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The London 1891 Public House & Publican Directory.

This is a listing from the Public Houses section of the UK London Post Office Directory in 1891; it lists an alphabetical listing of these
Public Houses in London, and the Publicans.

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Bacchus, Samuel James Muncy,177 Hoxton street N
Bag of Nails, Henry Guest, 6 Buckingham palace road SW
Bagnigge Wells, Henry Bacon, 39 King's cross road W C
Bakers Arms, Tom Lockyer, 44 Warner place, Hackney road E
Baker & Basket, Alfred Denny, 16 Leman street E
Baker & Basket, Joseph Rivers, Appold street, Finsbury EC
Bald Faced Stag, Jn Vian, 64 Clifton street, Finsbury E C
Balloon Tavern, Owen Bishop, 114 Lots road, Chelsea SW
Balmoral Castle, Charles George Butler, 1 Rutland terrace, Pimlico SW
Balmoral Castle, William Merry, jun. 427 Caledonian road N
Bank of England, Charles Pennell Sutton, 29 South Wharf road, Paddington W
Bank of Friendship, William Charles Parsons, 22 Harford street, Mile end road E
Baptistís Head, Mrs.Emma Jacobs,30 St. John's lane E C
Baring Arms, Jn Edward Croxford, 55 Baring street N
Barking Dogs, Joseph William Pauley, 67 Tabernacle street E C
Barkworth Arms, Charles Henry Morgan, 63 Barkworth road, Rotherhithe New rd S E
Barley Mow, Chas. Bergin, 135 Salisbury square E C
Barley Mow,, Frederick William Bevan, 40 Duke street, Grosvenor square W
Barley Mow, Hermon Tozer Bolt, 67 & 69 Paradise street, Rotherhithe S E
Barley Mow, James Chessher, 30 Errol street E C
Barley Mow, James Deverall, 50 Long lane E C
Barley Mow, William Finch, 31 Popham road, Islington N
Barley Mow, Frankling Harbett, 8 Dorset street, Palmer square W
Barley Mow, Hugh Kingwell, 104 Horseferry road SW
Barley Mow, Odell Newton, 111 Drury lane WC
Barley Mow, Mrs.Hannah Amelia Sterry,133 Narrow street E
Barleymow, James Weeden, 38 Cannon street road E
Barnards Inn Tavern, Mrs. Eliza Mary Nelthorpe, 20 Holborn E C
Barnsbury Castle, Frederick James Weedon, 22 St. Clement's street, Barnsbury N
Barnsbury Station Hotel, Edgar Guess, 114 Roman road N
Baron's Arms, Arthur James Smyth, Cornbury road, Rotherhithe New road S E
Basing House, William Webster, 27 Kingsland road NE
Bath House, William Mathews, 96 Dean street, Soho W
Battle of the Nile, S. Ranson, Albion street, Rotherhithe S E
Baxendale Arms, Charles Wood, 164 Columbia road, Bethnal green E
Baxter Arms, George Mansfield, 30 Baxter road N
Bay Malton, Joseph J Newell, 158 Great Portland street W
Bay Tree, Sidney Smith, 112 Roman road, Bow E
Bay Tree Restaurant, Edwin Gurney, 33 to 35 St Swithin's lane EC
Baynardís Castle Tavern, Rowland Hirst, 148 Queen Victoria street EC
Bazaar Tavern, Mrs. Fanny Shipwright, 10 King street, Portman square W
Bear & Ragged Staff, Edgar Sam Halestrap, 67 Upper Ground street S E
Bear & Rummer, Thomas Foreman, 43 Mortimer street W
Bear & Staff, Mrs. Catherine Wallis, 11 Bear street W C
Beaumont Arms, George Edward Brown, 52 White horse lane, Stepney E
Beckford Arms, John Burles, 104 Hertford road N
Beckford Head, Alfred Coleman, 122 Old street, St. Luke's E C
Beckford Head, William Payne, 274 Tabard street S E
