Glasgow City pubs in August 2018

This site is obviously about pub history, and also connects to my many other pub history sites. These pages are of all the open pubs, as listed by the Foods Standards Agency at August 2018, there are currently over 50,000 open pubs.  Index of all Boroughs

Glasgow City - 372
26 Hope Street,"26 Hope Street, Glasgow",G2 6AA,Glasgow City
Ad - Lib,"111 Hope Street, Glasgow",G2 6LL,Glasgow City
Alexandra Bar,"470 Duke Street, Glasgow",G31 1QN,Glasgow City
Alfredo's Bar,"146 West Nile Street, Glasgow",G1 2RQ,Glasgow City
All Bar One,"72 St Vincent Street, Glasgow",G2 5TS,Glasgow City
Allison Arms,"722 Pollokshaws Road, Glasgow",G41 2AD,Glasgow City
Alpen Lodge,"25 Hope Street, Glasgow",G2 6AB,Glasgow City
Anchor Bar,"1401 Gallowgate, Glasgow",G31 4EX,Glasgow City
Angie's Bar,"215 Barlanark Road, Glasgow",G33 4PF,Glasgow City
Annie Millar's,"39 Ropework Lane, Glasgow",G1 4HU,Glasgow City
Aragon Bar,"129 Byres Road, Glasgow",G12 8TT,Glasgow City
Argyle Tavern,"92 Main Street, Glasgow",G69 6SL,Glasgow City
Arjays Catering (within Finlays Bar),"137 Kilmarnock Road, Glasgow",G41 3YT,Glasgow City
Arlington Bar,"130 Woodlands Road, Glasgow",G3 6HB,Glasgow City
Armstrong's,"136 Battlefield Road, Glasgow",G42 9JT,Glasgow City
Avalon Bar,"21 Kent Road, Glasgow",G3 7EH,Glasgow City
Avant Garde,"36 King Street, Glasgow",G1 5QT,Glasgow City
Bairds Bar,"226 Gallowgate, Glasgow",G4 0TS,Glasgow City
Balmore Bar,"251 Saracen Street, Glasgow",G22 5JX,Glasgow City
Bar 67,"257 Gallowgate, Glasgow",G4 0TP,Glasgow City
Bar 91,"91 Candleriggs, Glasgow",G1 1NP,Glasgow City
Bar Bloc,"117 Bath Street, Glasgow",G2 2SZ,Glasgow City
Bar Home,"80 Albion Street, Glasgow",G1 1NY,Glasgow City
Bar Soba,"11 Mitchell Lane, Glasgow",G1 3NU,Glasgow City
Bar Square,"5 Bell Street, Glasgow",G1 1NU,Glasgow City
Barrachnie Inn,"192 Glasgow Road, Glasgow",G69 6EU,Glasgow City
Beechwood Tavern,"164 Ardmay Crescent, Glasgow",G44 4PP,Glasgow City
Beer Cafe,"82 Candleriggs, Glasgow",G1 1LE,Glasgow City
Bellrock Bar,"6 Cornwall Street, Glasgow",G41 1AQ,Glasgow City
Bell's Bar,"569 Govan Road, Glasgow",G51 2AS,Glasgow City
Ben Nevis Bar,"1147 Argyle Street, Glasgow",G3 8TB,Glasgow City
Blackfriars,"36 Bell Street, Glasgow",G1 1LG,Glasgow City
Blane Valley,"76 Glassford Street, Glasgow",G1 1UP,Glasgow City
Blue Dog,"153 West George Street, Glasgow",G2 2JJ,Glasgow City
Bon Accord,"153 North Street, Glasgow",G3 7DA,Glasgow City
Boteco Do Brasil,"62 Trongate, Glasgow",G1 5EP,Glasgow City
Brass Monkey,"1004 Argyle Street, Glasgow",G3 8LU,Glasgow City
Brechins Bar,"803 Govan Road, Glasgow",G51 3DJ,Glasgow City
Brew Dog,"1397 Argyle Street, Glasgow",G3 8AN,Glasgow City
BRGR,"526 Great Western Road, Glasgow",G12 8EL,Glasgow City
Bristol Bar,"600 Duke Street, Glasgow",G31 1JX,Glasgow City
Broadcast,"427 Sauchiehall Street, Glasgow",G2 3LG,Glasgow City
Brunswick Cellars,"239 Sauchiehall Street, Glasgow",G2 3EZ,Glasgow City
Buck's Bar,"111 West Regent Street, Glasgow",G2 2RU,Glasgow City
