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Traders in Woolwich, Woolwich / Greenwich, Greenwich

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Woolwich, Woolwich / Greenwich, Greenwich

Melvilles 1858 Directory of Kent.

WOOLWICH is an extensive town ..

Gentry in 1858

Pubs in Woolwich

Traders in 1858 Melvilles Directory by surname

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Traders in 1858 Melvilles Directory by surname ( R to T)

Randall, John, dealer in marine stores, New road ;
Randell, George, brewer, St. Mary's street
Ranwell, George, greengrocer, High street
Ranwell, William, artist, Beresford terrace
Rastrick, John A., chemist and druggist, and postmaster, Church street
Rawlinson, Richard, coffee house, Frances street
Raynes, Miss Sarah, boarding and day school, Bowater crescent
Rea, Abraham, boot and shoe maker, Taylor's buildings
Reading, Ebenezer, Canteen, Marine barracks
Reavill, Mrs. Elizabeth, greengrocer, Artillery place
Redmond, Joseph, dairy, Coleman street
Reed, Henry, beer retailer, Albion road
Reed, William, linen draper, Green's end
Reed, William, milliner, Powis street
Reynolds, John M., grocer, High street
Reynolds, Morris, boot and shoe maker, Albion road
Rice, David William, Fortune of War, New road
Rice, James, Trafalgar, George street
Richards, A., and Co., pawnbrokers, Thomas street
Richards, Robert, hairdresser, Ropeyard rails
Richards, William J, Castle Inn, Edward street
Richardson, F. W., surgeon, Powis street
Richardson, Joseph, shopkeeper, New road
Richardson, William, cabinet maker, Temperance Lecture Hall, Powis street
Riess, Mrs. Elizabeth, shopkeeper, Rushgrove street
Rigby, Joseph and Charles, contractors, Charlton wharf, Woolwich
Riordan, Daniel, Duke of Sussex, Beresford street
Riordan, John, ironmonger, Beresford street
Ritchie, James, baker, Richard street
Rixon, Richard, bookseller, stationer, and printer, Beresford street
Roberts, George, baker, King street
Robinson, the Misses Martha and Emma, professors of singing and music, Brewer street
Robinson, William S., grocer and post office, High street
Robson, William, linen and woollen draper, High street
Roffey, George, baker, Church street
Rogers, David, chemist and druggist, High street
Rogers, Samuel, carrier, Powis street
Rooney, John, boot and shoe maker, Chapel street
Rose, James, fruiterer, Prospect row
Rossiter, Frederick V., shopkeeper, High street, North Woolwich
Roughten, Stephen, hairdresser, Wellington street
Rowe, Robert, tailor, Bellwater gate
Rowland, Michael, British Queen, High street
Rowland, Benjamin, cowkeeper, St. Mary street
Rowlstone, Henry William, surveyor, builder, and auctioneer, North Kent terrace
Ruck, John Charles, hairdresser, High street
Rudland, William, boot and shoe maker, Bellwater gate
ftule, Mrs. Elizabeth, coffee house, Beresford street
Sackett,Edward, ironmonger, etc., Richard street
Saore, Thomas, boot and shoe maker, Church street
S acre, Joseph, bootmaker, Warwick street
Sales, Francis, lighterman, Hog lane
Sales, Francis John, coal merchant, Glasyard wharf
Samson, John, tallow chandler, High street
Sanderson, Andrew, plumber, painter, etc, Powis street
Sargent, Charles, bookseller, High street
Sargent, Charles, jun., upholsterer, Powis street
Sargent, William, tobacconist, Artillery place
Saunders, William, beer retailer, Prospect row
Savage, Frances, bookseller, Thomas street
Saville, John, furniture broker, Wellington street
Saw, Henry, grocer, etc, Powis street
Sayer, Henry S., coal merchant, Wellington street
Sayer, Thomas, corn dealer, Powis street
Scratchley, Henry, general dealer, Edward street
Screvity, William, beer retailer, High street
Seear, John H., grocer, Church street
Self, William, watch and clock maker, etc, New road
Semon, George, rag merchant, Powis street
Sharpe, John, carrier, Thomas street
Shipman, George, surgeon, Red Lion street
Shipman, George V., chemist, Red Lion street
Shorter, Robert, beer retailer, Frances street
Sielder, Louis, clockmaker, Wellington street
Sim, Madame Maria, seminary, Wood street
Simons, Henry, draper, etc., Church street
Sinclair, James, greengrocer, New road
Sloggett, Mrs Mary Ann, shopkeeper, Artillery place
Sloman, William, Ship Tavern, George street
Slow, William, greengrocer, Wellington street
Smart, Thomas, dyer, Powis street
Smart, Joseph, boot and shoe maker, Henry street
Smith William, shopkeeper, Sand street
Smith, William, coffee house, Beresford street
