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Two Brewers, 41 Warner street, Clerkenwell EC1R

Clerkenwell pub history index

The address is 4 Little Warner Street in 1871 and earlier, prior to street renaming. The pub is named in the 1911 census return. *

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Residents at this address.

1836/Hugh Honey/beer retailer/../../Pigots Directory

1842/John H. Wright/beer retailer/../../Robson's Directory *

1848/Mrs Ann Harrison/beer retailer/../../Post Office Directory *

1851/Thomas Cole/Beer Retailer/27/Bethnal Green, Middlesex/Census *
1851/Matilda Cole/Wife/25/Cheltenham, Gloucestershire/Census
1851/Thomas J. Cole/Son/2/St Pancras, Middlesex/Census
1851/James T. Cole/Son/11 months/Camberwell, Surrey/Census

1856/Henry Coster/beer retailer/../../Post Office Directory *

1869/Joseph Pritchard/beer retailer/../../Post Office Directory *

1871/George Byford/Beer Retailer/39/Seven Dials, Middlesex/Census *
1871/Mary Byford/Wife/30/Clerkenwell, Middlesex/Census
1871/George Byford/Son/8/Clerkenwell, Middlesex/Census
1871/David Byford/Son/1/Clerkenwell, Middlesex/Census

1881/Thomas Byford/Beerhouse Keeper/46/Clerkenwell, Middlesex/Census
1881/Frances Sarah Byford/Wife/50/Hereford/Census
1881/Charles Thomas Byford/Son, Cab Proprietor, Widow/23/St Pancras, Middlesex/Census
1881/Francis William Dimach/Wifes Son, Pianoforte Maker/30/Islington, Middlesex/Census

1882/Thomas Byford/Beer Retailer/../../Post Office Directory

1885/Thomas Byford / Beer Retailer /../../../P. O. Directory **

1891/Thomas Byford / Beer Retailer/../../Post Office Directory

1891/Thomas Byford/Beerhouse Keeper/56/Clerkenwell/Census *
1891/Frances S. Byford/Wife/60/Herefordshire/Census
1891/Thomas Byford/Son, Cab Driver/26/Middlesex/Census

East Anglian Daily Times - Saturdy 13 February 1892 :
A freehold corner licensed beer house, known as the Two Brewers, No 41, Warner street, Clerkenwell, let upon a repairing lease expiring in 1904, at £32 per annum.

1895/Thomas Byford/beer retailer/../../Post Office Directory *

1899/Thomas Byford / Beer Retailer/../../Post Office Directory

My grandfather, George Stiles, was landlord of The Two Brewers from about 1899/1900 to about 1912 or so. ***

1901/George W. Stiles/Beerseller/28/Burford, Oxfordshire/Census *
1901/Catherine Stiles/Wife/32/Clerkenwell/Census
1901/Nellie Stiles/Daughter/2/Westbourne Park/Census
1901/George Stiles/Son/4 months/Clerkenwell/Census

Islington Daily Gazette & North London Tribune, 7th April 1902 :
HAVE A DRINK?   At the Clerkenwell Police - court on Friday, George Stiles, 41, of Warner-street, Clerkenwell, was summoned for supplying Police-constable Ambrose, 228 E, with refreshment while he was on duty at Baker's-row. Police-sergeant 49 E said that on the evening of the 14th of March he was passing through Back-hill, Clerkenwell, and saw defendant pass, through Warner-street. He followed him to Baker's-row, and saw a man leave the "Two Brewers" public house carrying something. The man entered some stables, and witness on going there saw the man and the constable in the stables. Witness called them out and spoke to them, and subsequently saw the defendant, who said, " A man came in and called for some beer. Had I known it was for a policeman, I would not have served it." Police-constable Ambrose, 228 E, said he was on duty at the corner of Baker's-row on the day in question, when a private person asked if he would have a drink. Witness made no reply, but crossed over to the other side. Immediately afterwards the man brought some liquor to him. Mr. D'Eyncourt—What was it? Witness—l don't know. I hadn't time to drink it. Mr. D'Eyncourt—The sergeant came up?— Yes. (Laughter.) Robert Lilley, an enameller, said he asked the constable to have a drink. He made no reply, but "hung his ..ead down." That witness took as a nod accepting the offer. Witness then entered the "Two Brewers" and called for two "mild and bitters," which he brought out of the house. The landlord did not notice him leave the house with the beer, and could not see the constable. Witness took the beer over to some stables. The constable was a stranger to him. Mr. D'Eyncourt said there was no evidence against the landlord. He dismissed the summons. ***

Same policeman again, Ambrose, as 6 years before!

