Falkirk pubs in August 2018

This site is obviously about pub history, and also connects to my many other pub history sites. These pages are of all the open pubs, as listed by the Foods Standards Agency at August 2018, there are currently over 50,000 open pubs.  Index of all Boroughs

Falkirk - 117
Adrian Bowling Club,"Adrian Bowling Club, Pleasance Square, Falkirk",FK1 1BQ,Falkirk
Aitkens Bar,"69 Manor Street, Falkirk",FK1 1NU,Falkirk
Allandale Bowling Club,"Allandale Bowling Club, Thorndale Gardens, Allandale",FK4 2HG,Falkirk
Anchor Tavern,"54 North Street, Bo'ness",EH51 0AG,Falkirk
Avonside Inn,"Avon Inn, Falkirk Road, Avonbridge",FK1 2NE,Falkirk
Bainsford Bowling Club,"Bainsford Bowling Club, Hendry Street, Falkirk",FK2 7NX,Falkirk
Bar 1,"76 Manor Street, Falkirk",FK1 1NU,Falkirk
Behind The Wall,"14 Melville Street, Falkirk",FK1 1HZ,Falkirk
Birrell's Bar,"46 Redding Road, Redding",FK2 9XL,Falkirk
Black Bull Inn,"Black Bull Inn, Main Street, Polmont",FK2 0PX,Falkirk
Blackness Boat Club,"Blackness Boat Club, Nosirrom Terrace, Blackness",EH49 7NQ,Falkirk
Blackness Inn,"Blackness Inn, Blackness",EH49 7NL,Falkirk
Blue Bell Inn,"83 Main Street, Bainsford, Falkirk",FK2 7NT,Falkirk
Bo'ness Chemical Workers Social Club,"Bo'ness Chemical Workers Social Club, 69 Linlithgow Road, Bo'ness",EH51 0DS,Falkirk
Bonnybridge Golf Club,"Bonnybridge Golf Club, Larbert Road, Bonnybridge",FK4 1NY,Falkirk
Bridge Inn,"Bridge Inn, Whitecross",EH49 7PX,Falkirk
Bridge Inn,"8 High Street, Bonnybridge",FK4 1DA,Falkirk
Bridgeness & Carriden Miners Welfare,"Bridgeness & Carriden Miners Welfare And Social Club, Harbour Road, Bo'ness",EH51 9LF,Falkirk
Brightons Inn,"Brightons Inn, 8 Maddiston Road, Brightons",FK2 0JP,Falkirk
Broomhill Inn,"Broomhill Inn, 32 Broomhill Road, High Bonnybridge",FK4 2AN,Falkirk
Burnhead Bowling Club,"Burnhead Bowling Club, Queens Drive, Stenhousemuir",FK5 4BG,Falkirk
Camelon Bowling Club,"Camelon Bowling Club, Main Street, Camelon, Falkirk",FK1 4DN,Falkirk
Camelon Juniors Social Club,"Camelon Junior Football Club, Carmuirs Park, Fairlie Drive, Falkirk",FK1 4NP,Falkirk
Camelon Labour Social Club,"Camelon Labour Social Club, Henry Begg Hall, Nailer Road, Falkirk",FK1 4DA,Falkirk
Carron & Carronshore Bowling Club,"Carron & Carronshore Bowling Club, 25 Beaumont Drive, Carron",FK2 8SN,Falkirk
Carronade Arms,"97 Main Street, Bainsford, Falkirk",FK2 7NT,Falkirk
Carronshore Bar,"Carronshore Bar, Carronshore Road, Carron",FK2 8EW,Falkirk
Champany Inn,"Champany Inn, Blackness",EH49 7LU,Falkirk
Cheerz,"4 High Street, Falkirk",FK1 1EY,Falkirk
Clachan Bar,"Clachan Bar, 15 Main Street, Shieldhill",FK1 2DZ,Falkirk
Claremont Inn,"Claremont Inn, Main Street, Polmont",FK2 0QP,Falkirk
Colonial Bar,"250 Grahams Road, Falkirk",FK2 7BH,Falkirk
Corbie Inn,"84 Corbiehall, Bo'ness",EH51 0AS,Falkirk
Cornhill Inn,"32-34 High Street, Bonnybridge",FK4 1DA,Falkirk
Crown Bar,"The Crown Bar, 10-12 Grangepans, Bo'ness",EH51 9PQ,Falkirk