Bunker,"Storey Basement, 193 Bath Street, Glasgow",G2 4HU,Glasgow City
Butterfly And The Pig (and Tea Room),"151 Bath Street, Glasgow",G2 4SQ,Glasgow City
Butty Bar,"9 Hecla Avenue, Glasgow",G15 8NA,Glasgow City
By The Way,"108 Main Street, Glasgow",G69 6AE,Glasgow City
Cabin Bar,"258 Gallowgate, Glasgow",G4 0TU,Glasgow City
Cafe Source,"1 St Andrews Square, Glasgow",G1 5PP,Glasgow City
Cairns Bar,"5 Miller Street, Glasgow",G1 1EA,Glasgow City
Calton Bar,"415 London Road, Glasgow",G40 1AG,Glasgow City
Campus,"332 Sauchiehall Street, Glasgow",G2 3JA,Glasgow City
Che Que Bo,"1287 Argyle Street, Glasgow",G3 8TL,Glasgow City
Chinaskis,"239 North Street, Glasgow",G3 7DL,Glasgow City
Coach House,"772 Anniesland Road, Glasgow",G14 0YU,Glasgow City
Committee Room No. 9 / Speakeasy / FHQ,"18 John Street, Glasgow",G1 1JQ,Glasgow City
Coopers,"499 Great Western Road, Glasgow",G12 8HN,Glasgow City
Corryvrechan,"12 Plean Street, Glasgow",G14 0YH,Glasgow City
Cottage Bar,"875 Shettleston Road, Glasgow",G32 7NR,Glasgow City
Crossing The Rubicon,"372 Great Western Road, Glasgow",G4 9HT,Glasgow City
Crown Creighton,"480 Duke Street, Glasgow",G31 1QF,Glasgow City
Crystal Bell,"31 Gallowgate, Glasgow",G1 5AA,Glasgow City
Curlers,"260 Byres Road, Glasgow",G12 8SH,Glasgow City
Dalmarnock Inn,"150 Old Dalmarnock Road, Glasgow",G40 4LH,Glasgow City
Delmonica's,"68 Virginia Street, Glasgow",G1 1TX,Glasgow City
Denholm's,"17 Hope Street, Glasgow",G2 6AB,Glasgow City
Deoch An Dorus,"427 Dumbarton Road, Glasgow",G11 6DD,Glasgow City
Distill,"1106 Argyle Street, Glasgow",G3 8TD,Glasgow City
Dows,"9 Dundas Street, Glasgow",G1 2AH,Glasgow City
Dram,"246 Woodlands Road, Glasgow",G3 6ND,Glasgow City
Driftwood,"4 St Georges Road, Glasgow",G3 6UJ,Glasgow City
Drop,"17 Waterloo Street, Glasgow",G2 6AY,Glasgow City
Drouthy's,"155 Queen Street, Glasgow",G1 3BJ,Glasgow City
Drover Bar,"447 Gallowgate, Glasgow",G40 2DX,Glasgow City
Drum And Monkey,"93 St Vincent Street, Glasgow",G2 5TF,Glasgow City
Drury Street Bar and Kitchen,"18 Renfield Street, Glasgow",G2 5AA,Glasgow City
Duchess On Duke Street,"380 Duke Street, Glasgow",G31 1DN,Glasgow City
Dug 'n' Duck,"3 Avenue End Road, Glasgow",G33 6ND,Glasgow City
Dukes Bar,"41 Old Dumbarton Road, Glasgow",G3 8RD,Glasgow City
Duke's Bar,"631 Duke Street, Glasgow",G31 1QA,Glasgow City
Elders Bar,"72 Causewayside Street, Glasgow",G32 8LU,Glasgow City
Emerald Isle,"251 Gallowgate, Glasgow",G4 0TP,Glasgow City
Fatboys (Within Broadcast),"427 Sauchiehall Street, Glasgow",G2 3LG,Glasgow City
Fiddlers Bar,"10 Fortrose Street, Glasgow",G11 5NS,Glasgow City
Finlay's,"137 Kilmarnock Road, Glasgow",G41 3YT,Glasgow City
Firebird,"1323 Argyle Street, Glasgow",G3 8TL,Glasgow City
Firewater,"341 Sauchiehall Street, Glasgow",G2 3HW,Glasgow City
First And Last,"1972 Maryhill Road, Glasgow",G20 0EF,Glasgow City
Florida Park,"318 Battlefield Road, Glasgow",G42 9JD,Glasgow City
Fluxx,"73 Bath Street, Glasgow",G2 2DH,Glasgow City
Gallus,"80 Dumbarton Road, Glasgow",G11 6NX,Glasgow City
Garvale Inn,"187 Reidvale Street, Glasgow",G31 1DT,Glasgow City
