Carlisle, Cumbria pubs in August 2018

This site is obviously about pub history, and also connects to my many other pub history sites. These pages are of all the open pubs, as listed by the Foods Standards Agency at August 2018, there are currently over 50,000 open pubs.  Index of all Boroughs

Carlisle Cumbria - 95
301 Miles from London,"Virgin Trains, Citadel Railway Station, Court Square, Carlisle",CA1 1QZ,Carlisle
Bailey Mill,"Bailey Mill, Bailey, Newcastleton",TD9 0TR,Carlisle
Bar Solo,"Bar Solo, 1 Botchergate, Carlisle",CA1 1QP,Carlisle
Blue Bell Inn,"Blue Bell Inn, 6 The Square, Dalston",CA5 7PJ,Carlisle
Brewers Fayre - Lakeland Gate,"Premier Inn, Walkmill Crescent, Carlisle",CA1 2WF,Carlisle
Cafe Stobart,"Carlisle Airport, Laversdale",CA6 4NW,Carlisle
Caledonian,"Caledonian, 17 Botchergate, Carlisle",CA1 1QP,Carlisle
Carlisle & District Railway Sports & Athletic Club,"Carlisle Rugby League Football Club, Gillford Park, Carlisle",CA1 3AF,Carlisle
Carlisle Cricket Club,"Edenside, Brampton Road, Carlisle",CA3 9AN,Carlisle
Carlisle Ex-Servicemens Club Ltd,"1 Albert Street, Carlisle",CA1 1HZ,Carlisle
Carlisle Racecourse,"Carlisle Racecourse, Durdar Road, Carlisle",CA2 4TS,Carlisle
Circle Cafe Bar,"Circle Cafe Bar, 5-10 Lowther Arcade, Carlisle",CA3 8LX,Carlisle
Club Britannia,"Club Britannia, 35 Lowther Street, Carlisle",CA3 8EJ,Carlisle
Coach & Horses,"Coach & Horses, 234 Kingstown Road, Carlisle",CA3 0DE,Carlisle
Coco Mill,"47-49 Lowther Street, Carlisle",CA3 8EQ,Carlisle
Crown And Thistle,"53 Church Street, Stanwix",CA3 9DS,Carlisle
Crown Inn,"Crown Inn, Broadfield, Brampton Road",CA4 0PT,Eden
Deja Vu,"1a-2 Englishgate Plaza, Botchergate, Carlisle",CA1 1RP,Carlisle
Eaten by Monsters,"Eaten By Monsters, 9-11 Devonshire Street, Carlisle",CA3 8LG,Carlisle
Gosling Bridge Inn,"Gosling Bridge Inn And Premier Lodge, Kingstown Road, Carlisle",CA3 0AT,Carlisle
Harraby Catholic Club Limited,"Harraby Catholic Club, Edgehill Road, Carlisle",CA1 3PQ,Carlisle
Havana,"Unit 3a, English Gate Plaza, Botchergate, Carlisle",CA1 1RP,Carlisle
Hell Below,"Hell Below, 14-16 Devonshire Street, Carlisle",CA3 8LP,Carlisle
Howard Arms Hotel,"Howard Arms Hotel, 13 Front Street, Brampton",CA8 1NG,Carlisle
Insomnia Carlisle Ltd,"Unit 10, English Gate Plaza, Botchergate, Carlisle",CA1 1RP,Carlisle
Joiners Arms,"Joiners Arms, Church Street, Carlisle",CA2 5TF,Carlisle
Kings Head Inn,"Kings Head Inn, 29a Fisher Street, Carlisle",CA3 8RF,Carlisle
Lowther Arms Inn,"Lowther Arms Inn, Cumwhinton",CA4 8DL,Carlisle
McGrews Bistro,"Old Fire Station, Peter Street, Carlisle",CA3 8QP,Carlisle
Metal Bridge Inn,"Metal Bridge Inn, Metal Bridge, Blackford",CA6 4HG,Carlisle
Near Boot Inn,"The Near Boot Inn, Whiteclosegate, Carlisle",CA3 0JA,Carlisle
No. 15 Gin Bar,"15 Warwick Road, Carlisle",CA1 1DH,Carlisle
Open Mind,"75 English Street, Carlisle",CA3 8LU,Carlisle
Outrageous Cabaret Bar,"Outrageous, 77-79 English Street, Carlisle",CA3 8LU,Carlisle
Pentonbridge Inn,"Bridge Inn, Penton, Cumbria",CA6 5QB,Carlisle
Premier Inn - Border Gate,"Bordergate Travel Inn, Carleton",CA4 0AD,Carlisle
Queens Arms Inn,"Queen Arms Inn, Warwick On Eden",CA4 8PA,Carlisle
Rock of Ages,"Club Rock, 7 English Gate Plaza, Botchergate, Carlisle",CA1 1RP,Carlisle
Rouge Carlisle Ltd,"Rouge, 8 English Gate Plaza, Botchergate, Carlisle",CA1 1RP,Carlisle
Royal Oak,"The Royal Oak, 47 Scotby Village, Scotby",CA4 8BP,Carlisle
Spinners Arms,"Spinners Arms, Cummersdale Road, Cummersdale",CA2 6BD,Carlisle
Stag Inn,"The Stag Inn, Crosby On Eden",CA6 4QN,Carlisle
Stoneyholme Catering - Mack Golf Ltd,"Stonyholme Municipal Golf Club, St Aidans Road, Carlisle",CA1 1LS,Carlisle
The Apple Tree,"Pippins, Lowther Street, Carlisle",CA3 8EQ,Carlisle
The Beehive,"The Beehive, Warwick Road, Carlisle",CA1 1LH,Carlisle
