Edinburgh pubs in August 2018

This site is obviously about pub history, and also connects to my many other pub history sites. These pages are of all the open pubs, as listed by the Foods Standards Agency at August 2018, there are currently over 50,000 open pubs.  Index of all Boroughs

Edinburgh - 492
52 Canoes,"27-31 West Port, Edinburgh",EH1 2JA,City of Edinburgh
99 HANOVER STREET,99 Hanover Street,EH2 1DJ,City of Edinburgh
Akva,"129 Fountainbridge, Edinburgh",EH3 9QG,City of Edinburgh
ALL BAR ONE,29-31 George Street,EH2 2PA,City of Edinburgh
All Bar One,"Edinburgh Airport, Edinburgh",EH12 9DN,City of Edinburgh
AMBASSADOR SAUNA & LEISURE CLUB,91 Lothian Road,EH3 9AW,City of Edinburgh
ANCHOR INN,114 West Granton Road,EH5 1PF,City of Edinburgh
ANDERSONS BAR,1-2 Yardheads,EH6 6BU,City of Edinburgh
ARCADE BAR,48 Cockburn Street,EH1 1PB,City of Edinburgh
ARDMILLAN BOWLING CLUB,"11 Ardmillan Place, Edinburgh",EH11 2JU,City of Edinburgh
ARTFUL DODGER,485 Calder Road,EH11 4AW,City of Edinburgh
Athletic Arms,"1-3 Angle Park Terrace, Edinburgh",EH11 2JX,City of Edinburgh
Au Bar,101 Shandwick Place,EH2 4SD,City of Edinburgh
Auld Hundred,100-102 Rose Street,EH2 2NN,City of Edinburgh
Auld Reekie Taverns @ Edinburgh Dungeons,"31 Market Street, Edinburgh",EH1 1DF,City of Edinburgh
B.M.C. DRIVERS SOCIAL CLUB,13 Westfield Street,EH11 2QY,City of Edinburgh
Baberton Golf Club,"55 Baberton Avenue, Edinburgh",EH14 5DU,City of Edinburgh
Badger & Co,"32 Castle Street, Edinburgh",EH2 3HT,City of Edinburgh
Bainfield Bowling & Social Club,34 Hutchison Crossway,EH14 1RU,City of Edinburgh
BALERNO BOWLING CLUB,5 Ladycroft,EH14 7AG,City of Edinburgh
Balgreen Bowling Club,173 Balgreen Road,EH11 3AT,City of Edinburgh
Bannatynes Health Club & Cafe,89 Newcraighall Road,EH21 8RX,City of Edinburgh
BANNERMANS BAR,53-57 Niddry Street,EH1 1LG,City of Edinburgh
Banshee Labyrinth,"29-35 Niddry Street, Edinburgh",EH1 1LG,City of Edinburgh
Bar Salsa,3 Cowgatehead,EH1 1JY,City of Edinburgh
Barony Bar,81-85 Broughton Street,EH1 3RJ,City of Edinburgh
Beaten Docket,163 Portobello High Street,EH15 1EU,City of Edinburgh
BEECHWOOD BOWLING CLUB,11 Roseburn Street,EH12 5PW,City of Edinburgh
Belushis / Jakes,9-13 Market Street,EH1 1DE,City of Edinburgh
BENNETS BAR,1a Maxwell Street,EH10 5HT,City of Edinburgh
Bensons Bar,"178-182 Dalry Road, Edinburgh",EH11 2EG,City of Edinburgh
Biddy Mulligans,94-96 Grassmarket,EH1 2JR,City of Edinburgh
Black Cat,168 Rose Street,EH2 4BA,City of Edinburgh
BLACKHALL BOWLING CLUB,21 Keith Row,EH4 3NL,City of Edinburgh
BMC DRIVERS SOCIAL CLUB,18 Granville Terrace,EH10 4PQ,City of Edinburgh
BONSAI JAPANESE BAR BISTRO,46 West Richmond Street,EH8 9DZ,City of Edinburgh
Boroughmuir Rugby Club,"Meggetland Wynd, Edinburgh",EH14 1XN,City of Edinburgh
Boteco Clube (downstairs),"45-47 Lothian Street, Edinburgh",EH1 1HB,City of Edinburgh
Bourban Bar Club,"24a Frederick Street, Edinburgh",EH2 2JR,City of Edinburgh
BOWLERS REST,24 Mitchell Street,EH6 7BD,City of Edinburgh
BRAMBLE,16A Queen Street,EH2 1JE,City of Edinburgh
Brandon of Canonmills,1 Canonmills,EH3 5HA,City of Edinburgh
Brass Monkey,14 Drummond Street,EH8 9TU,City of Edinburgh
Brew Dogs,"143-145 Cowgate, Edinburgh",EH1 1JS,City of Edinburgh
Brewhemia,1A Market Street,EH1 1DE,City of Edinburgh
BROADFIELDS,96-98 Northfield Broadway,EH8 7RU,City of Edinburgh
BRUNSTANE BOWLING CLUB,34 Brunstane Road,EH15 2QN,City of Edinburgh
BURKE AND HARE,2 High Riggs,EH3 9BX,City of Edinburgh
CABARET VOLTAIRE,36-38 Blair Street,EH1 1QR,City of Edinburgh
Cafe Brio,Riccarton Mains Road,EH14 4AR,City of Edinburgh
Cafe Habana,22 Greenside Place,EH1 3AA,City of Edinburgh
Caley Sample Room,42-58 Angle Park Terrace,EH11 2JR,City of Edinburgh
Cambridge Bar,20 Young Street,EH2 4JB,City of Edinburgh
Cameo Bar,23 Commercial Street,EH6 6JA,City of Edinburgh
Cameo Cinema and Bar,"38 Home Street, Edinburgh",EH3 9LZ,City of Edinburgh
Candy Bar,"113 George Street, Edinburgh",EH2 4JN,City of Edinburgh
Canons Gait,232 Canongate,EH8 8DQ,City of Edinburgh
CARRICKVALE GOLF CLUB HOUSE,29 Glendevon Park,EH12 5UZ,City of Edinburgh
CARRIER QUARTERS,42 Bernard Street,EH6 6PR,City of Edinburgh
Cask and Barrel,115 Broughton Street,EH1 3RZ,City of Edinburgh
