Bedford, Bedfordshire pubs in August 2018

This site is obviously about pub history, and also connects to my many other pub history sites. These pages are of all the open pubs, as listed by the Foods Standards Agency at August 2018, there are currently over 50,000 open pubs.  Index of all Boroughs

Bedford Bedfordshire - 140
Addison Howard Centre,"Addison Howard Park, Bedford Road, Kempston, Bedford",MK42 8PN,Bedford
AFC Kempston Rovers Football Club,"Kempston Rovers Football Club, Hillgrounds Road, Kempston, Bedford",MK42 8QG,Bedford
Auction Room Ltd,"1 Duke Street, Bedford",MK40 3HR,Bedford
Bar Citrus,"29 Harpur Street, Bedford",MK40 1LA,Bedford
Barley Mow,"72 St Loyes Street, Bedford",MK40 1EZ,Bedford
Bears & Tales,"31 St Cuthberts Street, Bedford",MK40 3JG,Bedford
Bedford & County Golf Club Bar,"Bedford And County Golf Club, Green Lane, Clapham, Bedford",MK41 6ET,Bedford
Bedford Arms,"Bedford Arms, High Street, Souldrop, Bedford",MK44 1EY,Bedford
Bedford Athletic Rugby Club Bar,"Bedford Athletic Rugby Club, Wentworth Drive, Bedford",MK41 8QA,Bedford
Bedford Borough Bowling Club Bar,"Bedford Borough Bowling Club, Goldington Road, Bedford",MK40 3NF,Bedford
Bedford Rowing Club,"Bedford Rowing Club, Duckmill Lane, Bedford",MK42 0AX,Bedford
"Bedford Rugby (Ground, Bar & Marquee)","Bedford Rugby Union F C, Goldington Road, Bedford",MK40 3NF,Bedford
Bedford Standard,"The Standard, 26-28 High Street, Bedford",MK40 1SP,Bedford
Bedford Town Football Club,"Bedford Town Football Club, Meadow Lane, Bedford",MK44 3LW,Bedford
Bedfordshire Golf Club,"Bedfordshire Golf Club, Spring Lane, Stagsden, Bedford",MK43 8SR,Bedford
Biddenham Pavilion,"Pavillion, Deep Spinney, Biddenham, Bedford",MK40 4QP,Bedford
Brewhouse And Kitchen,"115-117 High Street, Bedford",MK40 1NU,Bedford
Chequers Inn,"The Chequers Inn, 47 Hall End Road, Wootton, Bedford",MK43 9HP,Bedford
Club Italia,"32 Alexandra Road, Bedford",MK40 1JA,Bedford
Club Polska,"29-33 Alexandra Road, Bedford",MK40 1JB,Bedford
Colmworth Golf Club,"Colmworth Golf Club, New Road, Colmworth, Bedford",MK44 2AP,Bedford
Colworth Club,"Unilever Research, Colworth House, Colworth Estate, Sharnbrook, Bedford",MK44 1LQ,Bedford
Cross Keys,"The Cross Keys, 69 High Street, Bedford",MK40 1RZ,Bedford
Crown Inn,"The Crown Inn, Green End, Little Staughton, Bedford",MK44 2BU,Bedford
Daleys Club,"86 Bedford Road, Kempston, Bedford",MK42 8BB,Bedford
Devonshire Arms,"The Devonshire Arms, 32 Dudley Street, Bedford",MK40 3TB,Bedford
Dom Polski Club,"20 Ashburnham Road, Bedford",MK40 1DS,Bedford
Esquires,"60a Bromham Road, Bedford",MK40 2QG,Bedford
Executive Snooker Club,"3a Lurke Street, Bedford",MK40 3HZ,Bedford
Faces Bar & Lounge,"66 High Street, Bedford",MK40 1NT,Bedford
Fox & Duck,"The Fox And Duck, 13 Bedford Road, Wootton, Bedford",MK43 9JT,Bedford