The Belted Will Inn,"The Belted Will, Hallbankgate, Cumbria",CA8 2NJ,Carlisle
The Black Lion,"The Black Lion, Hethersgill",CA6 6EH,Carlisle
The Black Lion,"The Black Lion, 517 Durdar Road, Carlisle",CA2 4TX,Carlisle
The Blacksmith's Arms (Talkin) Ltd,"The Blacksmiths Arms, Talkin, Cumbria",CA8 1LE,Carlisle
The Boardroom,"The Boardroom, 8 Paternsoter Row, Carlisle",CA3 8TT,Carlisle
The Bronx,"34 Botchergate, Carlisle",CA1 1QS,Carlisle
The Club House at Eden,"Clubhouse, Eden Golf Club, Crosby On Eden, Cumbria",CA6 4RA,Carlisle
The Cranemakers,"The Crane Makers, 43 London Road, Carlisle",CA1 2JZ,Carlisle
The Crescent Bar,"Ground Floor, 1 The Crescent, Carlisle",CA1 1QN,Carlisle
The Crossings Inn,"The Crossings Inn, Roweltown, Cumbria",CA6 6LG,Carlisle
The Crown & Thistle,"Crown And Thistle Inn, Rockcliffe, Cumbria",CA6 4AA,Carlisle
The Crown Inn,"Crown Inn, 23 Scotland Road, Carlisle",CA3 9HS,Carlisle
The Currock,"The Currock Inn, 41-43 Boundary Road, Carlisle",CA2 4HH,Carlisle
The Drovers Rest,"Drovers Rest Inn, Monkhill, Burgh By Sands",CA5 6DB,Carlisle
The Duke of Cumberland,"Duke Of Cumberland Inn, Castle Carrock, Cumbria",CA8 9LU,Carlisle
The Fat Gadgie,"5 Devonshire Street, Carlisle",CA3 8LG,Carlisle
The Golden Fleece,"Golden Fleece, Irthington",CA6 4NF,Carlisle
The Greyhound Inn,"Greyhound Inn, Burgh By Sands",CA5 6AN,Carlisle
The Greyhound Inn,"The Greyhound Inn, Front Street, Cotehill",CA4 0DQ,Carlisle
The Griffin,"The Griffin, Court Square, Carlisle",CA1 1QX,Carlisle
The Harraby Inn,"Harraby Inn, Harraby Grove, Carlisle",CA1 2QN,Carlisle
The Howard Arms,"Howard Arms, 107 Lowther Street, Carlisle",CA3 8ED,Carlisle
The Last Zebra,"The Last Zebra, 6 Lowther Street, Carlisle",CA3 8DA,Carlisle
The Milbourne Arms,"Milbourne Arms, 150 Milbourne Street, Carlisle",CA2 5XB,Carlisle
The Museum Inn,"Museum Inn, 101 Moorhouse Road, Carlisle",CA2 7QJ,Carlisle
The Nags Head,"Nags Head Hotel, Market Place, Brampton",CA8 1RW,Carlisle
The Nosey Cow Inn,"Carleton, Carlisle",CA1 3DP,Carlisle
The Otter Inn,"Haywain Inn, Little Corby Road, Corby Hill",CA4 8QQ,Carlisle
The Pheasant Inn,"The Pheasant Inn, Cumwhitton",CA8 9EX,Carlisle
The Plough Inn,"Plough Inn, Wreay",CA4 0RL,Carlisle
The Reiver Inn,"Border Reiver, Holmrook Road, Carlisle",CA2 7TB,Carlisle
The Robin Hood Inn,"Robin Hood Inn, Smithfield, Kirklinton",CA6 6BP,Carlisle
The Royal Oak Inn,"The Royal Oak Inn, Moorhouse",CA5 6EZ,Carlisle
The Royal Scot,"The Royal Scot, Langrigg Road, Carlisle",CA2 6DX,Carlisle
The Shepherds Inn,"Shepherds Inn And Auctioneer, Pioneer House, Montgomery Way, Rosehill Industrial Estate",CA1 2RS,Carlisle
The Source Collective,"Atlas Works, Nelson Street, Carlisle",CA2 5ND,Carlisle
The Sportsman Inn,"The Sportsman Inn, Heads Lane, Carlisle",CA3 8AQ,Carlisle
The Stone Inn,"The Stone Inn, Hayton, Carlisle",CA8 9HR,Carlisle
The String Of Horses,"String Of Horses Inn, Faugh",CA8 9EG,Carlisle
The Thin White Duke,"The Thin White Duke, 1 Devonshire Street, Carlisle",CA3 8LG,Carlisle
The Venue,"The Live House, The Venue, 7 Englishgate Plaza, Botchergate, Carlisle",CA1 1RP,Carlisle
The Victoria Inn,"Victoria Inn, How Mill, Hayton",CA8 9JT,Carlisle
The Wellington Inn,"The Wellington Inn, Great Orton, Cumbria",CA5 6LZ,Carlisle
Turf Tavern,"Turf Tavern, Newmarket Road, Carlisle",CA1 1JG,Carlisle
Upperby Mens Institute Ltd,"Upperby Institute, 41 Lamb Street, Carlisle",CA2 4NF,Carlisle
Walkabout,"Unit 6, English Gate Plaza, Botchergate, Carlisle",CA1 1RP,Carlisle
Wheatsheaf Inn,"Wheatsheaf Inn, Wetheral",CA4 8HD,Carlisle
William Rufus (Lloyds No 1),"William Rufus (Lloyds No 1), 10-16 Botchergate, Carlisle",CA1 1QS,Carlisle
Woodrow Wilson,"Woodrow Wilson, 48 Botchergate, Carlisle",CA1 1QS,Carlisle
Yellowjacket,"46 Warwick Road, Carlisle",CA1 1DN,Carlisle

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