Castle Arms,6 Johnston Terrace,EH1 2PW,City of Edinburgh
Cav,3 West Tollcross,EH3 9BP,City of Edinburgh
CLARKS BAR,142 Dundas Street,EH3 5DQ,City of Edinburgh
Clermiston Inn,9 Rannoch Road,EH4 7EG,City of Edinburgh
Cloisters,"26 Brougham Street, Edinburgh",EH3 9JH,City of Edinburgh
COLINTON BOWLING CLUB,"49a Redford Road, Edinburgh",EH13 0AB,City of Edinburgh
College Lounge & Bar,Riccarton Mains Road,EH14 4AR,City of Edinburgh
COLTBRIDGE BOWLING CLUB,1A Coltbridge Gardens,EH12 6AQ,City of Edinburgh
Corn Exchange,11 New Market Road,EH14 1RJ,City of Edinburgh
CORSTORPHINE BOWLING CLUB,5 Saughton Road North,EH12 7HQ,City of Edinburgh
Corstorphine Inn,17-19 Corstorphine High Street,EH12 7SU,City of Edinburgh
Craigleith Catering at Carlton Bridge Club,36B Warriston Gardens,EH3 5NE,City of Edinburgh
CRAIGLOCKHART SPORTS & TENNIS CENTRE,177 Colinton Road,EH14 1BZ,City of Edinburgh
Craigmillar Hearts Supporters Club,"201 Craigmillar Castle Avenue, Edinburgh",EH16 4DZ,City of Edinburgh
Craigmillar Park Golf Club,1 Observatory Road,EH9 3HG,City of Edinburgh
Cramond Inn,30 Cramond Glebe Road,EH4 6NT,City of Edinburgh
CROSS KEYS INN,43 Lanark Road,EH14 1TL,City of Edinburgh
Crosstown Eatery and Drinkery,"85-87 Fountainbridge, Edinburgh",EH3 9PU,City of Edinburgh
CURRIE BOWLING CLUB,Lanark Road West,EH14 5RT,City of Edinburgh
Currie Rugby Football Club,"5 Malleny, Balerno",EH14 7AF,City of Edinburgh
Dalmahoy Hotel & Country Club,Dalmahoy,EH27 8EB,City of Edinburgh
David Lloyd Centre,89b Glasgow Road,EH12 8LH,City of Edinburgh
Deacon Brodies Tavern,435 Lawnmarket,EH1 2NT,City of Edinburgh
Dean Bowling Club,18 Comely Bank Terrace,EH4 1AS,City of Edinburgh
DICKENS LOUNGE,88 Dalry Road,EH11 2AX,City of Edinburgh
Dirty Dick's,159 Rose Street,EH2 4LS,City of Edinburgh
Dishoom,"3-8 St Andrew Square, Edinburgh",EH2 2BD,City of Edinburgh
Doctors,"32 Forrest Road, Edinburgh",EH1 2QN,City of Edinburgh
Dragon Fly,50-52 West Port,EH1 2LD,City of Edinburgh
DRIVERS SPORTS SOCIAL CLUB,12 Beaverhall Road,EH7 4JE,City of Edinburgh
Drop Kick Murphy's Bar,"7 Merchant Street, Edinburgh",EH1 2QD,City of Edinburgh
Drouthy Neebors,"1-3 West Preston Street, Edinburgh",EH8 9PX,City of Edinburgh
DUDDINGSTON GOLF CLUB LTD,135 Duddingston Road West,EH15 3QD,City of Edinburgh
Edinburgh Curling Club Ltd,13A Riversdale Crescent,EH12 5XN,City of Edinburgh
Edinburgh Fitness and Wellbeing Centre,"15 New Mart Road, Edinburgh",EH14 1RL,City of Edinburgh
Edinburgh Gin,"1a Rutland Place, Edinburgh",EH1 2AD,City of Edinburgh
Edinburgh Northern Rugby Football Club,20 East Fettes Avenue,EH4 1DN,City of Edinburgh
EDINBURGH SOCIETY OF MUSICIANS,"3-4 Belford Road, Edinburgh",EH4 3BL,City of Edinburgh
EDINBURGH THISTLE GOLF CLUB,29 Braid Hills Approach,EH10 6JZ,City of Edinburgh
EDINBURGH UNI STUDENT UNION,3 Chambers Street,EH1 1HR,City of Edinburgh
Element,"110-114 Rose Street, Edinburgh",EH2 3JF,City of Edinburgh
ELVIS SHAKESPEARE,347 Leith Walk,EH6 8SD,City of Edinburgh
Espy,"64-66 Bath Street, Edinburgh",EH15 1HF,City of Edinburgh
FANTASY PALACE/BAR,12 Shandwick Place,EH2 4RN,City of Edinburgh
FENMORE SPORTS CLUB,25-31 Moredun Park Loan,EH17 7HB,City of Edinburgh
FERRANTI RECREATION CLUB,8 Arboretum Place,EH3 5NZ,City of Edinburgh
Footlights Bar and Grill,7 Spittal Street,EH3 9DY,City of Edinburgh
FOUR IN HAND,216-218 Easter Road,EH7 5QH,City of Edinburgh
Fox's Bar,8 Bonnington Road,EH6 5JD,City of Edinburgh
Foxy Fiddler,"192-194 Morrison Street, Edinburgh",EH3 8EB,City of Edinburgh
Frankensteins,26 George Iv Bridge,EH1 1EN,City of Edinburgh
GARDENER'S ARMS,62 Drum Street,EH17 8RN,City of Edinburgh
Genting Casino Edinburgh,"5b York Place, Edinburgh",EH1 3EB,City of Edinburgh
Genting Casino Leith,"2 Ocean Drive, Edinburgh",EH6 6JB,City of Edinburgh
George IV Bar,"54-55 George Iv Bridge, Edinburgh",EH1 1EJ,City of Edinburgh
Ghillie Dhu,"6 Rutland Place, Edinburgh",EH1 2AD,City of Edinburgh
GILMERTON BOWLING CLUB,90 Ravenscroft Street,EH17 8QP,City of Edinburgh
Gilmerton Miners Welfare,4 Newtoft Street,EH17 8RE,City of Edinburgh
GLOBE,9-13 Niddry Street,EH1 1LG,City of Edinburgh
GOGARBURN GOLF CLUB - CLUB HOUSE,1 Roddinglaw Road,EH28 8NN,City of Edinburgh
