Southwark St George 1911 pub history census summary

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A listing of historical London public houses, Taverns, Inns, Beer Houses and Hotels in Southwark St George Martyr, Surrey,  London.

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A listing of historical London public houses, Taverns, Inns, Beer Houses and Hotels in Southwark St George Martyr, Surrey,  London.

Southwark St George 1911 pub history census summary

Dis 6
35 Oswin street, Beerhouse, Burtwell

St George
Dis 2, 3
4 London road, PH, Waldron
21 London road, PH, Broughton St Georges - Royal Mortar
74 St Georges road, PH, Hook - Fountain
1 Gladstone street, PH, Felgett - Albert Arms

St George the Martyr
Dis 1
122 Borough High street, PH, Murphy - Red Cross
160-162 Borough High street, PH, West - Grapes
29 Long lane, PH. Russell - Grapes
63 Long lane, The Constitution, Povey
1 Union street, PH, Hatcher - White Horse
173 Borough High street, Blue Eyed Maid, Holman
183 Borough High street, Half Moon Hotel PH, Tweed
197 Borough High street, White Hart & Half Moon, Becket
213 Borough High street, St George Distillery PH, Burge - Crown

Dis 2
33 Tabard street, The White Bear, Golle
124 Long lane, Rose & Crown, Moloney
37 Crosby row, The White Smiths, Brockman

Dis 3
95 Tabard street, PH, Birmingham - Crown
175 Tabard street, PH, Stupple - Castle
28 Camelot street, Beer House, Neal - Eagle

Dis 4
37 Law street, PH, Whitlock - Golden Fleece

Dis 5
206 Great Dover street, City Arms, Edgson
21 Warner street, PH, Clark - Beehive
2 Old Kent road, Black Bull, Bryan
8 Old Kent road, PH, Firth - Brighton
37-39 Old Kent road, Bricklayers Arms, Partridge

Dis 6
24 Mason street, PH, Possee - Gloucester Arms
210a New Kent road, PH, Booth - Prince Consort
40 Old Kent road, PH, Lyon - Kings Arms
64 Old Kent road, PH, Ryall
20 Darwin street, PH, Ashford - Globe

Dis 7, 8
84 Old Kent road, Swan, Peron
120 Old Kent road, PH, Hardwick
148 Old Kent road, Brunswick, Simpson
344 East street, British Queen Beer Shop, Haydon
24 Alfreton street, Beer Shop, Dawe

Dis 9
276 Old Kent road, The Green Man, Griffiths
5 Surrey square, Surrey Arms, Palmer
2 Kingslake street, Beerhouse, Thomas
320-322 Old Kent road, Thomas A Becket, Hawkins

Dis 10
279 Old Kent road, PH, Layton - Dun Cow
205 Old Kent road, PH, Westley - Castle
145 Old Kent road, PH, Grigg - World Turned Upside Down

Dis 1
11 Bath street, Kings Arms, Hancock
88 Borough road, PH, Walker - City Arms
104 Borough road, PH, Ranshaw - Globe
54 Newington Causeway, PH, Booker
132 Newington Causeway, PH, Elvin
117 London road, PH, Reynolds
78 Newington Causeway, Empty PH

Dis 2
29 Dantzic street, Beer House, Seager
96 Newington Causeway, PH, Clapperton - Kings Head
140 Newington Causeway, PH, Lever - Alfreds Head

Dis 3,4
27 London road, The Grapes, Pike
45-46 London road, Princess of Wales, Turner
46 St Georges road, The Prince George, Priestley
7 St Georges road, The Pineapple, Page

Dis 5
5 St Georges road, Fishmongers Arms, Colewell
27 Austral street, Two Eagles, Phillips

Dis 6
St Georges road, The Gibraltar, Humphreys
35 Oswin street, Beer house, Burtwell

Dis 7
56 West square, The City Arms, Mills
51 St Georges road, The Prince of Wales, Turner

Dis 8
44 & 46 Lambeth road, PH, Barge - St Georges Tavern
147 St Georges road, PH, Jago - Kings Arms

Dis 9
123 Blackfriars road, Flowers of the Forest, Coupland
124 Blackfriars road, The Equestrian, West
14 Westminster Bridge road, PH, Clarke - Oxford Arms

Dis 10
36 Gray street, Half Way House, Wing
102 Blackfriars road, The Pineapple, Richardson
108 Blackfriars road, The Crown, Symons
71 Webber street, The Angel, Gash
238 Waterloo road, The George, Joy

Dis 11, 12
Little Surrey street, Dover Castle, Morris
Blackfriars road, The Swan, Holloway
Blackfriars road, Surrey Arms, Hume
Blackfriars road, William the Fourth, Allingham
Borough road, Bridge House, Budd

Dis 13
142-144 Southwark Bridge road, PH, Roberts - Britannia
43 Pocock street, Beer House, Miss Newman
132-134 Southwark Bridge road, Brewery, not a dwelling
29 Friar street, PH, Hough - Bell Tavern
52 Friar street, PH, Rumprecht - General Abercrombie

Dis 14, 15
177 Southwark Bridge road, The Old Justice, White
199 Southwark Bridge road, The Windsor Castle, Noble
96 Southwark Bridge road, The Goldsmiths Arms, Bailey
94 Great Suffolk street, The Moonrakers, Carter
127 Great Suffolk street, Skinners Arms, Ripton

Dis 16
23 Lant street, Prince of Wales, Claxton

Dis 17
201 Southwark Bridge road, PH, Rice - Winchester
97 Redcross street, PH, Chappell - Prince of Wales
68 Borough road, PH, Pearce - Ship
256 Borough High street, PH, Field - Star Tavern
280 Borough High street, PH, Burroughs - Red Lion
294 Borough High street, PH, Loder - Foresters Arms
27 Clenham street, PH, Behling - Duke of Kent / Lord Clyde
64 Lant street, PH, Nelle - Gladstone Arms
204 Borough High street, PH, Holmes - Hole in the Wall

Dis 18, 19
84 Scovell road, Beer Shop (Off), Bayliss - Scovell Arms
47 & 48 Borough road, Duke of York, Slater
65 Borough road, PH, Watts - White Hart

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