Blackburn with Darwen, Lancashire pubs in August 2018

This site is obviously about pub history, and also connects to my many other pub history sites. These pages are of all the open pubs, as listed by the Foods Standards Agency at August 2018, there are currently over 50,000 open pubs.  Index of all Boroughs

Blackburn with Darwen Lancashire - 133
Alexandra Hotel,"Alexandra Hotel, Alexandra View, Darwen",BB3 1NL,Blackburn with Darwen
Alexandra Hotel,"Alexandra Hotel, 29 Dukes Brow, Blackburn",BB2 6EX,Blackburn with Darwen
Ambience Fine Dining,"85-87 Montague Street, Blackburn",BB2 1EH,Blackburn with Darwen
Anchor Hotel,"Anchor Hotel, Blackburn Road, Darwen",BB3 0AB,Blackburn with Darwen
Audley W M C,"Audley Range Working Mens Club, Audley Range, Blackburn",BB1 1TG,Blackburn with Darwen
Bar Ibiza,"6 Mincing Lane, Blackburn",BB2 2EB,Blackburn with Darwen
Beechwood Club,"Beechwood Road Working Mens Club, Beechwood Road, Blackburn",BB1 5JL,Blackburn with Darwen
Beehive Inn,"426 Preston Old Road, Blackburn",BB2 5LP,Blackburn with Darwen
Belgrave Live Music Bar,"Belgrave Cottage, Belgrave Road, Darwen",BB3 2RP,Blackburn with Darwen
Belmont Bull Hotel,"101 High Street, Belmont",BL7 8AJ,Blackburn with Darwen
Big House Rock,"Bob Inn, Duckworth Street, Darwen",BB3 1PX,Blackburn with Darwen
Black Bull,"167-169 Bolton Road, Edgworth",BL7 0AF,Blackburn with Darwen
Black Horse Darwen Ltd,"72-74 Redearth Road, Darwen",BB3 2AF,Blackburn with Darwen
Blackamoor Inn,"140 Roman Road, Blackburn",BB1 2LD,Blackburn with Darwen
Blackburn Masonic Hall,"41a Richmond Terrace, Blackburn",BB1 7AW,Blackburn with Darwen
Blackburn Northern,"Blackburn Northern Cricket And Squash Club, Pleckgate Road, Blackburn",BB1 8QA,Blackburn with Darwen
Blackburn RUFC,"Blackburn Rugby Club, Ramsgreave Drive, Blackburn",BB1 8NB,Blackburn with Darwen
Bolton Sailing Club c/o Rear Commodore,"Bolton Sailing Club, Belmont Road, Belmont",BL7 8BD,Blackburn with Darwen
Bridge St Sports & Social Club,"27-33 Bridge Street, Darwen",BB3 2AA,Blackburn with Darwen
British Queen,"103 Duckworth Street, Darwen",BB3 1AT,Blackburn with Darwen
Brown Cow Inn,"Brown Cow Inn, 125 Livesey Branch Road, Livesey",BB2 4RA,Blackburn with Darwen
Brownhill Arms,"575 Whalley New Road, Blackburn",BB1 9BA,Blackburn with Darwen
Bulls Head,"Bulls Head, 97-99 Redlam, Blackburn",BB2 1UN,Blackburn with Darwen
Calypso Caribbean Restaurant,"The Wharf, Eanam, Blackburn",BB1 5BY,Blackburn with Darwen
Caskbar,"Unit 11-15, Croft Street, Darwen",BB3 1BH,Blackburn with Darwen
Cellar Bar,"Hornby House, 39-41 King Street, Blackburn",BB2 2DH,Blackburn with Darwen
Chetham Arms,"83 High Street, Chapeltown",BL7 0EW,Blackburn with Darwen
Clifton Arms,"48 Grimshaw Park, Blackburn",BB2 3AG,Blackburn with Darwen
Clog & Billycock,"Clog And Billycock, Billinge End Road, Blackburn",BB2 6QB,Blackburn with Darwen
Craven Heifer,"Craven Heifer Inn, Pole Lane, Darwen",BB3 3LD,Blackburn with Darwen