Goldenacre Bowling Club,36A Warriston Gardens,EH3 5NE,City of Edinburgh
Good Brothers Wine Bar,"4-6 Dean Street, Edinburgh",EH4 1LW,City of Edinburgh
GOOD COMPANIONS,2-4 Oxgangs Bank,EH13 9JT,City of Edinburgh
GORGIE MILLS BOWLING CLUB,"10 Alexander Drive, Edinburgh",EH11 2RH,City of Edinburgh
GRANARY BAR,32-34 Shore,EH6 6QN,City of Edinburgh
Grapes,77 Clerk Street,EH8 9JG,City of Edinburgh
GREYFRIARS BOBBY BAR,30-34 Candlemaker Row,EH1 2QE,City of Edinburgh
Grosvenor Bar,26-28 Shandwick Place,EH2 4RT,City of Edinburgh
GUILDFORD ARMS,5 West Register Street,EH2 2AA,City of Edinburgh
Half Way House,24 Fleshmarket Close,EH1 1BX,City of Edinburgh
Hamilton's Bar & Kitchen,16-18 Hamilton Place,EH3 5AU,City of Edinburgh
Hanging Bat,"133-135 Lothian Road, Edinburgh",EH3 9AD,City of Edinburgh
Hanover Tap,112 Hanover Street,EH2 1DR,City of Edinburgh
Hawes Inn,"7 Newhalls Road, South Queensferry",EH30 9TA,City of Edinburgh
HAYMARKET BAR,11-14A West Maitland Street,EH12 5DS,City of Edinburgh
HAYMARKET BOY SCOUTS ASSOCIATI,"81 Broomhall Avenue, Edinburgh",EH12 7NW,City of Edinburgh
Heads and Tales,"1a Rutland Place, Edinburgh",EH1 2AD,City of Edinburgh
HECTORS PUBLIC HOUSE,47-49 Deanhaugh Street,EH4 1LR,City of Edinburgh
Hemma,"75 Holyrood Road, Edinburgh",EH8 8AE,City of Edinburgh
Henricks,"1-3 Barclay Place, Edinburgh",EH10 4HW,City of Edinburgh
Henry's Cellar Bar,"8-16A Morrison Street, Edinburgh",EH3 8BJ,City of Edinburgh
Heriot's Cricket Club,Bangholm Terrace,EH3 5QL,City of Edinburgh
HILLSIDE BOWLING CLUB,9 Brunton Place,EH7 5EG,City of Edinburgh
Holyrood 9A,9A Holyrood Road,EH8 8AE,City of Edinburgh
Hoot the Redeemer,"7-11 Hanover Street, Edinburgh",EH2 2DL,City of Edinburgh
Hunters Tryst Restaurant,97 Oxgangs Road,EH13 9NG,City of Edinburgh
Inchcolm Inn,"24-26 Hopetoun Road, South Queensferry",EH30 9RB,City of Edinburgh
Indigo Yard,7 Charlotte Lane,EH2 4QZ,City of Edinburgh
INVERLEITH RUGBY CLUB,19 Arboretum Road,EH3 5PN,City of Edinburgh
IONA BAR,203 Easter Road,EH6 8LF,City of Edinburgh
Jaffle Joint,"87 Portobello High Street, Edinburgh",EH15 1AW,City of Edinburgh
Jeremiah's Tap Room,7-8 Elm Row,EH7 4AA,City of Edinburgh
Jessie Mays,"316-320 Gorgie Road, Edinburgh",EH11 2QZ,City of Edinburgh
JEWEL MINERS WELFARE,56 Duddingston Park South,EH15 3LJ,City of Edinburgh
Joker and Thief,"71 Elm Row, Edinburgh",EH7 4AQ,City of Edinburgh
JUNIPER GREEN BOWLING CLUB,600 Lanark Road,EH14 5EN,City of Edinburgh
Juniper Green Inn,542 Lanark Road,EH14 5EL,City of Edinburgh
Kay's Bar,39 Jamaica Street,EH3 6HF,City of Edinburgh
Kilderkin,67 Canongate,EH8 8BS,City of Edinburgh
KING'S THEATRE,2 Leven Street,EH3 9LQ,City of Edinburgh
Kingsknowe Golf Club,326 Lanark Road,EH14 2JD,City of Edinburgh
Kinleith Arms,604 Lanark Road,EH14 5EN,City of Edinburgh
Kirkliston Bowling Club,"Bowling Green Road, Kirkliston",EH29 9BG,City of Edinburgh
La Belle Angele,"11 Hastie's Close, Edinburgh",EH1 1HJ,City of Edinburgh
La Sal,6-8 Howden Street,EH8 9HL,City of Edinburgh
Last Word,44 St Stephen Street,EH3 5AL,City of Edinburgh
Lavida,"3 Queensferry Street Lane, Edinburgh",EH2 4PF,City of Edinburgh
Lebowskis,"16-20 Morrison Street, Edinburgh",EH3 8BJ,City of Edinburgh
Leith Depot,"138-140 Leith Walk, Edinburgh",EH6 5DT,City of Edinburgh
LEITH EX SERVICEMEN'S CLUB LTD.,7 Smith's Place,EH6 8NT,City of Edinburgh
LEITH FRANKLIN ACADEMICALS CRICKET CLUB,"1 Leith Links, Edinburgh",EH6 7QR,City of Edinburgh
LIBERTON BOWLING CLUB,26 Kirkgate,EH16 6RY,City of Edinburgh
LIBERTON FP RUGBY CLUB,1 Double Hedges Road,EH16 6TS,City of Edinburgh
Liberton Golf Club,297 Gilmerton Road,EH16 5UJ,City of Edinburgh
LIBERTON LODGE NO 1201,60 Mount Vernon Road,EH16 6JQ,City of Edinburgh
LIME LITE,"15 Jock's Lodge, Edinburgh",EH8 7AA,City of Edinburgh
LOCHEND GOLF CLUB,147 Craigentinny Avenue,EH7 6RG,City of Edinburgh
LODGE 1029 COLINTON AND CURRIE,1 Riccarton Mains Road,EH14 5PX,City of Edinburgh
LODGE ST MARGARET SOCIAL CLUB,"3 Stoneycroft Road, South Queensferry",EH30 9HX,City of Edinburgh
LODGE TRAFALGAR,4 St Anthony Place,EH6 6BQ,City of Edinburgh
Lola Lo,"43b Frederick Street, Edinburgh",EH2 1EP,City of Edinburgh
LONDON ROAD FOUNDRY BOWLING CLUB,26 Farrer Terrace,EH7 6SG,City of Edinburgh
