Cherwell, Oxfordshire pubs in August 2018

This site is obviously about pub history, and also connects to my many other pub history sites. These pages are of all the open pubs, as listed by the Foods Standards Agency at August 2018, there are currently over 50,000 open pubs.  Index of all Boroughs

Cherwell Oxford
Adderbury Bowls Club, Oxford Road, Adderbury, Banbury, Oxfordshire ,OX17 3JB,Cherwell
Also Known As, 54 - 56 Parsons Street, Banbury ,OX16 5NB,Cherwell
Atic, 10 - 11 Butchers Row, Banbury ,OX16 5JH,Cherwell
Barley Mow Inn, Barley Mow, Somerton Road, Upper Heyford, Bicester ,OX25 5LB,Cherwell
Brasenose Arms, Station Road, Cropredy, Banbury ,OX17 1PW,Cherwell
Bure Farm Public House, 9 Barberry Place, Bicester ,OX26 3HA,Cherwell
Coach And Horses, The Green, Adderbury, Banbury ,OX17 3ND,Cherwell
Crown And Tuns (Pudding Face Ltd), Crown And Tuns, New Street, Deddington, Banbury ,OX15 0SP,Cherwell
Dog And Gun, 6 North Bar Street, Banbury ,OX16 0TB,Cherwell
Elephant And Castle, Humber Street, Bloxham, Banbury ,OX15 4LZ,Cherwell
FRS Pub School Ltd, The Royal Sun, 2 Woodstock Road West, Begbroke, Kidlington ,OX5 1RZ,Cherwell
Hare And Hounds Inn, Edgecote Lane, Wardington, Banbury ,OX17 1SH,Cherwell
Horse And Groom Inn, Main Road, Milcombe, Banbury ,OX15 4RS,Cherwell
Horse And Jockey, 20 West Bar Street, Banbury ,OX16 9RR,Cherwell
Horse And Jockey, Malthouse Lane, Bodicote ,OX15 4BU,Cherwell
Hundred Acres, Hart Place, Bicester ,OX26 4FR,Cherwell
Hylton's At The Moon And Sixpence, The Moon And Sixpence, Main Street, Hanwell, Banbury ,OX17 1HW,Cherwell
Jacobs Plough, 63 North Street, Bicester ,OX26 6NB,Cherwell
JT Davies, Castle House, 25 Cornhill, Market Place, Banbury ,OX16 5NG,Cherwell
Kings Arms Hotel, 40 Market Square, Bicester ,OX26 6AH,Cherwell
Oxford Arms, Troy Lane, Kirtlington, Kidlington ,OX5 3HA,Cherwell
Pear Tree Inn, Scotland End, Hook Norton, Banbury ,OX15 5NU,Cherwell
Red Lion, 127 Cassington Road, Yarnton, Kidlington ,OX5 1QD,Cherwell
Red Lion, High Street, Bloxham, Banbury ,OX15 4LX,Cherwell
Roebuck Inn, Stratford Road, Drayton, Banbury ,OX15 6EN,Cherwell
Safari Garden (The Plough), The Plough Inn, 17 Ploughley Road, Arncott, Bicester ,OX25 1NY,Cherwell
Saye And Sele Arms, Main Road, Broughton, Banbury ,OX15 5ED,Cherwell
Six Bells, 70 Mill Street, Kidlington ,OX5 2EF,Cherwell
The Angel, 102 Sheep Street, Bicester ,OX26 6LP,Cherwell
The Banbury Cross, The Banbury Cross Inn, 7 Butchers Row, Banbury ,OX16 5JH,Cherwell
The Barley Mow, Warwick Road, Banbury ,OX16 1SS,Cherwell
The Bell, 84 Sheep Street, Bicester ,OX26 6LP,Cherwell
The Bell, The Bell Inn, 21 Market Square, Lower Heyford, Bicester ,OX25 5NY,Cherwell