Crown & Thistle Inn,"Crown And Thistle Inn, Roman Road, Eccleshill",BB3 3PP,Blackburn with Darwen
Crown Paints Sports & Social Club,"Crown Berger Sports And Social Club, Anchor Road, Darwen",BB3 0BB,Blackburn with Darwen
Darwen Cricket Club,"Birch Hall Cricket Ground, Leven Grove, Darwen",BB3 0JS,Blackburn with Darwen
Darwen Golf Club,"Darwen Golf Club Ltd, Duddon Avenue, Darwen",BB3 0LB,Blackburn with Darwen
Darwen Masonic Hall,"Darwen Masonic Hall, Hawkshaw Avenue, Darwen",BB3 1QZ,Blackburn with Darwen
Darwen Subs Bowling Club,"The Pavillion, Anyon Street, Darwen",BB3 3AQ,Blackburn with Darwen
Darwen Tap,"47 Blackburn Road, Darwen",BB3 1EJ,Blackburn with Darwen
East Lancashire Cricket Club,"East Lancashire Cricket Club, Dukes Brow, Blackburn",BB2 6DJ,Blackburn with Darwen
Edgworth Cricket Club,"Edgworth Cricket Club, Bolton Road, Edgworth",BL7 0AP,Blackburn with Darwen
Entwistle Hotel,"15 Entwistle Street, Darwen",BB3 3HS,Blackburn with Darwen
Esco78barr,"Units 1 To 2, Provident Buildings, The Green, Darwen",BB3 1PW,Blackburn with Darwen
Ewood Park Working Mens Club,"316-322 Bolton Road, Blackburn",BB2 4HY,Blackburn with Darwen
Feildens Arms,"673 Preston Old Road, Blackburn",BB2 5ER,Blackburn with Darwen
Feniscowles and Pleasington Sports And Social Club mail to other addr),"Livesey Branch Road, Livesey",BB2 5EF,Blackburn with Darwen
Foresters,"92 Fecitt Brow, Blackburn",BB1 2AZ,Blackburn with Darwen
Fox And Hounds,"1 Ewood, Blackburn",BB2 4LL,Blackburn with Darwen
Funhouse Darwen,"12 Wellington Fold, Darwen",BB3 1PU,Blackburn with Darwen
Gala Bingo,"Gala Clubs Bingo, Ainsworth Street, Blackburn",BB1 6AF,Blackburn with Darwen
Golden Cup Inn,"610 Blackburn Road, Darwen",BB3 0AJ,Blackburn with Darwen
Greenfield Inn,"Greenfield Inn, Lower Barn Street, Darwen",BB3 2HQ,Blackburn with Darwen
Guide Conservative Club,"5 School Lane, Guide",BB1 2LW,Blackburn with Darwen
Hare And Hounds Hotel,"78 Lammack Road, Blackburn",BB1 8LA,Blackburn with Darwen
Havelock Inn,"1 Havelock Street, Blackburn",BB2 2QA,Blackburn with Darwen
Hoddlesden Conservative Club,"2-4 Harwoods Lane, Hoddlesden",BB3 3LL,Blackburn with Darwen
Hollins Grove Conservative Club,"106 Blackburn Road, Darwen",BB3 1QJ,Blackburn with Darwen
Hong Kong Kitchen,"50 New Chapel Street, Blackburn",BB2 4DT,Blackburn with Darwen
Hopstar Brewery Tap,"35-39 Bridge Street, Darwen",BB3 2AA,Blackburn with Darwen
Intack Inn,"361 Accrington Road, Blackburn",BB1 2AL,Blackburn with Darwen
Ivy Hotel,"Ivy Hotel, 65 Infirmary Street, Blackburn",BB2 3RP,Blackburn with Darwen
Jumbles Sailing Club,"Jumbles Sailing Club, Horrobin Lane, Edgworth",BL7 0HJ,Blackburn with Darwen
King Edward VII,"327 Haslingden Road, Blackburn",BB1 2NG,Blackburn with Darwen
King William Hotel,"245 Chapeltown Road, Edgworth",BL7 9AN,Blackburn with Darwen
Level One,"29-31 Market Street, Darwen",BB3 1PS,Blackburn with Darwen