Georgic,"1097 Pollokshaws Road, Glasgow",G41 3YG,Glasgow City
Granny Gibb's,"1305 Dumbarton Road, Glasgow",G14 9UY,Glasgow City
Grant Arms,"188 Argyle Street, Glasgow",G2 8HA,Glasgow City
Griers Bar,"24 Bogbain Road, Glasgow",G34 9DU,Glasgow City
Grosvenor Cinema Kiosk/Lane Bar/Grosvenor Cafe,"36 Ashton Lane, Glasgow",G12 8SJ,Glasgow City
Hazel Wood,"380 Nitshill Road, Glasgow",G53 7BW,Glasgow City
Heilan Jessie,"378 Gallowgate, Glasgow",G4 0TX,Glasgow City
Heraghty's Bar,"708 Pollokshaws Road, Glasgow",G41 2AD,Glasgow City
Hickory,"87 Kilmarnock Road, Glasgow",G41 3YR,Glasgow City
Hillview Inn,"31 Lochgoin Avenue, Glasgow",G15 8QY,Glasgow City
Hoops Bar,"283 Gallowgate, Glasgow",G4 0TR,Glasgow City
Hootenanny,"22 Dixon Street, Glasgow",G1 4EE,Glasgow City
Intermezzo,"22 Renfrew Street, Glasgow",G2 3BW,Glasgow City
International Bar,"477 Aikenhead Road, Glasgow",G42 0PP,Glasgow City
Jackson's,"95 Cambridge Street, Glasgow",G3 6RU,Glasgow City
James Tassie,"63 Kilmarnock Road, Glasgow",G41 3YR,Glasgow City
Jarvies,"45 Kelso Street, Glasgow",G14 0LF,Glasgow City
Jinty's McGintys,"21 Ashton Lane, Glasgow",G12 8SJ,Glasgow City
Kaldis,"50 Edinburgh Road, Glasgow",G69 6DN,Glasgow City
Katies Bar,"Storey Basement, 17 John Street, Glasgow",G1 1HP,Glasgow City
Kelly's Bar,"688 Pollokshaws Road, Glasgow",G41 2QB,Glasgow City
Kelvin Dock Bar,"1720 Maryhill Road, Glasgow",G20 0HF,Glasgow City
Kensington Bar,"410 Paisley Road West, Glasgow",G51 1BE,Glasgow City
King Tuts Wah Wah Hut,"272 St Vincent Street, Glasgow",G2 5RL,Glasgow City
Kitty O'Shea,"15 Waterloo Street, Glasgow",G2 6AY,Glasgow City
La Cala,"232 Meadowpark Street, Glasgow",G31 3DJ,Glasgow City
Ladywell Bar,"139 Barrack Street, Glasgow",G4 0UE,Glasgow City
Lansdowne Restaurant,"7 Lansdowne Crescent, Glasgow",G20 6NQ,Glasgow City
Lauder's,"76 Sauchiehall Street, Glasgow",G2 3DE,Glasgow City
Laurieston Bar,"58 Bridge Street, Glasgow",G5 9HU,Glasgow City
Lebowskis,"69 Nithsdale Road, Glasgow",G41 2AJ,Glasgow City
Lebowski's,"1008 Argyle Street, Glasgow",G3 8LX,Glasgow City
Lee McBeth (within Jacksons),"95 Cambridge Street, Glasgow",G3 6RU,Glasgow City
Levy Restaurants (Clyde Auditorium),"Clyde Auditorium, 1 Scottish Exhibition Centre, Glasgow",G3 8YW,Glasgow City
Liberte,"241 North Street, Glasgow",G3 7DL,Glasgow City
Lincoln Inn,"2131 Great Western Road, Glasgow",G13 2XX,Glasgow City
Linen 1906,"1110 Pollokshaws Road, Glasgow",G41 3XA,Glasgow City
Lloyds No. 1 Bar ( Society Rooms),"149 West George Street, Glasgow",G2 2JJ,Glasgow City
Louden Tavern,"536 Duke Street, Glasgow",G31 1NG,Glasgow City
MacConnells Bar,"335 Hope Street, Glasgow",G2 3PT,Glasgow City
Mackinnons Bar,"48 Gallowgate, Glasgow",G1 5AB,Glasgow City
MacSorley's,"42 Jamaica Street, Glasgow",G1 4QG,Glasgow City
Malone's,"57 Sauchiehall Lane, Glasgow",G2 4JD,Glasgow City
Maltman,"61 Renfield Street, Glasgow",G2 1LF,Glasgow City
Mango,"373 Sauchiehall Street, Glasgow",G2 3HU,Glasgow City
Maryhill Club 90,"18 Lochburn Road, Glasgow",G20 9AQ,Glasgow City
