Angus, Scotland pubs in August 2018

This site is obviously about pub history, and also connects to my many other pub history sites. These pages are of all the open pubs, as listed by the Foods Standards Agency at August 2018, there are currently over 50,000 open pubs.  Index of all Boroughs

Angus Scotland - 141
10 Cafe Bar,"10-12 Castle Street, Forfar",DD8 3AD,Angus
7 Sins,"2 Hume Street, Montrose",DD10 8JD,Angus
Abbey Bowling Club,"Abbey Bowling Club, Walker Place, Arbroath",DD11 1HQ,Angus
Abbey Inn,"7 Ponderlaw Street, Arbroath",DD11 1EU,Angus
Albert Bar,"Albert Bar, 48 Market Street, Montrose",DD10 8RD,Angus
Anchor Bar,"18 West Port, Arbroath",DD11 1RE,Angus
Anchor Bar,"70-74 Ferry Street, Montrose",DD10 8BY,Angus
Anna Thomson LTD,"Neptune Bar, 7 Erskine Street, Montrose",DD10 8HL,Angus
Arbroath Bowling Club,"Bowling Green, Dishlandtown Street, Arbroath",DD11 1QU,Angus
Arbroath Indoor Bowling Club,"The Stadium, Cairnie Road, Arbroath",DD11 3DY,Angus
Arbroath United Cricket Club,"Keptie Road, Arbroath",DD11 3EW,Angus
Armstrongs,"Drumshade Muir, Roundyhill, Forfar",DD8 1QT,Angus
Arthur Jacks,"The Vollies, 1 Arbroath Road, Forfar",DD8 2HS,Angus
Bar Central,"116 Castle Street, Forfar",DD8 3HS,Angus
Barry Caravan Park,"Barry Downs Holiday Park, West Cotside, Barry, Carnoustie",DD7 7SA,Angus
Birkhill Bowling Club.,"Coupar Angus Road, Birkhill, Dundee",DD2 5QE,Angus
Birkhill Inn,"Birkhill Inn, 124 Coupar Angus Road, Birkhill, Dundee",DD2 5PG,Angus
Black Horse Inn,"Blackhorse Inn, 84 Murray Street, Montrose",DD10 8JY,Angus
Blu Bar & Restaurant,"Links Parade, Carnoustie",DD7 6BJ,Angus
Brechin Arms,"44 St David Street, Brechin",DD9 6EQ,Angus
Brechin Bowling Club,"Argyll Street, Brechin",DD9 6JL,Angus
Brechin City Football Club,"Glebe Park, Trinity Road, Brechin",DD9 6BJ,Angus
Brechin Golf Club,"Trinity Road, Brechin",DD9 7PS,Angus
Bridgend Bar,"Bridgend Bar, 145 River Street, Brechin",DD9 7ES,Angus
Broughty Golf Club,"Club, 6 Princes Street, Monifieth, Dundee",DD5 4AW,Angus
Buick Social Club,"Milne Memorial Hall, Lochlands Street, Arbroath",DD11 3AB,Angus
Burns Bar,"95 East High Street, Forfar",DD8 2EQ,Angus
Burn's Bar,"33 Lordburn, Arbroath",DD11 1JD,Angus
Busby's,"Busby's Sports Bar, 30-36 George Street, Montrose",DD10 8EW,Angus
Cafe Eck's,"Shielhill Road, Kirriemuir",DD8 4PN,Angus
Caledonia Golf Club,"Caledonia Golf Club Flat, Traill Drive, Montrose",DD10 8SW,Angus
Caledonian Bar,"67a North Street, Forfar",DD8 3BL,Angus
Caledonian Bar,"Caledonian Bar, 26 Ferry Street, Montrose",DD10 8DA,Angus
Caledonian Golf Club,"Clubhouse, 7 Links Parade, Carnoustie",DD7 7JF,Angus
Canmore Bowling Club,"Canmore Bowling Club, 16 Manor Street, Forfar",DD8 1BQ,Angus
Central Bar,"Brothock Bridge, Arbroath",DD11 1NF,Angus
Chalmers,"Queens Drive, Arbroath",DD11 1QD,Angus
City Royal Bar,"2 Damacre Road, Brechin",DD9 6DT,Angus
Coast,"Coast, 4 Gravesend, Arbroath",DD11 1HT,Angus
Commercial Hotel,"Commercial Hotel, 30 South Street, Newtyle, Blairgowrie",PH12 8UQ,Angus
Commercial Inn,"Commercial Inn, 2 The Square, Letham, Forfar",DD8 2PZ,Angus
Corner Bar,"The Corner Bar, 2 Howard Street, Arbroath",DD11 4DH,Angus
Craigton Coach Inn,"Craigton Coach Inn, Monikie, Dundee",DD5 3QN,Angus
Craws Nest,"The Craws Nest, 71 Ravensby Park Gardens, Carnoustie",DD7 7NY,Angus
Crown Inn,"Crown Inn, 49-51 High Street, Monifieth, Dundee",DD5 4AA,Angus
