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Traders in Woolwich, Woolwich / Greenwich, Greenwich

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Melvilles 1858 Directory of Kent.

WOOLWICH is an extensive town ..

Gentry in 1858

Pubs in Woolwich

Traders in 1858 Melvilles Directory by surname

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Traders in 1858 Melvilles Directory by surname ( C to F)

Cahill, John, clothier, High street
Campion, Joseph, fruiterer and greengrocer, Powis street
Campion, George B., artist, Wellington place, Woolwich common
Campion, Mrs. Judith, fruiterer, Powis street
Cann, George T., scourer, Jackson's lane, Woolwich common
Cann, William J., builder, Brower street
Cansdale, Arthur, baker, Green's end
Cansdale, James, umbrella maker, Wellington street
Careless, John, academy, Rectory place
Carey, James, greengrocer, Watermans fields
Carmichael and Laing, stonemasons, Yorkshire Stone Wharf, Nelson street
Carr, George and James, cheesemongers, Church street
Carr, William, grocer, Artillery place
Carrell, James, tobacconist, High street
Carter, William H., solicitor, William street
Casson, John, grocer and cheesemonger, Wellington street
Cemmitt, Mrs. Sarah, herbalist, Warwick street
Chalkley, William, general dealer, Warwick street
Champion, George, haberdasher, Queen street
Champion, George, linen and woollen draper, High street
Champion, John, plumber, Hill street
Champion William H., Salutation, Green's end
Chandler, Henry, upholsterer, Wellington street
Chapman, Henry, boot and shoe maker, Standard yard, High street
Chapman, William, grocer and tea dealer, Church street
Chasteneuf, Mrs. Eliza, bookseller, stationer, and bookbinder, Samuel street
Chasteauneuf, Leon Louis, professor of the French language, Samuel street
Cheeld, William, grocer and cheesemonger, Wellington street
Cherry, Morris, printer and news agent, Beresford street
Chetter, James, shopkeeper, Albert street
Child, John, shopkeeper, Bull field
Chittick, John, locksmith, &c., New road
Chorley, William, boot and shoe maker, Henry street
Church and Son, auctioneers and estate agents, William street
Clark, Peter Thomas, academy, Queen street
Clark, Thomas, shopkeeper, Henry street
Clark, William C,, tobacconist, Albion road
Clarke, Mrs. Elizabeth, coffee house, Market hill
Clayton, John, cutler, High street
Clements, Mrs. Elizabeth, confectioner, Waterman's fields
Clothier, Charles, china dealer, Albion road
Clothier, Joseph W., confectioner, etc, Albion road
Cobb, Mrs. Mary, milliner, Albion road
Cobham, George, butcher, New road
Cocking, William, grocer, Frances street
Cohen, Joseph, academy, Powis street
Coker, Mrs. Mary Ann, shopkeeper, Lower Harden street
Colebrook, James, leather seller, Richard street
Coles, Mrs., Travellers Home Inn, Trafalgar street
Collier, James, hairdresser, Church street
Collins, Mrs., plumber, etc., Beresford street
Collins, Mrs. Ann, tobacconist, Charles street
Collins, Richard, gardener, Chapel street
Collins, John B., boot and shoe maker, Green's end
Colquhoun, James, solicitor, master extraordinary in Chancery, and commissioner for taking acknowledgments of deeds by married women, Parson's hill
Combes, William J H., builder, etc., Chapel street
Connor, William, shopkeeper, Orchard street
Conroy, James, shopkeeper, Lower Market street
Conway, John, confectioner, Frances street
Cook, Samuel, greengrocer, Church street
Cooke, Thomas, oilman, Richard street
Cooper, James, general dealer, Church street
Cooper, John Thomas, butcher, Albion road
Cope, Thomas, tobacco pipe manufacturer, Henry street
Cope, William, tobacco pipe manufacturer, Powis street
Corfleld, William, carpenter and undertaker, Powis street
Cornish, Mrs. Mary, butcher, Hare street
Coster, Edwin, grocer, etc., Albion road
Coultas, William, cork cutter, Union buildings
Course, George, tinman and brazier, John street
Covell, Mrs. Ann, grocer, Hill street
Covil, George Smith, baker, Richard street
Covil, Edward S., milliner, and under clothing warehouse, Powis street
Cowell, Thomas S., grocer and cheesemonger, Richard street
Covil, William James, Albion Tavern, Albion road
Cowen, Joseph, confectioner, Mulgrave place
Cox, George Samuel, boot and shoe maker, Church street
Craig and Son, boot makers, Artillery place
Creed, William M., ironmonger, Hare street
Crery, Arthur, beer retailer, New road
Crimp, John, tobacconist, King street
Crocker, William, butcher, High street
Croly, Thomas, dealer in marine stores, Artillery place
Crossley Jonas, currier and leather seller, William street
Grout, Thomas, shopkeeper, Union street
Curran, William, greengrocer, Richard street
Cutt, Matthew, greengrocer, Frances street
Dadswell, Mrs. Maria, straw bonnet maker, High street
Dale, Mrs., coffee house, Beresford street
Dalladay, Thomas, boot and shoe maker, Church street
Dane, James, baker, Green's end
Daniels, John, dealer in marine stores, Union buildings
Davenport, William, engineer and tool maker, Rectory grove
Davies, Benjamin, surveyor, William street
Davies, Robert, hairdresser, &c., Beresford street
Davis and Co., drapers, tailors, and hatters,  and dealers in furniture, High street
