Craven, North Yorkshire pubs in August 2018

This site is obviously about pub history, and also connects to my many other pub history sites. These pages are of all the open pubs, as listed by the Foods Standards Agency at August 2018, there are currently over 50,000 open pubs.  Index of all Boroughs

Craven North Yorkshire - 117
Ackroyd's Bar,"Ackroyds Wine Bar, 2 Water Street, Skipton",BD23 1PB,Craven
Alexanders,"4 - 6 High Street, Skipton",BD23 1JZ,Craven
Anchor Inn,"Hellifield Road, Gargrave, Skipton",BD23 3NB,Craven
Angel Inn,"Hetton, Skipton, North Yorkshire",BD23 6LT,Craven
Bay Horse,"The Bayhorse, Skipton Road, Low Bradley, Keighley",BD20 9HB,Craven
Bentham Club Ltd,"Bentham Club, Main Street, High Bentham, Lancaster",LA2 7HN,Craven
Bentham Golf Club,"Robin Lane, High Bentham, Lancaster, North Yorkshire",LA2 7AG,Craven
Bentham Sports Club,"Wenning Avenue, High Bentham, Lancaster, North Yorkshire",LA2 7LW,Craven
Black Bull Hotel,"13 Main Street, High Bentham, Lancaster",LA2 7HF,Craven
Black Horse Hotel,"Garrs Lane, Grassington, Skipton, North Yorkshire",BD23 5AT,Craven
Boars Head,"Boars Head Hotel, 9 Main Street, Long Preston, Skipton",BD23 4ND,Craven
Broughton Road Bowling Club And Institute,"Broughton Road Bowling Club, Thornton Street, Skipton, North Yorkshire",BD23 1ST,Craven
Carleton WMC,"Carleton Social Club, Park Lane, Carleton, Skipton",BD23 3DJ,Craven
Cavendish Arms,"1 Skipton Road, Embsay, Skipton",BD23 6QT,Craven
Cecilia's Pizzeria,"Bridge House, Buckden, Skipton, North Yorkshire",BD23 5HY,Craven
Craven Arms,"Burnsall Bridge To Stangs Lane, Appletreewick, Skipton",BD23 6DA,Craven
Craven Heifer,"Craven Heifer Inn, Main Street, Ingleton, Carnforth",LA6 3HG,Craven
Craven Heifer Inn,"Grassington Road, Skipton, North Yorkshire",BD23 3LA,Craven
Crosshills Conservative Club,"South View, Albert Road, Cross Hills, Keighley",BD20 7LD,Craven
Crosshills Social Club,"71 Main Street, Cross Hills, Keighley",BD20 8PH,Craven
Delicious At The New Inn,"New Inn, Main Street, Cononley, Keighley",BD20 8NR,Craven
Devonshire Arms,"Cracoe, Skipton, North Yorkshire",BD23 6LA,Craven
Dog And Gun,"Dog And Gun Inn, Malsis, Colne Road, Glusburn, Keighley",BD20 8DS,Craven
Early Doors,"14 Newmarket Street, Skipton",BD23 2HR,Craven
Elm Tree Inn,"6 Elm Tree Square, Embsay, Skipton",BD23 6RB,Craven
Ex Service Mens Club,"Bell Horse Gate, Bank Bottom, Ingleton, Carnforth",LA6 3EU,Craven
Fleece Inn,"Fleece Inn 22, Keighley Road, Skipton, North Yorkshire",BD23 2NS,Craven
Fountaine Inn,"Linton, Skipton, North Yorkshire",BD23 5HJ,Craven
Gallagher's Ale House,"1-3 East Keltus, Main Street, Cross Hills, Keighley",BD20 8TD,Craven
Ghyll Golf Club,"Church Road, Earby, North Yorkshire",BB18 6JH,Craven
Hare & Hounds,"Hare And Hounds Inn, Dale End, Lothersdale, Keighley",BD20 8EL,Craven
Harts Head,"Harts Head Inn, Belle Hill, Giggleswick, Settle",BD24 0BA,Craven
Horse & Farrier,"83 Main Street, High Bentham, Lancaster",LA2 7HR,Craven
Kings Arms,"Kings Arms Inn, High Street, Sutton-In-Craven, Keighley",BD20 7LP,Craven
Kooky Nightclub,"Nightclub, Regal Buildings, Keighley Road, Skipton",BD23 2LT,Craven
Masons Freehouse,"Masons Arms, New Road, Ingleton, Carnforth",LA6 3HL,Craven
North Ribblesdale Rufc,"North Ribblesdale R U F C, High Hill Grove Street, Settle, North Yorkshire",BD24 9QH,Craven
