Burnley, Lancashire pubs in August 2018

This site is obviously about pub history, and also connects to my many other pub history sites. These pages are of all the open pubs, as listed by the Foods Standards Agency at August 2018, there are currently over 50,000 open pubs.  Index of all Boroughs

Burnley Lancashire - 102
Baltic Fleet Inn,"Baltic Fleet Inn, 48 Briercliffe Road, Burnley",BB10 1UX,Burnley
Bar BB11,"Coal Street, Burnley",BB11 1DX,Burnley
Bar Rojo,"Part Basement, 13-19 Hammerton Street, Burnley",BB11 1NA,Burnley
Big Window,"The Big Window, 13-17 Manchester Road, Burnley",BB11 1HG,Burnley
Bootleggers,"Boot Way, Burnley",BB11 2EE,Burnley
Boyce's Barrel,"9 Burnley Road, Padiham",BB12 8NA,Burnley
Bridge Inn,"Bridge Inn, 68 Burnley Road, Padiham",BB12 8QN,Burnley
Bridge Inn Bier Huis,"2 Bank Parade, Burnley",BB11 1UH,Burnley
Briercliffe WMC,"Briercliffe Social Club, Holgate Street, Briercliffe",BB10 2HQ,Burnley
Britannia Inn,"107 Oxford Road, Burnley",BB11 3HP,Burnley
Burnley Concert Artists Club WMC,"8 Calder Street, Padiham",BB12 8EZ,Burnley
Burnley Cricket Club,"Belvedere Road, Burnley",BB10 4BN,Burnley
Burnley League Social Club,"Richard Street, Burnley",BB11 3AJ,Burnley
Burnley Miner's Social Club,"Burnley Miners Social Club, 7-27 Plumbe Street, Burnley",BB11 3AA,Burnley
Burnley Snooker Club,"30 Bank Parade, Burnley",BB11 1UH,Burnley
Burnley Wood Conservative Club,"Branch Road, Burnley",BB11 2LT,Burnley
Byerden House Social Club,"191 Colne Road, Burnley",BB10 1EA,Burnley
Coach & Horses Inn,"48 Church Street, Burnley",BB11 2DL,Burnley
Commercial Inn,"Commercial Inn, 446-448 Briercliffe Road, Burnley",BB10 2HA,Burnley
Craven Heifer,"Craven Heifer, 376 Briercliffe Road, Burnley",BB10 2HA,Burnley
Daneshouse WMC,"Nicholl Street, Burnley",BB10 1NG,Burnley
Dickie Pinks,"22 Tunnel Street, Burnley",BB12 0NN,Burnley
Dugdale Arms,"Dugdale Road, Burnley",BB12 6DW,Burnley
Flying Dutchman,"89 Burnley Road, Padiham",BB12 8BL,Burnley
Foresters Arms,"49 Todmorden Road, Burnley",BB10 4AB,Burnley
Free Gardeners Arms,"Public House, 2 St Giles Street, Padiham",BB12 8HL,Burnley
Fulledge Conservative Club,"34-36 Plumbe Street, Burnley",BB11 3AB,Burnley
Gala Bingo,"Centenary Way, Burnley",BB11 2EJ,Burnley
Gannow Wharf,"168-170 Gannow Lane, Burnley",BB12 6QH,Burnley
General Williams Inn,"311 Manchester Road, Burnley",BB11 4HL,Burnley
George IV,"708 Padiham Road, Burnley",BB12 6LG,Burnley
Green Street WMC,"33-35 Green Street, Burnley",BB10 1UZ,Burnley
Greenhill Social & Bowling Club,"163 Manchester Road, Burnley",BB11 4HR,Burnley
Hand & Shuttle,"Hand And Shuttle, 1 Eccleshill Street, Padiham",BB12 8DY,Burnley
Hapton Inn,"2 Accrington Road, Hapton",BB11 5QL,Burnley
Hare & Hounds,"58 West Street, Padiham",BB12 8JD,Burnley
Hare & Hounds,"Public House, 1 Halifax Road, Briercliffe",BB10 3QH,Burnley
Hollywood Star,"Public House, Hollywood Star, Manchester Road, Burnley",BB11 4HD,Burnley
Ighten Leigh Social Club,"389 Padiham Road, Burnley",BB12 6SZ,Burnley
Ighten Mount Bowling Club,"Romford Street, Burnley",BB12 8AF,Burnley
Illuminati,"18 Hammerton Street, Burnley",BB11 1NA,Burnley
Inside Out Bar,"18-22 Bull Street, Burnley",BB11 1DW,Burnley
Junction Hotel,"Junction Hotel, 63 Rosegrove Lane, Burnley",BB12 6HB,Burnley
Katy Kellys,"Kings Arms, 2 Mill Street, Padiham",BB12 8EX,Burnley
Kelly's Cafe + Bar Ltd,"14 St Jamess Street, Burnley",BB11 1NG,Burnley
KSC 110 CLUB,"1 Albert Street, Burnley",BB11 3BY,Burnley
KSC 110 Club Kitchen,"1 Albert Street, Burnley",BB11 3BY,Burnley
London Midland Railway Club,"Railway Club, Rosegrove Lane, Burnley",BB12 6HX,Burnley
Lowerhouse Cricket Club - Bar,"Lowerhouse Cricket Club, Lowerhouse Lane, Burnley",BB12 6LP,Burnley
Lowerhouse Cricket Club Tea Room,"Cricket Club, Lowerhouse Lane, Burnley",BB12 6LP,Burnley
Lowerhouse Mills Social Club,"Lowerhouse Lane, Burnley",BB12 6NB,Burnley
