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 Wapping Wall Street Listing in Shadwell - 1851

Shadwell index

A listing of historical public houses, Taverns, Inns, Beer Houses and Hotels in Shadwell, London - in East London.

Residents at this address

1851 Street Directory
Wapping Wall - from New Gravel Lane to Shadwell

1 Goodall Edward & Fredk W, grocers etc
5 QUEENS LANDING, John Hartley
7 Godart Peter jun, plumber & glazier
8 Hastings John Edmund, pawnbroker
9 Wardell John Scott, shipping grocer
10 Pitt Henry, shipping butcher
12 Henry Alexander, MD surgeon
12 Henry John, chemist & druggist
13 Carrew John Wm, nautical instrument maker
15 GEORGE & VULTURE, James Moore
17 Walker Francis, optician
18 Corner Wm Elgie, shipping butcher
19 SHIP & WHALE, Timothy McCarty
22 WATERMANS ARMS, Christopher Crawford

... Here Star Street intersects ...

24 WHITE SWAN, Mrs Elizabeth Dordoy
25 McCarthy Charles, butcher
27 & 28 Armstrong Henry, grocer
30 THREE MARINERS, Thomas Tabraham
33 Mosey Philip, painter & plumber
35 Godwin James T, rope & oakum merchant
36 CHEQUERS, Thomas Coombes
      Bryant Samuel, ship smith
56 Allam William, barge builder
57 WHITBY TOWN, William Golding
59 CROWN P H, Edward Taylor
60 Urquhart James, ship biscuit baker
62 Edwards D & H & Co, patentees of the preserved potato
64 Bailey, Pegg & Co, iron merchants
65 Fleming Wm Jas, ship & anchor smith
66 Dowell George, grocer
68 Union Wharf:
Lazarus, Davis & Co, coal merchants
69 WHITE HORSE, Mrs Eleanor Pringle
70 CITY OF QUEBEC, Owen Madden

... here King James Stairs intersects ...

71 Commissioners for the Registration & Regulation of Coal Whippers in the Port of London
        John Barber, registrar
72 Sarfas Henry, mast maker
72 Stothard George & James, sailmakers
73 SHIP ROYAL OAK, James Spong
74 Doyle Peter jun, ship chandler
74 Doyle Peter sen, sailmaker
75 Stephenson Robert & Son, ship biscuit bakers & imps of foreigh provisions
76 Phillips Edmund & Co, provision merchants
77 Huskison Joseph, miller
78 Buglar William, mast & block maker
79 BEDFORD ARMS, Jonathan Rayment
80 Boulcott John & Son, merchants & ship owners
    New Crane Wharf: -
      Davis Thos Ed, coal merchant
      Sergeant & Barrett, coal merchants
    New Crane Dock :-
     Tebbutt, Stoneman & Spence, shipbuilders
84 Parkinson George, tailor & draper
85 Waters John, shipping butcher

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