Calderdale, West Yorkshire pubs in August 2018

This site is obviously about pub history, and also connects to my many other pub history sites. These pages are of all the open pubs, as listed by the Foods Standards Agency at August 2018, there are currently over 50,000 open pubs.  Index of all Boroughs

Calderdale West Yorkshire - 354
1885 The Pub Ltd,"Stainland Road, Halifax",HX4 9HN,Calderdale
1904@Dean Clough,"36 Lee Bridge, Halifax",HX3 5AT,Calderdale
22 The Bar & Smokehouse,"10-12 Victoria Place, Bradford Road, Northowram",HX3 7HY,Calderdale
Acapulco Night Club,"3 Waterhouse Street, Halifax",HX1 1XX,Calderdale
Ada Social Club,"66-68 Battinson Road, Halifax",HX1 4RW,Calderdale
Akroydon Victoria Bowling Club,"Woodlands Road, Halifax",HX3 6HQ,Calderdale
Alexandra beer House,"17 Alexandra Street, Halifax",HX1 1BS,Calderdale
Alma Inn,"Alma Lane, Ripponden",HX6 4NS,Calderdale
Arden Road Social Club,"Arden Road, Halifax",HX1 3AG,Calderdale
Armytage Arms,"Clifton Common, Clifton",HD6 4JG,Calderdale
Ashdene Naturist Club,"500 Elland Road, Brighouse",HX5 9JB,Calderdale
Assembly Rooms,"Masonic Hall Adjacent 72, Briggate, Brighouse",HD6 1EL,Calderdale
At The Weavers,"Burnley Road, Luddenden Foot",HX2 6AH,Calderdale
Bankfield Social Club,"Bankfield House, Huddersfield Road, Elland",HX5 9DW,Calderdale
Bar Francisca,"1 Wharf Street, Sowerby Bridge",HX6 2EG,Calderdale
Bar Rouge,"12-16 Silver Street, Halifax",HX1 1HS,Calderdale
Barge & Barrel,"8 Park Road, Elland",HX5 9HP,Calderdale
Barkisland Cricket Club,"Scammonden Road, Barkisland",HX4 0DE,Calderdale
Beehive & Cross Keys,"31 King Cross Street, Halifax",HX1 2SH,Calderdale
Belgrave Social Club,"277 Claremount Road, Boothtown",HX3 6AP,Calderdale
Black Bull Hotel,"46 Thornton Square, Brighouse",HD6 1EA,Calderdale
Black Horse Inn,"Westgate, Clifton",HD6 4HJ,Calderdale
Blackley Cricket Club,"Lindley Road, Blackley",HX5 0TE,Calderdale
Blackwall Masonic Hall,"Blackwall, Halifax",HX1 2EH,Calderdale
Booth Cricket Club,"Broad Fold Park, Dean House Lane, Luddenden",HX2 6TQ,Calderdale
Bottomley's Arms,"Wade House Road, Shelf",HX3 7NU,Calderdale
Bow Legged With Brass,"21 George Street, Halifax",HX1 1HA,Calderdale
Bradley Hall Golf Club,"Stainland Road, Halifax",HX4 9AN,Calderdale
Bradshaw Cricket Club,"Bradshaw Lane, Bradshaw",HX2 9XB,Calderdale
Brasserie At The Bull,"5 Bull Green, Halifax",HX1 5AB,Calderdale
Bridge End WMC,"210-216 Rochdale Road, Todmorden",OL14 7NU,Calderdale
Brighouse Civic Hall,"9 Bradford Road, Brighouse",HD6 1RW,Calderdale
Brighouse Sports Club,"Russell Way, Brighouse",HD6 4LX,Calderdale
Brown Cow Inn,"569 Gibbet Street, Halifax",HX2 0AL,Calderdale
Brown Horse Inn,"Brighouse And Denholme Gate Ro, Shelf",HX3 7SD,Calderdale
Butchers Arms,"Rochdale Road, Ripponden",HX6 4JU,Calderdale
Calan's Micropub,"3 The Courtyard, Bridge Gate, Hebden Bridge",HX7 8EX,Calderdale
Calder Brighouse,"8-10 Huddersfield Road, Brighouse",HD6 1JZ,Calderdale
Casa Hotel,"Casa Hotel And Restaurant, 281 Elland Road, Brighouse",HD6 2RG,Calderdale
Castle Hill Social Club,"Castle Hill, Halifax Road, Todmorden",OL14 5SR,Calderdale