Lion Hotel,"29 Wensley Road, Blackburn",BB2 1PX,Blackburn with Darwen
Liz n Lil's,"108 Northgate, Blackburn",BB2 1AA,Blackburn with Darwen
Longshaw Sports & Social Club,"Longshaw Unity Working Mens Club, Bryan Street, Blackburn",BB2 3PH,Blackburn with Darwen
Lord Raglan Hotel,"Lord Raglan Hotel, Kings Road, Blackburn",BB2 4PY,Blackburn with Darwen
Mill Hill Hotel,"Mill Hill Hotel, Mill Hill Bridge Street, Blackburn",BB2 2QY,Blackburn with Darwen
Mill Hill Working Mens Club,"Mill Hill Working Mens Club, Moorgate Street, Blackburn",BB2 4EZ,Blackburn with Darwen
Moorgate Arms,"166-168 Livesey Branch Road, Livesey",BB2 4QR,Blackburn with Darwen
Mushies Coffee & Cocktails,"70 Northgate, Blackburn",BB2 1AA,Blackburn with Darwen
Navigation Inn,"2 Canal Street, Blackburn",BB2 4DJ,Blackburn with Darwen
New Dragon,"308 Bolton Road, Blackburn",BB2 4HY,Blackburn with Darwen
Nocturnal,"St Peter Street, Blackburn",BB2 2HD,Blackburn with Darwen
Oakenhurst Farm Brewers Fayre,"Brewsters, Riversway Drive, Lower Darwen",BB3 0SN,Blackburn with Darwen
Old Toll Bar,"158 Accrington Road, Blackburn",BB1 2AH,Blackburn with Darwen
Olde England Kiosk,"Olde England Kiosk, Earnsdale Road, Darwen",BB3 0LA,Blackburn with Darwen
Orchard Working Mens Club,"137-143 Whalley New Road, Blackburn",BB1 6JZ,Blackburn with Darwen
Oyster and Otter,"631 Livesey Branch Road, Livesey",BB2 5DQ,Blackburn with Darwen
Park Inn,"1-3 Cemetery Road, Darwen",BB3 2LZ,Blackburn with Darwen
Pleasington Golf Club,"Pleasington Lane, Pleasington",BB2 5JF,Blackburn with Darwen
Polish Catholic Mission in Blackburn,"44 Preston New Road, Blackburn",BB2 6AH,Blackburn with Darwen
Postal Order,"15-19 Darwen Street, Blackburn",BB2 2AQ,Blackburn with Darwen
Punch Hotel,"Punch Hotel, 25 Chapels, Darwen",BB3 0EE,Blackburn with Darwen
Railway Hotel,"Railway Hotel, Pleasington Lane, Pleasington",BB2 5JE,Blackburn with Darwen
Ranken Arms,"Ranken Arms, Queen Street, Hoddlesden",BB3 3LY,Blackburn with Darwen
Red Lion Blackburn,"Red Lion Hotel, Whitebirk Road, Blackburn",BB1 3HY,Blackburn with Darwen
Rising Sun Hotel,"797 Whalley New Road, Blackburn",BB1 9BE,Blackburn with Darwen
Rose and Crown,"41 Bury Road, Edgworth",BL7 0AR,Blackburn with Darwen
Royal Oak Hotel,"2 Royal Oak Avenue, Blackburn",BB1 8QD,Blackburn with Darwen
Sam's Bar,"4 Higher Church Street, Blackburn",BB2 1JG,Blackburn with Darwen
Shh! Bar,"48 Northgate, Blackburn",BB2 1JL,Blackburn with Darwen
Skybar,"16 Wellington Fold, Darwen",BB3 1PU,Blackburn with Darwen
St Marks Conservative Club,"St Marks Conservative Club, Preston Old Road, Blackburn",BB2 2SS,Blackburn with Darwen
St Pauls Working Men Club,"104 Montague Street, Blackburn",BB2 1EE,Blackburn with Darwen
St Peters Parish Social Centre,"St Peters Sports And Social Club, Queen Victoria Street, Blackburn",BB2 2QG,Blackburn with Darwen
St Stephens Conservative Club,"St Stephens Conservative Club, Robinson Street, Blackburn",BB1 5PE,Blackburn with Darwen
