel, farmer, Manor Way
Pennington, Mrs. Frances, tobacconist, Agnes place
Pickering, James, grocer, Common
Pilcher, James, smith, Villa road
Pocock, Thomas, grocer, Burrage grove
Pounder, George, builder, Plumstead road
Pragnell, John, baker, Plumstead road
Preston, Jabez, farmer
Price, Henry, Fox and Hounds, Common
Price, John, boot maker, Princes road
Pyne, Frederick, butcher, Parry place
Ransom, Thomas, boot and shoe maker, Maxey road
Roots, Richard, beer retailer, Spray's buildings
Russell, George, farmer
Sadgrove, Frederick, auctioneer and surveyor, Ebenezer terrace
Salter, Edward, wheelwright, Maxey road
Salter, John, shopkeeper, Burrage road
Seager, James, Harrow, Abbey Wood
Seaward, William, Sussex Arms, Plumstead road
Shott, John, builder, Plumstead road
Siggery, Edmund 0., shopkeeper, Frederick place
Simons, John, butcher, Crescent road
Smith, David H., shopkeeper, Melbourne place
Smith, John, haberdasher, Plumstead place
Sones, Timothy, blacksmith, Victoria place
Sparrow, John, linen draper, Plumstead road
Spicer, Mrs. Esther, shopkeeper, Common
Steel, Mrs. Elizabeth, farmer
Stevens, Richard, Prince of Orange
Stoneham, Joseph, market gardener
Stoneham, Joseph, jun., market gardener
Taylor, John, dairy, Maxey road
Terry, James, baker, Fox place
Terry, William, shopkeeper, Common
Tibbale, Joseph, carman, Common
Topley, Mr., shopkeeper, Plumstead road
Turner, Joseph, tin plate worker
Turner, William, greengrocer, Maxey road
Unwin, Frederick George, agent to the Phoenix Fire Office
Vale, John, shopkeeper, Burrage road
Vaugham, John, builder, Bright's terrace
Wallis, George, agent to the British Empire' Mutual Fire and Life Office, 77, Frederick place
Warren, George, watch maker, Plumstead place
Warwick, Brothers, chemical works, Common
Watson, Charles G., butcher, Bright's terrace
Watson, Henry, F.R.C.S., Common
Watson, John, boot and shoe maker
Watts, James, baker, Common
Weare, Robert, electrical engine, Common
Weedon. Thomas, baker, Mars' terrace
Weeks, William, Red Lion
Willes, George, beer retailer, Plumstead place
Williamson, William, builder
Winn, Thomas, gardener, Common
Wise, Thomas, surgeon, Plumstead road
White, Stephen, beer retailer, Shooter's hill
Whiten, John, shopkeeper
Young, David, grocer, Anglesea place
Young, George P., surgeon, Plumstead place

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