Maryhill Tavern,"1850 Maryhill Road, Glasgow",G20 0HD,Glasgow City
Max's Bar And Grill,"73 Queen Street, Glasgow",G1 3BZ,Glasgow City
McChuills,"80 High Street, Glasgow",G1 1NL,Glasgow City
McGinns,"16 Hope Street, Glasgow",G2 6AA,Glasgow City
McPhabbs,"23 Sandyford Place, Glasgow",G3 7NG,Glasgow City
Merchant Pride,"20 Candleriggs, Glasgow",G1 1LD,Glasgow City
Merchants Quay,"471 Paisley Road, Glasgow",G5 8RJ,Glasgow City
Miller's Bar,"7 Cramond Terrace, Glasgow",G32 0PE,Glasgow City
Missoula,"114 West George Street, Glasgow",G2 1PS,Glasgow City
Mono,"95 King Street, Glasgow",G1 5RB,Glasgow City
Munn's,"610 Maryhill Road, Glasgow",G20 7ED,Glasgow City
Munro's,"185 Great Western Road, Glasgow",G4 9EB,Glasgow City
Neighbourhood Bar And Kitchen,"1046 Argyle Street, Glasgow",G3 8LY,Glasgow City
New Regent Bar,"752 Pollokshaws Road, Glasgow",G41 2AE,Glasgow City
Nice'n Sleazy,"421 Sauchiehall Street, Glasgow",G2 3LG,Glasgow City
Nico's,"379 Sauchiehall Street, Glasgow",G2 3HU,Glasgow City
NYC Bar,"185 Hope Street, Glasgow",G2 2UL,Glasgow City
Oak Bar,"774 Springfield Road, Glasgow",G31 4HL,Glasgow City
Oasis Lounge,"111 Nelson Street, Glasgow",G5 8DZ,Glasgow City
Old College Bar,"219 High Street, Glasgow",G1 1PP,Glasgow City
Old Empire Bar,"68 Saltmarket, Glasgow",G1 5LD,Glasgow City
Old Govan Arms,"907 Govan Road, Glasgow",G51 3DN,Glasgow City
Old Harmony Bar,"881 Govan Road, Glasgow",G51 3DN,Glasgow City
Old Shipbank Vault,"166 Saltmarket, Glasgow",G1 5LA,Glasgow City
Old Smiddy Inn,"131 Old Castle Road, Glasgow",G44 5TJ,Glasgow City
Old Stag Inn,"12 Greenview Street, Glasgow",G43 1SN,Glasgow City
Olivers,"20 Drumchapel Road, Glasgow",G15 6QE,Glasgow City
O'Neills,"31 Bell Street, Glasgow",G1 1NU,Glasgow City
Orwell's Bar,"70 Elderslie Street, Glasgow",G3 7AL,Glasgow City
Palaceum Bar,"10 Edrom Street, Glasgow",G32 7DN,Glasgow City
Park Bar,"442 Paisley Road West, Glasgow",G51 1BE,Glasgow City
Peel Bar,"120 Garscadden Road, Glasgow",G15 6QG,Glasgow City
Phillies Of Shawlands,"1179 Pollokshaws Road, Glasgow",G41 3NG,Glasgow City
Pig And Whistle,"68 McNeil Street, Glasgow",G5 0NH,Glasgow City
Pollok Inn,"58 Brockburn Road, Glasgow",G53 5LB,Glasgow City
Portland Arms,"1169 Shettleston Road, Glasgow",G32 7NB,Glasgow City
Prince Charlie Bar,"91 Westmuir Street, Glasgow",G31 5EU,Glasgow City
Punch Bowl,"1512 Maryhill Road, Glasgow",G20 9AD,Glasgow City
Quaich,"52 Coustonholm Road, Glasgow",G43 1UF,Glasgow City
Quarter Gill,"232 Dumbarton Road, Glasgow",G11 6TU,Glasgow City
Quarter Gill Bar,"42 Oswald Street, Glasgow",G1 4PL,Glasgow City
Quayside,"466 Paisley Road, Glasgow",G5 8RE,Glasgow City
Quo Vadis,"1860 Paisley Road West, Glasgow",G52 3TN,Glasgow City
Rab Ha's,"79 Hutcheson Street, Glasgow",G1 1SH,Glasgow City
Railway Tavern,"1416 Shettleston Road, Glasgow",G32 9AL,Glasgow City
Ranza Bar,"1159 Royston Road, Glasgow",G33 1EY,Glasgow City
Reardon's,"22 Hope Street, Glasgow",G2 6AA,Glasgow City
Redmonds,"304 Duke Street, Glasgow",G31 1RZ,Glasgow City
Rendezvous,"27 Burnham Road, Glasgow",G14 0XA,Glasgow City