Cat & The Fiddle (Wet Sales Only),"20-22 Cheapside, Halifax",HX1 1TQ,Calderdale
Cat I`th` Well Inn,"Saltonstall Lane, Wainstalls",HX2 7TR,Calderdale
Causeway Foot Inn,"13 Causeway Foot, Keighley Road, Illingworth",HX2 8XX,Calderdale
Church Stile Inn,"Sowerby New Road, Sowerby Bridge",HX6 1JZ,Calderdale
Cliffe Hall Club Ltd,"9 Cliffe Road, Brighouse",HD6 1HE,Calderdale
Cock 'O' The North,"Southedge Works, Brighouse Road, Hipperholme",HX3 8EF,Calderdale
Colliers Arms,"66 Park Road, Elland",HX5 9HZ,Calderdale
Commercial-Railway,"1 Gooder Lane, Brighouse",HD6 1HF,Calderdale
Cookies,"5 Union Cross Yard, Halifax",HX1 1PR,Calderdale
Copley Cricket Club,"Copley Lane, Halifax",HX3 0UF,Calderdale
Crown Hotel,"6 Lightcliffe Road, Brighouse",HD6 2DR,Calderdale
Crown Inn,"Greenwood Inn, 10 Crown Street, Hebden Bridge",HX7 8EH,Calderdale
Desi Spice,"Huddersfield Road, Halifax",HX3 0NS,Calderdale
Dirty Dicks Ale House,"1 Clare Road, Halifax",HX1 2HX,Calderdale
Drink,"15 Market Street, Hebden Bridge",HX7 6EU,Calderdale
Drop Inn,"12 Elland Lane, Elland",HX5 9DU,Calderdale
Duke of Wellington,"30 Commercial Street, Halifax",HX1 1TA,Calderdale
Duke Of York,"Stainland Road, Halifax",HX4 9HF,Calderdale
Duke Of York Inn,"West Street, Shelf",HX3 7LN,Calderdale
Duke Of York Inn,"20 Halifax Road, Todmorden",OL14 5QG,Calderdale
Duke William Inn,"Wade House Road, Shelf",HX3 7PF,Calderdale
Dusty Miller,"Burnley Road, Mytholmroyd",HX7 5LH,Calderdale
Dusty Miller,"290 Halifax Road, Brighouse",HD6 2PB,Calderdale
Eastwood Masonic Club,"Halifax Road, Todmorden",OL14 6DN,Calderdale
Elland Cricket Athletic & Bowling Club,"Baines Hall, Hullen Edge Road, Elland",HX5 0QY,Calderdale
Elland Golf Club,"Hammerstones Leach Lane, Elland",HX5 0TA,Calderdale
Elland Working Mens,"Rosebery Street, Elland",HX5 0HT,Calderdale
Evokesomm Ltd,"5-7 Old Market, Halifax",HX1 1TJ,Calderdale
Flamenco Tapas & Wine,"8 Bull Green, Halifax",HX1 5AB,Calderdale
Fleece Inn,"Elland Road, Ripponden",HX4 0DJ,Calderdale
Flying Dutchman,"10 Boothtown Road, Halifax",HX3 6HG,Calderdale
Former Pressers Arms,"2 South Lane, Elland",HX5 0HG,Calderdale
Fountain Head Inn,"45 Mount Pellon, Pellon",HX2 0EE,Calderdale
George Hotel-Wet Sales Only,"2 Commercial Street, Brighouse",HD6 1AQ,Calderdale
Globe Inn,"66-68 Rastrick Common, Brighouse",HD6 3EL,Calderdale
Golden Fleece Catering,"Lindley Road, Blackley",HX5 0TE,Calderdale
Golden Fleece Inn,"1 Southlands, Bradshaw",HX2 9UZ,Calderdale
Golden Lion,"Fielden Square, Todmorden",OL14 6LZ,Calderdale
Greenroyd Bowling Cl,"St Albans Road, Halifax",HX3 0ND,Calderdale
Greetland All Rounders,"Sports Ground, Norland Road, Greetland",HX4 8PT,Calderdale
Greetland Community Sporting Club,"Community Centre, Rochdale Road, Greetland",HX4 8JG,Calderdale
Greetland Cricket & Bowling Cl,"The Holme, Saddleworth Road, Greetland",HX4 8BA,Calderdale
Greetland Social Club,"222 Rochdale Road, Greetland",HX4 8JE,Calderdale
Greyhound Inn,"132 Crowtrees Lane, Brighouse",HD6 3NH,Calderdale
Greystones Social Club,"Crag Lane, Wheatley",HX2 8TX,Calderdale
Griffin Inn,"57 Stainland Road, Barkisland",HX4 0AQ,Calderdale
