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Little Warley 1901 Census Enumerators Steps

History of Little Warley

Little Warley 1901 Census


Civil parish of Little Warley (entire) St Peters(part of) { Comprising Cottage near Barracks, Devils head Cottage, Mildreds Farm, Clapgate Farm & Cottages near, All houses from Clapgate Farm to Childerditch Hall Gate, Houses & Cottages in Church Lane & Old Englands Farm, The Rectory, The Lodge and Farm house at top of common


There are six pages of the 1901 census for Little Warley and excludes the Barracks area, listing just  the head of a household. It is to largely give a view of the steps taken whilst the enumerator walks the census.

Page 1.

Warley Lodge = Mr Geoffrey Alexander, Banker

Lodge Farm William Deadman, Farm bailiff

Iron House, John Cook, Horseman

Warley hall Farm, Walter Pinchon, Farmer

Little Warley Rectory, Henry J Henry, Clergyman

Rectory Cottage, Henry Hurry, Horseman on Farm

Rectory Cottage, Charles Ellis, Coachman


Page 2.

Hall Lane, Charles Denning, Ploughman

School Cottage, Henry R Shelley, Gardener

Greyhound Common, Mary A Cook

Greyhound Common, Thomas Whittaker, Gardener

Greyhound Common, Walter J Tippler, Engine Driver

Greyhound Common, Jane Wilson, Publican [Greyhound]

Greyhound Common, William Thompson, Farm Labourer


Page 3

Greyhound Common, William Bloomfield, Second hand Dealer

Greyhound Common, William Bloomfield, Farm Labourer

Greyhound Common, John Parson, Farm Bailiff

Greyhound Common, Emma Parson, Farmer

Greyhound Common, George March, General Labourer

Greyhound Common, James Bass, Gardener

 Page 4

Greyhound Common, James Hills, Horseman

Greyhound Common, William Springett, Cow man

Lodge Stables, William Martin, Coachman

Lodge Gardens, James Lee, Gardener

Lodge Gardens, Albert H Surgent, Gardener

Blue House, Samuel Brett, Farmer

Warley Road, Charles Waller, Retired Soldier

Warley Road, Louisa Dodd

Blue Cottage, Richard Wood, Sexton


Page 5.

Clapgate Farm, Samuel Brett, Farmer

Pump Farm, Cramer Abbott, Stockman

Roses Farm, Charles J Fox, Secretary to Public Company

Old Englands, James Crane, Farmer

Devils Head, Mary Osborne, Dress maker


Page 6.

Devils Head, James Shearman, Labourer

Lodge Cottage, Alice Moore, Stud Grrom

Tylers Farm, Hall Lane

END of census


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