Renfield Bar,"70 Renfield Street, Glasgow",G2 1NQ,Glasgow City
Revolution Glasgow,"69 Renfield Street, Glasgow",G2 1LF,Glasgow City
Rhoderick Dhu,"21 Waterloo Street, Glasgow",G2 6BZ,Glasgow City
Richards,"954 Govan Road, Glasgow",G51 3AJ,Glasgow City
Ross's Original Bar,"78 Mitchell Street, Glasgow",G1 3NA,Glasgow City
Royal Scot,"48 Union Street, Glasgow",G1 3QX,Glasgow City
Rufus T Firefly Inc,"201 Hope Street, Glasgow",G2 2UW,Glasgow City
Rumshack,"657 Pollokshaws Road, Glasgow",G41 2AB,Glasgow City
Saint Vincent's,"142 St Vincent Street, Glasgow",G2 5LA,Glasgow City
Saracen Bar,"248 Saracen Street, Glasgow",G22 5ER,Glasgow City
Saracens Head,"209 Gallowgate, Glasgow",G1 5DX,Glasgow City
Scotia Bar,"114 Stockwell Street, Glasgow",G1 4LW,Glasgow City
Sharkeys Bar,"51 Old Rutherglen Road, Glasgow",G5 9DT,Glasgow City
Shawbridge Tavern,"231 Shawbridge Street, Glasgow",G43 1QN,Glasgow City
Sheddans Bar,"641 Shettleston Road, Glasgow",G32 7EL,Glasgow City
Shevlane's Bar,"151 Springburn Way, Glasgow",G21 1DT,Glasgow City
Shilling Brewery Company,"92 West George Street, Glasgow",G2 1PJ,Glasgow City
Sir John Stirling Maxwell,"8 Shawlands Arcade, Glasgow",G41 3RS,Glasgow City
Sloan's,"Public House, 108 Argyle Street, Glasgow",G2 8BH,Glasgow City
Smiddy Bar,"309 Dumbarton Road, Glasgow",G11 6AL,Glasgow City
SoHo On Miller Street,"86 Miller Street, Glasgow",G1 1DT,Glasgow City
Springburn Bar,"361 Edgefauld Road, Glasgow",G21 4JY,Glasgow City
Springfield Vaults,"1287 London Road, Glasgow",G31 4JY,Glasgow City
Springpark Bar,"439 Keppochhill Road, Glasgow",G21 1HY,Glasgow City
Squirrel Bar,"36 Stevenson Street, Glasgow",G40 2ST,Glasgow City
Star And Garter,"687 Garscube Road, Glasgow",G20 7JX,Glasgow City
Strathduie Bar,"Flat 1/1, 3 Blackfriars Street, Glasgow",G1 1PG,Glasgow City
Strathmore,"795 Maryhill Road, Glasgow",G20 7TL,Glasgow City
Strathspey Bar,"1106 Tollcross Road, Glasgow",G32 8UN,Glasgow City
Strip Joint,"956 Argyle Street, Glasgow",G3 8LU,Glasgow City
Stumps,"7 Peel Street, Glasgow",G11 5LL,Glasgow City
Super Bario,"7 King Street, Glasgow",G1 5QZ,Glasgow City
Sweeney's On The Park,"964 Pollokshaws Road, Glasgow",G41 2ET,Glasgow City
Swinton Tavern,"236 Swinton Road, Glasgow",G69 6DP,Glasgow City
Tall Cranes,"12 Craigton Road, Glasgow",G51 3TB,Glasgow City
Tennents Bar,"191 Byres Road, Glasgow",G12 8TN,Glasgow City
The Winds,"123 Bridgegate, Glasgow",G1 5HY,Glasgow City
The 78,"14 Kelvinhaugh Street, Glasgow",G3 8NU,Glasgow City
The Admiral Bar,"72 Waterloo Street, Glasgow",G2 7DA,Glasgow City
The African Caribbean Centre,"66 Osborne Street, Glasgow",G1 5QH,Glasgow City
The Amethyst,"1209 Govan Road, Glasgow",G51 4PW,Glasgow City
The Angel Bar,"488 Paisley Road, Glasgow",G5 8RE,Glasgow City
The Argosy Bar,"2204 Paisley Road West, Glasgow",G52 3SJ,Glasgow City
The Ark,"46 North Frederick Street, Glasgow",G1 2BS,Glasgow City
The Atholl Arms,"30 Renfrew Street, Glasgow",G2 3BW,Glasgow City
The Auctioneers,"6 North Court, Glasgow",G1 2DP,Glasgow City