Grove Inn,"2-4 Tofts Grove Fold, Rastrick",HD6 3NW,Calderdale
Halifax Bowling Club,"Thrum Hall Lane, Halifax",HX1 4JT,Calderdale
Halifax Catholic Memorial Club,"44 Hopwood Lane, Halifax",HX1 5ER,Calderdale
Halifax Golf Club,"Union Lane, Ogden",HX2 8XR,Calderdale
Halifax Party Nights Ltd,"The Arches, E Mill Courtyard",HX3 5AX,Calderdale
Halifax RUFC,"Keighley Road, Illingworth",HX2 8AR,Calderdale
Halifax Snooker Club,"70 Commercial Street, Halifax",HX1 2JE,Calderdale
Halifax Vandals RUFC,"The Clubhouse, Halifax Vandals, Warley Town Lane, Halifax",HX2 7SL,Calderdale
Hare & Hounds,"Lane Ends Lane, Wadsworth",HX7 8TN,Calderdale
Hare & Hounds Inn,"Ashenhurst Road, Todmorden",OL14 8EA,Calderdale
Heath RUFC,"North Dean, Stainland Road, Elland",HX4 8LS,Calderdale
Hebden Bridge Bowling Club,"Lee Holme, Lee Mill Road, Hebden Bridge",HX7 7AE,Calderdale
Hebden Bridge Golf Club,"Height Road, Mytholmroyd",HX7 8PH,Calderdale
Hebden Bridge Masonic Assoc Ltd,"Lodge Rooms, Hangingroyd Lane, Hebden Bridge",HX7 7DD,Calderdale
Hebden Bridge Sports & Social Club,"6 Albert Street, Hebden Bridge",HX7 8AH,Calderdale
Hebden Bridge Trades Club,"Holme Street, Hebden Bridge",HX7 8EE,Calderdale
Heptonstall Social & Bowling Club,"Acres Lane, Heptonstall",HX7 7LT,Calderdale
Hills View Hotel,"Warley Road, King Cross",HX1 3SU,Calderdale
Hipperholme & Lightcliffe Bowling Club,"Amisfield Road, Hipperholme",HX3 8NE,Calderdale
Hogs Head Brew House,"Tubend, Stanley Street, Sowerby Bridge",HX6 2AH,Calderdale
Horse and Jockey (Wet Sales),"Horse And Jockey Inn, 301 Warley Road, King Cross",HX2 0AD,Calderdale
Hove Edge Bowling & WM Club,"Halifax Road, Brighouse",HD6 2QJ,Calderdale
Huddersfield Amateur Football Club,"Sports ground, Old Earth, Elland",HX5 9ES,Calderdale
Illingworth Sports Club,"Keighley Road, Illingworth",HX2 8HA,Calderdale
Imperial Crown Hotel,"Square Road, Halifax",HX1 1QE,Calderdale
Ivy House Inn,"318 Shay Lane, Holmfield",HX2 9BB,Calderdale
Junction Hotel,"192 King Cross Road, Halifax",HX1 3JP,Calderdale
Junction Inn,"133 Moor Bottom Road, Illingworth",HX2 9SX,Calderdale
Kava Kafe,"31 Rochdale Road, Todmorden",OL14 7LA,Calderdale
King Cross Sports and Social Club,"Hopwood Lane, Halifax",HX1 4HA,Calderdale
King Cross W M C,"Warley Road, King Cross",HX1 3SU,Calderdale
La Salsa,"First And Second Floors, 24-26 Silver Street, Halifax",HX1 1HS,Calderdale
Lee Mount Club,"Lee Mount Road, Lee Mount",HX3 5EQ,Calderdale
Lightcliffe Cricket,"Wakefield Road, Lightcliffe",HX3 8TH,Calderdale
Lightcliffe Golf Club,"Knowle Top Road, Lightcliffe",HX3 8SW,Calderdale
Liquid and Maine Street,"Wards End, Halifax",HX1 2AB,Calderdale
Long Can Hall,"3-10 Ovenden Wood Road, Halifax",HX2 0TQ,Calderdale
Lord Nelson Inn,"15 High Street, Luddenden",HX2 6PX,Calderdale
Luddendenfoot Bowling Club,"Tillotson Holme, Luddenden Foot",HX2 6AF,Calderdale
Luddendenfoot Cricket Club,"Clunters Lane, Luddenden Foot",HX2 6LD,Calderdale
Maggies,"The Groove, Commercial Street, Halifax",HX1 1BX,Calderdale
Malt Shovel Inn,"8 Briggate, Elland",HX5 9DP,Calderdale
Marshalls Bar,"Carlton Street, Hebden Bridge",HX7 8ER,Calderdale
