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Gentry in Woolwich, Woolwich / Greenwich, Greenwich

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Melvilles 1858 Directory of Kent.

WOOLWICH is an extensive town ..

Traders in 1858 Melvilles Directory by surname

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Gentry in 1858

Allen, Henry William, esq., R.N., Samuel street
Allen, Miss Jane S., Unity place
Ancorn, John, esq., Dundas terrace
Anderson, Colonel William 0., Woolwich common
Andrews, Mrs. Henry, Wood street
Atherton, Charles, esq., Dockyard
Bainbridge, Captain P.J., R.N., Woolwich common
Barclay, John, M.D., R.N. Bowater crescent
Barnes, Samuel, esq., Bowater crescent
Barr, John, esq., Brewer street
Bastard, Major-General James, R.A., Woolwich common
Belson, Colonel George John, Woolwich common
Bent, Captain Hugh, R.A., Woolwich common
Bingham, Major Charles, E.A., Royal Artillery Barracks
Blanchett, Mrs., Powis street
Bland, Henry, esq., Wood street
Boddy, Rev. George, M.A., Nightingale vale
Bossey, Francis, jun., esq., Thomas street
Bossey, Peter, esq., Thomas street
Boxer, Captain E. M., R.A., Arsenal
Boyce, Mrs. Mary Ann, Brewer street
Bremen, Mrs., Wellington street
Bridges, James, esq., R.M.A., Nightingale vale
Bridgeman, William D., J.D.C.L., Woolwich common.
Briscoe, Mrs. Anne, Prospect place
Bromley, Mrs. Mary, Mulgrave place
Brooks, Mrs. Elizabeth, Bowater orescent
Brown, Rev. Henry, M.A., Rectory
Browning, Dr. Colin A., Dockyard
Budgen, Lieutenant Richard, R.N., Brewer street
Bullock, Captain, Frederick, R.N., Bowater crescent
Burdis, Mr. Edward F., Beresford terrace
Burns, Dr. John J. D., R.N., Rectory grove
Butler, John, esq., Rectory place
Calvert, Captain Archibald, R.A., Barracks
Campbell, Major-General P., R.A., Wood street
Campbell, Lieutenant James, R.A., Wood street
Cannon, William, esq., Ordnance terrace, Shooter's hill
Carlile, Rev. James, D.D., Independent, Rectory place
Cator, Major-General W., R.A., Arsenal
Chalmer, Colonel James. R.A., Arsenal
Christie, James, esq., R.M.A., Queen's terrace, Woolwich common
Clerk, Captain H., R.A., Arsenal
Cleveland, Mrs. Elvira, Chatham place, Woolwich common
Clubb, George, esq., Wood street
Cockburn, John, esq., Rectory place
Cockburn, Miss Mary L., Rectory place
Colelough, Captain George, R.A., Artillery barracks
Coles, Rev. Cornelius, Catholic, New road
Collington, Mrs. Colonel, Beresford terrace
Collinson, Captain Thomas B., R.E., Dundas terrace
Colquhoun, James, esq., Parson's hill
Cougdon, Capt. George, R.M., Brewer street
Connolly, Rev. James C., Unity place
Cooper, Henry, esq., Clarence place
Cowen, John, esq., Woolwich common
Cox, Francis E., esq., Wellington street
Crassweller, Rev. Harris, B.A., Russell terrace, Plumstead common
Crew, Mrs. Maria, Kempt terrace, Woolwich common
Crofton, Major Edward, R.A., Woolwich common
Cullis, Mrs. Susan T., Unity place
Cuthbert, Richard, esq., Mulgrave'place
Davidson, Miss Catharine, Unity place
Danis, Hyman, esq., Rectory place
De la Mare, Rev. Abraham, M.A., Woolwich common
Desborough, Captain J., R.A., Artillery Barracks
Downes, Rev. John W., M.A., Nightingale terrace
Drew, Mrs., Wellington street
Dunbar, Charles, esq., Bowater crescent
Dwyer, Captain Michael, R.N., Samuel street
Dyneley, Captain E. E. R., R.A., Artillery barracks
Eden, Miss Mary, George street
Eden, Walter D., esq., Wood street
Edes, Colonel Samuel B., C.B., R.M., Bowater House
Ellgree, Mrs., Nightingale House
Ellborough, William, esq., Brewer street
Elcook, Henry Thomas, esq., Samuel street
Evans, Mr. John, Samuel street
Fairfield, Mrs. Arabella Kempt terrace