The Islington Daily Gazette & North London Tribune, Aug 6th, 1908 :
THURSDAY, AUG 6. 1908. THE POLICEMAN'S NOD Story of a Drink
At Clerkenwell Police-court yesterday afternoon, before Mr. Bros, George Stiles, of the "Two Brewers " beer-house, Warner street, Clerkenwell, was summoned by Inspector Appleton, of the E division, for on July 22nd supplying refreshment to Police-constable Ambrose, 228 E, when duty, without the authority of some superior officer. Mr. Barker prosecuted for the Commissioner of Police, and Mr. Ricketts defended. Inspector Appleton said that at 12.15 a.m. on the day the day in question he keeping observation in plain clothes. He saw Police-constable Ambrose working his beat. When opposite the "Two Brewers” he crossed over to the house, looked left and right, went to one Of the two entrances of the house, and nodded in at the open door. Then licensee handed a can to a man is the bar, and that man brought the can to the constable. The policeman drank up and handed the can back to the man, who re-entered the house. The inspector then declared himself to the constable and went into the Iicensee with him. The defendant said did not know who the beer was for. A man called for beer in a can and took it outside. He did not know the man. Cross-examined—The inspector had been in the house as a customer. He had only left the premises a few minutes before the constable came along. Police-constable Ambrose said he was on duty when he was passing the "Two Brewers,” and, hearing voices, looked in at the door. He nodded to the landlord and moved away, and someone brought him can of beer, which he drank up. Then the inspector came up to him. Cross-examined—He did not remember refusing a drink offered by a man at eleven o’clock, saying " Not then." He did not remember some time previously advising the man not to fight in the Italian quarter. Mr. Ricketts said the case failed, because there was no evidence that the defendant or his agent supplied the refreshment. Mr .Bros said the evidence was that the constable’s nod produced drink. Mr. Ricketts said he should call the man who gave the officer the drink. The defendant took the nod of the constable as an act of civility, and took no further notice of it than saying "Good night" to the officer, who apparently passed on. The defendant gave evidence for himself, and was corroborated by customers who witnessed the incident. William McBride, pianoforte finisher, said he was the man who supplied the forbidden refreshment. He saw the officer about eleven o’clock, and asked him to have a drink. The constable replied, "Another time." At 12.15 the officer passed the house and nodded, and witness took it as acceptance of his previous offer. He then supplied him with half a pint of ale at his own expense, and did not tell the landlord who it was for. He had taken cans of ale out at other times to organ men. Cross-examined—He knew the constable months ago, when he rescued him from a street bother, and this was the first time be had an opportunity of doing the officer a good turn.’’ Mr. Barker—Perhaps you will remember in future that the worst possible turn you can do an officer is to offer him a drink. Mr. Bros said the beer seemed to have been the result of the nod, but it did not appear to be the gift of the landlord. Therefore he dismissed the summons. ***

1910/George William Stiles / Beer Retailer /../../Post Office Directory

1911/George William Stiles/Beer Retailer/38/Burford, Oxfordshire/Census *
1911/Catherine Stiles/Wife/42/City of London/Census
1911/Helina Stiles/Daughter/12/Paddington/Census
1911/Oswald Stiles/Son/8/Finsbury/Census
1911/Dora Stiles/Daughter/6/Finsbury/Census
1911/Harry Stiles/Son/4/Finsbury/Census

1914/Frank Lockett / Beer Retailer /../../Post Office Directory

1915/Frank Lockett/beer retailer/../../Post Office Directory *

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** Provided By Stephen Harris

*** Provided By Dominic Stiles

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