Masons Arms,"1 Bacup Road, Todmorden",OL14 7PN,Calderdale
Maypole Inn,"Stock Lane, Warley",HX2 7RZ,Calderdale
Middle Bar,"18 Fountain Street, Halifax",HX1 1LW,Calderdale
Midgehole W M C,"New Bridge, Midgehole Road, Hebden Bridge",HX7 7AL,Calderdale
Moorcock Inn,"Moor Bottom Lane, Norland",HX6 3RP,Calderdale
Moorlands Inn,"Keighley Road, Illingworth",HX2 8XD,Calderdale
Moorside Club,"Keighley Road, Illingworth",HX2 8AR,Calderdale
Murgatroyd Arms,"9 Skircoat Green, Halifax",HX3 0RX,Calderdale
Mytholmroyd Community Association,"Caldene Avenue, Mytholmroyd",HX7 5AF,Calderdale
Mytholmroyd W M Club,"Stocks Avenue, Mytholmroyd",HX7 5AS,Calderdale
Nags Head,"New Hey Road, Ainley Top",HD2 2EA,Calderdale
Navigation Inn,"47 Chapel Lane, Sowerby Bridge",HX6 3LF,Calderdale
Nelsons Wine Bar,"Basement, Carlton Chambers, Crown Street, Hebden Bridge",HX7 8EH,Calderdale
New Delight Inn,"New Shaw Lane, Blackshaw Head",HX7 7HT,Calderdale
New Inn,"33 Heath Hill Road, Halifax",HX2 0UT,Calderdale
New Ritz Ballroom,"73 Bradford Road, Brighouse",HD6 4AD,Calderdale
New Street Hotel,"38 Sutcliffe Street, Pellon",HX2 0HG,Calderdale
Norland Working Men's Club,"Ivy Cottage, Stormer Hill Lane, Sowerby Bridge",HX6 3RD,Calderdale
North Bridge Leisure Centre,"North Bridge Street, Halifax",HX3 6TE,Calderdale
Northowram Community Sports and Activity Club,"Northowram Cricket Club, Westercroft Lane, Northowram",HX3 7EN,Calderdale
Northowram Conservative Club,"1 Lydgate, Northowram",HX3 7EJ,Calderdale
Northowram Hedge Top Cricket Club,"Westercroft Lane, Northowram",HX3 7EN,Calderdale
Octave Club,"54 Southgate, Elland",HX5 0DQ,Calderdale
Old Bridge Inn,"Priest Lane, Ripponden",HX6 4DF,Calderdale
Old Brodleians R U F C,"Denholme Gate Road, Hipperholme",HX3 8JU,Calderdale
Old Crossleyans Cricket Club,"Standeven House, Broomfield Avenue, Skircoat Green",HX3 0JE,Calderdale
Old Crossleyans Rugby Union Football Club,"Standeven House, Broomfield Avenue, Skircoat Green",HX3 0JE,Calderdale
Old Post Office,"55 Winding Road, Halifax",HX1 1SJ,Calderdale
Old Rishworthians RUFC,"Copley Lane, Halifax",HX3 0UG,Calderdale
Old Ship Inn,"34 Bethel Street, Brighouse",HD6 1JN,Calderdale
Old Town Cricket Club,"Boston Hill, Wadsworth",HX7 8SS,Calderdale
Old White Beare,"Village Street, Norwood Green",HX3 8QG,Calderdale
Outlane Cricket Club-Bar,"Old Lindley Road, Outlane",HD3 3TE,Kirklees
Pack Horse Inn,"Widdop Road, Heptonstall",HX7 7AT,Calderdale
Pear Tree Inn,"Station Road, Norwood Green",HX3 8QD,Calderdale
Pellon Social Club,"Moor End Road, Halifax",HX2 0HF,Calderdale
Pennine Club,"Constitutional Club, 6 Albert Street, Hebden Bridge",HX7 8AH,Calderdale
Percy Shaw,"2 Broad Street Plaza, Halifax",HX1 1UX,Calderdale
Platform,"Southgate House, Wards End, Halifax",HX1 1DE,Calderdale
Plummet Line Hotel,"21 Bull Close Lane, Halifax",HX1 2EF,Calderdale
Polish Catholic Club,"Stainleigh, Francis Street, Halifax",HX1 5JY,Calderdale
Prince Albert Inn,"17 St Martins View, Brighouse",HD6 2AZ,Calderdale
Prince Of Orange Inn,"77 Carr House Road, Shelf",HX3 7RJ,Calderdale