Longstone Hearts Sports and Social Club,58 Longstone Road,EH14 2BA,City of Edinburgh
LONGSTONE INN,"36 Longstone Road, Edinburgh",EH14 2BH,City of Edinburgh
Luckies,"437 Gorgie Road, Edinburgh",EH11 2RT,City of Edinburgh
LUTTON PLACE BOWLING CLUB,18 Lutton Place,EH8 9PE,City of Edinburgh
Mackenzie's,80 Main Street,EH4 5AB,City of Edinburgh
Maggie Dicksons,92 Grassmarket,EH1 2JR,City of Edinburgh
MAITLAND BOWLING CLUB,96 Main Street,EH4 5AB,City of Edinburgh
Malones on the Mall,"3 Waverley Bridge, Edinburgh",EH1 1BQ,City of Edinburgh
Malt and Hops,45 Shore,EH6 6QU,City of Edinburgh
MASONIC HALLS,19 Hill Street,EH2 3JP,City of Edinburgh
MASONIC LODGE,5 Roseburn Gardens,EH12 5NJ,City of Edinburgh
MASONIC LODGE WAVERLEY NO. 597,6 Easter Road,EH7 5RG,City of Edinburgh
Mathers,"1 Queensferry Street, Edinburgh",EH2 4PA,City of Edinburgh
MAYFIELD BOWLING CLUB,12 Cobden Road,EH9 2BJ,City of Edinburgh
McCowans Brewhouse,"Unit 1 Fountainpark, Edinburgh",EH11 1AL,City of Edinburgh
McSorleys,"14 Forrest Road, Edinburgh",EH1 2QN,City of Edinburgh
MECHANIC ARMS,36 Drum Street,EH17 8QH,City of Edinburgh
Merchants Of Edinburgh Golf Club,10 Craighill Gardens,EH10 5PY,City of Edinburgh
MERCHISTON HEARTS SOCIAL CLUB,60/1 Gorgie Road,EH11 2NB,City of Edinburgh
MERCHISTON TENNIS AND BOWLING CLUB,118 Polwarth Gardens,EH11 1LH,City of Edinburgh
Merlin Roadhouse,168-172 Morningside Road,EH10 4PU,City of Edinburgh
Middleton's Bar,69 Easter Road,EH7 5PW,City of Edinburgh
Miller & Carter,"29-31 Frederick Street, Edinburgh",EH2 2ND,City of Edinburgh
Milne's Bar,35 Hanover Street,EH2 2PJ,City of Edinburgh
Monkey Barrel Comedy,"9-11 Blair Street, Edinburgh",EH1 1QR,City of Edinburgh
Montpeliers,159-161A Bruntsfield Place,EH10 4DG,City of Edinburgh
Montyãs,185 Morrison Street,EH3 8DZ,City of Edinburgh
Moriarty,161 Lothian Road,EH3 9AA,City of Edinburgh
MORRISON & GIBB SOCIAL CLUB,"3a Huntly Street, Edinburgh",EH3 5HB,City of Edinburgh
MORTONHALL GOLF CLUB (GOLF CLUB),"231 Braid Road, Edinburgh",EH10 6PB,City of Edinburgh
Murrayfield Bar,57-59 Roseburn Terrace,EH12 5NQ,City of Edinburgh
Murrayfield Golf Club (Golf Club),43 Murrayfield Road,EH12 6EU,City of Edinburgh
MURRAYFIELD INDOOR SPORTS CLUB,25 Roseburn Street,EH12 5PE,City of Edinburgh
MURRAYFIELD WANDERERS SPORTS CLUB,112 Roseburn Street,EH12 5PH,City of Edinburgh
Myreside Club,79 Myreside Road,EH10 5BY,City of Edinburgh
NEW CLUB,86 Princes Street,EH2 2BB,City of Edinburgh
NEWBRIDGE BOWLING CLUB,"19 Old Liston Road, Newbridge",EH28 8SS,City of Edinburgh
Newbridge Inn,"31 Bridge Street, Newbridge",EH28 8SR,City of Edinburgh
Newcraighall Miners Welfare Club,115 Newcraighall Road,EH21 8QU,City of Edinburgh
NEWLISTON ARMS,"78-82 Main Street, Kirkliston",EH29 9AB,City of Edinburgh
No 1 Grange Road,"1 Grange Road, Edinburgh",EH9 1UH,City of Edinburgh
No. 1 High Street,"1 High Street, Edinburgh",EH1 1SR,City of Edinburgh
Nobles,"44A Constitution Street, Edinburgh",EH6 6RS,City of Edinburgh
NORTHERN BOWLING CLUB,35 Warriston Crescent,EH3 5LA,City of Edinburgh
Oceana Sports & Music Bar,145 Ferry Road,EH6 4ET,City of Edinburgh
Old Chain Pier,32 Trinity Crescent,EH5 3ED,City of Edinburgh
OLIVERS PUB,178A Rose Street,EH2 4BA,City of Edinburgh
OMANS,"1 Peffer Place, Edinburgh",EH16 4BB,City of Edinburgh
OPAL LOUNGE,51 George Street,EH2 2HT,City of Edinburgh
Orchard Bar,1 Howard Place,EH3 5JZ,City of Edinburgh
Orocco Pier,"17 High Street, South Queensferry",EH30 9PP,City of Edinburgh
Ox184,"184-186 Cowgate, Edinburgh",EH1 1JJ,City of Edinburgh
Oxford Bar,8 Young Street,EH2 4JB,City of Edinburgh
P.D.T. (Please Donãt Tell),"23b Shandwick Place, Edinburgh",EH2 4RG,City of Edinburgh
Panda & Sons,"79 Queen Street, Edinburgh",EH2 4NF,City of Edinburgh
Parkside Bowling Club,16 Holyrood Park Road,EH16 5BG,City of Edinburgh
PEARCE'S BAR,23 Elm Row,EH7 4AA,City of Edinburgh
Pilgrim Bar,3 Robertson's Close,EH1 1LY,City of Edinburgh
PLANET OUT,6 Baxter's Place,EH1 3AF,City of Edinburgh
Platform 5,"8 Clifton Terrace, Edinburgh",EH12 5DR,City of Edinburgh
Police Scotland Club,28 York Place,EH1 3EP,City of Edinburgh
POLWARTH TAVERN,35 Polwarth Crescent,EH11 1HR,City of Edinburgh