Feiling, Charles A., esq., Nightingale terrace
Fenwick, Mrs. Rebecca, Bellevue, Woolwich common
Ferguson, Admiral John M,, Woolwich common
Flinch, Matthew, esq., Bowater crescent
Flint, Mrs. Mary, Beresford terrace
Forbes, Colonel John, Staff-officer of Chelsea pensioners, Wood street
Foster, Lieutenant-Colonel Thomas, R.E., Mill lane
Fraser, Rev. Arthur C., Woolwich common
Frazer, Lady Emma, Queen's terrace
Frazer, Mrs. Mary, Rochester place, Woolwich common
Freeth, Captain Richard, R.A., Dundas terrace
Fullager, Smart, esq., Unity place
Gasney, Thomas, esq., Shooter's hill
Gleig, Captain Alexander, R.A., Wood street
Glubb, Captain Warren, Brewer street
Goddard, Robert, esq. Mulgrave Cottage
Goldsmith, John, esq., Wood street
Goldsmith, Malcolm, esq., Wood street
Goodall, Major George, Ordnance terrace, Shooter's hill
Gore, Capt. John, R.A., Woolwich common
Gotteil, Frederick V., esq., Dockyard
Graham, Miss Jane, Nightingale terrace
Greeif, Mr. David, Dundas terrace
Hackford, Mr. George, Nightingale vale
Halahan, John, W. esq., Military hospital
Hall, John Henry, esq., Essex place, Woolwich common
Hall, Whitmore, esq., Nightingale vale
Hamilton, Mrs. Anne, Nightingale vale
Hamilton, William esq., R.N., Samuel street
Hardinge, Colonel Richard, Repository
Harrison, Montague, esq., Woolwich common
Hasmore, Colonel John, Rt.M., Royal Marine barracks
Hassard, Captain F. C., R.E., Mill lane Cottage
Hatton, William, esq., Rectory place
Hawkins, Colonel Samuel, E..M., Royal Marine barracks
Heather, John F., esq., Brewer street
Hebditch, Rev.' Samuel, Independent, Wood street
Henry, Captain G. C., R.H.A., Artillery barracks
Hills, John Lee, esq., Ordnance terrace, Shooter's hill
Hinde, William T., esq., Unity place
Holderness, Robert F., esq., Wood street
Hughes, Mr. Edwin, Brewer street
Jackson, Mrs. Margaret, Rectory place
Jackson, William P., esq., Thomas street
Johnson, Mr. George, Powis street
Jolly, Mr. John R., Rectory place
Jones, Charles, esq., Prospect House, Parson's hill
Jones, Rev. Hugh, Wesleyan, Powis street
Kidd, Samuel, esq., Wood street
King, William, esq., George street
Lacey, Mrs. Elizabeth, Wood street
Lacey, Mrs. Farrer S., Woolwich common
Ladd, Mr. William, Prospect row
Lea, Mrs. Mary Ann, Rectory place
Left oy,Captain John Henry, Adelaide place, Woolwich common
Lewis, Major-General George, G.C.B., R.E,, Woolwich common
Logan, the Misses Ann and Elizaheth, Rectory place
Lovey, Alphonse, esq., Brewer street
Lowton, the Misses, Rectory place
Malyn, Mr, John, Beresford street
Marsh, Thomas, esq., Mulgrave place
Marvin, William, esq., Wood street
Matthews, William, esq., Rectory place
McGee, William C., esq., Adelaide place
Miller, Miss Adye, Samuel street
Minchin, Mrs. Charlotte, Unity place
Mitford, Col. Henry, R.H., Royal Marine barracks
Moore, Mrs. Jane, Unity place
McNeil!, William, esq., Glenmohr Cottage, Lower road
McNeill, Christian,esq., Glenmohr Cottage, Lower road
Morgan, Horatio, esq., Wood street
Morgan, Peter, esq., Dockyard
Morrice, William, esq., Queen's terrace
McDonald, James, esq., Pawis street
McDonald, John, esq., Dockyard
Mullimer, Mr. John, Bowater crescent
Musgrove, Mr. William, Wood street
McArthur, Lieut.-Col. John, R.M., Frances street
Newstead, Mr. William, Beresford street
Nokes, John Frederick, esq., Rectory place
Nokes, William, esq., Rectory place
Nokes, William Taylor, esq., Rectory place
O'Brien, Rev. Matthew, M.A., Woolwich common
Ogilvie, Alexander, M.D., Military hospital
Parkin, Miss Sarah, Frances street
Patten, Mrs. Susan, Powis street
Patterson, Lieut.-General Thomas, R.A., Kempt terrace
Payne, Mrs. Emma, Nightingale place