Puzzle Hall Inn,"21 Hollins Mill Lane, Sowerby Bridge",HX6 2RF,Calderdale
Queen Hotel,"Rise Lane, Todmorden",OL14 7AA,Calderdale
Queen Hotel,"97 Stainland Road, Halifax",HX4 8BD,Calderdale
Queens Head Tavern (Wet Sales),"13 Mason's Green, Halifax",HX2 8HG,Calderdale
Queens Sports Club,"Moorlands View, Halifax",HX1 2XQ,Calderdale
Railway,"12 New Road, Hebden Bridge",HX7 8AD,Calderdale
Railway Hotel,"29 Horton Street, Halifax",HX1 1QE,Calderdale
Railway Hotel,"1 Nursery Lane, Ovenden",HX3 5SJ,Calderdale
Rastrick Bowling and Social Club,"Toothill Bank, Rastrick",HD6 3EZ,Calderdale
Rastrick Constitutional Club,"5 Church Street, Rastrick",HD6 3NF,Calderdale
Rastrick Cricket Club,"Clough Lane, Rastrick",HD6 3QL,Calderdale
Red Rooster (Brighouse Ltd),"123 Elland Road, Brighouse",HD6 2QR,Calderdale
Richard Oastler (J D Wetherspoons),"Bethel Street, Brighouse",HD6 1JN,Calderdale
Ring O' Bells,"3 Upper Kirkgate, Halifax",HX1 1QS,Calderdale
Ripponden Conservative Club,"Victoria Hall, 212 Halifax Road, Ripponden",HX6 4BG,Calderdale
River Lounge,"18 Town Hall Street, Sowerby Bridge",HX6 2EA,Calderdale
Robin Hood Inn,"Cragg Road, Mytholmroyd",HX7 5SQ,Calderdale
Rock Tavern,"Fixby Cottage, 26 Dewsbury Road, Elland",HX5 9JU,Calderdale
Roebuck Inn,"Burnley Road, Todmorden",OL14 8PY,Calderdale
Rose & Crown Inn,"96-98 Rochdale Road, Greetland",HX4 8HR,Calderdale
Rose & Crown Inn,"Bowling Green Road, Stainland",HX4 9PF,Calderdale
Roundhill Inn,"75 Clough Lane, Rastrick",HD6 3QL,Calderdale
Roxy Bingo and Social Club (Sowerby Bridge) Ltd,"Wharf Street, Sowerby Bridge",HX6 2AE,Calderdale
Roxy Venue,"Roxy Bingo And Social Club, Wharf Street, Sowerby Bridge",HX6 2AE,Calderdale
Royal George Todmorden Ltd,"17 Rochdale Road, Todmorden",OL14 5AA,Calderdale
Royal Oak Hotel,"Sowerby Street, Sowerby Bridge",HX6 3AT,Calderdale
Rushcart Inn,"Towngate, Sowerby",HX6 1JJ,Calderdale
Ryburn Golf Club,"Hollin Lane, Norland",HX6 3QP,Calderdale
Salvation,"Barum Top, Halifax",HX1 1NL,Calderdale
Savile Arms,"Southgate, Elland",HX5 0BW,Calderdale
Savile Bowling Club,"Savile Road, Hebden Bridge",HX7 6ND,Calderdale
Shears Inn,"1 Paris Gates, Boys Lane, Halifax",HX3 9EZ,Calderdale
Shepherds Rest,"125 Bolton Brow, Sowerby Bridge",HX6 2BD,Calderdale
Shepherds Rest Inn,"Lumbutts Road, Todmorden",OL14 6JJ,Calderdale
Shibden Mill Inn,"Blake Hill, Shibden",HX3 7UL,Calderdale
Shoulder Of Mutton,"Cain Lane, Southowram",HX3 9SB,Calderdale
Shoulder Of Mutton,"Bridge Gate, Hebden Bridge",HX7 8EX,Calderdale
Shoulder Of Mutton,"New Road, Mytholmroyd",HX7 5DZ,Calderdale
Shoulder Of Mutton,"1 Towngate, Northowram",HX3 7EA,Calderdale
Siddal Cricket & Athletic WMC,"Park Lane, Siddal",HX3 9LE,Calderdale
Siddal Ex-Servicemens Club,"Siddal Lane, Halifax",HX3 9JS,Calderdale
Siddal Place Hotel,"49 Oxford Lane, Siddal",HX3 9BJ,Calderdale
Siddal Rugby Club,"Siddal Sports And Comm Centre, Exley Lane, Halifax",HX3 9EW,Calderdale
Southowram Cricket Club,"Ashday Lane, Southowram",HX3 9TR,Calderdale
Southowram Social Club,"1a Towngate, Southowram",HX3 9QZ,Calderdale
Southwood Events,"Southwood, Birdcage Lane, Halifax",HX3 0JQ,Calderdale