PORTERS BAR,7 Piershill Place,EH8 7EH,City of Edinburgh
Portland Bar,"17 Portland Place, Edinburgh",EH6 6LA,City of Edinburgh
PORTOBELLO BAR,187 Portobello High Street,EH15 1EU,City of Edinburgh
PORTOBELLO LODGE NO 226,7-9 Figgate Street,EH15 1HL,City of Edinburgh
Potterrow Venue Bar (EUSA),"5 Bristo Square, Edinburgh",EH8 9AL,City of Edinburgh
Powerleague Portobello Community Club,10 Westbank Street,EH15 1DR,City of Edinburgh
Powerleague Sighthill Community Club,66 Bankhead Drive,EH11 4EQ,City of Edinburgh
Prestonfield Golf Club,"6 Priestfield Road North, Edinburgh",EH16 5HS,City of Edinburgh
QUEEN CHARLOTTE ROOMS,56A Queen Charlotte Street,EH6 7EX,City of Edinburgh
Queen's Arms,49 Frederick Street,EH2 1EP,City of Edinburgh
QUEENSBERRY BOWLING CLUB,16 Pilton Drive North,EH5 1NX,City of Edinburgh
QUEENSFERRY BOWLING CLUB,"27 A Station Road, South Queensferry",EH30 9HZ,City of Edinburgh
R A F Club,11 Hillside Crescent,EH7 5EA,City of Edinburgh
Rabble,55A Frederick Street,EH2 1LH,City of Edinburgh
RATHO BOWLING AND RECREATION C,46 Main Street,EH28 8RB,City of Edinburgh
Ratho Park Golf Club,Ratho Park,EH28 8NX,City of Edinburgh
Ravelston Golf Club (Club House),24 Ravelston Dykes Road,EH4 3NZ,City of Edinburgh
Red Squirrel,"21 Lothian Road, Edinburgh",EH1 2DJ,City of Edinburgh
REGENT BAR,"2-4 Montrose Terrace, Edinburgh",EH7 5DL,City of Edinburgh
RHC COUGARS (CORSTORPHINE RUGBY CLUB),Carrick Knowe Parkway,EH12 7DX,City of Edinburgh
Riccarton Inn,198 Lanark Road West,EH14 5NX,City of Edinburgh
ROBERTSON'S THIRTY SEVEN BAR,37 Rose Street,EH2 2NH,City of Edinburgh
Robins Nest,393 Gilmerton Road,EH17 7PX,City of Edinburgh
Rose and Crown,170 Rose Street,EH2 4BA,City of Edinburgh
Rose Street Brewery,"55-57 Rose Street, Edinburgh",EH2 2NH,City of Edinburgh
ROSEBURN BAR,1-4 Roseburn Terrace,EH12 5NG,City of Edinburgh
Roseleaf,23-24 Sandport Place,EH6 6EW,City of Edinburgh
Royal British Legion,33 Rodney Street,EH7 4EL,City of Edinburgh
Royal Burgess Golfing Society Of Edinburgh,181 Whitehouse Road,EH4 6BU,City of Edinburgh
ROYAL FORTH YACHT CLUB,1 Granton Pier,EH5 1HF,City of Edinburgh
ROYAL HIGH SCHOOL ATHLETIC CLUB,41/1 East Barnton Avenue,EH4 6AQ,City of Edinburgh
Royal Mile Tavern,127 High Street,EH1 1SG,City of Edinburgh
ROYAL SCOTS CLUB,29-31 Abercromby Place,EH3 6QE,City of Edinburgh
"Rutland Hotel, Kyloe & The Huxley","1-3 Rutland Street, Edinburgh",EH1 2AN,City of Edinburgh
Ryries Bar,1 Haymarket,EH12 5EY,City of Edinburgh
Saffron Catering,28 Queen Street,EH2 1JX,City of Edinburgh
Sandy Bell's Public House,25 Forrest Road,EH1 2QH,City of Edinburgh
SCOTSMAN'S LOUNGE,73 Cockburn Street,EH1 1BU,City of Edinburgh
SCOTTIES LOUNGE BAR,100 Northfield Broadway,EH8 7RU,City of Edinburgh
SCOTTISH ARTS CLUB,24 Rutland Square,EH1 2BW,City of Edinburgh
Scotts Bar,"202 Rose Street, Edinburgh",EH2 4AZ,City of Edinburgh
SEAFIELD BOWLING CLUB,"3 Leith Links, Edinburgh",EH6 7QR,City of Edinburgh
Shakespeares,"65-67 Lothian Road, Edinburgh",EH1 2DJ,City of Edinburgh
Shandwicks,4 South Charlotte Street,EH2 4AW,City of Edinburgh
Sheep Heid Inn,43 The Causeway,EH15 3QA,City of Edinburgh
Shoogley Peg,"133 Rose Street, Edinburgh",EH2 4LS,City of Edinburgh
Sighthill Bowling Club,120 Sighthill Loan,EH11 4NT,City of Edinburgh
Silk,28 King's Stables Road,EH1 2JY,City of Edinburgh
Silverknowes Golf Club,118 Silverknowes Road,EH4 5ET,City of Edinburgh
Sinatras,"5 Piershill Place, Edinburgh",EH8 7EH,City of Edinburgh
Six Degrees North,"24 Howe Street, Edinburgh",EH3 6TG,City of Edinburgh
SLATEFORD BOWLING CLUB,28 Lanark Road,EH14 1TH,City of Edinburgh
Slug & Lettuce,"61 / 8 Greenside Place, Edinburgh",EH1 3AA,City of Edinburgh
SMITHIES ALE HOUSE,49-51 Eyre Place,EH3 5EY,City of Edinburgh
Smoke and Mirrors,"159 Constitution Street, Edinburgh",EH6 7AD,City of Edinburgh
Sneaky Pete's,73 Cowgate,EH1 1JW,City of Edinburgh
SOFI'S BAR,63-65 Henderson Street,EH6 6ED,City of Edinburgh
SOUTHSIDER,3-7 West Richmond Street,EH8 9EF,City of Edinburgh
Spey Lounge,39 Leith Walk,EH6 8LS,City of Edinburgh
Spiers Bar,10 Bowhill Terrace,EH3 5QY,City of Edinburgh
Spitaki,"133-135 East Claremont Street, Edinburgh",EH7 4JA,City of Edinburgh
St Andrews Brewing Company,32-34 Potterrow,EH8 9BT,City of Edinburgh