Bedford Arms, Jesse John Gomm, 13 South street, Marylebone W
Bedford Arms, John Harris, 267 East street, Walworth S E
Bedford Arms, Henry Hart, 80 Arlington road, Camden town NW
Bedford Arms, John Chas. Lorns, 1 Sandland street W C
Bedford Arms, Harry William Smith, 9 Pont street, Belgrave square SW
Bedford Arms, Chas Hy.Thomason, 22 Bedford street, Commercial road east E
Bedford Head Hotel, Thomas Lack, 41 Maiden lane, Covent garden W C
Bedford Head Hotel, William Harding Woods, 235 & 236 Tottenham court road W & 11 12,13, 14 & 15 Bayley street WC
Bedford Hotel, Benjamin Benwell, Balham S W
Bedford Tavern, James Frederick Coles, 2 & 3 Bedford street, Covent garden W C
Beehive, Charles Bull, 128 Cobourg road S E
Beehive, Charles Frederick Cooper, 21 Warner street, New Kent road S E
Beehive, Walter Evan Davis, 62 New North road N
Beehive, Vernon Ensom, 159 Walmer road W
Beehive, William Jas. Kittle, Eden grove, Holloway road N
Beehive, Charles Last. 62 Carter street, Walworth S E
Beehive, Henry Muller, 71 Christian street E
Beehive, Mrs. Catherine Wiffen, 126 Crawford street W
Belgrave, Chas. M. Gosheron, 141 Ebury street SW
Belgrave, John May, 63 Abbey road N W
Belinda Castle, George Popham, 107 Halton road N
Bell, Frank Barnes, 12 Basinghall street E C
Bell, John Bartlett, 26 Felton street, Hoxton N
Bell, Robert Bishop, 4 Borough market S E
Bell, William Brown, 12 Basinghall street E C
Bell, William Thomas Crofts, 40 Brick lane, Whitechapel E
Bell, John Elworthy, 3 Lower Thames street E C
Bell, Charles Robert Fidler, 5 Leicester street W C
Bell, Edward Fisher, 15 Dean street, Commmercial road E
Bell, George Holman, 15 Little Titchfield street W
Bell, Levy & Garner, 136 & 137 Shoreditch High street E
Bell, Mills Brothers, 259 Pentonville road N
Bell, John Edward Monk, 6 Church street, Rotherhithe S E
Bell, Richard James Moore, 5 Bell yard, Gracechurch street E C
Bell, Frederick Richmond. 29 Friar street SE
Bell, George Rolls, 21 Pall mall SW
Bell, William Rose, Middlesex street, Whitechapel E
Bell, Hy Soper, 2 & 3 Church row, Houndsditch E
Bell, Frederick George Thomas.29 Bush lane, Cannon street EC
Bell, George Warman & Co.274 Wandsworth road SW
Bell, George Wright, 111 Lambeth road S E
Bell Tavern, Josiah Cosinett, 116 St. George st E
Bell Tavern, William Thomas Crouch, 11 Noble street E C
Bell & Crown, Jacob Ellwood, 43 King street, Camden town N W
Bell & Horns, Jas. W. Burgess, 2 Fulham road SW
Bell Hotel & Tavern, Charles Richard Chapman, 61 Old Bailey E C
Bell & Mackerel, Benj. J. Tucker, 333 Mile end road E
Belmont Arms, Frederick Adolphus Wooff, 88 York road, King's cross N
Belvidere Tavern, Frank Patrick, 96 & 98 Pentonville road N
Ben Jonson, Benjamin George Carey, 27 Great Bath street EC
Ben Jonson, Herbert William Case, 2 Westmoreland buildings, Aldersgate street E C
Ben Jonson, Cuthbertson & Brown, 253 Harrow road W
Ben Jonson, Isaiah Eades, 3 Shoe lane, Fleet street EC
Ben Jonson, John William Edwards, 22 Goodmans yard, Minories E
Ben Jonson, Israel Myers, 95 Houndsditch E
Benyon Arms, Benjamin P. Lucas, sen. 155 De Beauvoir road N
Beresford Arms,Miss Emily Mosedon, 246 Beresford street, Walworth S E