Southwood Masonic Hall,"Southwood, Birdcage Lane, Halifax",HX3 0JQ,Calderdale
Sowerby Bridge Church Inst CC,"Sbic Cricket Club, Blackwall Lane, Sowerby Bridge",HX6 2UB,Calderdale
Sowerby Bridge Cricket Club,"Walton Street, Sowerby Bridge",HX6 1AN,Calderdale
Sowerby Bridge Working Mens Club,"Bolton Brow, Sowerby Bridge",HX6 2AL,Calderdale
Sowerby Tennis & Bowling Club,"St Peters Avenue, Sowerby",HX6 1HA,Calderdale
Sportsman Inn,"Rochdale Road, Greetland",HX4 8PL,Calderdale
Sportsman Inn & Leisure,"Bradford Old Road, Claremount",HX3 6UG,Calderdale
Spring Gardens Inn,"45 Elland Lane, Elland",HX5 9EP,Calderdale
Spring Rock Inn,"Norland Road, Greetland",HX4 8PT,Calderdale
St Peters Cricket Club,"St Peters Avenue, Sowerby",HX6 1DF,Calderdale
Staff Of Life Inn,"550 Burnley Road, Todmorden",OL14 8JF,Calderdale
Stafford Bowling Club,"Stafford Avenue, Halifax",HX3 0BH,Calderdale
Stainland Stags ARLFC,"Stainland Memorial Park, Stainland Road, Stainland",HX4 9HG,Calderdale
Standard Of Freedom,"2 New Lane, Skircoat Green",HX3 0TE,Calderdale
Star Inn,"1 Lindwell, Greetland",HX4 8HH,Calderdale
Stone Chair Variety Club,"Brighouse And Denholme Gate Ro, Shelf",HX3 7TG,Calderdale
Stump Cross Inn,"Godley Lane, Halifax",HX3 7AY,Calderdale
Sun Inn,"94 New Hey Road, Rastrick",HD6 3PZ,Calderdale
Sun Inn,"154 Wakefield Road, Lightcliffe",HX3 8TH,Calderdale
Thaal,"219 Bradford Road, Brighouse",HD6 4AS,Calderdale
The Albany Club,"Clare Road, Halifax",HX1 2JP,Calderdale
The Albert,"3 Albert Street, Hebden Bridge",HX7 8AH,Calderdale
The Barge,"37 Mill Lane, Brighouse",HD6 1PA,Calderdale
The Barum Top Inn,"Barum Top, Halifax",HX1 1NL,Calderdale
The Beck,"157 Bradford Road, Brighouse",HD6 4AS,Calderdale
The Beehive Inn,"48 Hob Lane, Ripponden",HX6 4LU,Calderdale
The Big 6,"10 Horsfall Street, Halifax",HX1 3HG,Calderdale
The Blind Pig,"4 Tower Hill, Sowerby Bridge",HX6 2EQ,Calderdale
The Booth Wood Inn,"Oldham Road, Ripponden",HX6 4QU,Calderdale
The Border Rose,"772 Rochdale Road, Todmorden",OL14 7UA,Calderdale
The Bridge,"62 Briggate, Brighouse",HD6 1EF,Calderdale
The Bull on the Bridge,"17 Town Hall Street, Sowerby Bridge",HX6 2EA,Calderdale
The Caddyshack Clubhouse Bar & Grill,"2-4 The Cross, Westgate, Elland",HX5 0BB,Calderdale
The Commercial Inn,"31 Wharf Street, Sowerby Bridge",HX6 2LA,Calderdale
The Courtyard,"5-6 Wards End, Halifax",HX1 1BX,Calderdale
The Cross Inn,"46 Towngate, Heptonstall",HX7 7NB,Calderdale
The Cross Keys Inn,"3 Whitegate, Siddal",HX3 9AE,Calderdale
The Crossroads Inn,"Balkram Edge, Wainstalls",HX2 7TB,Calderdale
The Dinky Drinkerie,"25 Longfield Way, Todmorden",OL14 6NW,Calderdale
The Feathers,"263 King Cross Road, Halifax",HX1 3JL,Calderdale
The Fire House,"7 Central Buildings, Town Hall Street, Sowerby Bridge",HX6 2QD,Calderdale
The Fleece Inn,"Westgate, Elland",HX5 0BB,Calderdale
The Forth Bridge,"Hough, Northowram",HX3 7BZ,Calderdale
The Fox & Goose Inn,"9 Heptonstall Road, Hebden Bridge",HX7 6AZ,Calderdale
The Friendly,"39 Ovenden Road, Halifax",HX3 5QG,Calderdale
The Glen View Inn,"853 Burnley Road, Todmorden",OL14 7EW,Calderdale
The Grayston Unity,"3 Wesley Court, Halifax",HX1 1UH,Calderdale