ST BERNARDS BAR,10 Raeburn Place,EH4 1HN,City of Edinburgh
ST VINCENT BAR,11 St Vincent Street,EH3 6SW,City of Edinburgh
STABLE BAR,30 Frogston Road East,EH16 6TJ,City of Edinburgh
Stag's Head Hotel,"8 High Street, South Queensferry",EH30 9PP,City of Edinburgh
Stand Comedy Club,"5 York Place, Edinburgh",EH1 3EB,City of Edinburgh
STARBANK INN,60-64 Laverockbank Road,EH5 3BZ,City of Edinburgh
Steamworks Sauna,5 Broughton Market,EH3 6NU,City of Edinburgh
STELLA MARIS CENTRE,106 Constitution Street,EH6 6AW,City of Edinburgh
Stramash,"207 Cowgate, Edinburgh",EH1 1JQ,City of Edinburgh
Stratfords Bar,227-229 Gorgie Road,EH11 1TU,City of Edinburgh
STRATHMORE BAR,17 Iona Street,EH6 8SG,City of Edinburgh
SUMMERSIDE BOWLING CLUB,21 Summerside Street,EH6 4NT,City of Edinburgh
Supercube,58A George Street,EH2 2LR,City of Edinburgh
Swanny's Bar,32 North Junction Street,EH6 6HP,City of Edinburgh
Swanston Brasserie,111 Swanston Road,EH10 7DS,City of Edinburgh
Swany's,"1 Ratcliffe Terrace, Edinburgh",EH9 1SX,City of Edinburgh
Sygn Limited,15 Charlotte Lane,EH2 4QZ,City of Edinburgh
TAM O'SHANTER,39 Great Junction Street,EH6 5HX,City of Edinburgh
TANFIELD BOWLING CLUB,"3 Arboretum Place, Edinburgh",EH3 5NY,City of Edinburgh
Tanner's Lounge Bar,459 Lanark Road,EH14 5BA,City of Edinburgh
The Abbey Bar,65 South Clerk Street,EH8 9PP,City of Edinburgh
The Abbotsford Bar,3-5 Rose Street,EH2 2PR,City of Edinburgh
The Advocate,7 Hunter Square,EH1 1QW,City of Edinburgh
The Albanach,197 High Street,EH1 1PE,City of Edinburgh
The Alexander Graham Bell,126-128 George Street,EH2 4JZ,City of Edinburgh
THE ASSOCIATION OF UKRAINIANS,14 Royal Terrace,EH7 5AB,City of Edinburgh
The Auld Hoose,23-25 St Leonard's Street,EH8 9QN,City of Edinburgh
The Bailie Bar,"2-4 St Stephen Street, Edinburgh",EH3 5AL,City of Edinburgh
The Bailie Kitchen Franchise,2-4 St Stephen Street,EH3 5AL,City of Edinburgh
The Ball Room & Rosso Resturant,3 Jordan Lane,EH10 4RB,City of Edinburgh
The Ballroom & Taste Restaurant,"25 Jock's Lodge, Edinburgh",EH8 7AA,City of Edinburgh
The Beehive Inn,18-20 Grassmarket,EH1 2JU,City of Edinburgh
The Beer Kitchen,"81-83 Lothian Road, Edinburgh",EH3 9AW,City of Edinburgh
The Beer Kitchen,"Waverley Station, Edinburgh",EH1 1BQ,City of Edinburgh
The Black Fox,17 Albert Place,EH7 5HN,City of Edinburgh
THE BLACK ROSE TAVERN,49 Rose Street,EH2 2NH,City of Edinburgh
THE BODA BAR,229 Leith Walk,EH6 8NY,City of Edinburgh
The Bon Vivant,55-59 Thistle Street,EH2 1DY,City of Edinburgh
The Bongo Club,"66 Cowgate, Edinburgh",EH1 1JX,City of Edinburgh
The Bonnington,"284 Bonnington Road, Edinburgh",EH6 5BE,City of Edinburgh
The Booking Office,"17 Waverley Bridge, Edinburgh",EH1 1BQ,City of Edinburgh
THE BOW BAR,80 West Bow,EH1 2HH,City of Edinburgh
The Brig,"96-98 Leith Walk, Edinburgh",EH6 5HB,City of Edinburgh
The Bruntsfield Links Golfing Society Ltd,"32 Barnton Avenue, Edinburgh",EH4 6JH,City of Edinburgh
THE BUNCH O'ROSES,79 Restalrig Road South,EH7 6JD,City of Edinburgh
The Caley Picture House,"31 Lothian Road, Edinburgh",EH1 2DJ,City of Edinburgh
The Canny Mans,237 Morningside Road,EH10 4QU,City of Edinburgh
The Cask & Barrel,24-26 West Preston Street,EH8 9PZ,City of Edinburgh
The Caves and The Rowantree,"8-12 Niddry Street South, Edinburgh",EH1 1NS,City of Edinburgh
THE CELTIC LODGE,2 Brodie's Close,EH1 2PS,City of Edinburgh
THE CENTRAL BAR,7-9 Leith Walk,EH6 8LN,City of Edinburgh
The Champagne Bar,"Edinburgh Airport, Edinburgh",EH12 9DN,City of Edinburgh
The Chanter,"30-32 Bread Street, Edinburgh",EH3 9AF,City of Edinburgh
The City Cafe,19 Blair Street,EH1 1QR,City of Edinburgh
The Compass Bar,44 Queen Charlotte Street,EH6 7EX,City of Edinburgh
The Conan Doyle,71-73 York Place,EH1 3JD,City of Edinburgh
The Cuddie Brae,91 Newcraighall Road,EH21 8RX,City of Edinburgh
The Dagda Bar,93-95 Buccleuch Street,EH8 9NG,City of Edinburgh
The Devil's Advocate,"9 Advocate's Close, Edinburgh",EH1 1ND,City of Edinburgh
The Dome Bar & Grill,14 George Street,EH2 2PF,City of Edinburgh
The Doo'cot,731 Ferry Road,EH4 2UA,City of Edinburgh
The Drumsheugh Baths Club Ltd,5 Belford Road,EH4 3BL,City of Edinburgh