The Auld Hoose,"212 Carmyle Avenue, Glasgow",G32 8EE,Glasgow City
The Beer House,"Yates Public House, 79 Gordon Street, Glasgow",G1 3SQ,Glasgow City
The Belle,"617 Great Western Road, Glasgow",G12 8HX,Glasgow City
The Bells Bar,"143 Springburn Way, Glasgow",G21 1DT,Glasgow City
The Black Horse,"14 Gorstan Street, Glasgow",G23 5QA,Glasgow City
The Brazen Head,"1 Cathcart Road, Glasgow",G42 7BE,Glasgow City
The Bridge Inn,"31 Easterhouse Road, Glasgow",G69 6BH,Glasgow City
The Bungo,"17 Nithsdale Road, Glasgow",G41 2AL,Glasgow City
The Burrell Bar,"1534 Pollokshaws Road, Glasgow",G43 1RF,Glasgow City
The Butterfly And The Pig South,"1039 Pollokshaws Road, Glasgow",G41 3YF,Glasgow City
The Caledonian Bar,"42 Huntingdon Road, Glasgow",G21 1RS,Glasgow City
The Carnarvon Bar,"129 St Georges Road, Glasgow",G3 6JA,Glasgow City
The Clachan,"183 Baillieston Road, Glasgow",G32 0TN,Glasgow City
The Clockwork Beer Company,"1155 Cathcart Road, Glasgow",G42 9HB,Glasgow City
The Cottier Theater,"93 Hyndland Street, Glasgow",G11 5PX,Glasgow City
The Counting House,"2 St Vincent Place, Glasgow",G1 2DH,Glasgow City
The Court Bar,"69 Hutcheson Street, Glasgow",G1 1SH,Glasgow City
The Crafty Pig,"510 Great Western Road, Glasgow",G12 8EL,Glasgow City
The Crimson Star,"577 London Road, Glasgow",G40 1NE,Glasgow City
The Croft Bar,"22 Lugar Place, Glasgow",G44 5HB,Glasgow City
The Crystal Palace,"36 Jamaica Street, Glasgow",G1 4QD,Glasgow City
The Depot Bar,"80 Victoria Road, Glasgow",G42 7AA,Glasgow City
The District Bar,"256 Paisley Road West, Glasgow",G51 1BS,Glasgow City
The Dolphin Bar,"157 Dumbarton Road, Glasgow",G11 6PT,Glasgow City
The Doublet Bar,"74 Park Road, Glasgow",G4 9JF,Glasgow City
The Drake,"Flat Basement, 1 Lynedoch Street, Glasgow",G3 6EF,Glasgow City
The Drum - Punch Taverns,"1073 Shettleston Road, Glasgow",G32 7PF,Glasgow City
The Elephant And Bugle Bar,"1397 Maryhill Road, Glasgow",G20 9AA,Glasgow City
The Esquire House,"1487 Great Western Road, Glasgow",G12 0AU,Glasgow City
The Five Ways Inn,"1409 Gallowgate, Glasgow",G31 4EU,Glasgow City
The Flying Duck,"142 Renfield Street, Glasgow",G2 3AU,Glasgow City
The Garngad,"59 Royston Road, Glasgow",G21 2QW,Glasgow City
The Golf Lounge,"Storey Basement, 221 West George Street, Glasgow",G2 2ND,Glasgow City
The Grain Hopper,"243 Dumbarton Road, Glasgow",G11 6AB,Glasgow City
The Granary,"10 Kilmarnock Road, Glasgow",G41 3NH,Glasgow City
The Grapes Bar,"218 Paisley Road West, Glasgow",G51 1BU,Glasgow City
The Griffin,"266 Bath Street, Glasgow",G2 4JP,Glasgow City
The Grove,"8 Kelvingrove Street, Glasgow",G3 7RX,Glasgow City
The Hall,"Storey 0/1, 457 Sauchiehall Street, Glasgow",G2 3LG,Glasgow City
The Harvester,"10 Provan Walk, Glasgow",G34 9DL,Glasgow City
The Henglers Circus,"351 Sauchiehall Street, Glasgow",G2 3HW,Glasgow City
The Horse Shoe Bar,"17 Drury Street, Glasgow",G2 5AE,Glasgow City
The Hug And Pint,"171 Great Western Road, Glasgow",G4 9AW,Glasgow City
The Imperial,"6 Howard Street, Glasgow",G1 4AZ,Glasgow City
