Herefordshire pubs in August 2018

This site is obviously about pub history, and also connects to my many other pub history sites. These pages are of all the open pubs, as listed by the Foods Standards Agency at August 2018, there are currently over 50,000 open pubs.  Index of all Boroughs

Herefordshire - 228
Angel Inn,"Longford, Kingsland",HR6 9QS,"Herefordshire, County of"
Barneby Inn,"Wacton Lane, Bredenbury",HR7 4TF,"Herefordshire, County of"
Barons Cross Inn,"Barons Cross Road, Leominster",HR6 8RS,"Herefordshire, County of"
Beer in Hand,"136 Eign Street, Hereford",HR4 0AP,"Herefordshire, County of"
Bell Inn,"Burghill, Herefordshire",HR4 8LE,"Herefordshire, County of"
Bells Inn,"Almeley, Hereford",HR3 6LF,"Herefordshire, County of"
Black Lion,"31 Bridge Street, Hereford",HR4 9DG,"Herefordshire, County of"
Black Swan,"Much Dewchurch, Herefordshire",HR2 8DJ,"Herefordshire, County of"
Brewers Arms,"97 Eign Road, Hereford",HR1 2RU,"Herefordshire, County of"
Bridge Inn,"Kentchurch, Hereford",HR2 0BY,"Herefordshire, County of"
Britannia Inn,"7 Cotterell Street, Hereford",HR4 0HH,"Herefordshire, County of"
Brockhampton Cricket Club,"Brockhampton, Hereford",HR1 4TQ,"Herefordshire, County of"
Bunch Of Carrots,"Hampton Bishop, Hereford",HR1 4JR,"Herefordshire, County of"
Carpenters Arms,"Walterstone, Herefordshire",HR2 0DX,"Herefordshire, County of"
Castle Inn,"Little Birch, Hereford",HR2 8BB,"Herefordshire, County of"
Castle Inn,"Castle Road, Richards Castle",SY8 4EW,"Herefordshire, County of"
Clubhouse,"Saltmarshe Castle Caravan Park, Tedstone Wafre",HR7 4PN,"Herefordshire, County of"
Cock Of Tupsley,"Hampton Dene Road, Hereford",HR1 1UX,"Herefordshire, County of"
Colwall Royal British Legion Club,"8 Crescent Road, Colwall",WR13 6QW,"Herefordshire, County of"
Cornewall Arms,"Clodock, Longtown",HR2 0PD,"Herefordshire, County of"
Cottage Of Content,"Carey, Hereford",HR2 6NG,"Herefordshire, County of"
Cradley Royal British Legion Club,"Cradley, Malvern",WR13 5LT,"Herefordshire, County of"
Credenhill Sports & Social Club,"Station Road, Credenhill",HR4 7EY,"Herefordshire, County of"
Cross Keys Inn,"Goodrich, Ross-On-Wye",HR9 6JB,"Herefordshire, County of"
Cross Keys Inn,"Cross Keys, Hereford",HR1 3NN,"Herefordshire, County of"
Crown & Anchor,"Cotts Lane, Lugwardine",HR1 4AB,"Herefordshire, County of"
Crown and Sceptre,"9 Market Place, Ross-On-Wye",HR9 5NX,"Herefordshire, County of"
Crown Inn,"Lea, Ross-On-Wye",HR9 7JZ,"Herefordshire, County of"
Crown Inn,"Woolhope, Hereford",HR1 4QP,"Herefordshire, County of"
Crown Inn,"Longtown, Hereford",HR2 0LT,"Herefordshire, County of"
Crown Inn,"Crown Inn, Dilwyn",HR4 8HL,"Herefordshire, County of"
Duke Of York,"Leysters, Leominster",HR6 0HW,"Herefordshire, County of"
Duke's Head,"Blenheim, Corn Square, Leominster",HR6 8LR,"Herefordshire, County of"
Englands Gate Inn,"Bodenham, Hereford",HR1 3HU,"Herefordshire, County of"
Ewe & Lamb Inn,"12 High Street, Kington",HR5 3AX,"Herefordshire, County of"
Full Pitcher,"New Street, Ledbury",HR8 2EN,"Herefordshire, County of"
Garway Moon Inn,"Garway, Hereford",HR2 8RQ,"Herefordshire, County of"
Gilbies Bar & Bistro,"4 St Peters Close, Commercial Street, Hereford",HR1 2DL,"Herefordshire, County of"
Golden Cross Inn,"Sutton St Nicholas, Herefordshire",HR1 3AZ,"Herefordshire, County of"
Golden Fleece,"1 St Owen Street, Hereford",HR1 2JB,"Herefordshire, County of"
Golden Lion,"36 Grandstand Road, Hereford",HR4 9NF,"Herefordshire, County of"
Gordon Bennetts,"8 St Peters Street, Hereford",HR1 2LE,"Herefordshire, County of"
Grafton Inn,"Grafton, Hereford",HR2 8ED,"Herefordshire, County of"
Grape Vaults,"Broad Street, Leominster",HR6 8BS,"Herefordshire, County of"
Great Western Railway Staff Association,"15 Barton Yard, Hereford",HR4 0AZ,"Herefordshire, County of"
Green Dragon,"Bishops Frome, Herefordshire",WR6 5BP,"Herefordshire, County of"