The Earl of Marchmont,22 Marchmont Crescent,EH9 1HG,City of Edinburgh
THE EDINBURGH MASONIC CLUB,1 Shrub Place Lane,EH7 4PB,City of Edinburgh
The Elbe Room,"18-20 Salamander Street, Edinburgh",EH6 7HR,City of Edinburgh
The Ensign Ewart,521-523 Lawnmarket,EH1 2PE,City of Edinburgh
THE FERRY TAP,"36 High Street, South Queensferry",EH30 9HN,City of Edinburgh
The Fiddlers Arms,"9-11 Grassmarket, Edinburgh",EH1 2HY,City of Edinburgh
The Filling Station,235 High Street,EH1 1PE,City of Edinburgh
The Flying Dog,24 Henderson Street,EH6 6BS,City of Edinburgh
THE FORTH VIEW,"3 King's Place, Edinburgh",EH15 1DU,City of Edinburgh
The Fountain,127-131 Dundee Street,EH11 1AX,City of Edinburgh
The Golden Rule,30 Yeaman Place,EH11 1BT,City of Edinburgh
The Golf Tavern,"30-31 Wright's Houses, Edinburgh",EH10 4HR,City of Edinburgh
THE GRANGE SPORTS CLUB,"7 Portgower Place, Edinburgh",EH4 1HQ,City of Edinburgh
The Greenmantle,44 West Crosscauseway,EH8 9JP,City of Edinburgh
The Grey Horse Inn,20-22 Main Street,EH14 7EH,City of Edinburgh
The Guild of Foresters,36-40 Portobello High Street,EH15 1DA,City of Edinburgh
THE GUNNER,"63 Pennywell Road, Edinburgh",EH4 4TY,City of Edinburgh
THE HARBOUR INN,4-6 Fishmarket Square,EH6 4LW,City of Edinburgh
The Harp and Castle,"298-300 Leith Walk, Edinburgh",EH6 5BU,City of Edinburgh
The Hermitage,1-5 Comiston Road,EH10 6AA,City of Edinburgh
The Inn on the Mile,"82 High Street, Edinburgh",EH1 1LL,City of Edinburgh
The Jolly Botanist,256-260 Morrison Street,EH3 8DT,City of Edinburgh
The Kenilworth Bar,"152-154 Rose Street, Edinburgh",EH2 3JD,City of Edinburgh
The Kilted Pig,"101b Colinton Road, Edinburgh",EH14 1AL,City of Edinburgh
The Kings Wark,"36 Shore, Edinburgh",EH6 6QU,City of Edinburgh
The Laich Bar,477A Gorgie Road,EH11 3AD,City of Edinburgh
THE LAST DROP,74-78 Grassmarket,EH1 2JR,City of Edinburgh
THE LEITH DOCKERS CLUB LTD.,17 Academy Street,EH6 7EE,City of Edinburgh
The Lioness Of Leith,"21-25 Duke Street, Edinburgh",EH6 8HH,City of Edinburgh
The Mad Hatter,"8 Torphichen Place, Edinburgh",EH3 8DU,City of Edinburgh
The Malt Shovel,11-15 Cockburn Street,EH1 1BP,City of Edinburgh
THE MARKSMAN BAR,13 Duke Street,EH6 8HG,City of Edinburgh
The Melville Bar,"19-25 William Street, Edinburgh",EH3 7NG,City of Edinburgh
The Mercat Bar & Kitchen,28 West Maitland Street,EH12 5DX,City of Edinburgh
THE MERCHANTS COMPANY,22 Hanover Street,EH2 2EP,City of Edinburgh
The Mid Yoken,75 Craigmount Brae,EH12 8XF,City of Edinburgh
THE MITRE,131-133 High Street,EH1 1SG,City of Edinburgh
The Mockingbird,"72-74 Newington Road, Edinburgh",EH9 1QN,City of Edinburgh
The Montebar,"81-85 St Leonard's Street, Edinburgh",EH8 9QY,City of Edinburgh
The Mousetrap,"180 Leith Walk, Edinburgh",EH6 5EA,City of Edinburgh
The New Melville Bridge Club,"1 Pinkhill, Edinburgh",EH12 7BA,City of Edinburgh
The Newsroom,5-11 Leith Street,EH1 3AT,City of Edinburgh
THE NORHET,45 Main Street,EH4 5BZ,City of Edinburgh
The Office,180 Albert Street,EH7 5NA,City of Edinburgh
THE OLD BELL INN,233 Causewayside,EH9 1PH,City of Edinburgh
THE ORMELIE TAVERN,44 Joppa Road,EH15 2ET,City of Edinburgh
The Other Place,"2-4 Broughton Road, Edinburgh",EH7 4EB,City of Edinburgh
The Ox,"49-51 London Street, Edinburgh",EH3 6LX,City of Edinburgh
The Peartree,38 West Nicolson Street,EH8 9DD,City of Edinburgh
The Persevere Bar,390-394 Easter Road,EH6 8HT,City of Edinburgh
THE PHOENIX BAR,46-48A Broughton Street,EH1 3SA,City of Edinburgh
The Pleasance EUSA,60 Pleasance,EH8 9TJ,City of Edinburgh
The Pond,2 Bath Road,EH6 7JT,City of Edinburgh
THE PROM BAR,2-3 Anchorfield,EH6 4JG,City of Edinburgh
THE ROYAL,50 Moredunvale Road,EH17 7RZ,City of Edinburgh
THE ROYAL BINGO CLUB,31-33 Drum Street,EH17 8QR,City of Edinburgh
THE ROYAL ENGINEERS CLUB,78 Great King Street,EH3 6QU,City of Edinburgh
THE ROYAL NAVY & ROYAL MARINES CLUB,1 Broughton Road,EH7 4EW,City of Edinburgh
THE ROYAL OAK,1 Infirmary Street,EH1 1LT,City of Edinburgh
The Safari Lounge,"21 Cadzow Place, Edinburgh",EH7 5SN,City of Edinburgh
The Salisbury Arms,"58 Dalkeith Road, Edinburgh",EH16 5AD,City of Edinburgh
The Shack,"119 Rose Street, Edinburgh",EH2 3DT,City of Edinburgh
THE SHIP ON THE SHORE,24-26 Shore,EH6 6QN,City of Edinburgh