Crown Inn,"246 Main Street, Stenhousemuir",FK5 3JP,Falkirk
Denny Bowling Club,"Denny Bowling Club, Stirling Street, Denny",FK6 6JB,Falkirk
Donner Inn,"78 Stirling Street, Denny",FK6 6DJ,Falkirk
Dundas,"The Tavern Bar, 5 La Porte Precinct, Grangemouth",FK3 8AZ,Falkirk
Dunmore Bowling Club,"Dunmore Bowling Club, Dunmore",FK2 8LY,Falkirk
Falkirk Bowling Club,"Falkirk Bowling Club, Cochrane Street, Falkirk",FK1 1QB,Falkirk
Falkirk Community Trust,"Grangemouth Golf Club, Polmont",FK2 0YA,Falkirk
Falkirk Indoor Bowling Club,"Falkirk Indoor Bowling Club, Redbrae Road, Falkirk",FK1 4HJ,Falkirk
Falkirk Rugby Football Club,"Sunnyside, Dorrator Road, Falkirk",FK2 7YW,Falkirk
First Down,"162 Stirling Street, Denny",FK6 6JQ,Falkirk
Forth Social & Leisure Club Ltd,"Forth Centre, Grangemouth Road, Falkirk",FK2 9DD,Falkirk
Gilmours Bar,"545 Main Street, Stenhousemuir",FK5 4QA,Falkirk
Grahamston Bowling Club,"Grahamston Bowling Club, Grahams Road, Falkirk",FK2 7BQ,Falkirk
Grangemouth Bowling Club,"Grangemouth Bowling Club, Talbot Street, Grangemouth",FK3 8HU,Falkirk
Grangemouth Railway Club,"Railway Staff Association For Scotland, Barrie Place, Grangemouth",FK3 8QY,Falkirk
Grangemouth Rugby Club,"Grangemouth Rugby Club, Glensburgh Road, Grangemouth",FK3 8XL,Falkirk
Haggs Tavern,"The Tavern, Kilsyth Road, Haggs",FK4 1HN,Falkirk
Harveys,"85 Dalgrain Road, Grangemouth",FK3 8HL,Falkirk
Kinneil Bowling & Social Club,"Kinneil Bowling Club, Angus Road, Bo'ness",EH51 0BH,Falkirk
Larbert Bowling Club,"Larbert Bowling Club, Pretoria Road, Larbert",FK5 4NB,Falkirk
Lauries Bar,"61 Mary Street, Laurieston",FK2 9PR,Falkirk
Laurieston Bowling Club,"Laurieston Bowling Club, Polmont Road, Laurieston",FK2 9QT,Falkirk
Lodge Callendar No 588,"5 Lint Riggs, Falkirk",FK1 1DG,Falkirk
Lodge Carron No 139,"234 Main Street, Stenhousemuir",FK5 3JP,Falkirk
Lodge Dolphin 911,"53 Wellpark Terrace, Bonnybridge",FK4 1LR,Falkirk
Lodge Douglas No 409,"Masonic Hall, Stewart Avenue, Bo'ness",EH51 9NJ,Falkirk
Lodge Polmont No 793,"Masonic Hall, Maddiston Road, Brightons",FK2 0JP,Falkirk
Lodge St Andrew No 176,"Masonic Lodge House, 2 Kirkslap, Denny",FK6 6EP,Falkirk
Lodge St. John No 16,"200 Grahams Road, Falkirk",FK2 7BX,Falkirk
Lodge Zetland 391,"Masonic Lodge, 41 Bo'ness Road, Grangemouth",FK3 8AN,Falkirk
Mariner Bar,"Mariner Bar, 90 Glasgow Road, Falkirk",FK1 4HJ,Falkirk
Mill Inn,"Mill Inn, Thornhill Road, Falkirk",FK2 7AB,Falkirk
North Broomage Social & Welfare Club,"North Broomage Social & Welfare Club, Graham Avenue, Larbert",FK5 4PF,Falkirk
North Star,"28 Vicar Street, Falkirk",FK1 1JB,Falkirk
Ochiltree Social Club,"Ochiltree Social Club, Ochiltree Terrace, Falkirk",FK1 4LT,Falkirk
Ochilview Bar,"Ochilview Bar, Tryst Road, Stenhousemuir",FK5 4QJ,Falkirk
Outside Inn,"Outside Inn, Glenbervie Business Park, Larbert",FK5 4EG,Falkirk
Pennies,"Forth Centre, Grangemouth Road, Falkirk",FK2 9DD,Falkirk
Polmont Bowling Club,"Polmont Bowling Club, Station Road, Polmont",FK2 0UD,Falkirk
