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History of Plaistow in 1896

The 1896 Post Office London Suburbs Street Directory of Plaistow

This is a complete listing from the 1896 Trade Directory of all Private and Commercial residents in Plaistow in 1896. It does not list everybody, usually just those whom either own a property or whom run a  commercial venture. A simple listing of streets on this page links to the relevant street information.

[The number before the road name is purely for my convenience.]

[1] Abbey Street, 7 Kelland Road
[2] Adine Road, 408 Barking Road
[3] Albert Road, 34 High Street
[4] Anne Street, 327 Barking Road
[5] Avenons Road, 12 Denmark Street to 17 Ingal Road
[6] Balaam Street, Broadway to Barking Street
[7] Barking Road, continuation of Barking Road, Canning Town
[8] Beale Street north, Stratford Road
[9] Beatrice Street, 19 Philip Street
[10] Beaufoy Road, 17 Grange Road to 51 Whitwell Road
[11] Beaumont Road, near the Castle Tavern, Barking Road
[12] Braemar Road, 259 Barking Road
[13] Broadway, High Street to Green Gate Street
[14] Brook's Road, Brown's Road
[15] Brown's Road, Pelly Road
[16] Cecil Road, Plashet Road
[17] Chapman Road, Park
[18] Charles Street, 77 Grange Road to Whitwell Road
[19] Charlton Road, Brook's Road
[20] Chesterton Road, 153 Balaam Street
[21] Church Street, High Street to Pelly Road
[22] Columbia Road, 88 Croydon Road
[23] Constance Street, Pelly Road
[24] Cross Street, 262 Barking Road
[25] Croydon Road, 279 barking Road
[26] Dacre Road, Upton Manor, Plashet Road to Terrace Road
[27] Denmark Street, 358 Barking Road
[28] Dongola Roa, 144 Greengate Street
[29] Eastern Road, St Mary's Road to Southern Road
[30] Edward Street, Saw Mill terrace, Star lane to Ingal Road
[31] Fenton's Avenue, 16 Greengate Street
[32] First Avenue, Howard's Road
[33] Frank Street, 10 New Barn Street, Barking Road
[34] Garfield Road, Columbia Road
[35] George Street, 101 Grange Road
[36] Grafton Road north, Plaistow Road
[37] Grafton Road south, High Street
[38] Grange Road, 91 Balaam Street
[39] Greengate Street, to 533 Barking Road, Broadway
[40] Herbert Street, Chesterton Road
[41] High Street, Station Road to the Broadway
[42] Hollybush Street, 125 Greengate Street
[43] Howard's Road, Balaam Street
[44] Ingal Road, 298 Barking Road
[45] James Street, New Barn Street to Barking Road
[46] Kelland Road, 357 Barking Road to Webb Street
[47] Kent Street, near Castle Tavern, Barking Road
[48] Khartoum Road, 499 Barking Road
[49] King Street, 297 Barking Road
[50] Libra Road, Stratford Road
[51] London Road, railway Station (L T & S R) to Chesterton Road
[52] Lower Road, 74 Whitwell Road
[53] Mason Street, Anne Street
[54] Maid Street, Plaistow Road
[55] Mayfield Road, Columbia Road to Ohio Road
[56] Melford Road, 131 Grange Road
[57] Meredith Street, 39 Grange Road
[58] Milton Road, Stratford Road
[59] Milton Street, Grafton Road
[60] Montague Buildings, 118 Stratford Road
[61] New Barn Street, 384 Barking Road
[62] New City Road, 642 Barking Road
[63] Newman Road, 463 Barking Road to 88 Balaam Street
[64] North Street, St Marys Road to Broadway
[65] Northern Road, St Mary's Road
[66] Outram Street, Denmark Street, Barking Road
[67] Park Road
[68] Pelly Road, Plashet Road to St Mary's Road
[69] Phillip Street, 35 King Street
[70] Plaistow Park Road, St mary's Road
[71] Plaistow Road, continuation of Plaistow Road, West ham, Ham, to Plaistow Station
[72] Plashet Road, Stopford Road to Green Street
[73] Pragnell Street, Barking Road
[74] Prince Regent's Lane, 526 Barking Road
[75] Princes Terrace, Queens Road to St Marys Road
[76] Queens Road, Pelly Road
[77] Radnor Street, Pelly Road
[78] Richmond Street, High Street to Pelly Road
[79] St Andrew's Road, 480 Barking Road
[80] St Mary's Road, from the Church
[81] Samson Street, Barking Road
[82] Second Avenue, Bishops Road
[83] Selwyn Road, Crescent Road to Terrace Road
[84] Sewell Street, Balaam Street
[85] Southern Road, Eastern Road to Western Road
[86] Stanley Street, Pelly Road
[87] Star Lane, 244 Barking Road
[88] Station Road, High Street to Railway Station
[89] Stock Street, London Road to Swete Street
[90] Stopford Road, Plashet Road to Terrace Road
[91] Stratford Road, Pelly Road to Castor Park Road
[92] Suffolk Road, 145 Grange Road
[93] Surrey Street, Beaumont Road to Castle Terrace, Barking Road
[94] Sussex Street, Prince Regent's Lane
[95] Swete Street, High Street to Chesterton Road
[96] Tabernacle Avenue, 305 barking Road
[97] Terrace Road, Pelly Road to Harold Road
[98] Tunmarsh Lane, 536 Barking Road
[99] Upper Road, High Street to Grange Road
[100] Victoria Road, 16 High Street
[101] Warmington Street, 343 Barking Road to Webb Street
[102] Watson Street, Queens Road
[103] Webb Street, 9 Whitwell Road
[104] Western Road, St Marys Road
[105] Whitwell Road, 43 Balaam Street
[106] Willow Grove, Stratford Road to Grafton Road north
[107] Wilson Street, valetta Grove to Willow Grove

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