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London 1874 Licensed Victuallers and Hotel Keepers Directory - City SY

This is a listing from the London 1874 Licensed Victuallers and Hotel Keepers Directory for London and suburbs. The directory is one of the more diverse listings wich covers the City of London, London north and south etc.

The London 1874 index

St. Anns Coffee House, J. Green, 66 Carter lane, Doctors commons, EC
St. Andrew, F. R. ft W. T. Malleson and Paul Bradshaw Fearon, 94 Holborn viaduct, EC
St. James's Tavern, Raphael, P. 33 Duke street, Aldgate, EC
Salisbury Anns, Cook, W. 22 Camomile street, Bishopsgate, EC
Salisbury Hotel, Trethewy, H. 45 Salisbury square, Fleet street, EC
Salutation Tavern, Lake, C. 17 Newgate street, and 4 & 6 Rose street, EC
Sambrook House, Hughes, Ann, 2 Sambrook court, Basinghall street, EC
Sams Coffee House, Isaacs, Israel, 8 King street, Aldgate, EC
Saracens Head, Buckingham, G. F. Camomile street, Bishopsgate, EC
Saracens Head, Crutchloe, Elizabeth, Northumberland alley, Fenchurch street, EC
Shades, The, Robinson, J. 15 Clements lane, Lombard street, EC
Shades, Stephens, J. B. Old Swan, London Bridge, EC
Shepherd and Flock, Cambden, W. 11 Little Bell alley, Moorgate street, EC
Ship, Allen, F. 4 Talbot court, Gracechurch street EC
Ship, Ashby, C. W. 27 Lime street, Fenchurch street EC
Ship, Carnell, Mary, 11 Little Tower street, EC
Ship, Harler, Jane C. Hart street, Crutched Friars, EC
Ship, Perry, J. 17 Ivy lane, Newgate street, EC
Ship, Sewell, Charles Wm. 61, Minories, EC
Ship, Taylor, II. W. 1 Wormwood street, Bishopsgate, EC
Ship, Williams, J. S. 14 Artillery lane, Bishopsgate street, EC
Ship Afloat, Brown, Ferdinand, 52 Lower Thames street, EC
Ship and Star, Diedrich, Werner, 4a Sparrow corner, Minories, EC
Ship and Turtle, Painter, C. J. ft A. E. 130 Leadenhall street, EC
Simpsons Coffee House, Jackson, J. Ball court, Cornhill, EC
Sir J. Falstaff, Barnett, M. 46 Houndsditch, EC
Sir Walter Raleigh, Levy Lewis & Moss Isaacs, 20, New street, Gravel lane, Houndsditch, EC
Skinners Arms, Alden, T. 53 Cannon street, EC
Skinners Arms, Hobbs, J. 10 Skinner street, Bishopsgate, EC
Star, Hoare, Ed. 31 Aldersgate street EC
Steam Boat, Tarson, Elizabeth, 35, St. Mary at hill, Eastcheap, EC
Steam Packet Hotel, Jones, W. 28 Fish street hill, and 128 Upper Thames street, EC
Still and Star, Martin W. (Executors of), Hanover alley, Aldgate, EC
Stirling Castle, Parker, Sophia, 50 London wall, EC
Stock Exchange Coffee House, Mabey, J. D. Throgmorton street, EC
Sugar Loaf, Harris, L. R. C5 Cannon street, EC
Sugarloaf, Lesave, George Thomas, 5 Little College street, Upper Thames street, EC
Sugar Loaf, Latham, C. 22 Great St. Helena, Bishopsgate, EC
Sngar Loaf, Liscoe, G. T. Little College street, EC
Sussex Tavern, Hawley, J. E. 50 Leadenhall street EC
Swan, Game, W. J. 42 King William street, and Fish street hill, EC
Swan, Hetherington, J. Old Swan, Thames street EC
Swan, Nathan, N. Ship Tavern passage, Leadenhall market, EC
Swan, Olley & Ellis, 7 Temple street, Whitefriars, EC
Swan and Hoop, Caste, E. 28 Pavement, Finsbury, EC
Swans Nest, Overton, B. 11 Great Swan alley, Moorgate street, EC
Swan and Horse Shoe, Monton, J. W. 32 Little Britain, EC
Swan and Sugar Loaf, Howett, J. 52, Fetter lane, Fleet street, EC
Swan with Two Necks, Pittman, G. W. 49 Carter lane, Doctors commons, EC
Thistle, Hannan, J. & J. 77 King William street, EC
Three Bucks Tavern, Willet, T. G. 22 Old Jewry, and 23 Gresham street, EC