Stop & Rest Hotel,"184-188 Brandy House Brow, Blackburn",BB2 3EY,Blackburn with Darwen
Strawbury Duck,"Overshores Road, Edgworth",BL7 0LU,Blackburn with Darwen
Sunbird,"2a The Circus, Darwen",BB3 1BT,Blackburn with Darwen
Sunnyhurst Hotel,"9 Sunnyhurst, Darwen",BB3 1JX,Blackburn with Darwen
Swan Hotel,"542 Bolton Road, Darwen",BB3 2JR,Blackburn with Darwen
The Black Dog Inn,"2 Church Street, Belmont",BL7 8AB,Blackburn with Darwen
The Blackburn Times,"76-80 Northgate, Blackburn",BB2 1AA,Blackburn with Darwen
The Bridgewater,"9-10 Church Street, Darwen",BB3 2RE,Blackburn with Darwen
The Butlers Arms,"Butlers Arms, Pleasington Lane, Pleasington",BB2 5JH,Blackburn with Darwen
The Cock,"210 Duckworth Street, Darwen",BB3 1PX,Blackburn with Darwen
The District and Union Club,"Northwood, 1 West Park Road, Blackburn",BB2 6DE,Blackburn with Darwen
The Drummer's Arms,"65 King William Street, Blackburn",BB1 7DT,Blackburn with Darwen
The Farthings,"The Farthings, Rosewood Avenue, Blackburn",BB1 9SZ,Blackburn with Darwen
The Fernhurst,"466 Bolton Road, Blackburn",BB2 4JP,Blackburn with Darwen
The Florence Hotel,"Florence Hotel, Moss Street, Blackburn",BB1 5HW,Blackburn with Darwen
The Lemon Tree,"29 Blakey Moor, Blackburn",BB2 1LL,Blackburn with Darwen
The Millstone Hotel,"Millstone Hotel, Bridge Street, Darwen",BB3 1BT,Blackburn with Darwen
The Observatory,"Old Bank Lane, Blackburn",BB2 3HG,Blackburn with Darwen
The Old Chapel,"14-16 Railway Road, Darwen",BB3 2RG,Blackburn with Darwen
The Old Function Room,"5-6 Watery Lane, Darwen",BB3 2ET,Blackburn with Darwen
The Rock Inn,"Rock Inn, Tockholes Road, Tockholes",BB3 0LU,Blackburn with Darwen
The Royal Arms,"Royal Arms, Tockholes Road, Tockholes",BB3 0PA,Blackburn with Darwen
The Sir Charles Napier,"Sir Charles Napier, Limbrick, Blackburn",BB1 7AE,Blackburn with Darwen
The Spinners,"253 Bolton Road, Darwen",BB3 2PG,Blackburn with Darwen
The Squire,"78-80 King William Street, Blackburn",BB1 7DT,Blackburn with Darwen
The Station,"391 Preston Old Road, Blackburn",BB2 5LW,Blackburn with Darwen
The Sun Hotel,"1 Astley Gate, Blackburn",BB2 2DQ,Blackburn with Darwen
The Vic,"43-45 Darwen Street, Blackburn",BB2 2BH,Blackburn with Darwen
Tiki Monkey,"63 King William Street, Blackburn",BB1 7DT,Blackburn with Darwen
Uncle Jack's,"Uncle Jacks, Branch Road, Lower Darwen",BB3 0PQ,Blackburn with Darwen
Victoria Hotel,"94 Sudell Road, Darwen",BB3 3HW,Blackburn with Darwen
Wellington Inn,"Wellington Hotel, 362 Livesey Branch Road, Livesey",BB2 4QJ,Blackburn with Darwen
White Bull Inn,"White Bull, 159-161 Livesey Branch Road, Livesey",BB2 4QR,Blackburn with Darwen
White Horse,"2-4 Bury Road, Edgworth",BL7 0AY,Blackburn with Darwen
Witton Inn Public House,"182 Redlam, Blackburn",BB2 1XQ,Blackburn with Darwen
Zy Bar,"17 Market Street Lane, Blackburn",BB2 2DE,Blackburn with Darwen

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