Dalhousie Bar,"1 Market Street, Brechin",DD9 6BA,Angus
De Vitos,"7 Millgate, Arbroath",DD11 1NN,Angus
East End Bar & Nova Suite,"91 Montrose Street, Brechin",DD9 7DG,Angus
Edzell Golf Club,"Edzell Golf Course, High Street, Edzell, Brechin",DD9 7TF,Angus
Enoch Masonic Club,"Upper Hall Street, Montrose",DD10 8JX,Angus
Fishermans Inn,"The Fishermans Inn, 57 High Street, Arbroath",DD11 1AN,Angus
Forfar Bowling Club,"Forfar Bowling Club, Melbourne Place, Forfar",DD8 2BF,Angus
Forfar Golf Club,"Clubhouse, Golf Course, Cunninghill, Forfar",DD8 2RL,Angus
Friockheim Bowling Club,"Gardyne Street, Friockheim",DD11 4XB,Angus
Gairie Inn,"Gairie Inn, 1-3 School Wynd, Kirriemuir",DD8 4BQ,Angus
Gala Bingo,"Bingo Hall, 141 High Street, Arbroath",DD11 1DP,Angus
Golf Inn,"Public House, 15-17 Mill Street, Montrose",DD10 8NP,Angus
Grange Golf Club,"4 Princes Street, Monifieth, Dundee",DD5 4AW,Angus
Hope Paton Bowling Club,"Whites Place, Montrose, Angus",DD10 8RW,Angus
Kerrymore Tavern,"66 Glamis Road, Kirriemuir",DD8 5DD,Angus
Kirriemuir Bowling Club,"34, Brechin Road, Kirriemuir",DD8 4DD,Angus
Kirriemuir Golf Club,"Kirriemuir Golf Club, Kirriemuir",DD8 4LN,Angus
Kirriemuir Thistle Social Club,"Westview Park, Herdhill, Kirriemuir",DD8 5LG,Angus
Ladies Golf Club,"12 Links Parade, Carnoustie",DD7 7JF,Angus
Ladies Panmure Golf Club,"Club, 7-11 Princes Street, Monifieth, Dundee",DD5 4AW,Angus
Letham Bowling Club,"Letham Bowling Club, Auldbar Road, Letham, Forfar",DD8 2PD,Angus
Lochlands Bar,"14 Lochlands Street, Arbroath",DD11 3AA,Angus
Lochlands Bowling Club,"Lochlands Bowling Club, Lochlands Drive, Arbroath",DD11 3DT,Angus
Lochside Bar - bar only,"Lochside Bar, 84-86 North Esk Road, Montrose",DD10 8TG,Angus
Lodge Grange,"Lodge Grange, 2 Dalhousie Street, Monifieth, Dundee",DD5 4AZ,Angus
Lodge No.40 St.Thomas,"Masonic Lodge, 30-32 West Newgate, Arbroath",DD11 1BY,Angus
Lodge Panmure,"Masonic Lodge, 19 Hill Street, Arbroath",DD11 1AQ,Angus
Lodge St Ninians No66,"3 St Andrew Street, Brechin",DD9 6JB,Angus
Lodge the Bruce No 593,"52 Gardyne Street, Friockheim, Arbroath",DD11 4SP,Angus
"Masonic Hall, Lodge of Glamis No 99","Braehead Road, Glamis, Forfar",DD8 1RW,Angus
Mechanics Institute,"St Mary Street, Brechin",DD9 6JQ,Angus
Monifieth Bowling Club,"Bowling Green, 8 Albert Street, Monifieth, Dundee",DD5 4JS,Angus
Monifieth Golf Club,"Club, 8 Princes Street, Monifieth, Dundee",DD5 4AW,Angus
Montrose Bowling Club,"Western Road, Montrose",DD10 8LN,Angus
Montrose Roselea JFC,"Broomfield Park, Broomfield Road, Montrose",DD10 8TX,Angus
Newgate Bar,"Newgate Inn, 29 West Newgate, Arbroath",DD11 1BZ,Angus
Newgate Bowling Club,"West Newgate, Arbroath",DD11 1BZ,Angus
Newtyle Bowling Club.,"15, North Street, Newtyle, Blairgowrie",PH12 8TT,Angus
Newtyle Legion Hall,"33 Belmont Street, Newtyle, Blairgowrie",PH12 8UB,Angus
Northern Vaults,"Northern Vaults, 9 North Esk Road, Montrose",DD10 8TJ,Angus
Ogilvy Bar,"Ogilvy Arms Bar, 2-4 Roods, Kirriemuir",DD8 4EY,Angus
Old Mason Arms,"135 East High Street, Forfar",DD8 2EQ,Angus
Osnaburg,"Osnaburg, 23 Osnaburg Street, Forfar",DD8 2AA,Angus
Panmure Golf Club,"Golf Club House, Burnside Road, Barry, Carnoustie",DD7 7RT,Angus
Park Bar,"19-21 Park Road, Brechin",DD9 7AE,Angus
Parkview Bowling Club,"Park View, Brechin",DD9 7AT,Angus
Queen Street Tavern,"45 Queen Street, Forfar",DD8 3AL,Angus
