East Dunbartonshire pubs in August 2018

This site is obviously about pub history, and also connects to my many other pub history sites. These pages are of all the open pubs, as listed by the Foods Standards Agency at August 2018, there are currently over 50,000 open pubs.  Index of all Boroughs

East Dunbartonshire - 52
55 Bar Grill,"128 Drymen Road, Bearsden",G61 3RB,East Dunbartonshire
Allan Glen's Sports Club,"Bearyards, 212 Kirkintilloch Road",G64 2NE,East Dunbartonshire
Auchinairn Bowling Club,"Auchinairn Bowling Club, 95 Auchinairn Road",G64 1NF,East Dunbartonshire
Auchinairn Tavern,"Auchinairn Tavern, 137A Auchinairn Road",G64 1NF,East Dunbartonshire
Balmore Golf Club,"Balmore Golf Club, Golf Course Road",G64 4AW,East Dunbartonshire
Bar Bliss,"1 Cowgate, Kirkintilloch",G66 1HW,East Dunbartonshire
Bearsden Bowling Club,"Bearsden Bowling Club, Station Road",G61 4AW,East Dunbartonshire
Bearsden Golf Club,"Bearsden Golf Club, Thorn Road",G61 4BP,East Dunbartonshire
Bishopbriggs Bowling Club,"Bowling Green, 11 Kenmure Avenue",G64 2RG,East Dunbartonshire
Cadder Freestone Social Club,"5 St Mungo Street, Bishopbriggs",G64 1QT,East Dunbartonshire
Campsie Bowling Club,"Campsie Bowling Club, Lennox Place",G66 7HD,East Dunbartonshire
Campsie Caterers,"The Campsie Bar, Woodhill Road",G64 1JL,East Dunbartonshire
Campsie Golf Club,"Campsie Golf Club, Crow Road",G66 7GX,East Dunbartonshire
Cawder Golf Club,"Cawder Golf Club, Cadder Road",G64 3QD,East Dunbartonshire
Claremont Bowling Club,"Claremont Bowling Club, Claremont Drive",G62 6PQ,East Dunbartonshire
Clober Golf Club,"Clober Golf Club, 68 Craigton Road",G62 7HP,East Dunbartonshire
Club Bliss,"Club Bliss, High Street",G66 1PN,East Dunbartonshire
Crow Tavern,"120 Kirkintilloch Road, Bishopbriggs",G64 2AB,East Dunbartonshire
Drookit Dug,"The Drookit Dug, 101 Main Street",G66 7DB,East Dunbartonshire
Ellangowan Social Club,"9 Douglas Street, Milngavie",G62 6PA,East Dunbartonshire
Friendship Circle,"Town Hall, Station Road",G62 8BZ,East Dunbartonshire
Glasgow Golf Club,"Glasgow Golf Club, Killermont Avenue",G61 2TW,East Dunbartonshire
Hayston Golf Club,"Hayston Golf Club, Campsie Road",G66 1RN,East Dunbartonshire
Hilton Park Golf Club,"Golf Course, 1 Hilton Park Golf Course",G62 7HB,East Dunbartonshire
I Que Cafe Bar And Cue Sports Ltd,"22 Cowgate, Kirkintilloch",G66 1HN,East Dunbartonshire
Killermont Bowling Club,"Killermont Bowling Club, 55A Woodvale Avenue",G61 2NX,East Dunbartonshire
Kirkintilloch Bowling Club,"Kirkintilloch Bowling Club, Alexandra Street",G66 1HE,East Dunbartonshire
Kirkintilloch Golf Club,"Kirkintilloch Golf Club, Campsie Road",G66 1RN,East Dunbartonshire
Kirkintilloch Miners Welfare And Social Club,"Kirkintilloch Miners Welfare And Social Club, 147A Townhead",G66 3AA,East Dunbartonshire
Kirkintilloch Rangers Supporters Club,"Kirkintilloch Rangers Supporters Club, 18 Luggiebank Road",G66 1LR,East Dunbartonshire
Lenzie Bowling Club,"Lenzie Bowling Club, Regent Square",G66 5AE,East Dunbartonshire
Lenzie Golf Club,"Lenzie Golf Club, 19 Crosshill Road",G66 5DA,East Dunbartonshire
McGinley's Bar,"8 Eastside, Kirkintilloch",G66 1PY,East Dunbartonshire
Milngavie & Bearsden Sports Club,"Milngavie And Bearsden Sports Club, Auchenhowie Road",G62 6EJ,East Dunbartonshire
Milngavie Bowling Club,"Milngavie Bowling Club, 60 Station Road",G62 8BY,East Dunbartonshire
Milton Of Campsie Bowling Club,"Milton Of Campsie Bowling Club, Kincaid Field",G66 8BX,East Dunbartonshire
Peppermint Lounge,"12 Kilsyth Road, Kirkintilloch",G66 1QE,East Dunbartonshire
Quin's Bar,"Quins, 130 Kirkintilloch Road",G64 2LT,East Dunbartonshire
Rambler,"17 Main Street, Torrance",G64 4EX,East Dunbartonshire
SMGC Catering Ltd,"Lenzie Golf Club, 19 Crosshill Road",G66 5DA,East Dunbartonshire
Talbot Arms,"30 Main Street, Milngavie",G62 6BU,East Dunbartonshire
The Campsie Bar,"The Campsie Bar, Woodhill Road",G64 1JL,East Dunbartonshire
The Commercial Inn,"128 Main Street, Lennoxtown",G66 7DA,East Dunbartonshire
The Fort Theatre,"The Fort Theatre, Kenmure Avenue",G64 2DW,East Dunbartonshire
The Kirky Puffer,"1 Townhead, Kirkintilloch",G66 1NG,East Dunbartonshire
Torrance Victoria Bowling Club,"Torrance Victoria Bowling Club, School Road",G64 4BZ,East Dunbartonshire
Twechar Miners Welfare Bowling Club,"Twechar Miners Welfare Club, 35 Main Street",G65 9QQ,East Dunbartonshire
Waterside Miners Welfare Club,"Miners Welfare Institute, Old Duntiblae Road",G66 3LG,East Dunbartonshire
West Of Scotland Rugby Football Club,"Rugby Club, 71 Glasgow Road",G62 6HX,East Dunbartonshire
Westermains Bowling Club,"Westermains Bowling Club, Bellfield Road",G66 1DT,East Dunbartonshire
Westerton Bowling Club,"Westerton Bowling Club, Maxwell Avenue",G61 1NZ,East Dunbartonshire
Windyhill Golf Club,"Windyhill Golf Club, Baljaffray Road",G61 4QQ,East Dunbartonshire

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