Old Hall Inn And Cottages Ltd,"Old Hall Inn, Threshfield, Skipton, North Yorkshire",BD23 5HB,Craven
Old Hill Inn,"The Old Hill Inn, Low Sleights Road, Ingleton, Carnforth",LA6 3AR,Craven
Old White Bear,"6 Keighley Road, Cross Hills, Keighley",BD20 7RN,Craven
Punch Bowl,"Punch Bowl Hotel, 9 Low Street, Burton In Lonsdale, Carnforth",LA6 3LF,Craven
Queens Arms,"Litton, Skipton, North Yorkshire",BD23 5QJ,Craven
Railway Inn,"22 Main Street, Cononley, Keighley",BD20 8LS,Craven
Red Lion Hotel & Manor House,"Red Lion Hotel, Burnsall, Skipton, North Yorkshire",BD23 6BU,Craven
Royal Air Force Association 650 Club,"1 Moorview Way, Skipton",BD23 2JY,Craven
Royal Oak,"Royal Oak Hotel, Market Place, Settle, North Yorkshire",BD24 9ED,Craven
Settle Conservative Club,"Settle And District Conservative Cl, Station Road, Settle, North Yorkshire",BD24 9AA,Craven
Settle Cricket Club,"Kirkgate, Settle, North Yorkshire",BD24 9BP,Craven
Settle Golf Club,"Giggleswick, Settle, North Yorkshire",BD24 0DH,Craven
Settle Social Club,"Duke Street, Settle",BD24 9DW,Craven
Skipton Cricket Club - Corresp Treasurer,"Sandylands Sports Centre, Carleton New Road, Skipton, North Yorkshire",BD23 2AZ,Craven
Skipton Golf Club,"Short Lee Lane, Skipton, North Yorkshire",BD23 3LF,Craven
Skipton Rugby Union Football Club,"Sandylands Sports Centre, Carleton New Road, Skipton, North Yorkshire",BD23 2AZ,Craven
Skipton Sound Bar,"15 Swadford Street, Skipton",BD23 1RD,Craven
Skipton Working Men's Club,"Working Mens Club, Keighley Road, Skipton, North Yorkshire",BD23 2DH,Craven
Slaters Arms,"Crag Lane, Low Bradley, Keighley, North Yorkshire",BD20 9DE,Craven
Station Inn,"Low Sleights Road, Ingleton, Carnforth",LA6 3AS,Craven
Sun Dial Inn,"Doctors Hill, Low Bentham, Lancaster, North Yorkshire",LA2 7DS,Craven
Tempest Arms,"Elslack Lane, Elslack, Skipton, North Yorkshire",BD23 3AY,Craven
The Albion Inn,"Albion Inn, 27 Otley Street, Skipton",BD23 1DY,Craven
The Bay Horse,"161 Keighley Road, Cowling, Keighley",BD22 0AH,Craven
The Bay Horse Inn,"Bay Horse Inn, Ellers Road, Sutton-In-Craven, Keighley",BD20 7LY,Craven
The Beer Engine,"1 Albert Street, Skipton",BD23 1JD,Craven
The Black Bull,"Black Bull Inn, High Street, Sutton-In-Craven, Keighley",BD20 7LP,Craven
The Black Horse Hotel,"16 - 18 High Street, Skipton",BD23 1JZ,Craven
The Black Horse Hotel,"32 Church Street, Giggleswick, Settle",BD24 0BE,Craven
The Black Horse Hotel,"The Black Horse, Gisburn Road, Hellifield, Skipton",BD23 4HU,Craven
The Blue Bell Inn,"The Bluebell Hotel, Kettlewell, Skipton, North Yorkshire",BD23 5QX,Craven
The Bowland Restaurant At Crowtrees Inn,"Bowland Fell Park, Tosside, Skipton, North Yorkshire",BD23 4SD,Craven
The Buck Inn,"Chapel Gate, Malham, Skipton, North Yorkshire",BD23 4DA,Craven
The Bull At Broughton,"Bull Inn, Broughton, Skipton, North Yorkshire",BD23 3AE,Craven
The Castle Inn,"The Castle, 2 Mill Bridge, Skipton",BD23 1NJ,Craven
The Coach House Inn,"Fellcroft, 16 Main Street, Ingleton, Carnforth",LA6 3HF,Craven
The Cock And Bottle,"Cock And Bottle, 30 Swadford Street, Skipton",BD23 1RD,Craven
The Craven Arms,"Brackenber Lane, Giggleswick, Settle, North Yorkshire",BD24 0AE,Craven
The Craven Heifer Inn,"Craven Heifer Hotel, Main Road, Stainforth, Settle",BD24 9PB,Craven
The Craven Hotel,"Craven Hotel, Craven Street, Skipton, North Yorkshire",BD23 2AP,Craven
