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Rotherhithe 1842 Robsons directory

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Rotherhithe 1842 Robsons directory

Rotherhithe, Rotherhithe wall
J B & T H Perks, millers
William Jonathan Smith, "India House"
Platform Wharf
Rotherhithe street
Thomas Paul, "Angel"
10 William Watkinson, slopseller
11 Thomas Morris, beer retailer
12 Charles E Pritchard, hatter
9 Catherine Bayley, boot maker
13 Jesse Hallett, linen draper
14 Thomas Fatharley, shipwright
17 S C Norman, "Dover Castle"
19 J Pearcey, mast etc maker
19 George Williams, ship chandler
Kings Stairs
21 George Gibbons, shipwright
22 Edward Petty, hair dresser
23 Rd Sampson, "Jolly Waterman"
24 Ann Fletcher, coal merchant
26 Charles Wilson, surgeon
27 George Jeffrey, tallow chandler
28 Henry W Hellyer, coal etc dealer
28 Thomas Keeves, coal dealer etc
28 James Green, boat builder
29 William Morland, shipwright
33 J B Couthorpe & co, star & ship chandler
34 Thomas Clark & Son, mast makers
34 Hellyer and Browning, ship carvers
35 James White, mill maker
37 Robert Hall, ship carver
37 George Kell, mast maker
38 Simon Barritt, lighterman
39 W Pridmore, chemist
Prince Stairs
40 Ann Saylor, "White Lion"
William Henry Stevens, boat builder
William Henry Stevens, "Torbay"
Elephant Stairs
Thomas Morgan "Kings Arms"
42 Benj Hewitt, hair dresser
43 Thomas Shaplin, boat builder
43 Hill and Co, mast and block makers
44 Thomas Groves, granary keeper
44 Richard Mills, boat builder
45 Edward green, ship chandler
53 John Linnell, smith
45 William Pearce, tobacconist
47 Ralph Walker, ship and anchor sth
Church Stairs
49 James Towers, "Spread Eagle"
Arthur Dunn & Co, soap makers
Brown and Young, granary keepers
Ratmond and Sons, barge builders
Thames Tunnel Wharf
52 Thomas and Chas Stokes, boat builders
56 Thomas Davey, "Royal Standard"
F T Hay and Son, barge builders
George Moore, timber merchant
Swan Wharf
Cumberland Wharf
John Addis, granary keeper
R Clark and Son, marine store dealers
William Ransom, mast maker
Hanover Stairs
Walter Brooks, tar merchant
Jos Cristall and sons, ship brokers
David Bennett & Son, ship o
Mangles & Co, millers & merchants
Kings Mill Wharf
John Sedger jun, ship breaker
Jane Penny, "Watermans Arms"
Fred Fruin, smith
Grand Surrey Docks
John Beatson, ship breaker
Jno Hague, engineer & wheelwright
Jno Gaywood, lighterman
William Lewis, sip timber dealer
Scott, Garnett & Co, granary keepers
Henry Castle, ship builder
William Hackwood & Co, ship builders
Nash & Gurney, timber merchants
William Apsey, ship breaker
Edward Hawkes and Son, ship builders
John Sedger, Globe repg Dock
Globe Stairs
William Scott King, "Globe"
W & T M Flockton, turp manufacturer
Denton and Co, stone merchants
John Thompson, boat builder
Ward & Chambers, mast & block makers
James Bristow, boat builder
Chas Manuelle, stone merchants
Thomas Beech and son, ship breakers
George Marshall, timber merchants
Pageant Stairs
George William Sweeting, ship builder
George Faldo, ship carver
T J Mollett, "Queens Head"
Rich Darch, Canada Wharf Saw mills
William Gwyn, sail maker
Thomas Jennings, mast maker
United Society School
Kuckolds Point Stairs
James Field, "Old Horns"
George Steele, lighterman
Pt Roll & Compo Iron Company
W H Bragger, "King & Queen"
Dock House
129 W Malby, "Blacksmiths Arms"
George Luck, Timer merchant
