Hartlepool, County Durham pubs in August 2018

This site is obviously about pub history, and also connects to my many other pub history sites. These pages are of all the open pubs, as listed by the Foods Standards Agency at August 2018, there are currently over 50,000 open pubs.  Index of all Boroughs

Hartlepool County Durham - 110
Ashfield Caravan Park Clubhouse,"Ashfield Caravan Park, Dalton Piercy Road, Dalton Piercy, Hartlepool",TS27 3HY,Hartlepool
Bar 31,"31, Navigation Point, Middleton Road, Hartlepool",TS24 0UG,Hartlepool
Belle Vue Social Club,"Kendal Road, Hartlepool",TS25 1QU,Hartlepool
Black Olive,"10-12 Navigation Point, Middleton Road, Hartlepool",TS24 0UG,Hartlepool
Blacksmiths Arms,"Stranton, Hartlepool",TS24 7QT,Hartlepool
Blue Lounge,"4 Navigation Point, Middleton Road, Hartlepool",TS24 0UG,Hartlepool
Bull & Dog,"8 High Street, Greatham, Hartlepool",TS25 2EJ,Hartlepool
Carlton Club,"York Road, Hartlepool",TS26 8AA,Hartlepool
Carol Hammond Dance Studio,"62 Dalton Street, Hartlepool",TS26 9EL,Hartlepool
Changes,"100 York Road, Hartlepool",TS26 9DQ,Hartlepool
Gaiety's,"47 Northgate, Hartlepool",TS24 0JX,Hartlepool
Gillen Arms,"Clavering Road, Hartlepool",TS27 3QY,Hartlepool
Golden Lion,"Dunston Road, Hartlepool",TS26 0EN,Hartlepool
Hartlepool Catholic Mens Social Club,"Marlowe Road, Hartlepool",TS25 4JJ,Hartlepool
Hartlepool Cricket Club,"1 Park Drive, Hartlepool",TS26 0DA,Hartlepool
Hartlepool Divers Club,"Harbour Walk, Hartlepool",TS24 0YQ,Hartlepool
Hartlepool Indoor Bowling Club,"Mill House Leisure Centre, Raby Road, Hartlepool",TS24 8AR,Hartlepool
"Hartlepool Rovers Quoit, Sports & Social Club","Easington Road, Hartlepool",TS24 8JZ,Hartlepool
Hartlepool Rovers RFC,"West View Road, Hartlepool",TS24 0BP,Hartlepool
Hartlepool Rugby Club,"Mayfield Park, Easington Road, Hartlepool",TS24 9BA,Hartlepool
Hartlepool Smallcraft Association,"Middleton Road, Hartlepool",TS24 0SA,Hartlepool
Hartlepool Snooker and Social Club,"Waldon Street, Hartlepool",TS24 7QR,Hartlepool
Hartlepool Sports & Social Club,"Whitby Street, Hartlepool",TS24 7AB,Hartlepool
Hartlepool United Football Club,"Victoria Park, Clarence Road, Hartlepool",TS24 8BZ,Hartlepool
Hartlepool Utd Supporters Club,"Sandringham Road, Hartlepool",TS26 8PS,Hartlepool
Hartlepool Working Mens Club,"King Oswy Drive, Hartlepool",TS24 9PF,Hartlepool
Headland Social Club,"Throston Street, Hartlepool",TS24 0LG,Hartlepool
High Throston Golf Club,"High Throston, Hart Lane, Hartlepool",TS26 0UG,Hartlepool
Hope and Anchor,"High Street, Greatham, Hartlepool",TS25 2EN,Hartlepool
Hops and Cheese,"9-11 Tower Street, Hartlepool",TS24 7HH,Hartlepool
Idols,"35 Church Street, Hartlepool",TS24 7DG,Hartlepool
