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The London 1891 Public House & Publican Directory.

This is a listing from the Public Houses section of the UK London Post Office Directory in 1891; it lists an alphabetical listing of these
Public Houses in London, and the Publicans.

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Holloway Castle, Pain & Co. 392 Camden road N
Holloway Station Hotel, John Brown, 295 Holloway road N
Holly Bush, William Rutter, Upper Norwood S E
Holly Bush, Owen Wadey, 199 Ladbroke grove road W
Holly Tree, Arthur John Millington, 349 Southwark park road S E
Hollywood Arms, Albert Feaviour, 45 Hollywood road SW
Hoop, William Edward Layborne, 45 High street, Notting hill W
Hoop & Grapes, Walter Knight, 112 St. George street E
Hoop & Grapes, Mrs. Anne McNalty, 14 Broadway, Westminster S W
Hoop & Grapes, Peter Morris, 14 Widegate street, Bishopsgate E
Hoop & Grapes, James Tyler Nash, 80 Farringdon street E C
Hoop & Grapes, Miss Jane Raycraft, 68 Cable street E
Hoop & Horseshoe, Samuel Digby, 10 Queen street, Tower hill E
Hoop & Toy, Benj. Parish, 34 Thurloe place SW
Hop Pole, Joseph Fellows, 170 Wardour street W C
Hop Pole, Alfred James Fossett, 14 William street, Blackfriars road S E
Hop Pole, Arthur Shepherd, 66 Edgware road W
Hope, Tom Bonnor, 63 Banner street, St.Lukes E C
Hope, Ernest Edward Hy. Clark, 4 Kenton street W C
Hope, George Knights, 2 Pollards row, Bethnal green E
Hope, Jas. Hy. Millar, 63 Arthur street, Chelsea S W
Hope, William Robert Rowe, 61 Park street, Dorset square N W
Hope, William Loftie Button, 90 Cowcross street E C
Hope, Jas. F. Summers, 43 Bird street, Lambeth S E
Hope, George Webster, 15 Tottenham street W
Hope Arms, Henry Thomas Vickress, 51 Duke street, Manchester square W & 398 Oxford street W
Hope Tavern, George William Jacklin, 3 Lower Porchester street, Hyde park W
Hope Tavern, Mrs. Sarah Maria Ward, 179 Stanhope street, Euston road N W
Hope & Anchor, George Hy Cox, 74 Crowndale road N W
Hope & Anchor, William Thomas Laws, 207 Upper street, Islington N
Hope & Anchor, David William Rice, 5 East street S W
Hope & Anchor, Chas. Richardson, 14 Hereford street, Lisson grove N W
Horn of Plenty, James Robert Mabbett, 10 Market street, Poplar E
Horn of Plenty, Phineas William Withers. 36 Globe road E
Horn Tavern, William Mays Hartridge, 29, 31 & 33 Knightrider street E C
Horns, Joseph Aarons, 53 Middlesex street E
Horns, William Henry Clements 1 Crucifix lane SE
Horns, Hugh John Curley, 162 Grange road S E
Horns, Alfred John Dorvell, 1 Hackney road E
Horns, Robert Fielder, 16 Whitechapel High street E
Horns, William Robert Gibbons, 99 St. John street E C
Horns, Thomas Hearne, 3 Gutter lane E C
Horns Tavern, William Thomas Buxton, 214 Kennington park road S E
Horns Tavern, Alfred Nash, 255 Rotherhithe street S E
Horns & Chequers, John Silvester, Thames place, Limehouse E
Horns & Horseshoe, Thomas Wade, 10 Cable street E
Horse & Dolphin, Mrs. H. Iggulden, 25 St. Martins street W C
Horse & Dorsers, Jas. Fuller, 13 Bread street hill E C
Horse & Groom, Isaac Abrahams, 21 Church lane, Whitechapel E
Horse & Groom, Robert Arnold, 1 Winsley street, Oxford street W
Horse & Groom, George Frank Benton, 353 Oxford street W
Horse & Groom, Mrs Kate L Clarke, 3 Chapel place, Belgrave square SW
Horse & Groom, Mrs. Annie Marion Dewsbery, 128 Great Portland street W
Horse & Groom, H. Emanuel, 262 Walworth road S E
Horse & Groom, Charles Fitzwater, 25 Whetstone park WC
Horse & Groom, George William Flood, 169 Newington butts S E
Horse & Groom, Douglas Baird Hart, 124 Westminster bridge road S E
Horse & Groom, Thomas G. Ives, 22 Whitcomb street WC
Horse & Groom, John Johnson, 24 Sumner street, Borough SE
Horse & Groom, Thomas Latham, 53 Newcomen street, Borough S E
Horse & Groom, William Robert Pearson, 28 Curtain road E C
Horse & Groom, James Finn, 137 St. John street E C
Horse & Groom, Edward Smith, 36 Neal street, Long acre WC
Horse & Groom, James Towns, 71 White Horse street E
Horse & Leaping Bar, George Nap Marsh, 58 Whitechapel High street E
Horse & Sticks, Ambrose Robert Morton Dickinson, 36 Harrow road W
Horse Shoe, Frederick Jones, 49 Charlotte street, Fitzroy square W
Horse Shoe, William John Kingston, 26 Clerkenwell close E C
Horse Shoe, George Perkins, 16 Goswell road E C
Horse Shoe, Joseph Debonnaire Rivers, 230 Grange road S E
Horse Shoe, George Tester, 15 Vandon street, Westminster SW
Horseshoe inn, William B. Elliott, 7 Newington causeway SE
Horseshoe & Magpie, Frederic K. George Stuart, 5 Great Bath street E C
Horseshoe & Wheatsheaf, Henry Edwin Collett, 34 Mellor street, Weston street S E
Hour Glass, Henry William Broadbridge, 89 Upper Thames street E C
Hour Glass, John Harmston Coulson, 89 Faraday street, Walworth S E
Hour Glass, Emerton & Pratt, 41 Fulham road SW
Hoy Inn, George Self, 193 Creek road SE
Hungerford Arms, Miss Mary Crabtree, 145 Hungerford road N
Hunters Arms, Mrs. Edith Elizabeth Collier McWilliams, 40 Compton street WC
Huntingdon Arms, Henry John Wilson, 115 Hemingford road N
Huntsmen & Hounds, Thomas Silk, 70 Elsted street, Walworth S E
Hutchison Arms, William Martin & Sons, 34 Devonport street, Commercial road east E

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