Berkeley Arms, John Lewis, 6 John street, Berkeley square W
Berkeley Castle, William Hawkins, 17 Rahere street EC
Berwick Arras, G. Pallett, 69 Castle street east W
Bessborough Arms, Joseph George Baldwin, 11 Bessborough place SW
Bevington Arms, Edwin Lucas, 7 Blagrove road, Notting hill W
Birch Tree, Alfred Samuel Day,50 Great James street, Hoxton N
Bird Cage, Francis Brien & Co. 80 Columbia road, Bethnal green E
Bird Cage, David Turner & Co. 81 Wood street E C
Bird-in-Hand, Thomas Lane, 126 Bow road E
Bird-in-Hand, William Hy. Munday, 101 Oxford street W
Bishop Blaine, Frederick Thomas Cooke, 44 New inn yard E C
Bishop Bonner, William Mark Gange, 21 Bonner street, Bethnal green E
Black Boy, Alfred Toye, 169 Mile end road E
Black Boy, John Smith, 124 Wapping High street E
Black Bull, Mrs. Catherine Adnett, 37 New Gravel lane E
Black Bull, Mrs. Christine Elise Authenrieth, 20 Old Montague street E
Black Bull, Mrs. Charlotte Davis, Metropolitan cattle market (South-west gate) N
Black Bull, James Davis, 35 Bacon street, Brick lane E
Black Bull, Ellis Brothers, 95 Whitechapel road E
Black Bull, Mrs. Annie Fowler, 97 & 98 Upper Thames street EC
Black Bull, Thomas David Hill (exors.of) 110 Borough High street S E
Black Bull, James Hughes, 12 Rotherhithe street S E
Black Bull, Thomas Wragg, 35 St. John street E C
Black Bull, Philip Young, 59 Silchester road W
Black Bull tavern, William Broughton West, 358 Fulham road S W
Black Cap, Walter Lewis Lewis, 171 High street, Camden town NW
Black Dog, Chas Hitching, 101 Bethnal green road E
Black Dog, Frank Sinfield, 112 Vauxhall walk, S E
Black Dog, Joseph Taunton, 83 Shoe lane E C
Black Eagle, Mrs. Marie Cesarine Brettingham, 140 Brick lane E
Black Eagle Tap, Henry Eatten, 23 Parish street, Tooley street S E
Black Friar, George Cox, 174 Queen Victoria street EC
Black Horse, Ambrose Hy. Bellinger, 4 Well street, Wellclose square E
Black Horse, Mrs. Emma Eliza Benton, 10 Bedfordbury W C
Black Horse, George Carter, 62 York street, Westminster SW
Black Horse, James Driscoll, 5 Fieldgate street E
Black Horse, Thomas Elnaugh, 254 Tabard street, Borough SE
Black Horse, William Evans, 72 & 74 Poplar High street E
Black Horse, Hatsell Garrard, Victualling Office square E
Black Horse, August Hoffmann, 6 Rathbone place W
Black Horse, Chas. Thomas Hyde, 27 Ropemakers' fields E
Black Horse, Alfred Jas Lawrence, 134 Evelyn street, Deptford S E
Black Horse, William Rogers Lovering, 47 Barbican EC
Black Horse, Alfred Enoch Myatt, 89 Oxford street W
Black Horse, Lewis M. Myers, 19 Tottenham court road W
Black Horse, Albert William Norris, 215 Kingsland road N E
Black Horse, George J Reynolds, 114 Aldersgate street EC
Black Horse, Charles Roberts, 40 Leman street E
Black Horse, William F. Thomas, 46 Haymarket SW
Black Horse, Richard Truckell, Thames street, Rotherhithe SE
Black Horse, George Whitefoot, 109 High street, Marylebone W
Black Horse, Williams Brothers, 168 Mile end road E
Black Horse, William John Young, 289a, Great College street NW
Black Horse Tap, Frank Minty, 11 Queen street, Seven dials WC

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