Jacksons Arms,"Tower Street, Hartlepool",TS24 7HH,Hartlepool
Jacksons Wharf,"The Highlight, Hartlepool",TS24 0XN,Hartlepool
King Johns Tavern,"South Road, Hartlepool",TS26 9HD,Hartlepool
Little Black Book,"Whitby Street, Hartlepool",TS24 7AD,Hartlepool
Loons,"10 Victoria Road, Hartlepool",TS24 7SD,Hartlepool
Manhattan,"6-8 Victoria Road, Hartlepool",TS24 7SD,Hartlepool
Masonic Hall,"Regent Street, Hartlepool",TS24 0QN,Hartlepool
Merry Go Round/Wacky Warehouse,"Easington Road, Hartlepool",TS24 9AL,Hartlepool
NALGO Social Club,"28 Westbourne Road, Hartlepool",TS25 5RE,Hartlepool
Oasis,"Elmtree Park Social Club, Queen Street, Seaton Carew, Hartlepool",TS25 1AJ,Hartlepool
O'Malley's,"25-27 Church Square, Hartlepool",TS24 7EU,Hartlepool
Owton Lodge,"Stockton Road, Hartlepool",TS25 1HA,Hartlepool
Owton Manor Social Club CIC,"Wynyard Road, Hartlepool",TS25 3LQ,Hartlepool
Port,"Navigation Point, Middleton Road, Hartlepool",TS24 0UH,Hartlepool
Princess Helena,"19 Whitby Street, Hartlepool",TS24 7AD,Hartlepool
Raby Arms,"Front Street, Hart, Hartlepool",TS27 3AW,Hartlepool
Raglan Quoit & Social Club,"Stuart Street, Hartlepool",TS24 8DA,Hartlepool
Rat Race Ale House,"Station Approach, Hartlepool",TS24 7ED,Hartlepool
Reflections,"56 Church Street, Hartlepool",TS24 7DX,Hartlepool
Richardson & Westgarth Sport and Social Club,"Winterbottom Avenue, Hartlepool",TS24 9AA,Hartlepool
Rosie's,"8-9 Navigation Point, Middleton Road, Hartlepool",TS24 0UG,Hartlepool
Royal Naval Association,"61 Milton Road, Hartlepool",TS26 8AF,Hartlepool
Sam's Snooker and American Pool,"76-86 Park Road, Hartlepool",TS26 9HU,Hartlepool
Seaton Carew Social Club,"36 Station Lane, Hartlepool",TS25 1BG,Hartlepool
Seaton Carew Sports & Social Club,"Elizabeth Way, Hartlepool",TS25 2AZ,Hartlepool
Seaton Hotel,"The Front, Hartlepool",TS25 1BS,Hartlepool
Skyy,"Avenue Road, Hartlepool",TS24 8AT,Hartlepool
South Durham Social Club,"Westbourne Road, Hartlepool",TS25 5RE,Hartlepool
Spotted Cow,"The Green, Elwick, Hartlepool",TS27 3EF,Hartlepool
Stranton Social Club,"Waldon Street, Hartlepool",TS24 7QJ,Hartlepool
Tall Ships,"Mulberry Rise, Hartlepool",TS26 0BF,Hartlepool
Tech Rugby,"Wiltshire Way, Hartlepool",TS26 0TB,Hartlepool
Tees and Hartlepool Yacht Club,"Fleet Avenue, Hartlepool",TS24 0SP,Hartlepool
The 9 Anchors,"2 The Front, Hartlepool",TS25 1BS,Hartlepool
The Athenaeum,"Church Street, Hartlepool",TS24 7DH,Hartlepool
The Blue Bells & Fresh The Meal Prep Co.,"Stockton Road, Newton Bewley, Billingham",TS22 5PQ,Hartlepool
The Causeway,"Stranton, Hartlepool",TS24 7QT,Hartlepool
The Central,"Shields Terrace, Hartlepool",TS24 0BS,Hartlepool
The Clarendon,"Tower Street, Hartlepool",TS24 7HF,Hartlepool
The Corner Flag,"Victoria Park, Clarence Road, Hartlepool",TS24 8BZ,Hartlepool