The Bell At Shenington, The Bell, The Green, Shenington, Banbury ,OX15 6NQ,Cherwell
The Bell Inn, 12 Middleton Road, Banbury ,OX16 4QJ,Cherwell
The Bell Inn, High Street, Adderbury, Banbury ,OX17 3LS,Cherwell
The Black Bull, 2 Banbury Road, Kidlington ,OX5 2BT,Cherwell
The Black Bull, The Black Bull Inn, 52 West End, Launton, Bicester ,OX26 5DG,Cherwell
The Blacks Head, Blacks Head Inn, The Green, Bletchingdon, Kidlington ,OX5 3DA,Cherwell
The Blinking Owl Inn, Blinking Owl Inn, Main Street, North Newington, Banbury ,OX15 6AE,Cherwell
The Boat Inn, Canal Road, Thrupp, Kidlington ,OX5 1JY,Cherwell
The Bull Inn, Bicester Road, Launton, Bicester ,OX26 5DQ,Cherwell
The Butchers Arms, Main Street, Fringford, Bicester ,OX27 8EB,Cherwell
The Butchers Arms, Shutford Road, Balscote, Banbury ,OX15 6JQ,Cherwell
The Chandler Arms, Chandlers Arms, Sibford Road, Epwell, Banbury ,OX15 6LH,Cherwell
The Cherwell, 63 - 67 Broad Street, Banbury ,OX16 5BL,Cherwell
The Coach And Horses, 4 Butchers Row, Banbury ,OX16 5JH,Cherwell
The Cockhorse, Chatsworth Drive, Banbury ,OX16 9YJ,Cherwell
The Crown Inn, Crown Inn, High Street, Charlton On Otmoor, Kidlington ,OX5 2UQ,Cherwell
The Duck On The Pond, Street Through South Newington, South Newington, Oxfordshire ,OX15 4JE,Cherwell
The Duke At Clifton, Duke Of Cumberlands Head, Main Street, Clifton, Banbury ,OX15 0PE,Cherwell
The Dun Cow, West End, Hornton, Banbury ,OX15 6DA,Cherwell
The Easington Public House, The Easington, 135 Bloxham Road, Banbury ,OX16 9JU,Cherwell
The Elephant And Castle, 6 Middleton Road, Banbury ,OX16 4QQ,Cherwell
The Foresters Bar, Foresters Hall Club, Marlborough House, 69 High Street, Kidlington ,OX5 2DN,Cherwell
The Fox Inn, Fox Lane, Souldern, Bicester ,OX27 7JW,Cherwell
The Gate Hangs High, Whichford Road, Hook Norton, Banbury ,OX15 5DF,Cherwell
The George And Dragon, George And Dragon, Church Lane, Shutford, Banbury ,OX15 6PG,Cherwell
The Green Man, Green Man, Main Street, Mollington, Banbury ,OX17 1BB,Cherwell
The Hanwell Arms, Rotary Way, Banbury ,OX16 1ER,Cherwell
The Highwayman Hotel And Spice House, 249 Banbury Road, Kidlington ,OX5 1BF,Cherwell
The Horse And Groom, Lower Heyford Road, Caulcott, Bicester ,OX25 4ND,Cherwell
The Jersey Arms, Best Western, Jersey Arms Hotel, Ardley Road, Middleton Stoney ,OX25 4AD,Cherwell
The Joiners Arms, Joiners Arms, Old Bridge Road, Bloxham, Oxfordshire ,OX15 4LY,Cherwell
The Jolly Boatman, 216 Banbury Road, Shipton On Cherwell, Kidlington ,OX5 1JU,Cherwell
The Kings Arms, 4 The Moors, Kidlington ,OX5 2AJ,Cherwell
The Lampet Arms, Main Street, Upper Tadmarton, Banbury ,OX15 5TB,Cherwell
The Lion At Wendlebury, The Lion, Main Street, Wendlebury, Bicester ,OX25 2PW,Cherwell