The Cross Keys Inn,"Cross Keys Inn, East Marton, Skipton, North Yorkshire",BD23 3LP,Craven
The Crown Hotel,"Crown Hotel, Horton In Ribblesdale, Settle, North Yorkshire",BD24 0HF,Craven
The Devonshire,"Newmarket Street, Skipton",BD23 2HR,Craven
The Devonshire (Timothy Taylors),"Devonshire Hotel, 25 - 27 Main Street, Grassington, Skipton",BD23 5AD,Craven
The Falcon Inn,"Falcon Inn, Monks Road, Arncliffe, Skipton",BD23 5QE,Craven
The Foresters Arms,"20 Main Street, Grassington, Skipton",BD23 5AA,Craven
The Fox And Hounds,"Fox And Hounds, Starbotton, Skipton, North Yorkshire",BD23 5HY,Craven
The Gamecock Inn,"Game Cock Inn, Austwick, Lancaster, North Yorkshire",LA2 8BB,Craven
The Gamekeeper Inn,"Gamekeepers Inn, The Drive, Long Ashes Park, Threshfield",BD23 5RX,Craven
The George Inn,"George Inn, Stubbing Lane, Buckden, Skipton",BD23 5JE,Craven
The Golden Lion Hotel,"Horton In Ribblesdale, Settle, North Yorkshire",BD24 0HB,Craven
The Helwith Bridge Inn,"Helwith Bridge Hotel, Austwick Road, Stainforth, Settle",BD24 0EH,Craven
The King's Head,"Kings Head Hotel, The Green, Kettlewell, Skipton",BD23 5RD,Craven
The Lion At Settle,"5 Duke Street, Settle",BD24 9DU,Craven
The Listers Arms & Lister Barn,"Listers Arms, Malham, Skipton, North Yorkshire",BD23 4DB,Craven
The Marton Arms Hotel,"Marton Arms Hotel, Thornton In Lonsdale, Ingleton, North Yorkshire",LA6 3PB,Craven
The Masons Arms,"Masons Arms, Marton Road, Gargrave, Skipton",BD23 3NL,Craven
The Maypole Inn,"Maypole Inn, Main Street, Long Preston, Skipton",BD23 4PH,Craven
The Narrowboat,"38 Victoria Street, Skipton",BD23 1JE,Craven
The New Inn,"Appletreewick, Skipton, North Yorkshire",BD23 6DA,Craven
The New Inn,"New Inn Hotel, The Green, Clapham, Lancaster",LA2 8HH,Craven
The Old Swan Inn,"Old Swan Inn, High Street, Gargrave, Skipton",BD23 3RB,Craven
The Plough Inn,"Plough Inn, Wigglesworth, Skipton, North Yorkshire",BD23 4RJ,Craven
The Punch Bowl Hotel,"Low Bentham, Lancaster, North Yorkshire",LA2 7DD,Craven
The Racehorses Hotel,"Race Horses Hotel, Starbotton, Skipton, North Yorkshire",BD23 5QZ,Craven
The Railway,"Railway Inn, 10 Carleton Street, Skipton",BD23 2AJ,Craven
The Red Lion Hotel,"Red Lion Hotel, 27 High Street, Skipton",BD23 1DT,Craven
The Royal Shepherd,"Royal Shepherd Inn, Canal Street, Skipton, North Yorkshire",BD23 1LB,Craven
The Swan Inn,"Swan Inn, Carla Beck Lane, Carleton, Skipton",BD23 3DR,Craven
The Talbot Arms,"Talbot Arms, High Street, Settle, North Yorkshire",BD24 9EX,Craven
The Tennant's Arms,"Tennant Arms Hotel, Conistone, Skipton, North Yorkshire",BD23 5PS,Craven
The Victoria Inn,"Victoria Inn, Kirkby Malham, Skipton, North Yorkshire",BD23 4BS,Craven
The White Lion,"White Lion Hotel, Priest Bank Road, Kildwick, Keighley",BD20 9BH,Craven
The White Lion Inn,"White Lion Inn, Park Lane, Buckden, Skipton",BD23 5JB,Craven
The Woolly Sheep Inn,"38 Sheep Street, Skipton",BD23 1HY,Craven
Three Horse Shoes Hotel,"Burnmoor View, 41 Main Street, High Bentham, Lancaster",LA2 7HJ,Craven
Three Links Club,"26 Rectory Lane, Skipton",BD23 1ER,Craven
Wharfedale Rufc,"Wharfeside Avenue, Threshfield, Skipton, North Yorkshire",BD23 5BS,Craven
Wheatsheaf,"Wheatsheaf Hotel, High Street, Ingleton, Carnforth",LA6 3AD,Craven
Yorkshire Rose,"Rose And Crown, Coach Street, Skipton",BD23 1LH,Craven

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