Fox & Hounds,"Fox And Hounds, 1 Milton Road, Clapham, Bedford",MK41 6AP,Bedford
Fox & Hounds,"Fox And Hounds, High Street, Riseley, Bedford",MK44 1DT,Bedford
Fox & Hounds,"The Fox And Hounds, 178 Goldington Road, Bedford",MK40 3EB,Bedford
Fox Inn,"Fox Inn, 35 High Street, Carlton, Bedford",MK43 7LA,Bedford
Fuelers Bar,"Santa Pod Raceway, Podington Airfield, Airfield Road, Podington, Bedford",NN29 7XA,Bedford
Gardeners Arms,"The Gardeners Arms, 12 Sandhurst Road, Bedford",MK42 9HS,Bedford
George & Dragon,"The George And Dragon, 39 Mill Street, Bedford",MK40 3EU,Bedford
Gordon Arms PH,"The Gordon Arms, 118 Castle Road, Bedford",MK40 3QY,Bedford
Greyfriars Snooker Centre,"Greyfriars Snooker Centre, Greyfriars, Bedford",MK40 1HP,Bedford
Half Moon,"The Half Moon, 108 High Street, Kempston, Bedford",MK42 7BN,Bedford
Hi-Fi,"30-32 High Street, Bedford",MK40 1SP,Bedford
Horse & Jockey,"Horse And Jockey, Church End, Ravensden, Bedford",MK44 2RR,Bedford
Kalooki Club,"2 Spenser Road, Bedford",MK40 2AZ,Bedford
Kempston Constitutional Club,"196a Bedford Road, Kempston, Bedford",MK42 8BL,Bedford
Kempston Hammers Sports & Social Club,"134 High Street, Kempston, Bedford",MK42 7BN,Bedford
Kempston Liberal Club,"187b Bedford Road, Kempston, Bedford",MK42 8DG,Bedford
Kempston Park Indoor Bowls Club,"290 Hillgrounds Road, Kempston, Bedford",MK42 8UB,Bedford
Kent Arms,"The Kent Arms, 54 Salisbury Street, Bedford",MK41 7RQ,Bedford
King William IV,"King William Iv, 56 High Street, Kempston, Bedford",MK42 7AL,Bedford
Kings Arms,"The Kings Arms, The Green, Cardington, Bedford",MK44 3SP,Bedford
Kings Arms PH,"The Kings Arms, 24 St Marys Street, Bedford",MK42 0AS,Bedford
Mecca Bingo Ltd,"57 London Road, Bedford",MK42 0NX,Bedford
Meltis Sports and Social Club,"Meltis Sports And Social Club, Miller Road, Bedford",MK42 9FS,Bedford
Mile Road Club,"91 Mile Road, Bedford",MK42 9UD,Bedford
Mill Theatre,"Sharnbrook Mill Theatre, Mill Road, Sharnbrook, Bedford",MK44 1NP,Bedford
Mowsbury Park Bowls Club,"Mowsbury Park Bowls Club, Wentworth Drive, Bedford",MK41 8QB,Bedford
Mulberry Bush,"The Mulberry Bush, Springfield Centre, Kempston, Bedford",MK42 7PR,Bedford
North End Club,"60 Roff Avenue, Bedford",MK41 7TW,Bedford
Oakley Arms,"The Oakley Arms, 98 High Street, Harrold, Bedford",MK43 7BH,Bedford
Oakley Sports and Social Club,"Oakley Sport And Social Club, Church Lane, Oakley, Bedford",MK43 7RJ,Bedford
Pavenham Park Golf Club,"Pavenham Park Golf Club, High Street, Pavenham, Bedford",MK43 7PE,Bedford
Pilgrims Progress,"42 Midland Road, Bedford",MK40 1QB,Bedford
Podington Cricket Club,"Podington Cricket Club, Hinwick Road, Podington, Bedford",NN29 7HU,Bedford
Podington United Services Club,"United Services Club, Gold Street, Podington, Bedford",NN29 7HX,Bedford
Polhill Arms,"The Polhill Arms, 25 Wilden Road, Renhold, Bedford",MK41 0JP,Bedford
RAFA Club,"93 Ashburnham Road, Bedford",MK40 1EA,Bedford