The Cosmopolitan Hotel,"Middlegate, Hartlepool",TS24 0HY,Hartlepool
The Duke of Cleveland,"2 Church Walk, Hartlepool",TS24 0ND,Hartlepool
The Fens,"Catcote Road, Hartlepool",TS25 2LT,Hartlepool
The Fishermans Arms,"Southgate, Hartlepool",TS24 0JJ,Hartlepool
The Fuschia Lounge,"30 Navigation Point, Middleton Road, Hartlepool",TS24 0UG,Hartlepool
The Globe,"26 Northgate, Hartlepool",TS24 0LJ,Hartlepool
The Greenside,"150 Stockton Road, Hartlepool",TS25 2PG,Hartlepool
The Hourglass,"Eaglesfield Road, Hartlepool",TS25 4BS,Hartlepool
The Lodge Bar,"58 Church Street, Hartlepool",TS24 7DX,Hartlepool
The McOrville Inn,"34 The Green, Elwick, Hartlepool",TS27 3ED,Hartlepool
The Mill House Inn,"Rium Terrace, Hartlepool",TS24 8AP,Hartlepool
The Mowbray,"Unit 3, 149 Mowbray Road, Hartlepool",TS25 2ND,Hartlepool
The New Inn,"Broadfield Road, Hartlepool",TS24 0NS,Hartlepool
The Nursery Inn,"Hopps Street, Hartlepool",TS26 8RA,Hartlepool
The Old West Quay,"Maritime Avenue, Hartlepool",TS24 0YG,Hartlepool
The Park Inn,"Park Road, Hartlepool",TS26 9HU,Hartlepool
The Pot House,"Croft Terrace, Hartlepool",TS24 0QX,Hartlepool
The Rossmere,"Balmoral Road, Hartlepool",TS25 3AX,Hartlepool
The Royal,"Church Street, Hartlepool",TS24 7DN,Hartlepool
The Ruby Slipper,"19 Navigation Point, Middleton Road, Hartlepool",TS24 0UG,Hartlepool
The Ship Inn,"Middlegate, Hartlepool",TS24 0JN,Hartlepool
The Showroom,"2 Victoria Road, Hartlepool",TS24 7SD,Hartlepool
The Stag & Monkey,"Brenda Road, Hartlepool",TS25 1SD,Hartlepool
The Studio,"Tower Street, Hartlepool",TS24 7HQ,Hartlepool
The Vault,"28 Whitby Street, Hartlepool",TS24 7AD,Hartlepool
The Ward Jackson,"3-9 Church Square, Hartlepool",TS24 7EY,Hartlepool
The White House,"Wooler Road, Hartlepool",TS26 0DR,Hartlepool
The Woodhouse,"2 Navigation Point, Middleton Road, Hartlepool",TS24 0UG,Hartlepool
Town Hall Theatre,"Raby Road, Hartlepool",TS24 8AH,Hartlepool
Travellers Rest,"363 Stockton Road, Hartlepool",TS25 1LB,Hartlepool
United Services Club,"Miers Avenue, Hartlepool",TS24 9JQ,Hartlepool
Vibes,"20-22 Navigation Point, Middleton Road, Hartlepool",TS24 0UG,Hartlepool
Victoria Arms,"154 Northgate, Hartlepool",TS24 0EQ,Hartlepool
West End Social Club,"70-72 Murray Street, Hartlepool",TS26 8PL,Hartlepool
West Hartlepool Rugby Football Club,"Catcote Road, Hartlepool",TS25 4HA,Hartlepool
West Hartlepool Victory Social Club,"1 Sandringham Road, Hartlepool",TS26 8PN,Hartlepool
White Hart Inn,"Front Street, Hart, Hartlepool",TS27 3AJ,Hartlepool
Yates's,"4 Victoria Road, Hartlepool",TS24 7SD,Hartlepool
Ye Olde Durhams Social Club,"St Aidans Street, Hartlepool",TS25 1SN,Hartlepool

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