Davis, Ebenezer, and Son, linen and woollen drapers, High street
Davis, David, cooper, Powis street
Davis, Hyman, solicitor, Rectory place
Davis, John, coffee rooms, Bell water gate
Davis, Thomas, carpenter and undertaker, Powis street
Davis, William, brickmaker, Ordnance, Woolwich common
Davisson, James, cook and confectioner, Clarence place, Woolwich common
Dearsley, Robert, corn and coal merchant, Union row
Dearsley, John, greengrocer, William street
Deemer, Edward, greengrocer, High street
Deer, Mrs. Ann, grocer, High street
Dempsey, John, artist, Powis street
Dennen, George, hairdresser, etc, Powis street
Dennen, Richard, hairdresser, Artillery place
Dennison, John, cow keeper, High street
Diblin, Mrs. Eliza, haberdasher, Harden street
Dicks, Joseph W., grocer and tea dealer, Green's end
Dixon, Thomas, fruiterer and general dealer, Powis street
Dixon, John, shopkeeper, Waterman's fields
Dobb, James, boot and shoe maker, Powis street
Dobby, Henry, boot and shoe maker, Thomas street
Dorbon, John, butcher, High street
Douglas, Henry, boot and shoe maker, Nightingale vale
Douglas, John, fruiterer, Green's end
Douthett, Andrew W., grocer, Frances street
Dove, Samuel, cow keeper, Samuel street
Down, James, leather cutter, Queen street'
Dowsing, Isaac C., Royal Pavilion Tavern, North Woolwich
Dracord, William, general clothier, High street
Drake, Mrs. Miriam, milliner, Thomas street
Draper, Mrs. Susan, milliner, Church street
Driver, John, tailor, Green's end
Driver, Edward, cabinet maker and upholsterer, Wellington street
Dunmall, Richard, timber dealer, Chapel row
Dunmore, Mrs., and Son, rope and twine makers, Powis street
Dunstan, William, Elephant and Castle, Green's end
Duploek, William, tobacconist, New road
Durrant, Walford, draper, High street
Dwyer, Edmund, manager to Railway Loan Society, William street
Dwyer, William, Duchess of Wellington, Green's end
Edwards, J., bookseller, High street
Edwards, Mrs. Agnes, tobacconist, Queen street
Edwards, Benjamin, tailor, Thomas street
Edwards, Edwin, Old Sheer Hulk Tavern, Church street
Edwards, John and Henry, grocers etc, High street
Edwards, Mrs Martha, shopkeeper, Warwick street
Eley, George William, Bell Tavern, Bellwater gate
Elford, John, boot and shoe maker, New road
Elliott, Mrs. Maria, grocer, High street
Ellis, James, George and Dragon, High street
Ellis, James, boot and shoe maker, Powis street
Elton, John, fishmonger, Albion road
Emberson, Thomas, draper, Beresford street
Emptage, James, dairyman, Bowling Green row
Evans, John, greengrocer, Wellington street
Eveling, William, linen and woollen draper, Richard street
Everest, William, baker, Church street
Fairbank, James H., chemist and surgeon, dentist, Powis street
Fairbrother, Edward, baker, Wellington street
Fairchild, William, chemist, High street
Farley, Mrs. Susannah, dressmaker, Wellington street
Farnfield, Samuel, Ordnance Arms Inn, Green's end
Farr, Mrs. Sarah, beer retailer, Chapel street
Fennell, George, boot and shoe maker, John street
Field, Mrs. Sarah, tobacconist, Hog lane
Figg, James, beer retailer, Prospect row
Filer, James, dealer in marine stores, Short street
Filewood, John, wheelwright, Lower road
Fish, Mrs. Elizabeth, straw bonnet maker, Wellington street
Fish, William, tailor, Wellington street
Fish, Peter, tailor, William street
Fisher, Jacob, general salesman, Artillery place
Fitzgerald, George, general musical instrument seller, Powis street and Wellington street
Flartey, the Misses Ann and E., haberdashers, Artillery place
Fletcher, Elfcin, and Co., coal, coke, slate, and salt merchants, and wharfingers, Trinity wharf, Woolwich, and Commercial wharf, Greenwich
Fletcher, Thomas, boot and shoe maker, Ropeyard rails
Fludger, William, H., bricklayer, Brook Hill road
Flynn, Daniel, boot and shoe maker, Union buildings
Flynn, Daniel Edward, tailor and draper, Brewer street
Foard, William, eating house, Artillery place
Ford, Charles, general dealer, New road
Ford, Mrs. Mary, dealer in marine stores, Union buildings
Ford, William, tobacconist, Church street
Forster, Samuel H., hatter and outfitter, Powis street
Forster, Samuel H., trunk and portmanteau manufacturer, Powis street
Forster, Charles, hairdresser and tobacconist, Richard street
Foster, Edmund, General Abercrombie, Artillery place
Foster, James, agent to the British Industry Life Assurance Office, Edward street
Fox, Joseph, boot and shoe maker, Lower Market place
Fox, William, fishmonger, High street
France, Charles, general dealer, Edward street
Fry, Charles Frederick, Prince Albert, wine and spirit merchant, Hare street
Fryer, Donald C., Railway Tavern, King street
Fuller, James, surgeon and accoucheur, Rectory place
Furlong, Mrs. Mary Ann, milliner, etc, Charles street
Furlong John and James, brush turnery and coopery warehouse, Powis street
Furlong, Mrs. Mary Ann, milliner, Powis street
Furlong, John and James, auctioneers, upholsterers, cabinet makers, estate agents and valuers, &c., Powis street
Furse, Mrs. Emma, staymaker, Market hill
Fyson, Charles, Three Crowns, High street
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