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Melvilles 1858 Directory of Kent.

WOOLWICH is an extensive town ..

Gentry in 1858

Pubs in Woolwich

Traders in 1858 Melvilles Directory by surname

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Traders in 1858 Melvilles Directory by surname ( A to B)

Adams, Mrs. Ann, straw bonnet maker, Church street
Adams, Philip, tobacconist, Richard street
Adcock, William, piece broker, William street
Akers, William, upholsterer, etc., William street
Alderson, Mrs. Emily, straw bonnet maker, Wellington street
Alford, William Henry, academy, Upper Market street
Allbutt, Charles J., slater, Rodney street
Allen, Andrew, Red Lion, Mulgrave place
Allen, Mrs. Elizabeth, straw bonnet maker, Henry street
Allen, John, china and glass warehouse, Albion road
Allen, Mrs. Mary Ann, shopkeeper, Spray's buildings
Allen, Thomas, fishmonger, Richard street
Allingham, Mrs. Maria, shopkeeper, Prospect place
Allinson, John H., surgeon, Green's end
Alwin, George, blacking manufacturer, oil and colourman, High street
Alwin, Miss Harriet, ladies' school, Beresford place
Anderson, Miss Eliza, Nelson Inn, Coleman street
Andrews, Charles, china and glass dealer, Richard street
Andrews, Joseph, F., Prince Regent, King street
Andrews, Thomas, shopkeeper, Musgrave place
Ansell, John, leather cutter, Edward street
Anthony, Mrs. Mary Ann, Navy Arms, Queen street
Armour, Mrs. Margaret, haberdasher, Frances street
Arnold, Miss Harriet, paper hanger and hosier, Wellington street ,
Arnoll, John, boot and shoe maker, Collingwood street
Ash, Adolphus, cabinet maker, New road
Ashdown; Miss Jane E., seminary, Thomas street
AtVins, P. T., chemist, Powis street
Atkins, Mrs. Elizabeth, straw bonnet maker, Queen street
Austen, George, corn dealer, Market hill
Austin, Mrs, Emma, dressmaker, Brewer street
Axtell, Mrs. Hannah, boot and shoe maker, High street
Bacon, William, Prince of Wales, Ropeyard rails
Baggett, Miss Harriet, seminary, Beresford street
Baker, George, coffee house, Albion road
Baker, Miss Harriet, milliner and dress maker, William street
Baldry, Robert, furniture broker, Artillery place
Baldwin, Benjamin, hairdresser, Powis street
Baldwin, Thomas, plumber, Church street
Ball, Charles, shopkeeper, Coleman street
Ball, William, cowkeeper, Wellington street
Ballard, Richard, beer retailer, Greens end
Banks, John, tailor, Wellington street
Bannister, Charles, Powis Arms, Powis street
Banister, Francis H., upholsterer, etc. Church street
Banton, the Misses Fanny and Sarah, milliners, Powis street
Barber, Arthur, grocer, etc., Artillery place
Barff, Miss Harriet, Berlin wool and fancy repository, Powis street
Baikell, Mis. Agnes, shopkeeper, Morris street
Barker, Thomas, baker, Prospect place
Barkwith, Bartholomew, greengrocer, Warwick street
Barnaby, Thomas, tallow melter, High street
Barnes, Mrs. Elizabeth, dressmaker, High street
Barnes, Thomas, builder and stone mason, Queen street
Barnes, William S, pilot, Henry street
Barnett, Isaac, cabinet maker and upholsterer, Wellington street
Barnett, Moses, dealer in marine stores, New road
Barr, Richard R., baker, Beresford street
Barrel!, George, watch and clock maker, Thomas street
Bartlett, Thomas, butcher, Henry street
Bassett, Mrs., butcher, Church street
Bayfleld and Martin, grocers, etc., High street
Bayford, Daniel, hair dresser, Mary Ann street
Bayly, Mrs. Ann, grocer, etc., Wellington street, and New road
Bayley, John, baker, Parson's hill
Bayly, Mrs. Elizabeth, dressmaker, Powis street
Bayly, Richard, grocer and cheesemonger, Artillery place
Bayly, Mrs. Sarah, baker, New road
Beadle, Mrs. Maria, beer retailer, Coleman street
Bear, Henry, grocer, High street
Beaver, Robert, Queen's Arms, Artillery place
Beck, John William, fruiterer, etc., Green's end
Beckett, William, coffee rooms, Beresford street
Bedsom, William, shopkeeper, Godfrey street
Bell, Henry, hairdresser, High street
Bell, Alexander, fruiterer, New road
Bell, the Misses Elizabeth and Eliza, ladies' school, Rectory place
Bellchamber, Mrs. Mary A., shoeing-smith, Chapel row
Betts, Charles, tobacconist, Albion road
Belts, John, shopkeeper, Ogleby street
Bewglass, Robert, beading and day school, Rectory place
Bickerstaff, Henry, grocer, etc., Mulgrave place
Bickerstaff, John, dairyman, Wellington street
Bickle, Philip, confectioner, Prospect row
Biddick, Edmund, beer retailer, Waterman's fields .