Prater, Augustus, esq., M.A., Thomas street
Pease, Mrs., Rectory place
Peddy, Mrs., Dundas terrace
Pellatt, Francis, esq., Arsenal
Pellatt, Joseph, esq., Arsenal
Pickering, Lieut.-Col. W. H., R.A., Arsenal
Pideock, Richard, esq., Church hill
Pitfield/Mr. Thomas, Rectory place
Phillips, Nobet, esq., Nightingale terrace
Philpott, Mrs., Rochester place
Poole, Lieut.-Col. Henry, R.A., Nightingale terrace
Porter, Miss Margaret, Rectory place
Portlock, Lieut.-Col. Joseph N., R.E,, Woolwich common
Power, Mrs. Col., Rectory place
Finland, William, esq., George street
Pym, Lieut. Richard, R.N., Wood street
Guarterman, Mrs., Bowater crescent
Rice, William M., esq., Dockyard
Richardson, Felix W., esq., High street
Eiddle, Captain C. J. B., R.A., Artillery barracks
Rideout, Captain Samuel, R.N., Brewer st.
Rixon, JOhn, esq., Rectory place
Robe, the Misses, Common
Roertson, Thomas, esq, Mulgrave place
Robson, Mr Thomas, Dundas terrace
Rolls, W.B. esq. Thomas street
Rose, Captain Henry, Frances street
Ross, Captain George, R.E., Common
Rowland, Lieut-Col., G.T., Wood street
Ruegg, Richard, esq., Unity place
Russell, General Henry Charles, Rose Mount, Hill street'
Satehwell, Thomas A- G., esq.,, R.M.A., Nightingale place
Sparke, John, esq., Brewer street
Sparrow, John William, esq., New road.
Staunton, Mrs., Chatham place, Woolwich common
Schalch, Captain Andrew, Queen's terrace
Strausham, Lieut.-Col. A. B., R.M., Wood street
Shepherd, John, esq., Dockyard
Shershy, Henry esq., Samuel street
Shershy, John, esq., Samuel .street
Sherwin, Matthew H., esq., Wood street
Spencer, Lieut.-Col. Robert, R.H.A., Woolwich common
Stewart, James, esq., Nightingale terrace
Silverlock, Henry, esq., Bowater crescent
Shipman, George, esq., Red Lion street
Smith, Mr. Clement, Rectory place
Smith, Mrs. Elizabeth, Wood street
Smith, John, esq., Bowater crescent
Scott, Captain Henry Y. D., R.E., Queen's terrace
Scott, Rev. Matthew B,., M.A., Royal Arsenal
Shott, Mr. Abraham, Belmont place, Nightingale vale
Stockley, Mrs. Maria, Wood, street
Stuart, the Misses, Powis street
Stuart, William, sen., esq., Mulgrave place
Stuart, William, esq., King street
Tame, Thomas, esq.,. Brewer street
Tanswell, Mrs. Elizabeth, Nightingale vale
Taylor, John, esq., Clarence place, Woolwich common
Tendron, Mrs. Heloise, Rochester place, Woolwich common
Timpson, Henry C., esq., Samuel street
Thoburn, Ralph, esq., Unity place
Thomas, Rev. Ueorge John, curate of St. Mary's, Rectory place
Thomas, Morgan, esq., Woolwich common
Thompson, Rev. William M., Nightingale place
Thompson, Mrs. Mary, Unity place
Troppanegar, Albert, esq., Brewer street
Tulloh, Lieut-Col. Alexander, R.A., Arsenal
Varlo, Captain George, R.M., Bowater Cottage
Venning, Miss Ann, Unity place
Warde, Colonel Edward C., R.A., Royal Arsenal
Washington, Captain John, R.N., Wood Street
Waterfield, Mr. William, Rectory place
Webb, Lady Jane Theodore, Woolwich common
Webb, Captain Theodosius, R.E., Woolwich common
Wilford, Lieut.-Col. J. A., R.A., Arsenal
Willis, Colbnel Browne, R.A., Woolwich common
Wilkinson, Thomas, esq., Wellington place, Woolwich common
Wilson, Lieut.-Col. J. A., R.A., Arsenal
Winnett, Lady Augustus, Nightingale vale
Winterbottom, Henry, esq'., Rectory place
Whitmare, Mrs. Isabella, Wood street
Wright, Mrs. Louisa, Woolwich common
Wolfe, Mrs., Wood street
Wolfe, John Frederick, esq., Wellington street
Woodland, Rev. William, Independent, Lower Market street
Yorke, Major Frederick A., R.B., Sappers and Miners' barracks
Young, Alfred, esq., Nightingale vale
Young, William, esq., commissary, Beresford place
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