T King and Co, ship builders
Thomas Bilbe & Co, ship joiners
William Betts, ship joiners
William Hammond, linseed oil manufacturer
132 Thomas Savage, timber merchant
134 Charles Johnson, surgeon
138 Gervase Fottit, min var & c m
R Hamilton, "Swallow Galley"
159 M and E Roberts, mast makers
160 John W Luck, baker
161 W H Isaac, shoe maker
164 Stephen Taylor, shoe maker
166 Thomas Crutcher, tinman
169 John S Tolman, grocer
Samuel Butcher, "Noahs Ark"
Betsy Harris, "Three Compasses"
Joseph Terrell, "Wheatsheaf"
Richard Brownly, greengrocer & fruiterer
205 James Smith, tobacconist
211 Mary Brownly, butcher
212 Edward Hobbs, mast maker
213 Mary Brownly, butcher
216 William Crafter, "Ship Argo"
218 William Nash, plumber
222 John Smith, carpenter
Thomas Smith, ship carver
225 Charles Knight, plumber
Priscilla Trevarthen, "King & Queen"
229 John Gaywood, lighterman
230 Harriet Canham, oilman
233 William Watson, baker
Elborn William Law, "Dukes Head"
237 William Caston, ship smith
238 Joseph Dyer, grocer
240 Chambers & Ward, ship chandlers
253 Howards, Ravenhill & Co, iron works
262 Rebecca Benbrook, carpenter
Benbrook and Brewer, slopsellers
264 Edward Benbrook, carpenter
266 Henry Nunnery, beer retailer
267 Mary Ann Thomas, "Half Moon"
269 James Boyce, butcher
George Bainbridge, ship chandler
273 James Davis, beer retailer
282 R Talbot & Sons, barge builders
289 William ransom., mast maker
299 William Wood, "Ship"
300 W Brooks, pitch and tar merchant
William Corkhill, "Duke of Clarence"
301 William Dyer, hair dresser
303 William Gibbs Tolman, grocer
304 Samuel Granger, baker
304 William Arnold, butcher
313 George T Hall, plumber
314 Jno Burley, chemist and druggist
315 Sarah Underwood, butcher
320 William Murdoch, surgeon
324 William Hartree, slopseller
327 Mary Ann Wragg, boot maker
Thames Tunnel Works
Richard Mills, shipwright
337 James Ward, Staffordshire warehouse
338 Jno Bailey, window glass cutter
343 Sam Poulton, butcher
344 James Arnold, cheesemonger
345 Fras Salmon, baker
345 Sam Stevens, oilman
347 Jno Standford, cheesemonger
348 Sam Hawksley, grocer etc
349 Thomas Mackness, baker
350 Thomas Hunter Hall, tea dealer
351 William Cross, fishmonger
352 Henry Johnson, potato dealer
William Eldridge, brass founder
354 James Ford, corn and flour dealer
355 W H Richardson, chemist & druggist
356 James Underwood, "Grapes"
357 R T Perkin, pawnbroker
358 Robert Breckenbury, butcher
359 F G Shattock, "Wheatsheaf"
360 John Mitchell, confectioner
362 Hayward & Smith, ship chandlers
361 Edward Alcock, grocer
363 William Butt, cheesemonger
364 Henry Bisley, baker
365 Edward Briston, butcher
366 Jacob Saunders, pork butcher
367 Robert Austin, chemist and druggist
368 Thomas Crook, boot maker
369 Edward Sissons, grocer
372 William Anderson, stationer
373 Stevens and Millard, shoe makers
375 William Perche, china and glass dealer
376 James Giles, hat manufacturer
378 Jos Ramsey Syeds, mathematical instrument maker
380 Charles Watson, grocer
381 Robert Newland, cheesemonger
Rotherhithe Wall
384 Jno Nathaniel Rix, ironmonger
385-387 Lainsons & Aldred, linen drapers
Proprietors of Platform Wharf
388 Joseph Dawbin, clock maker
392 J Garth, ship chandler
393 Henry Waide Courthope, coal dealer
391 Richard wright, surgeon
Eliz Crerar, "Black Bull"
394 William Hogg, mathematical instrument maker



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