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Traders in Woolwich, Woolwich / Greenwich, Greenwich

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Melvilles 1858 Directory of Kent.

WOOLWICH is an extensive town ..

Gentry in 1858

Pubs in Woolwich

Traders in 1858 Melvilles Directory by surname

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Traders in 1858 Melvilles Directory by surname ( G to J)

Gallagher, John, beer retailer, New road
Gallavan, John, tobacconist, High street
Galloway, Thomas, coffee and dining rooms, Greens end
Gambell, James, hairdresser, Albion road
Gannaway George, grocer, High street
Gant, Robert B., chemist, Artillery place
Gardiner, Thomas B., shopkeeper, Ordnance road, Woolwich common
Gardner, John, oil and colourman, Hare street
Gates, Thomas, greengrocer, New road
Gates, William, timber merchant, Market street
Gaze and Stevens, gun and pistol makers, Beresford street
Gibson, Alexander, draper, Beresford street
Gillard, George, tin plate worker, Sand street
Gillard, Thomas, tailor, Charles street
Ginman, Mrs. Jane, milliner; Church street
Girling, Stephen, dairyman, Albert road
Glover, Thomas, coffee and dining rooms, Wellington street
Goalen, Mrs. Maria, tobacconist, Henry street
Godfree, George, boot and shoe maker, Powis .street
Gollop, Henry, baker, Woolwich common
Golsling, William; auctioneer, house and estate agent, Wellington street, agent to Union Fire Office
Goodman, Mrs. Mary, haberdasher, New road
Goodrick, William, general dealer, Albion road
Goodrick, William,, general dealer, High street
Gordon, Thomas, boot and shoe maker, Hare street
Gordon, Charles, George and Dragon, High street
Gordon, James, fishmonger, Beresford street
Gosling, James, cooper and brush warehouse, Powis street
Gosling, William, builder and timber merchant, Powis street
Govier, William, boot and shoe maker, Martyr's passage
Gowers, Joseph E., Three Daws, High street
Graham, George Hall, builder and surveyor, Brewer street
Grant, Ephraim, pork butcher, Albion road
Grant, .John, bookseller and. publisher, King street
Gravely, Thomas, plumber, painter, &c., Henry street
Greaves,; Edward, surgeon, dentist, etc, High street
Green, Mrs. Hannah, milliner, Powis street
Green, Robert, chemist, Richard street
Green, Mrs. Ann, shopkeeper, Jacksons lane, Woolwich common
Green, Charles Thomas, Mitre Inn, High street
Green, John, wax and tallow, chandler and oil and colourman, Richard street and Powis street
Green, Mrs. Susan, shopkeeper, Henry street
Greenleaf, John, bookseller and stationer, Powis street
Greenstead, Thomas, baker, Cross street
Griggs, John, corn dealer, Wellington street
Grinley, Arthur W., boot and shoe maker, High street
Grisbrook and Co., linen and woollen drapers, upholsterers and furnishing warehousemen, Powis street
Grisdale, Miss Ann, ladies' school, Nightingale place
Grocock, Justinian, beer retailer, Charles street
Groom, James, hatter, Richard street,
Groves, Miss Fanny, dressmaker, Brewer street
Grugeon, James, manager of London and County Joint Stock Bank, Powis street
Guillen, George, beer retailer, Beresford street
Gummo, William, grocer, New road
Gurney and Kimbers, butchers, Powis street
Gurney, George E., baker and confectioner, Powis street
Guy, Miss Ann, seminary, Coleman street
Guyer, John, shopkeeper, Warwick street
Gwillim, Mrs. Eley A., greengrocer, etc, ward street
Hackman, Charles F, draper, High street
Hale, George, builder, etc., High street
Hale, George, shopkeeper, High street
Hall, George, builder, Wellington street
Hammand, John, Star and Garter, and wine and spirit merchant, Powis street
Hancock; Charles, beer retailer, Sand street
Hand, Thomas, boot and shoe maker, Coleman street
Harden, Thomas, butcher, Powis street
Hardin, Henry, linen draper, Church street
Hare,.WiUianl, confectioner, Green's end
Harling, Miss Harriet, Black Eagle, Church street
Harrington, Mrs- C., cowkeeper, Frances street
Harrington, John, confectioner, Beresford street
Harrington, John Joseph, solicitor, Rectory place
Harris, Thomas, tailor and draper, Godfrey street
Harris, Thomas E., pork butcher, Waterman's fields
Harris, William, shopkeeper, Kent road
Harrison, William, boot and shoe maker, Albion place
Harrison, William, tailor and hatter, Church street
Harrison, William L. H., confectioner, Green's end
Harrowsmith, Benjamin, upholsterer, etc, Frances street
Harrup, Thomas, coffee house, Albion road
Hart, Charles, coal merchant, Halt's wharf, Globe lane
Hart, Charles, Ship and Half Moon, Nelson street
Hart, Henry, general dealer, Wellington street
Hart, Nathan, tobacconist, etc, Wellington street
Hart, Philip and Co., general salesman, Artillery place
Hartnup, Charles, shopkeeper, Brook Hill road
Harwood, Charles, beer retailer, Trinity marsh
Harwood, John, general salesman, Church street
Haslett, Joseph, hosier, glover, and haberdasher, and general outfitter, Artillery place
Hatcher, William, greengrocer, High street
Hawkins, Giles, beer retailer, Trinity street
Hawkins, Henry, pawnbroker, Lower road
Hawkins, James, bird fancier, Edward street
Hawkins, Thomas, beer retailer, Hill street
Hayes, Mrs; Mary, seminary, Dundas lane