Polmont Golf Club,"Polmont Golf Club, Simpson Drive, Maddiston",FK2 0LS,Falkirk
Railway Hotel,"2 Broad Street, Denny",FK6 6DY,Falkirk
Railway Inn,"Railway Inn, 27 Glasgow Road, Dennyloanhead",FK4 1QS,Falkirk
Railway Tavern,"7-9 Grahams Road, Falkirk",FK1 1LD,Falkirk
Redding & West Quarter Unity Club,"Redding & West Quarter Unity Club, Redding Road, Redding",FK2 9TX,Falkirk
Slamannan Bowling Club,"Slamannan Bowling Club, Station Road, Slamannan",FK1 3JA,Falkirk
Sportsters Bar and City Nightclub,"10 Princes Street, Falkirk",FK1 1LU,Falkirk
St Laurence Bar,"St Laurence Inn, Main Street, Slamannan",FK1 3EJ,Falkirk
Star Inn,"Star Inn, 150-152 Grahams Road, Falkirk",FK2 7BY,Falkirk
Stenhousemuir Bowling Club,"Stenhousemuir Bowling Club, Church Street, Stenhousemuir",FK5 4QR,Falkirk
Storm,"Storm Nightclub, Meadow Street, Falkirk",FK1 1RP,Falkirk
Tam Bain,"96 Mary Street, Laurieston",FK2 9PS,Falkirk
The Anchor Inn,"209 Stirling Street, Dunipace",FK6 6JR,Falkirk
The Auld Vic,"The Auld Vic, Grahams Road, Falkirk",FK2 7DJ,Falkirk
The Canal Inn,"14 Canal Street, Camelon, Falkirk",FK1 4QU,Falkirk
The Canalside Pub & Kitchen,"Craiglee Inn, Redding Road, Reddingmuirhead",FK2 0DP,Falkirk
The Carronbridge Inn,"691 Carron Road, Falkirk",FK2 7SR,Falkirk
The Criterion Bar,"The Criterion, 6 Stirling Street, Denny",FK6 6DU,Falkirk
The Earl Of Zetland,"The Earl Of Zetland, 50 Bo'ness Road, Grangemouth",FK3 8AF,Falkirk
The Ellwyn,"95A Newlands Road, Grangemouth",FK3 8NT,Falkirk
The Magpie,"Magpie, Maggie Wood's Loan, Falkirk",FK1 5HR,Falkirk
The Newmarket Bar,"Goose, 17 Lint Riggs, Falkirk",FK1 1DG,Falkirk
The Players Lounge,"18-20 Grahams Road, Falkirk",FK1 1HS,Falkirk
The Quoit Bar,"63 Main Street, Redding",FK2 9YD,Falkirk
The Red Hoose,"1 Lairox Terrace, Dunipace",FK6 6JW,Falkirk
The Roman Bar,"470 Main Street, Camelon, Falkirk",FK1 4QJ,Falkirk
The Royal British Legion,"4 Dundas Street, Grangemouth",FK3 8BX,Falkirk
The Scotia,"51 Manor Street, Falkirk",FK1 1NH,Falkirk
The Ship Inn,"New Ship Inn, 102-104 Newhouse Road, Grangemouth",FK3 8NJ,Falkirk
The Shore,"195 Carronshore Road, Carron",FK2 8ES,Falkirk
The Townbar @ Fortysix,"46-48 South Street, Bo'ness",EH51 9HD,Falkirk
The Wee White Dog Catering Co.,"Grangemouth Golf Club, Polmont",FK2 0YA,Falkirk
The Wheatsheaf,"16 Baxters Wynd, Falkirk",FK1 1PF,Falkirk
The Wine Library,"1 Princes Street, Falkirk",FK1 1LS,Falkirk
Thirsty Cow,"42 Vicar Street, Falkirk",FK1 1JB,Falkirk
Tolbooth Tavern,"The Tolbooth Tavern, Tolbooth Street, Falkirk",FK1 1NL,Falkirk
Victoria Inn,"60 North Main Street, Carronshore",FK2 8HL,Falkirk
Wellington Bar,"6 Manor Street, Falkirk",FK1 1NH,Falkirk
Wetherspoons,"The Carron Works, 18-20 Bank Street, Falkirk",FK1 1NB,Falkirk
Wheatsheaf Inn,"3 Broad Street, Denny",FK6 6DX,Falkirk
Woodside Inn,"76 High Station Road, Falkirk",FK1 5QX,Falkirk
Zetland Bowling Club,"Zetland Bowling Club, Zetland Park, Drummond Place, Grangemouth",FK3 9DQ,Falkirk

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