Red Lion,"Red Lion, Bedford Road, Wilstead, Bedford",MK45 3HN,Bedford
Royal George,"The Royal George, 8-10 Silver Street, Stevington, Bedford",MK43 7QP,Bedford
Royal Oak,"The Royal Oak, 91 Woburn Road, Kempston, Bedford",MK42 7QR,Bedford
Royal Oak,"The Royal Oak, 33 High Street, Roxton, Bedford",MK44 3EA,Bedford
Russell Park Social Club,"69 Goldington Road, Bedford",MK40 3ND,Bedford
Ship,"The Ship, 7 St Cuthberts Street, Bedford",MK40 3JB,Bedford
Six's,"30 The Broadway, Bedford",MK40 2TH,Bedford
Sport for Bedford Ltd,"The Pavilion, Chester Road, Bedford",MK40 4HL,Bedford
Sporting Targets Ltd,"Sporting Targets Ltd, Knotting Lane, Riseley, Bedford",MK44 1BX,Bedford
St Johns Arms,"St Johns Arms, Knotting Road, Melchbourne, Bedford",MK44 1BG,Bedford
Star Rowing Club,"Star Rowing Club, Commercial Road, Bedford",MK40 1QS,Bedford
Stewartby Sports & Social Club,"The Club House, Stewartby Way, Stewartby, Bedford",MK43 9NU,Bedford
Swan Inn,"Swan Inn, 21 Bridge End, Bromham, Bedford",MK43 8LS,Bedford
T Bar,"The Keep, Bedford Road, Kempston, Bedford",MK42 8AH,Bedford
The Anchor,"The Anchor, 397 Goldington Road, Bedford",MK41 0DS,Bedford
The Anchor Inn,"The Anchor Inn, 85 High Street, Great Barford, Bedford",MK44 3LF,Bedford
The Anchor Inn,"The Anchor Inn, Cardington Road, Bedford",MK42 0DA,Bedford
The Balloon,"The Balloon, 52 Foster Hill Road, Bedford",MK40 2EX,Bedford
The Bear,"The Bear, 92 High Street, Bedford",MK40 1NN,Bedford
The Bedford Arms,"The Bedford Arms, 57 High Street, Oakley, Bedford",MK43 7RH,Bedford
The Bedford Club,"11 De Parys Avenue, Bedford",MK40 2TX,Bedford
The Bedford Golf Clubhouse,"The Bedford Golf Clubhouse, 10 Carnoustie Drive, Great Denham, Bedford",MK40 4FF,Bedford
The Bell,"The Bell, 61 High Road, Cotton End, Bedford",MK45 3AE,Bedford
The Bell,"The Bell, 81 High Street, Odell, Bedford",MK43 7AS,Bedford
The Bluebell,"115 Putnoe Lane, Bedford",MK41 9AH,Bedford
The Bull,"The Bull, 259 London Road, Bedford",MK42 0PX,Bedford
The Burnaby Arms,"The Burnaby Arms, 66 Stanley Street, Bedford",MK41 7RU,Bedford
The Castle,"The Castle, 17 Newnham Street, Bedford",MK40 3JR,Bedford
The Chequers Inn,"The Chequers Inn, Pertenhall Road, Keysoe, Bedford",MK44 2HR,Bedford
The Cock,"High Street, Pavenham, Bedford",MK43 7NJ,Bedford
The Cock Inn,"The Cock Inn, 2 Bedford Road, Wootton, Bedford",MK43 9JT,Bedford
The Cross Keys,"The Cross Keys, 2 Tithe Road, Kempston, Bedford",MK43 9BE,Bedford
The Crown at Willington,"The Crown, 17 Station Road, Willington, Bedford",MK44 3QH,Bedford
The Crown Inn,"Crown Inn Public House, Phoenix Park, Wyboston, Bedford",PE19 8EN,Huntingdonshire
The Duke Inn,"The Duke Inn, 10 Woburn Road, Kempston, Bedford",MK42 7QA,Bedford
The Falcon Inn,"The Falcon Inn, Rushden Road, Bletsoe, Bedford",MK44 1QN,Bedford
The Five Bells,"The Five Bells, 1-3 Northill Road, Cople, Bedford",MK44 3TU,Bedford