The Inn,"735 Balmore Road, Glasgow",G22 6QX,Glasgow City
The Iron Horse,"115 West Nile Street, Glasgow",G1 2SB,Glasgow City
The Islay Inn,"1260 Argyle Street, Glasgow",G3 8TJ,Glasgow City
The Jenny Burn,"8 The Clyde Gateway, Glasgow",G5 0BJ,Glasgow City
The Kirkhouse Bar,"1365 Shettleston Road, Glasgow",G32 9AT,Glasgow City
The Lee,"100 St James Road, Glasgow",G4 0PS,Glasgow City
The Lismore,"206 Dumbarton Road, Glasgow",G11 6UN,Glasgow City
The Local,"42 Kingston Street, Glasgow",G5 8BP,Glasgow City
The Londoner,"513 London Road, Glasgow",G40 1NQ,Glasgow City
The Lord Nelson,"123 Nelson Street, Glasgow",G5 8DZ,Glasgow City
The Louden Tavern,"22 Harvie Street, Glasgow",G51 1BW,Glasgow City
The Lovat Arms,"2562 Dumbarton Road, Glasgow",G14 0PT,Glasgow City
The Mailcoach,"510 Hamilton Road, Glasgow",G71 7SG,Glasgow City
The Mallard,"327 Great Western Road, Glasgow",G4 9HS,Glasgow City
The Marquis,"1082 Shettleston Road, Glasgow",G32 7PW,Glasgow City
The Merchant,"134 West George Street, Glasgow",G2 2HG,Glasgow City
The Montford Bar,"23 Curtis Avenue, Glasgow",G44 4QD,Glasgow City
The Old Black Bull,"1318 Gallowgate, Glasgow",G31 4DR,Glasgow City
The Old Burnt Barns,"179 London Road, Glasgow",G40 1PA,Glasgow City
The Old School House,"311 Woodlands Road, Glasgow",G3 6NG,Glasgow City
The Old Victoria Bar,"159 Bridgegate, Glasgow",G1 5HZ,Glasgow City
The Oriental Bar,"11 Hutcheson Street, Glasgow",G1 1SL,Glasgow City
The Park Bar,"1202 Argyle Street, Glasgow",G3 8TE,Glasgow City
The Parkway,"1597 Paisley Road West, Glasgow",G52 3QX,Glasgow City
The Parlour,"28 Vinicombe Street, Glasgow",G12 8BE,Glasgow City
The Penny Farthing,"568 Cathcart Road, Glasgow",G42 8YG,Glasgow City
The Pines,"210 Crookston Road, Glasgow",G52 3NF,Glasgow City
The Pinkston Bar,"482 Keppochhill Road, Glasgow",G21 1JE,Glasgow City
The Piper,"55 Cochrane Street, Glasgow",G1 1HL,Glasgow City
The Press Bar,"199 Albion Street, Glasgow",G1 1RU,Glasgow City
The Princess,"126 Smithycroft Road, Glasgow",G33 2RQ,Glasgow City
The Rams Head,"1969 Maryhill Road, Glasgow",G20 0BT,Glasgow City
The Real MacKay,"1749 Cumbernauld Road, Glasgow",G33 1AA,Glasgow City
The Real McCoy,"1281 London Road, Glasgow",G40 3HW,Glasgow City
The Record Factory,"17 Byres Road, Glasgow",G11 5RD,Glasgow City
The Reform Club,"6 Cressy Street, Glasgow",G51 4RB,Glasgow City
The Republic Bier Halle,"9 Gordon Street, Glasgow",G1 3PL,Glasgow City
The Rock,"205 Hyndland Road, Glasgow",G12 9HE,Glasgow City
The Royalty Bar,"144 Maryhill Road, Glasgow",G20 7QS,Glasgow City
The Seven Ways,"621 London Road, Glasgow",G40 1NE,Glasgow City
The Sir John Moore,"262 Argyle Street, Glasgow",G2 8QW,Glasgow City
The Slouch Bar,"203 Bath Street, Glasgow",G2 4HZ,Glasgow City
The Snaffle Bit,"979 Sauchiehall Street, Glasgow",G3 7TQ,Glasgow City
The Snug,"402 Duke Street, Glasgow",G31 1PX,Glasgow City
The Solid Rock Cafe,"19 Hope Street, Glasgow",G2 6AB,Glasgow City
The Spirit Bar,"30 London Road, Glasgow",G1 5NB,Glasgow City
The Standard Inn,"206 Saracen Street, Glasgow",G22 5EP,Glasgow City