The Gundog,"50 Crown Street, Halifax",HX1 1JB,Calderdale
The Hare & Hounds,"Denholme Gate Road, Hipperholme",HX3 8JQ,Calderdale
The Hinchliffe Arms,"Church Bank Lane, Cragg Vale",HX7 5TA,Calderdale
The Hollins Mill Pub,"12 Hollins Mill Lane, Sowerby Bridge",HX6 2QG,Calderdale
The House That Jack Built,"122 Burnley Road, Todmorden",OL14 5JT,Calderdale
The Irish Centre,"Clifton House, West Parade, Halifax",HX1 2EQ,Calderdale
The Jubilee,"18 Market Street, Halifax",HX1 1PB,Calderdale
The Junction Inn,"1 Ogden Lane, Brighouse",HD6 3HF,Calderdale
The Last Drop / Lewins Ale House,"22-26 Bull Green, Halifax",HX1 5AB,Calderdale
The Last Post,"The Cottage, 1a Oldham Road, Ripponden",HX6 4DA,Calderdale
The Lightcliffe Club (rating for wet sales),"60 Wakefield Road, Lightcliffe",HX3 8AU,Calderdale
The Loose Goose Inn,"1 West Street, Sowerby Bridge",HX6 3AN,Calderdale
The Malt House Bar & Restaurant,"270 Oldham Road, Ripponden",HX6 4QB,Calderdale
The Market Tavern,"2 Ship Street, Brighouse",HD6 1JX,Calderdale
The Milestone,"Golden Lion Hotel, Halifax Road, Ripponden",HX6 4BQ,Calderdale
The Moorings,"The Moorings, Sowerby Bridge",HX6 2AG,Calderdale
The New Hobbit,"Hob Lane, Norland",HX6 3QL,Calderdale
The New Inn,"Forest Hill Road, Sowood",HX4 9LB,Calderdale
The New Prospect Inn,"1 Cowroyd Place, Halifax",HX3 6JR,Calderdale
The Nut House,"Ground Floor, 24-26 Silver Street, Halifax",HX1 1HS,Calderdale
The Oddys,"158 Haugh Shaw Road, Savile Park",HX1 3BG,Calderdale
The Old Brandy Wine,"Station Road, Luddenden Foot",HX2 6AD,Calderdale
The Old Cock,"Old Cock Yard, Halifax",HX1 1DS,Calderdale
The Old Pond,"15 Spout House Lane, Brighouse",HD6 2PL,Calderdale
The Pack Horse,"Cain Lane, Southowram",HX3 9SA,Calderdale
The Peacock,"Cote Hill, Burnley Road, Warley",HX2 7LZ,Calderdale
The Polished Knob,"31 Burnley Road, Todmorden",OL14 7BU,Calderdale
The Pumproom Micropub Ltd,"33 Northgate, Halifax",HX1 1UR,Calderdale
The Robin Hood,"26 Keighley Road, Hebden Bridge",HX7 8QR,Calderdale
The Rock Inn Hotel (Bar),"Broad Carr Lane, Holywell Green",HX4 9BS,Calderdale
The Running Man,"84 Pellon Lane, Halifax",HX1 5QN,Calderdale
The Shant,"247 Shay Lane, Holmfield",HX2 9AG,Calderdale
The Shay Stadium,"Shaw Hill, Halifax",HX1 2YT,Calderdale
The Silk Mill,"The Besom Brush, Oldham Road, Ripponden",HX6 4EB,Calderdale
The Star,"29 Bridge End, Brighouse",HD6 3DN,Calderdale
The Stubbing Wharf,"Stubbing Drive, Hebden Bridge",HX7 6LU,Calderdale
The Vedas,"26-30 Rochdale Road, Todmorden",OL14 7LD,Calderdale
The Watermill & Brewers Fayre,"Salterhebble Hill, Halifax",HX3 0QT,Calderdale
The Wellington,"3 Halifax Road, Todmorden",OL14 5AG,Calderdale
The Wellington Inn,"66 Rochdale Road, Halifax",HX2 7HB,Calderdale
The White Hart,"White Hart Fold, Todmorden",OL14 7BD,Calderdale
The White Lion,"St Georges Square, Hebden Bridge",HX7 8ET,Calderdale
The Whitehall,"Leeds Road, Hipperholme",HX3 8NA,Calderdale
The Winterburn,"1 Winterburn Hill, Winterburn Lane, Warley",HX2 7SQ,Calderdale
The Woodpecker,"224 Rochdale Road, Todmorden",OL14 7NU,Calderdale