The Flowerpot,"The Flowerpot, 25 Tavistock Street, Bedford",MK40 2RB,Bedford
The Flute,"2 Ram Yard, Bedford",MK40 1AL,Bedford
The Foresters Arms,"The Foresters Arms, 41 Union Street, Bedford",MK40 2SF,Bedford
The Kitchen,"Fox And Hounds, 1 Milton Road, Clapham, Bedford",MK41 6AP,Bedford
The Mill,"The Mill Hotel, 32-34 Mill Street, Bedford",MK40 3HD,Bedford
The Muntjac,"The Muntjac, 71 High Street, Harrold, Bedford",MK43 7BJ,Bedford
The New Inn,"Flat, The New Inn, 1 Rushden Road, Wymington, Bedford",NN10 9LN,Bedford
The New Sportsman,"The Sportsman, 58 The Boundary, Bedford",MK41 9HA,Bedford
The Park Pub & Kitchen,"The Park Pub And Kitchen, 98 Kimbolton Road, Bedford",MK40 2PF,Bedford
The Pheasant,"The Pheasant, 300 Kimbolton Road, Bedford",MK41 8YR,Bedford
The Prince Of Wales,"The Prince Of Wales, 8 Northampton Road, Bromham, Bedford",MK43 8PE,Bedford
The Queen PH,"The Queen, 36 Preston Road, Bedford",MK40 4DX,Bedford
The Rose,"The Rose, 45 High Street, Bedford",MK40 1RY,Bedford
The Royal Oak,"The Royal Oak, 23 Bridgend, Carlton, Bedford",MK43 7LP,Bedford
The Ship,"The Ship, 102 Bromham Road, Bedford",MK40 2QH,Bedford
The Smiths Arms,"The Smiths Arms, 15 Margetts Road, Kempston, Bedford",MK42 8DS,Bedford
The Star Inn,"The Star Inn, 42 High Street, Clapham, Bedford",MK41 6EG,Bedford
The Studio Club,"32 Alexandra Road, Bedford",MK40 1JA,Bedford
The Sun Inn,"Sun Inn, Grange Road, Felmersham, Bedford",MK43 7EU,Bedford
The Swan With Two Nicks,"The Swan With Two Nicks, 38 High Street, Sharnbrook, Bedford",MK44 1PF,Bedford
The Tavistock Pub & Carvery,"The Tavistock Pub, 117 Tavistock Street, Bedford",MK40 2RB,Bedford
The Three Compasses,"Three Compasses, High Street, Upper Dean, Bedford",PE28 0NE,Bedford
The Three Cranes,"The Three Cranes, High Street, Turvey, Bedford",MK43 8EP,Bedford
The Three Cups,"The Three Cups, 45 Newnham Street, Bedford",MK40 3JR,Bedford
The Three Tuns Biddenham,"The Three Tuns, 57 Main Road, Biddenham, Bedford",MK40 4BD,Bedford
The Tiger Moth,"20 Avon Drive, Bedford",MK41 7AF,Bedford
The Victoria Arms,"The Victoria Arms, 23 High Street, Wilden, Bedford",MK44 2PB,Bedford
The White Horse Public House,"The White Horse, 84 Newnham Avenue, Bedford",MK41 9PX,Bedford
The Woolpack,"2-4 Bedford Road, Wilstead, Bedford",MK45 3HW,Bedford
Vogue,"55 High Street, Bedford",MK40 1RZ,Bedford
Wellington Arms PH,"The Wellington Arms, 40-42 Wellington Street, Bedford",MK40 2JX,Bedford
West Indian Cultural & Social Society,"2 Woburn Road, Bedford",MK40 1EG,Bedford
Wodka Live,"14-15 St Pauls Square, Bedford",MK40 1SL,Bedford
Yates,"53-55 High Street, Bedford",MK40 1RZ,Bedford
Ye Three Fyshes,"Ye Three Fyshes Inn, Bridge Street, Turvey, Bedford",MK43 8ER,Bedford
Zinc,"17 St Peters Street, Bedford",MK40 2PN,Bedford

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