Bidgood, William John, plumber, painter, &c., Edward street
Binks, Colin A. H., carpenter, Brewer street
Binks, James, greengrocer, Beresford street
Binks, Joseph David, auctioneer, Wellington street
Birdseye, Edward, shopkeeper, High street
Birts, Thomas 3, pawnbroker, Powis street
Birts, Thomas P., upholsterer, Green's end
Bishop, Charles, undertaker and funeral furnisher, and Birmingham and Sheffield house, Powis street
Bishop, Mrs. Frances, hardware dealer, Powis street
Bishop, Thomas, chemist and surgeon dentist, Church street
Black, the Misses, printers, stationers, and booksellers, Powis street
Blackwell, William, turncock to Kent Waterworks, St. Mary's street
Blake, William, boot and shoe maker, Charlotte street, North Woolwich
Blanchett, Miss Mary E., dressmaker, Powis street
Bland, Thomas, butcher, Green's end
Bland, Thomas, butcher, Richard street and Thomas street
Blest, Alexander Melville, King's Arms Hotel and wine and spirit merchant, Wellington street
Blest, Alexander, Bull, Bull fields
Blest, James, bootmaker, Frances street
Bloomfield, Richard, shopkeeper, Chapel street
Blytee, Mrs. Elizabeth, dressmaker, Henry street
Boddy, John M,, bookseller, stationer,and bookbinder, Artillery place
Boniface, William, confectioner, Church street
Boorer, James, marine store dealer, High street
Boorer, James, dealer in marine stores, Union street
Boorer, Timothy, wheelwright, Powis street
Bossey, Peter and Francis, jun., surgeons, Thomas street
Botsell, James Thomas, boot and shoe maker, Thomas street
Botterill, Thomas, baker, Powis street
Boyd, Patrick, boot and shoe maker, Artillery place
Boyle, Mark, boot and shoe maker, Taylor's buildings
Badley, Thomas, tobacconist, High street
Brain, William, leather cutter, Powis street
Brampton. William, saddle and harness maker, Powis street
Brangwin, Thomas, draper, Powis street
Brent, James, butcher, Albion road
Brewer, George, tobacconist, Charles street
Brewer, Thomas, French polisher, Edward street
Brewer, Henry, French polisher, Powis Street
Brian, Thomas, dealer in marine stores, Union buildings
Brioe, James, coal dealer, Trinity street
Bromley, Thomas, watchmaker, King street
Brooks, Benjamin, butcher, High street
Brooks, Henry, photographic artist, Powis street and Wellington street, h Beresford street
Broughton, George, tobacconist, Powis street
Broughton, Miss Martha, grocer, Queen's street
Brown, Mrs. Mary Ann, staymaker, Wellington street
Brown, Joseph, baker, Collingwood street
Brown, John, shipwright, Harding street
Brown, John, beer retailer, Jacksons lane, Woolwich common
Brown, James, tailor, Brewer street
Brown, James, smith, Henry street
Brown, Miss Elizabeth, dressmaker, Brewer street
Brown, the Misses Eliza and Harriet, dressmakers, Powis street
Brown, Thomas T., Nile, Hog lane
Brown, Miss Susannah, seminary, Prospect row
Brown, Richard, baker, Coleman street
Brown, Richard, baker, Hardin street
Browne, Gregory, Canteen, Artillery barracks
Browne, Mrs. Mary, Star Inn, Wellington street
Bryceson, George, commercial, mathematical, and drawing school, Thomas street
Buchanan, William, grocer and cheesemonger, Wellington street
Buckingham, William, shopkeeper, Warwick street
Bull, William G., teacher of classics, Wood street
Bunch, George, tobacconist, Green's end
Burbage, Hezekiah, general dealer, High street
Burch, Mrs. Mary, Roebuck, Church street
Burley, Alexander, fruiterer, etc., Harden street
Burlton, William, greengrocer, Albion road
Burnet, Henry, confectioner, New road
Burns, John James P., R.N., surgeon, Rectory Grove
Borroughs, Miss Sarah, shopkeeper, Henry street
Burrows, James G., beer retailer, Upper Sand street
Burt, Miss Eliza, dressmaker, Henry street
Burt, William, academy, New road
Burton, Mrs Sarah, shopkeeper, Henry street
Butcher, Thomas, linen draper, Albion road
Butler and Richardson, surgeons, High street
Butler, George, tailor, etc., Church street
Butler, John, surgeon, Rectory place
Butler, Mrs. Mary, Anglesey Arms Inn, New road
Butler, William, general dealer, Warwick street
Butroyd, Richard, saddle and harness maker, Warwick street
Butler, Mrs. Margaret, milliner, etc., Wellington street
Butterfill, Joseph, furniture broker, Powis street
Butterfill, William, paper hanger, Thomas street
Buttery, John, Gun Tavern, New road
Button, Jonathan, glass and china dealer, High street
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