Three Monkeys,"Southgate House, Wards End, Halifax",HX1 1DE,Calderdale
Three Pigeons Inn,"1 Sun Fold, Halifax",HX1 2LX,Calderdale
Toby Carvery,"The Ainley Top, Brighouse Road, Birchencliffe",HD2 2LB,Calderdale
Todmorden Catholic Club,"Eagle Street, Todmorden",OL14 5HH,Calderdale
Todmorden Cricket Club - Clubhouse,"Burnley Road, Todmorden",OL14 7BS,Calderdale
Todmorden Cricket Club Tearoom,"Todmorden Cricket Club, Burnley Road, Todmorden",OL14 7BS,Calderdale
Todmorden Golf Club,"Rive Rocks, Broad Gate, Todmorden",OL14 8RD,Calderdale
Todmorden Lawn Tennis Club,"The Grove, Todmorden",OL14 8RB,Calderdale
Todmorden Working Mens Social Club,"Halifax Road, Todmorden",OL14 5QG,Calderdale
Top Brink Inn,"Brink Top, Todmorden",OL14 6JB,Calderdale
Trades Club,"Trades Club, Holme Street",HX7 8EE,Calderdale
Travellers Inn,"Tanhouse Hill, Hipperholme",HX3 8HN,Calderdale
Travellers Rest,"99 Huddersfield Road, Elland",HX5 9AA,Calderdale
Travellers Rest,"83 Stainland Road, Halifax",HX4 8BD,Calderdale
Triangle Cricket Club,"Stansfield Mill Lane, Triangle",HX6 3NA,Calderdale
Turks Head Inn,"Back Wharf Street, Sowerby Bridge",HX6 2AD,Calderdale
Twilight,"2 Waterhouse Street, Halifax",HX1 1UQ,Calderdale
Ukrainian Assoc of Great Britain Ltd,"Fairfield House, Queens Road, King Cross",HX1 4LN,Calderdale
Union Cross,"12 Old Market, Halifax",HX1 1TN,Calderdale
Upper George Hotel,"35 Crown Street, Halifax",HX1 1TT,Calderdale
Venue Nightclub,"Oddfellows Hall, Bridge Street, Todmorden",OL14 5AQ,Calderdale
Victoria Craft Beer Cafe,"18-22 Powell Street, Halifax",HX1 1LN,Calderdale
Vine Wine Bars Ltd,"Unit 2 Victoria Mill, Stainland Road, Halifax",HX4 8AD,Calderdale
Volunteer Arms,"62 Wakefield Road, Copley",HX3 0UA,Calderdale
Waggon & Horses,"752 Burnley Road, Todmorden",OL14 8LF,Calderdale
Waggon And Horses,"786 Rochdale Road, Todmorden",OL14 7UA,Calderdale
Wainhouse Tavern,"76 Upper Washer Lane, Halifax",HX2 7DR,Calderdale
Waiters Arms,"61 Tuel Lane, Sowerby Bridge",HX6 2EW,Calderdale
Walsden Cricket & Bowling Club,"Rochdale Road, Todmorden",OL14 7SX,Calderdale
Wellington Inn,"Southgate, Elland",HX5 0DQ,Calderdale
West End Bowling Club,"West Street, Sowerby Bridge",HX6 3BB,Calderdale
West End Golf Club,"Paddock Lane, Halifax",HX2 0NT,Calderdale
Westgate,"28 Westgate, Halifax",HX1 1PW,Calderdale
White Horse,"Spring Garden, Burnley Road, Luddenden Foot",HX6 2TW,Calderdale
White Horse Inn,"33 Southgate, Halifax",HX1 1DL,Calderdale
White Horse Inn,"Leeds Road, Hipperholme",HX3 8SX,Calderdale
White Lion Inn,"58 Towngate, Heptonstall",HX7 7NB,Calderdale
White Swan Hotel,"Bridge Gate, Hebden Bridge",HX7 8EX,Calderdale
William IV,"247-249 King Cross Road, Halifax",HX1 3JL,Calderdale
Williams,"William Iv Inn, 80-82 Wharf Street, Sowerby Bridge",HX6 2LB,Calderdale
Willow Royd Masonic Cmtee Club,"Savile Masonic Lodge, Rochdale Road, Greetland",HX4 8AH,Calderdale
Willow Valley Golf Club,"Highmoor Lane, Clifton",HD6 4JB,Calderdale
Yates Wine Lodge,"19-21 Silver Street, Halifax",HX1 1HS,Calderdale
Yew Tree Inn,"20 Northowram Green, Northowram",HX3 7JE,Calderdale

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