Three Castles, Corish, R 7 St Andrews hill, Doctors commons, EC
Three Colts, Atkins, J. 45 London wall, EC
Three Compasses, Wright, Joseph, 15 Harrow alley, Houndsditch, EC
Three Crowns, Wood, Albert, 3 Dowgate hill, EC
Three Crowns, Smith, Charlotte, 6 Old Jewry, EC
Three Kingdoms, Stevens, Ed. Lower Thames street EC
Three Nuns, Bell, G. F. J. 11 Aldgate High street EC
Three Tuns, Gardener, H. W. 22 Great New street, New street square, EC
Three Tuns, Jones, W. 36 Jewry street, EC
Three Tuns, Keilich, H. L. F. 4 Bridgwater gardens, Barbican, EC
Three Tuns, Krehl, 37 Coleman street, EC
Three Tuns, Paxman, R. 53 Redcross street, Barbican, EC
Three Tuns, Thomas, John, 11 Billingsgate market, EC
Ticket Porter, Bowler, W. Arthur street west, London bridge, EC
Tiger, Lester, Jane Eliza, 8 Tower dock, Tower hill, EC
Tiptree, Macdonald & Hyde, 4 Leadenhall street, EC
Treachers Dining Booms, Lake, Edwin, 29 Great Tower street, EC
Turks Head, Bacon, J. W. 71 Aldgate High street, EC
Two Brewers, Burden, J. G. 27 London wall, EC
Two Brewers, Henley sen. J. H. 74 Shoe lane, Fleet street, EC
Two Sawyers, Krappen, John, 4 Bidgate court, Minories, EC
Victoria, Moultrie, P. 25 King street Snow hill, EC
Vintners Arms, Howard, J. 101 Fetter lane, Fleet street EC
Waytes Refreshment Rooms, Webster, W. 5 Gracechurch street, EC
Weavers Arms, Wiber, H. 42 Aldermanbury, EC
Welch Harp, Pitts, C. H. 22 Essex street EC
Wheatsheaf, Wright, S. 28 West Smith field, EC
White Bear, Clemitson, P. J. 126 Aldersgatc street EC
White Bear, Judd, S. 15 Bride lane, EC
White Bear, Storsley, G. 66 King William street, EC
White Hart, Lowen, George, 213 Upper Thames street, EC
White Hart, Barker, T. E. 7 Giltspur street, EC
White Hart, Chard, C. 18 Abchurch lane, EC
White Hart, Linfield, Sarah, 27 Botolph lane, EC
White Hart, Onien, David, 69 Long lane, West Smithfield, EC
White Hart, Startin, J. 199 Bishopsgate street, EC
White Hart, Walker, J. T. 64 Fetter lane, EC
White Horse, Curie, J. 10 Cripplegate buildings, EC
White Horse, Dolamore, B. 16 Rood lane, EC
White Horse, Dovey, James Richard, 8 Little Britain, EC
White Horse, Edwards, W. 9 Moor lane, EC
White Horse, Pyne W. T. 90 Fetter lane, EC
White Horse, Robins, S. G. 6 Fann street, Goswell street EC
White Horse and Half Moon, Gill, Elizabeth, 55, London wall, EC
White Lion, Harris, P. B. 1 Talbot court, Gracechurch street, EC
White Lion, Maidment, Emma, 19 Upper Thames street, EC
White Swan, Davis, J. H. 67 Coleman street, EC
White Swan, Dolamore, Robert E. Isia Upper Thames street, EC
White Swan, Fountain Joshua, 138 Salisbury court, Fleet street, EC
White Swan, Key, Tom, 108 Fetter lane, EC
White Swan, Harford, A. J. 26 White street, Cripplegate, EC
White Swan, Lewis, G. 1 New street square, EC
White Swan, Wiber H. 18 Farringdon street, EC
Williamsons Hotel, Williamson, H. T. 1 2 & 3 New court, Bow lane, EC
Windmill, Muskett, G. W. 18 Nicholas lane, Lombard street, EC
Wine Shades, Sprague, Henry, 6 Martins lane, Cannon street, EC
Wine Vaults, Kelland, J. P. 7 Newgate street, EC
Woodins Shades, Smith, John 53 Bishopsgate street EC
Woolpack, Gilby, T. 6 St. Peters alley, Cornhill, EC
Woolpack, Halestrap, E. S. 12 Little Moorfields, EC
Woolpack, Piliner, F. J. 3 Hart street, Wood street, Cheapside, EC
Yarmouth Arms, Reeland, Peter Y. 88 Lower Thames street, EC
Yorkshire Grey, Owen, Sarah, 53 Lower Thames street, and Beer lane, EC

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