Hayes, Miss Sarah W., ladies' school, Wellington street
Heard, Thomas ; D., hairdresser, Powis Street
Heard, Mrs. Mary, shopkeeper, Jackson's lane, Woolwich common
Heather William, eating house, Wellington street
Hebden, George, painter and paper hanger, Beresford street
Heekes, Mrs. Sarah, butcher, New road
Henbey, Mrs. Mary, newsvendor, New road
Henderson, James, outfitter, Powis street
Henderson, Oliver, boot and shoe maker, Richard street
Henderson, Oliver, clothier, High street
Henderson and Co., boot and shoe manufacturers, Powis street
Henley, Mrs. Sarah, straw bonnet maker, Bowling Green row
Hester, Miss Eliza, ladies' school, Beresford street
Hester, John, boot maker, Powis street
Heugh, John, cabinet maker, etc. Wellington; street
Hicks, Mrs. Catharine, shopkeeper, Waterman's fields
Higman, George, beer retailer, Ohapel street
Hill, George, pork butcher, etc., Richard street
Hill, William, shopkeeper, Jackson's lane, Woolwich common
Hilton, Henry. M., Duke of Wellington, Lower market
Hinds, Henry, beer retailer, Albert road
Hiscook, Arthur H., builder, Bowling Green row
Hiscock, Edward, shopkeeper, Prospect row
Hiscock, Thomas, boot and shoe maker, Artillery place
Hitchcock, Mrs. Mary Ann, furniture dealer, Wellington street
Hitchcock, Robert, furniture dealer, Union buildings
Hobbs, Samuel, baker, High street
Hobday, Mrs. Caroline, oil and colourman, Hare street
Hobson, Charles, army cap maker and outfitter, Artillery place
Hodgson, John, tailor and outfitter, Thomas street
Hodgson, Harvey; Royal Mortar Inn, Beresford street
Holland, Henry, oilman, Powis street
Hollest, Mrs. Esther S, corset, maker, Church street
Holliday, John, bricklayer, Powis street
Holmes, Richard, beer retailer, Samuel street
Hone, Mrs. Ann, beer retailer, Green hill, Queen street
Hone, James, George the Fourth, Rectory place
Hoppen William S, grocer, John street
Hopper, William, baker, Albion road
Horn, Charles, boot maker, Powis street
Houlker, James, cow keeper, Mason street
How, Peter, watch and clock maker, William street
Howard, Thomas L., carman and contractor, Powis street
Howard, Mrs. Dorcas, brush warehouse, Mulgrave place
Howard, Edwin, shopkeeper, John street
Howarth, Mrs. Mary, Berlin wool repository, Wellington street
Howell, George, undertaker, Chapel street
Howland, Edward, boot and shoe maker, Acorn street
Hewlett, William, tobacconist, Bellwater gate
Hubbard, John, dyer, Powis street
Hubble, Mrs. Maria Jane, coffee house, Frances street
Hudson, George, builder, etc, Powis street
Hudson, George, auctioneer and estate agent, Brewer street
Hughes, Robert, cheesemonger, etc, Richard street
Hughes, Thomas, Bank Tavern, High street
Hughes, Thomas Oliver, grocer and cheesemonger, Albion road
Hughes, William, shopkeeper, Cross street west
Hulford, Miss, Sarah, shopkeeper, Church street
Hunt, Jesse, manager of Loan Society, Beresford street
Hunt, John, leather seller, Henry street
Hunter and Gregory, coal merchants
Hutcheson, John, china and glass dealer, William street
Huxford, Richard, shopkeeper, High street
Ilsley, George, Ship and Punch Bowl, Church street
Ingram, John, tobacconist, High street
Jackson, James, greengrocer, Wellington street
Jackson, Mrs. Eliza, dressmaker, Brewer street
Jackson, William, tailor, Frances street
Jackson, John, agent to the United Mutual Life Assurance & Equitable Fire Offices, St. Mary's street
Jackson, William, registrar of births and deaths for the dockyard district, Rectory place
Jackson, William Parry, bookseller, printer, and stationer, Thomas street
Jackson, William Parry, printer, publisher, and proprietor of the Kentish Independent, published every Saturday, Thomas street
Jackson, William Parry, printer, publisher, and proprietor of the Woolwich Journal, on the first day of every month, Thomas street
Jacobs, Mrs. Mary, greengrocer, Church street
Jacobs, Robert, shopkeeper, Brewer street
Jaggers, Henry E., Queen Victoria, Mulgrave place
James, Thomas, watch and clock maker, High street
James, Josiah, dairy, Chapel street
James, Mrs. Margaret, dressmaker, Harden street
Jeans, Henry, oil and colourman, Green's end
Jeans, William, fruiterer, Church.street
Jefferies and Malings, improved English and Irish tennis, racket, and racket ball manufacturers,
Jelley, William, tailor, Brewer street
Jenkins, Charles Henry, White Hart, Hare street
Jennings, Thomas, pork butcher, High street
Jennings, Thomas, baker, High street
Job, Mr., Canterbury Tavern, Church street
Job, Charles, gas fitter, Green's end
Johnson, Miss Esther, preparatory school, Powis street
Johnson and Son, builders, Powis street
Johnson, Frederick, painter, paperhanger and gasfitter, Powis street
Jolly William, T., builder, Rectory place
Jones and Co., French dyers, High street, Woolwich, Theobalds road, London
Jones Edward, wine merchant and post-office receiving house, Thomas street
Jones, Mrs. Sarah, butcher, Green's end
Jones, Philip, confectioner, Church, street
Jones, Thomas H, academy, Rectory place
Jory, Miss Catharine, ladies' school, George street
Josolyne, John, corn dealer, Albion road
Judd, Robert, upholsterer, Powis street
Jull, William, butcher, Charlotte street
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