The Muddy Duck, Main Street, Hethe, Bicester ,OX27 8ES,Cherwell
The Musketeer, Ruscote Avenue, Banbury ,OX16 2NZ,Cherwell
The Nightingale, 10 Nightingale Place, Bicester ,OX26 6XX,Cherwell
The Nut Tree, The Nut Tree Inn, Street Through Murcott Village, Murcott, Oxfordshire ,OX5 2RE,Cherwell
The Old Auctioneer, 44 Parsons Street, Banbury ,OX16 5NA,Cherwell
The Penny Black, 58 Sheep Street, Bicester ,OX26 6JW,Cherwell
The Pepper Pot, 6 Burchester Place, Banbury ,OX16 3WT,Cherwell
The Pheasant Pluckers Inn, Street Through Burdrop, Burdrop, Banbury ,OX15 5RQ,Cherwell
The Pickled Ploughman, Aynho Road, Adderbury, Banbury, Oxfordshire ,OX17 3NL,Cherwell
The Red Cow, The Green, Chesterton, Bicester ,OX26 1UU,Cherwell
The Red Lion, 8 Red Lion Street, Cropredy, Banbury ,OX17 1PB,Cherwell
The Red Lion, Hornton Lane, Horley, Banbury ,OX15 6BQ,Cherwell
The Red Lion, Market Place, Deddington, Banbury ,OX15 0SE,Cherwell
The Red Lion, Red Lion, South Side, Steeple Aston, Bicester ,OX25 4RY,Cherwell
The Red Lion, Red Lion Inn, Stoke Lyne Road, Stratton Audley, Bicester ,OX27 9AG,Cherwell
The Red Lion, The Green, Adderbury, Banbury ,OX17 3NG,Cherwell
The Rock Of Gibraltar, Station Road, Enslow, Kidlington ,OX5 3AY,Cherwell
The Royal Sun, 2 Woodstock Road West, Begbroke, Kidlington ,OX5 1RZ,Cherwell
The Saxon, 59 - 61 Sheep Street, Bicester ,OX26 6JW,Cherwell
The Stags Head, Stags Head, The Green, Swalcliffe, Banbury ,OX15 5EJ,Cherwell
The Sun Inn At Hook Norton, The Sun Inn, High Street, Hook Norton, Banbury ,OX15 5NH,Cherwell
The Swan, South Bar Street, Banbury ,OX16 9AA,Cherwell
The Trigger Pond, The Trigger Pond Inn, Bicester Road, Bucknell, Bicester ,OX27 7NE,Cherwell
The Turnpike, 2 Woodstock Road, Yarnton, Kidlington ,OX5 1PJ,Cherwell
The Wheatsheaf, 68 George Street, Banbury ,OX16 5BH,Cherwell
The White Hart, 4 Sheep Street, Bicester ,OX26 6TB,Cherwell
The White Horse, Churchill Road, Bicester ,OX26 4UA,Cherwell
The White Horse, White Horse Inn, Stratford Road A422, Wroxton, Banbury ,OX15 6PZ,Cherwell
The White Lion, Fritwell Road, Fewcott, Bicester ,OX27 7NZ,Cherwell
The White Swan, Street From Wigginton To Hook Norto, Wigginton, Banbury ,OX15 4LE,Cherwell
The Wine Vaults, 5 - 6 Parsons Street, Banbury ,OX16 5LW,Cherwell
The Wykham Arms, Wykham Arms, Temple Mill Road, Sibford Gower, Oxfordshire ,OX15 5RX,Cherwell
Three Pigeons (Banbury) Ltd, The Three Pigeons Inn, 3 Southam Road, Banbury ,OX16 2ED,Cherwell
V Lounge, 22 South Bar Street, Banbury ,OX16 9AF,Cherwell
Wild Lime Bar And Kitchen, 38 Bridge Street, Banbury ,OX16 5PY,Cherwell
Ye Olde Reinedeere Inn, Ye Olde Reine Deer, 47 Parsons Street, Banbury ,OX16 5NA,Cherwell

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