Molly Rigby's,"15-19 Mill Street, Padiham",BB12 8EX,Burnley
New Black Bull,"4/6 Mill Street, Padiham",BB12 8EX,Burnley
New Waggoners Limited,"Waggoners Inn, Manchester Road, Burnley",BB11 5NS,Burnley
Oscar Inns Limited,"Park View, 3 Higgin Street, Burnley",BB10 4DZ,Burnley
Padiham Cricket Club,"Padiham Cricket Club, Arbories Memorial Ground, Arbory Drive, Padiham",BB12 8JS,Burnley
Padiham Masonic Hall Co Ltd,"22 Moor Lane, Higher Slade",BB12 8LZ,Burnley
Padiham W.M.C,"34-36 Church Street, Padiham",BB12 8JQ,Burnley
Paradise W.M.C,"Martin Street, Burnley",BB10 1SH,Burnley
Pharoah's,"20-22 Hargreaves Street, Burnley",BB11 1DZ,Burnley
Posh Nightclub,"Posh 1st Floor, Yorke House, 16 Ormerod Street, Burnley",BB11 1EP,Burnley
Prairie Public House,"Keswick Road, Burnley",BB10 1HW,Burnley
Princess Royal,"The Clog And Spindle, 45-47 Yorkshire Street, Burnley",BB11 3BW,Burnley
Railway Hotel,"Railway Hotel, 1 Rosegrove Lane, Burnley",BB12 6HX,Burnley
Ram Inn,"399 Burnley Road, Cliviger",BB10 4SU,Burnley
Remedy,"2 Ormerod Street, Burnley",BB11 1EP,Burnley
Rifle Volunteers Inn,"Rifle Volunteers Inn, 1 Smalley Street, Burnley",BB11 3HH,Burnley
Roggerham Gate Inn,"Roggerham Gate Inn, Todmorden Road, Briercliffe",BB10 3PQ,Burnley
Rose & Crown Hotel,"180-182 Manchester Road, Burnley",BB11 4HG,Burnley
Rosegrove Unity,"Rossendale Road, Burnley",BB11 5DL,Burnley
Rossendale Valley Sailing Club,"Clowbridge Reservoir, Manchester Road, Clowbridge",BB11 5PF,Burnley
Royal Butterfly Hotel,"Public House, 83 Hufling Lane, Burnley",BB11 3QH,Burnley
Sanctuary Rock Bar,"Cow Lane, Burnley",BB11 1NN,Burnley
Shakespeare Hotel,"Shakespeare Hotel, Wytham Street, Padiham",BB12 7DX,Burnley
Smackwater Jacks,"4 Ormerod Street, Burnley",BB11 1EP,Burnley
St Andrews Cricket & Bowling Club,"St Andrews Cricket & Bowling Club, Abinger Street, Burnley",BB10 3ED,Burnley
Starkie Arms,"Starkie Arms, 1 Church Street, Padiham",BB12 8JF,Burnley
Stepping Out Dance Centre,"93 Manchester Road, Burnley",BB11 1JZ,Burnley
Sun Inn,"1 Burnley Road, Briercliffe",BB10 2JJ,Burnley
Swan Inn,"Public House, 44 St Jamess Street, Burnley",BB11 1NQ,Burnley
The Angel,"80 Accrington Road, Burnley",BB11 4AU,Burnley
The Bay Horse Inn,"Bay Horse Hotel, 17 Church Square, Worsthorne-With-Hurstwood",BB10 3NH,Burnley
The Boot Inn,"18 St Jamess Street, Burnley",BB11 1NG,Burnley
The Cliviger Pub Company Ltd,"Queens Hotel, 412 Burnley Road, Cliviger",BB10 4SU,Burnley
The Crooked Billet,"Crooked Billet Public House, 1 Smith Street, Worsthorne-With-Hurstwood",BB10 3NQ,Burnley
The Kestrel Suite & Kokos,"Warehouse Adj To Falcon Inn, Cow Lane, Burnley",BB11 1NN,Burnley
The Loft,"Paradise Island, Bull Street, Burnley",BB11 1DW,Burnley
The Ministry of Ale,"Ministry Of Ale, 9 Trafalgar Street, Burnley",BB11 1TQ,Burnley
The New Brew-m,"16 St James Row, Burnley",BB11 1DR,Burnley
The Oxford Inn,"The Oxford Inn, 1 Temple Street, Burnley",BB11 3BD,Burnley
The Talbot Hotel,"65 Church Street, Burnley",BB11 2RS,Burnley
The Town Mouse,"The Town Mouse, 2 Royle Road, Burnley",BB12 0EL,Burnley
The Woodman,"Public House, 129 Todmorden Road, Burnley",BB11 3EX,Burnley
Thornton Arms,"Thornton Arms, 20-22 Brownside Road, Worsthorne-With-Hurstwood",BB10 3JS,Burnley
Tim Bobbin Hotel,"Tim Bobbin Hotel, 319 Padiham Road, Burnley",BB12 6PR,Burnley
Towneley Golf Club,"Towneley Golf Club House, Todmorden Road, Burnley",BB11 3ED,Burnley
Turf Hotel,"Turf Hotel, 49 Yorkshire Street, Burnley",BB11 3BW,Burnley
Victoria Inn,"Victoria Inn, 84-86 Colne Road, Burnley",BB10 1LW,Burnley
Vogue Nightclub,"77 Hammerton Street, Burnley",BB11 1LE,Burnley
White Lion Hotel,"White Lion Hotel Public House, 22 St Jamess Street, Burnley",BB11 1NQ,Burnley
Wood Top Inn,"197 Accrington Road, Burnley",BB11 5ES,Burnley
Worsthorne Social Club,"1 Clegg Street, Burnley",BB10 1AX,Burnley

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