The Stanley Bar,"69 Stanley Street, Glasgow",G41 1JA,Glasgow City
The Star Bar,"537 Eglinton Street, Glasgow",G5 9RN,Glasgow City
The State Bar,"148 Holland Street, Glasgow",G2 4NG,Glasgow City
The Station Bar,"55 Port Dundas Road, Glasgow",G4 0HF,Glasgow City
The Steps Bar,"62 Glassford Street, Glasgow",G1 1UP,Glasgow City
The Tenement,"317 Dumbarton Road, Glasgow",G11 6AL,Glasgow City
The Thirteenth Note,"60 King Street, Glasgow",G1 5QT,Glasgow City
The Three Craws,"501 Crow Road, Glasgow",G11 7DN,Glasgow City
The Three Judges,"141 Dumbarton Road, Glasgow",G11 6PR,Glasgow City
The Toby Jug,"97 Hope Street, Glasgow",G2 6LL,Glasgow City
The Tower Bar,"8 Possil Road, Glasgow",G4 9SY,Glasgow City
The Union (Strathclyde University),"90 John Street, Glasgow",G1 1JH,Glasgow City
The Viceroy Bar,"22 Paisley Road West, Glasgow",G51 1LB,Glasgow City
The Victoria Bar,"400 Victoria Road, Glasgow",G42 8YS,Glasgow City
The White Elephant,"134 Merrylee Road, Glasgow",G44 3DL,Glasgow City
The Woods,"29 Waterloo Street, Glasgow",G2 6BZ,Glasgow City
Thistle Bar,"72 Main Street, Glasgow",G69 6SL,Glasgow City
Thistle Tavern,"1346 Duke Street, Glasgow",G31 5QG,Glasgow City
Thomson's Bar,"275 Springburn Way, Glasgow",G21 1JX,Glasgow City
Thornwood Bar,"724 Dumbarton Road, Glasgow",G11 6RB,Glasgow City
Times Square,"48 St Enoch Square, Glasgow",G1 4DH,Glasgow City
Tingle Bar,"33 Mitchell Street, Glasgow",G1 3LN,Glasgow City
Titwood Bar,"58 Nithsdale Road, Glasgow",G41 2AN,Glasgow City
Tolbooth Bar,"11 Saltmarket, Glasgow",G1 5NA,Glasgow City
Town Tavern,"843 Shettleston Road, Glasgow",G32 7NR,Glasgow City
Trader Joes,"325 Hope Street, Glasgow",G2 3PT,Glasgow City
Treble Two Bar,"224 Abercromby Street, Glasgow",G40 2BZ,Glasgow City
Turnstyles Bar,"1245 London Road, Glasgow",G40 3HW,Glasgow City
Two Heided Man,"16 Hope Street, Glasgow",G2 6AA,Glasgow City
Underground,"6 John Street, Glasgow",G1 1JQ,Glasgow City
Victoria Bar,"336 Dumbarton Road, Glasgow",G11 6TG,Glasgow City
Viking Bar,"1190 Maryhill Road, Glasgow",G20 9BA,Glasgow City
Vital Spark,"1151 Govan Road, Glasgow",G51 4RX,Glasgow City
Vroni,"47 West Nile Street, Glasgow",G1 2PT,Glasgow City
Walkabout,"128 Renfield Street, Glasgow",G2 3AL,Glasgow City
Waterloo Bar,"306 Argyle Street, Glasgow",G2 8LY,Glasgow City
Waverley Bar,"1034 Tollcross Road, Glasgow",G32 8UW,Glasgow City
Waxy O'Connors,"46 West George Street, Glasgow",G2 1DH,Glasgow City
Wee Mans Bar,"429 Gallowgate, Glasgow",G40 2DY,Glasgow City
West On The Corner,"160 Woodlands Road, Glasgow",G3 6LF,Glasgow City
Westburn Bar,"110 Carntynehall Road, Glasgow",G32 6AS,Glasgow City
Whistlin Kirk,"5 Greendyke Street, Glasgow",G1 5PU,Glasgow City
Wild Cabaret,"18 Candleriggs, Glasgow",G1 1LD,Glasgow City
Wintersgills,"228 Great Western Road, Glasgow",G4 9EJ,Glasgow City
Woodend Bar,"131 Hamilton Road, Glasgow",G32 9QW,Glasgow City
Woodside Inn,"239 Maryhill Road, Glasgow",G20 7YB,Glasgow City
Yes Bar,"14 Drury Street, Glasgow",G2 5AA,Glasgow City

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