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Middlesex 1914 Beer Retailer directory - PQR.

By visiting the  relevant public House, you will find Licensee information, bar staff, boarders & lodgers from Census and Trade Directory information. The East London / Essex area is best covered, and new information is being added every day.

1914 index

Pack John E. Sydney road, Enfield
Page Mrs. Alice, 211 High street Acton W
Page James, 9 Alpha place, Canterbury road, Kilburn N W
Page Sidney George, 9 Weymouth terrace, Acton lane, Harlesden N W
Palmer William, Starvhall, Yiewsley
Parker Geo. 102 Grosvenor road, Twickenham
Parsons Henry, 33 Haven lane, Ealing W
Pascal] Mrs. Ellen, 1 Lordship parade, Lordship lane, Tottenham N
Pattenden Fredk. Cobham green. Uxbridge
Pavis Amos, Mount Pleasant, Southall
Payne Win. A. 62 Finsbury road, Wood Green
Penfold Wm. Featherstone road, Southall
Percy R. 28 Second Cross road, Twickenham
Perkins Thomas, Whitton, Hounslow
Peterkin Hy. Station road, Wood Urn N
Peters Maurice, Windmill hill, Enfield
Peters William George, 215 Whittington road, Bowes Park N
Phasey Thos. Chas. 96 Dale street Chiswick W
Pitt Wm. H. 51 Clyde road, South Tottenham N
Plaister Edward, Wood End, Hayes End
Playle Henry, 349 Staines road, Hounslow
Pogs-on Wm. Thos. Burnt Oak, Edgware
Pope A. E. Summer's lane, North Finchley N
Pope Wm. 176 Clyde road, South Tottenham N
Pressinger Thomas James, 28 Scotland green, Tottenham N
Price F. 2 Victoria crescent, South Tottenham N
Price Lewis, Harefield, Uxbridge
Prince H. 82 & 84 Osborne road, Acton W
Pryor Mrs. A. 11 London road, Brentford
Puleston J. E. Edgware road, The Hyde NW
Radford Mrs. Emma, Horse Shoe passage, Enfield
Rathbone Samuel Charles, Stanmore - Load of Hay
Read Geo. 40 Rosebery road, Lower Edmonton
Read J. S. 70 Welbourne road, Tottenham N
Reed George, Penton road, Staines
Reed Hy. Bourne hill, Palmer's Green N
Reed J. F. 34 Clyde road, South Tottenham N
Reintz Jn. 35 Wingmore road, Tottenham N
Reynolds Arthur Robert, 74 Grosvenor road, Lower Edmonton
Reynolds Jas. N. F. Hanworth, Feltham
Rich Frank Herbert, 58 Campsbourne road, Hornsey N
Richardson John C. Feltham road, Ashford
Richardson William Thomas, Oakleigh road, Oakleigh Park, Whetstone N
Risley A. 131 Angel road, Upper Edmonton
Risley Mrs. Jane Caroline, 267 Silver street, Upper Edmonton
Roberts Alfred, 209 Cricklewood lane, Child's Hill N W
Robertson James & Sons, 34 Devonshire road, Chiswick W
Robinson David, 49 North lane, Teddington
Robinson Henry, High road, Hayes End
Rogers Jas, R. 2 Cowley Mill road, Uxbridge
Rogers W. 188 Uxbridge road, Ealing W
Rogerson Wm. Shepperton green, Shepperton
Rollings Chas. 143 High street Hounslow
Rolls William H. Station road, Sunbury Common
Rolph Jn. road, 80 Montague road, Uxbridge
Rorison Robert, 371 Staines road, Hounslow
Rossell Joseph, 97 London road, Staines
Rowe Charles, Cowley, Uxbridge
Rumble Joseph, jun. Yiewsley
Rumble William, Yiewsley
Rusden William James, 112 Welbourne road, Tottenham N
Rushbrook Henry, High street, Yiewsley
Rutter Charles A. The Hale, Edgware
Rye Mrs. Mary, 22 Pottery road, Brentford

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