Railway Inn,"Railway Inn, 1 Gardyne Street, Friockheim, Arbroath",DD11 4SN,Angus
Roods Bar,"Roods Bar, 10 Roods, Kirriemuir",DD8 4EZ,Angus
Royal Arch Bar,"32 High Street, Montrose",DD10 8JL,Angus
Royal British Legion,"2a Bank Street, Brechin",DD9 6AX,Angus
Royal British Legion,"4 Academy Street, Forfar",DD8 2HA,Angus
Royal British Legion,"88 Dundee Street, Carnoustie",DD7 7PH,Angus
Royal British Legion Scotland,"16 Wellington Street, Montrose",DD10 8QD,Angus
Royal British Legion Scotland - Arbroath Branch,"8 Helen Street, Arbroath",DD11 3AP,Angus
Royal Montrose Golf Club,"Dorward Road, Montrose",DD10 8SW,Angus
Sharky's,"Sharky's, 21 George Street, Montrose",DD10 8EW,Angus
Smugglers Tavern,"Inchape View, 39 East Grimsby, Arbroath",DD11 1PA,Angus
Southesk Inn,"36 Wharf Street, Montrose",DD10 8BD,Angus
St Thomas Bar,"St Thomas Bar, 17 James Street, Arbroath",DD11 1JP,Angus
Stag's Head Inn,"Stag Inn, Dundee Street, Carnoustie",DD7 7PN,Angus
Star Inn,"13-14 Gardyne Street, Friockheim, Arbroath",DD11 4SN,Angus
Station Bar,"Station Bar, 36-38 Keptie Street, Arbroath",DD11 3AF,Angus
Steeplejacks,"Steeple Jack's, 178 High Street, Montrose",DD10 8PH,Angus
Strathmartine Bowling Club,"Rosemill Road, Bridgefoot, Strathmartine, Dundee",DD3 9ED,Dundee City
Strathmore Arms,"Hotel, 1 The Square, Glamis, Forfar",DD8 1RS,Angus
Strathmore Cricket Club,"Graham Crescent, Forfar",DD8 1DU,Angus
Strathmore Rugby Club,"Inchmacoble Park, Forfar",DD8 1RL,Angus
The Attic Club,"2a St Malcolm's Wynd, Kirriemuir",DD8 4HB,Angus
The Black Abbot,"The Black Abbot, Coronation Way, Montrose",DD10 9DW,Angus
The Castle Club,"102 Castle Street, Forfar",DD8 3AA,Angus
The Commercial Inn,"The Commercial Inn, 13a Old Shore Head, Arbroath",DD11 1BB,Angus
The Corn Exchange,"Corn Exchange, Market Place, Arbroath",DD11 1HR,Angus
The Foundry Bar,"East Mary Street, Arbroath",DD11 1PR,Angus
The Harvest Coaching Inn,"Zoar Inn, 20 Muir Street, Forfar",DD8 3JY,Angus
The Market Arms,"Public House, 95 High Street, Montrose",DD10 8QY,Angus
The Mart Bar,"Forfar Auction Mart, 48 John Street, Forfar",DD8 3EZ,Angus
The Millgate Bar,"Millgate Bar, 3 Millgate Loan, Arbroath",DD11 1PQ,Angus
The New Club,"2 Argyll Street, Brechin",DD9 6JL,Angus
The Nineteenth,"19th Hole, 8 Ferrier Street, Carnoustie",DD7 7HT,Angus
The Old Bolag Bar,"1a Church Street, Brechin",DD9 6HB,Angus
The Pageant,"Kirk Square, Arbroath",DD11 1DX,Angus
The Picture House,"12 Hume Street, Montrose",DD10 8JD,Angus
The Plough Inn,"Public House, 48 Market Street, Forfar",DD8 3EW,Angus
The Portcullis Bar,"The Portcullis, Conon Terrace, Arbroath",DD11 5AP,Angus
The Ram's Heid,"East Muirlands Road, Arbroath",DD11 3ES,Angus
The Stag Inn,"Stag Inn, 1 West Port, Arbroath",DD11 1RF,Angus
The Work House,"37-43 West High Street, Forfar",DD8 1BE,Angus
Thistle Bar,"Mutchies, 199 East High Street, Forfar",DD8 2HL,Angus
Three Bellies Brae,"Public House, 1-3 Bellies Brae, Kirriemuir",DD8 4EJ,Angus
Tutties Neuk Inn,"Gayfield, Arbroath",DD11 1QJ,Angus
Victoria Bar,"Victoria And Albert Bars, 204 Montrose Street, Brechin",DD9 7DZ,Angus
West End Bar,"121 West High Street, Forfar",DD8 1BL,Angus
West End Bowling Club,"Bowling Green, 57a Kinloch Street, Carnoustie",DD7 7ER,Angus
West End Social Club,"Craig O'loch Road, Forfar",DD8 1BT,Angus
West Port Bar,"West Port Bar, 23 Keptie Street, Arbroath",DD11 3AE,Angus

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