THE SILVER WING,2 Parkhead Gardens,EH11 4SB,City of Edinburgh
The Sir Walter Scott - Airside,"Unit C170 Edinburgh Airport, Jubliee Road",EH12 9DN,City of Edinburgh
The Skylark,"241-243 Portobello High Street, Edinburgh",EH15 2AW,City of Edinburgh
The Southern,"22-26 South Clerk Street, Edinburgh",EH8 9PR,City of Edinburgh
The Spartans Community Football Academy,"94 Pilton Drive, Edinburgh",EH5 2HF,City of Edinburgh
THE SPYLAW TAVERN,27 Spylaw Street,EH13 0JT,City of Edinburgh
The St Margaret's Social Club,87 Main Street,EH4 5AD,City of Edinburgh
The Standing Order,62-66 George Street,EH2 2LR,City of Edinburgh
The Street,2 Picardy Place,EH1 3JT,City of Edinburgh
The Tank,"235 Cowgate, Edinburgh",EH1 1JQ,City of Edinburgh
The Terrace,73 Saughton Road North,EH12 7JB,City of Edinburgh
The Theatre Royal Bar,24-27A Greenside Place,EH1 3AA,City of Edinburgh
The Toby Carvery,"39-41 Howden Hall Road, Edinburgh",EH16 6PG,City of Edinburgh
The Toppies,"6 Scotstoun Grove, South Queensferry",EH30 9PH,City of Edinburgh
THE TOR INN,137 Restalrig Road,EH7 6HN,City of Edinburgh
The Torfin,108-110 St John's Road,EH12 8AX,City of Edinburgh
The Tourmalet,25 Buchanan Street,EH6 8SQ,City of Edinburgh
The Tron,"9 Hunter Square, Edinburgh",EH1 1QW,City of Edinburgh
THE VICTORIA BAR,25-27 Causewayside,EH9 1QF,City of Edinburgh
The Village Inn,"30 Inglis Green Road, Edinburgh",EH14 2ER,City of Edinburgh
THE VILLAGE PUB,16 South Fort Street,EH6 4DN,City of Edinburgh
THE VINE BAR,43-47 North Junction Street,EH6 6HS,City of Edinburgh
The Waiting Room,"7-8 Belhaven Terrace, Edinburgh",EH10 5HZ,City of Edinburgh
THE WALLY DUG,32 Northumberland Street,EH3 6LS,City of Edinburgh
The Wash,13 North Bank Street,EH1 2LP,City of Edinburgh
The Weavers,"1-7 Corslet Place, Currie",EH14 5LS,City of Edinburgh
The Whistle Stop Barber Shop,"66-67 South Bridge, Edinburgh",EH1 1LS,City of Edinburgh
The White Hart Inn,34 Grassmarket,EH1 2JU,City of Edinburgh
THE WOODHALL ARMS,135 Lanark Road West,EH14 5NZ,City of Edinburgh
The World's End,2-8 High Street,EH1 1TB,City of Edinburgh
Thistle Street Bar,39 Thistle Street,EH2 1DY,City of Edinburgh
THOMSONS BAR,182-184 Morrison Street,EH3 8EB,City of Edinburgh
Tiles Bistro Bar,"1-2 St Andrew Square, Edinburgh",EH2 2BD,City of Edinburgh
Tolbooth Tavern,167 Canongate,EH8 8BN,City of Edinburgh
TONIC,34A North Castle Street,EH2 3BN,City of Edinburgh
Traverse Bar Restaurant & TBC Coffee Shop,10 Cambridge Street,EH1 2ED,City of Edinburgh
Treacle,39-41 Broughton Street,EH1 3JU,City of Edinburgh
TURNHOUSE GOLF CLUB,154 Turnhouse Road,EH12 0AD,City of Edinburgh
TYNECASTLE ARMS,92-94 Gorgie Road,EH11 2NP,City of Edinburgh
Valley Park Community Centre,"37 Southhouse Road, Edinburgh",EH17 8EU,City of Edinburgh
VDEEP,"60 Henderson Street, Edinburgh",EH6 6DE,City of Edinburgh
Velveteen,"93 Lothian Road, Edinburgh",EH3 9AW,City of Edinburgh
Victoria Bar,265 Leith Walk,EH6 8PD,City of Edinburgh
Villager,49-50 George Iv Bridge,EH1 1EJ,City of Edinburgh
Voodoo Rooms,19A West Register Street,EH2 2AA,City of Edinburgh
Voyage of Buck,29-31 William Street,EH3 7NG,City of Edinburgh
WATERSIDE SOCIAL CLUB (MASONIC LODGE,26A Inglis Green Road,EH14 2ER,City of Edinburgh
WAVERLEY INN,8 Southhouse Broadway,EH17 8HG,City of Edinburgh
Wee Buddha,"2b Jamaica Street, Edinburgh",EH3 6HH,City of Edinburgh
WESTERN BAR,157-159 West Port,EH3 9DP,City of Edinburgh
Westsider / Hailes Bar,"2 Wester Hailes Centre, Edinburgh",EH14 2SW,City of Edinburgh
WETHERSPOONS - The Turnhouse,Edinburgh Airport,EH12 9DN,City of Edinburgh
Whighams Seafood & Wine Bar,13 Hope Street,EH2 4EL,City of Edinburgh
Whiski,119 High Street,EH1 1SG,City of Edinburgh
White Horse Oyster and Seafood Bar,"266 Canongate, Edinburgh",EH8 8AA,City of Edinburgh
White Lady,"92-96 St John's Road, Edinburgh",EH12 8AT,City of Edinburgh
Whitehouse & Grange Bowling Club,"18a Hope Terrace, Edinburgh",EH9 2AR,City of Edinburgh
WINDSOR BUFFET,45 Elm Row,EH7 4AH,City of Edinburgh
WINSTONS,20 Kirk Loan,EH12 7HD,City of Edinburgh
Woodland Creatures,"260-262 Leith Walk, Edinburgh",EH6 5EL,City of Edinburgh
Ye Olde Inn,25 Main Street,EH4 5BZ,City of Edinburgh

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