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Rooks Nest, Charlbury, Oxfordshire

Charlbury pub history index

Directory of Pubs in the UK, historical public houses, Taverns, Inns, Beer Houses and Hotels in Oxfordshire. The Oxfordshire listing uses information from census, Trade Directories and History to add licensees, bar staff, Lodgers and Visitors.

All data  provided by Douglas Rudlin

The following entries are in this format:

Year/Publican or other Resident/Relationship to Head and or Occupation/Age/Where Born/Source.

1871/Charles Clements/ ../38/ ../Census

1880/William Thomas Lay/ ../ ../ ../Electoral Register

1882/John Gardner/Farmer/30/ ../Electoral Register

1883/John Gardner/Farmer/31/ ../ ..

1884/John Gardner/Farmer/32/ ../Electoral Register

1885/John Gardner/Farmer/33/ ../Electoral Register

1886/John Gardner/Farmer/34/ ../ ..

1887/John Gardner/Farmer/35/ ../ ..

1888/John Gardner/Farmer/36/ ../ ..

1889/John Gardner/Farmer/37/ ../ ..

1890/John Gardner/Farmer/38/ ../Electoral Register

1891/John Gardiner/Farmer/39/ ../Census

1892/John Gardiner/Farmer/40/ ../Electoral Register

1893/John Gardiner/Farmer/41/ ../Electoral Register

1894/John Gardiner/Farmer/42/ ../Electoral Register

1896/Harry Howse/Beer Retailer/30/ ../Electoral Register

1897/Harry Howse/Beer Retailer/31/ ../Electoral Register

1898/Harry Howse/Beer Retailer/32/ ../Electoral Register

1899/Harry Howse/Beer Retailer/33/ ../Kelly's Directory of Berks, Bucks & Oxon

1900/Harry Howse/Beer Retailer/34/ ../Electoral Register

1901/Harry Howse/Beer Retailer/35/ ../Census

1902/Harry Howse/Beer Retailer/36/ ../Electoral Register

1903/Harry Howse/Beer Retailer/37/ ../Kelly's Directory of Oxfordshire

1904/Harry Howse/Beer Retailer/38/ ../ ..

1905/Harry Howse/Beer Retailer/39/ ../Electoral Register

1906/Harry Howse/Beer Retailer/40/ ../Electoral Register

1907/Harry Howse/Beer Retailer/41/ ../Kelly's Directory of Oxfordshire

1908/Harry Howse/Beer Retailer/42/ ../Electoral Register

1909/Harry Howse/Beer Retailer/43/ ../Electoral Register

1910/Harry Howse/Beer Retailer/44/ ../Electoral Register

1911/Harry Howse/Beer Retailer/45/ ../Kelly's Directory of Oxfordshire & 1911 Census

1912/Harry Howse/Beer Retailer/46/ ../Electoral Register

1913/Harry Howse/Beer Retailer/47/ ../Electoral Register

1914/Harry Howse/Beer Retailer/48/ ../Electoral Register

1915/Harry Howse/Beer Retailer/49/ ../Kelly's Directory of Oxfordshire

1916/Harry Howse/Beer Retailer/50/ ../ ..

1917/Harry Howse/Beer Retailer/51/ ../ ..

1918/Harry Howse/Beer Retailer/52/ ../Electoral Register

1919/Harry Howse/Beer Retailer/53/ ../Electoral Register

1920/Harry Howse/Beer Retailer/54/ ../Kelly's Directory of Berks, Bucks & Oxon

1921/Harry Howse/Beer Retailer/55/ ../Electoral Register

1922/Harry Howse/Beer Retailer/56/ ../Electoral Register

1923/Harry Howse/Beer Retailer/57/ ../Electoral Register

1924/Harry Howse/Beer Retailer/58/ ../Kelly's Directory of Oxfordshire

1925/Harry Howse/Beer Retailer/59/ ../Electoral Register

1926/Harry Howse/Beer Retailer/60/ ../Electoral Register

1927/Harry Howse/Beer Retailer/61/ ../Electoral Register

1928/Harry Howse/Beer Retailer/62/ ../Kelly's Directory of Berks, Bucks & Oxon

1929/Harry Howse/Beer Retailer/63/ ../Electoral Register

1930/Harry Howse/Beer Retailer/64/ ../Electoral Register

1931/Harry Howse/Beer Retailer/65/ ../Kelly's Directory of Berks, Bucks & Oxon

1932/Harry Howse/Beer Retailer/66/ ../Electoral Register

1933/Harry Howse/Beer Retailer/67/ ../Electoral Register

1934/Harry Howse/Beer Retailer/68/ ../Electoral Register

1935/Harry Howse/Beer Retailer/69/ ../Kelly's Directory of Berks, Bucks & Oxon

1936/Harry Howse/Beer Retailer/70/ ../Electoral Register

1937/Harry Howse/Beer Retailer/71/ ../Electoral Register

1938/Harry Howse/Beer Retailer/72/ ../Electoral Register

1939/Harry Howse/Beer Retailer/73/ ../Kelly's Directory of Oxfordshire

1940/Harry Howse/Beer Retailer/74/ ../ ..

1941/Harry Howse/Beer Retailer/75/ ../ ..

1942/Harry Howse/Beer Retailer/76/ ../ ..

1943/Harry Howse/Beer Retailer/77/ ../ ..

1944 Harry Howse dies aged 78

1944/Leonard & Elsie Pratley/ ../ ../ ../ ..

1945/Leonard & Elsie Pratley/ ../ ../ ../Electoral Register

1946/Leonard & Elsie Pratley/ ../ ../ ../Electoral Register

1947/Leonard & Elsie Pratley/ ../ ../ ../Electoral Register

1948/Leonard & Elsie Pratley/ ../ ../ ../Electoral Register

1949/Leonard & Elsie Pratley/ ../ ../ ../Electoral Register

1950/Leonard & Elsie Pratley/ ../ ../ ../Electoral Register

1951/Leonard & Elsie Pratley/ ../ ../ ../Electoral Register

1952/Leonard & Elsie Pratley/ ../ ../ ../Electoral Register

1953/Leonard & Elsie Pratley/ ../ ../ ../Electoral Register

1954/Leonard & Elsie Pratley/ ../ ../ ../Electoral Register

1955/Leonard & Elsie Pratley/ ../ ../ ../Electoral Register

1956/Leonard & Elsie Pratley/ ../ ../ ../Electoral Register

1957/Leonard & Elsie Pratley/ ../ ../ ../Electoral Register

1958/Leonard & Elsie Pratley/ ../ ../ ../Electoral Register

1959/Leonard & Elsie Pratley/ ../ ../ ../Electoral Register

1960/Leonard & Elsie Pratley/ ../ ../ ../Electoral Register

1961/Tom & Joan Savage/ ../ ../ ../Electoral Register

1962/Leslie & Doreen Disley/ ../ ../ ../Electoral Register

1963/Leslie & Doreen Disley/ ../ ../ ../Electoral Register

1964/Leslie & Doreen Disley/ ../ ../ ../Electoral Register

1965/Leslie & Doreen Disley/ ../ ../ ../Electoral Register

1966/George & Lillin Lowe/ ../ ../ ../Electoral Register

1967/George & Lillin Lowe/ ../ ../ ../Electoral Register

1968/George & Lillin Lowe/ ../ ../ ../Electoral Register

1969/Anthony & Elizabeth Gardner/ ../ ../ ../Electoral Register

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