Smith, Thomas, butcher, George street
Smith, Robert, builder, Powis street
Smith, John William, fruiterer, Richard street
Smith, Mrs. Janet, dressmaker, Warwick street
Smith, George W., butcher, Wellington street
Smith, George M., oil and colourman, Green's end
Smith, Edmund, contractor of public works, Wood street
Smith, John, outfitter, Powis street
Smith, William, Duke on Horseback, High street
Smith, Philip T., smith and farrier, Parson's hill
Smith, Matthew, tobacco manufacturer, High street .
Smith, Mrs Rebecca, butcher, High street
Smyth, James M., chemist, New road
Sounex, George, tailor, Nelson street
Sounex, James, bricklayer, Nelson street
Southon, Stephen, grocer, King street
Spalding, William, turner and greengrocer, High street
Sopanier, Adolph, plumber and glazier, New road
Sparrow, John, William, solicitor, New road
Spiers, William T., builder, Powis street
Spiers, Mrs. Mary, confectioner, Powis street
Spindler, William, confectioner, Powis street
Speed, John, tobacconist, Green's end
Spouse, Mrs. Mary Jane, baker,. High street
Standing, A. A., Mrs., dressmaker, Wellington street
Stanley, William, Barrack Tavern, Woolwich common.
Stapley, Samuel, greengrocer, John street
Starling, George, .baker, Albion road
Startup, John, baker, High street
Steedman, James, manager of Kent Economical Loan Office, Powis street
Steedman, James, engineer, Powis street
Steel, Mrs. Elizabeth, cowkeeper, Thomas street
Steel, John, beer retailer, Coleman street
Stevens, John E., baker, Church street
Stevens, Henry, baker and Post-office, North row, North Woolwich
Stevens, William, bricklayer, Hardin street
Stevenson, Robert, Albion House Academy, George street
Stevenson, Miss Harriet, ladies' school, Wellington street
Stewart, William, beer retailer, Mount street
Stock, John, boot and shoe maker, Edward street
Stokvis, W., tailor, Church street
Stone, John, linen draper, Richard street
Stonex, Mrs. Mary Ann, seminary, Powis street,
Stratton, Henry William, timber dealer, King street
Strather, Anthony, coal merchant, High street
Stuart,. Charles, surgeon, dentist, and chemist, Powis street
Stuart, William, surgeon, King street
Studd, John, eating house, Artillery place
Sulljyan, Daniel, boot and shoe maker, Powis street
Sutherland, Miss Agnes, milliner, Albion road
Sutherland, George, and Son, dyers, Edward street
Sykes, Jonas, boot and shoe maker, Bowling Green row
Symes, Benjamin, hairdresser, etc., New road
Tamsett, Richard, builder, undertaker and plumber, Powis street
Tanner and Taylor, hat manufacturers, Powis street
Tapson, Christopher, eating house, Frances street
Taylor, Burt, beer retailer, Prospect row
Taylor, Miss E., dressmaker, Brewer street
Taylor, John, sen., builder, King street
Taylor, Daniel, hat manufacturer, Powis street
Taylor, John, M.A., academy, Woolwich common
Taylor, John, job master, Hill street
Taylor, John, coal merchant, Parson's hill
Taylor, Miss Sarah, straw bonnet maker, John street
Taylor, Thomas, army boot maker, Hill street
Taylor, William C., bootmaker, Wellington street
Taylor, Philip, smith and farrier, Parson's hill
Thomas, William D., coffee house, High street
Thomas, Samuel, veterinary surgeon, Brewer street
Thomas, William, grocer, Artillery place
Thompson, Charles, carver and gilder, Prospect row
Thompson, Miss Eliza, seminary, Prospect row
Thompson, the Misses C. and H., ladies' school, New road
Thorn, Francis, confectioner, High street
Thorn, James, Old Barge House, North Woolwich
Thornhill, Joseph, beer retailer, Hare street
Thorp, John, baker, Powis street
Thorpe, John F., grocer, Lower road
Thunder, William W., beer retailer, Albert street
Tibbitts, William, boot and shoe maker, Lower road
Timpson, Henry C., surgeon, Samuel street
Toder, William, general salesman, Artillery place
Toder, William, jun., draper, Artillery place
Topham, George, greengrocer, Parson's hill
Topley, William, tea dealer and cheesemonger, Powis street, and Beresford square
Towell, Francis, hairdresser, Edward street
Towers, Joseph, Carpenter's Arms, High street
Townley, George, coffee house, Chapel street
Trench, Mrs. Susan, Globe, Church street
Trickey, John, shopkeeper, Wellington street
Trodd, John, marine store dealer, New road
Tucker, Mrs. Mary Ann, dressmaker, Thomas street
Tuff, Mrs. Mary and Henry, pawnbrokers, Richard street
Turner, Richard, baker, Frances street
Turner, Richard, jun., tobacconist, Frances street
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