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The London 1842 Robsons Beer Retailer Directory - C.

A listing of the Public Houses, Publicans and Public House address in 1842

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Calcott S. 2 Great White lion street, Seven dials
Callaghan Thomas. 50 Upper Lisson street, Edgware road
Cane George, 110 Park street, Lambeth
Careless _, Narrow street, Ratcliffe cross
Carey John, 10 Regent street, Westminster
Carlisle Thomas. 98 Green street, Bethnal green
Carpenter T. 9 Cheltenham place, Westminster road, Lambeth
Carr Daniel, 8 Westmorland street, Marylebone
Carter William, 22 William street, Blackfriars road
Carter William, Church street, Camberwell
Cartwright William, 39 Baldwyn street, City road
Casey Sam. 7 St Peters lane, St John street
Castle Eliz. Mile end road
Cater Jos. 9 Sidney street, Goswell road
Chabot Eliza, 6 Bath street, Tabernacle square
Chambers Rd. 52 York street, Westminister
Chambers Sam. 1 Belton street, Long acre
Chapman W. 71 Friar street, Blackfriars road
Chapman William, 1 New street, Cloth fair
Chapman Deborah, Pages walk, Bermondsey
Child Jas. 21 Bedfordbury, Covent garden
Chitty William, 7 Crombies row, Commercial road
Chrippes John, 99 White hart street, Kennington
Church Chas. 15 Gun street, Bishopsgate
Church J. W. 2 Penton street, Walworth
Churchill S. 18 Cheltenham place, Westminster road, Lambeth
Churches John, 3 Providence buildings, New Kent road
Clark George, 39 Brick lane, St Lukes
Clark John, Church road, St Georges east
Clark William, 65 Castle street east
Clark William, 37 Sun street, Bishopsgate
Clarke Chas. 10 Little Compton street, Soho
Clayton Eliz. 111 Cromer street, Grays inn road
Cleaver S. 1 Weymouth street, New Kent road
Clements William, 22 Canterbury place, Old Kent road
Clunes Hen. 41 Upper Salisbury place, Locks fields
Cobb W. J, 11 St Anns place, Commercial road, Limehouse
Cogdon William, 2 Gloster terrace, New road, Whitechapel
Coker R. Love lane, Shadwell
Coldham D. Douglas street, Westminster
Coleman Jas. Wingrove place, Clerkenwell
Collins C. 5 Middle row, Knightsbridge
Collins Jonathan, 2 Greenland place, Cromer street
Collins John, 2 North street, Marylebone
Collyer William, Pritchards road, Hackney fields
Collyer William, Pritchards row, Hackney
Compton Lemuel, 105 Drummond street, Euston square
Connor J. 0., 36 White street, Borough
Cook H. 40 Praed street, Paddington
Cook William, 7 East India road, Poplar
Coombs Sarah, Dorset street, Clapham road
Cooper David, 5 Red Lion passage, Holborn
Cooper William Webb, 30 Bell street, Edgware road
Coot Jas. 33 Seymour place, Bryanstone square
Cope William, 63 Cornwall road, Lambeth
Copp John, 12 Regent street, Westmnister
Coppard John H. 19 West place, Bath street, St Lukes
Coreless T. Narrow street, Ratcliffe
Cornish John, Millwall, Poplar
Covalewsky Elias, 29 Castle street, Leicester square
Cowing John, 17 Brandon street, Locks fields
Coxell T. 18 Devonshire street, Globe road, Mile end
Cozens Sam. 2 Williams place, Walworth
Craggs William, York street, Locks fields
Cribb William, 7 Greenhill rents, Smithfield bars
Crick Js. 131 Great Saffron Hill, Hatton Garden
Crosby Edw. 3 South street, Chelsea
Cross John, Chapel street, Stockwell
Crump John, 2 Lower Islington Terrace
Crutchley Rich. Old Gravel lane, Wapping
Cuins Johnathan, 38 Brooke street, Holborn
Curry T. 117 Cock hill, Ratcliff
Curtis L. S. 36 Union street, Bishopsgate
Curtis L. S. 36 Union street, Bishopsgate
Cusens Thomas H, 48 Long lane, Bermondsey

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