Hereford Amateur Operatic Society,"148 Whitecross Road, Hereford",HR4 0DH,"Herefordshire, County of"
Hereford Bowling Club,"38 Bewell Street, Hereford",HR4 0BA,"Herefordshire, County of"
Hereford City Sports Club,"Grandstand Road, Hereford",HR4 9NG,"Herefordshire, County of"
Hereford Lads Club,"Widemarsh Common Road, Hereford",HR4 9NA,"Herefordshire, County of"
Hereford Military Club,"46a Friars Street, Hereford",HR4 0AS,"Herefordshire, County of"
Hereford Richmond Place Club,"69-71 Edgar Street, Hereford",HR4 9JP,"Herefordshire, County of"
Hereford Rowing Club,"37 Greyfriars Avenue, Hereford",HR4 0BE,"Herefordshire, County of"
Hereford Snooker Club,"16-20 Coningsby Street, Hereford",HR1 2DY,"Herefordshire, County of"
Hereford Welsh Social Club,"1 Hinton Road, Hereford",HR2 6BL,"Herefordshire, County of"
Hereford Whitecross Club,"Whitecross Tennis Club, Sollars Close, Hereford",HR4 0LX,"Herefordshire, County of"
Hogarths,"57 Commercial Road, Hereford",HR1 2BP,"Herefordshire, County of"
Hope And Anchor,"Rope Walk, Ross-On-Wye",HR9 7BU,"Herefordshire, County of"
Horse & Groom,"140 Eign Street, Hereford",HR4 0AP,"Herefordshire, County of"
Horse & Jockey Inn,"Horse & Jockey Inn, 9-10 New Street, Ross-on-Wye",HR9 7DA,"Herefordshire, County of"
Imperial,"31 Widemarsh Street, Hereford",HR4 9EA,"Herefordshire, County of"
King Charles II,"13 Broad Street, Ross-On-Wye",HR9 7EA,"Herefordshire, County of"
Kings Arms,"45 High Street, Bromyard",HR7 4AE,"Herefordshire, County of"
Kings Fee,"49-53 Commercial Road, Hereford",HR1 2BP,"Herefordshire, County of"
Kington Golf Club (Bar),"Kington Golf Club, Bradnor",HR5 3RE,"Herefordshire, County of"
Kinnersley Arms,"Kinnersley Arms, Kinnersley",HR3 6QA,"Herefordshire, County of"
Kyrle Pope Court Social Club,"Kyrle Pope Court, Sudbury Avenue, Hereford",HR1 1XZ,"Herefordshire, County of"
Lakeside Bar & Restaurant,"Pearl Lake Caravan Park, Shobdon, Herefordshire",HR6 9NQ,"Herefordshire, County of"
Ledbury & District Royal British Club,"Church Street, Ledbury",HR8 1DH,"Herefordshire, County of"
Leominster Sports & Social Club,"South Street, Leominster",HR6 8JQ,"Herefordshire, County of"
Leominster Town Council,"Town Council Offices, 11 Corn Square, Leominster",HR6 8YP,"Herefordshire, County of"
Lichfield Vaults,"11 Church Street, Hereford",HR1 2LR,"Herefordshire, County of"
Live and Let Live,"Whitbourne, Worcester",WR6 5SP,"Herefordshire, County of"
Live And Let Live - Bringsty Common,"Bringsty, Worcester",WR6 5UW,"Herefordshire, County of"
Long Bar,"61-62 Commercial Road, Hereford",HR1 2BP,"Herefordshire, County of"
Majors Arms,"Snailsbank Lane, Bishops Frome",WR6 5AX,"Herefordshire, County of"
Mamma Jammas,"15a West Street, Hereford",HR4 0BX,"Herefordshire, County of"
Masonic Hall Co. Ltd - Catering for All Occasions,"3 Kyrle Street, Hereford",HR1 2EU,"Herefordshire, County of"
MFA Bowl,"55 Station Approach, Hereford",HR1 1BB,"Herefordshire, County of"
Mill Race,"Walford, Ross-On-Wye",HR9 5QS,"Herefordshire, County of"
Monument,"Whitecross Road, Hereford",HR4 0LT,"Herefordshire, County of"
Moody Cow,"Upton Bishop, Ross-On-Wye",HR9 7TT,"Herefordshire, County of"
Moon Inn,"Mordiford, Hereford",HR1 4LW,"Herefordshire, County of"
Nags Head,"Canon Pyon, Herefordshire",HR4 8NY,"Herefordshire, County of"
Nags Head Inn,"Peterchurch, Hereford",HR2 0SJ,"Herefordshire, County of"
New Harp Inn,"Hoarwithy, Herefordshire",HR2 6QH,"Herefordshire, County of"
New Inn,"Bearwood Lane, Pembridge",HR6 9DZ,"Herefordshire, County of"
New Inn,"New Inn, Fownhope",HR1 4PE,"Herefordshire, County of"
Orles Barn Hotel,"Old Nursery Close, Wilton",HR9 6AE,"Herefordshire, County of"
Pandy Inn,"Dorstone, Herefordshire",HR3 6AN,"Herefordshire, County of"
Pebble Walk Ltd T/A Prince of Wales Inn,"Prince Of Wales, Church Lane, Ledbury",HR8 1DL,"Herefordshire, County of"
Play Nightclub,"51-55 Blue School Street, Hereford",HR1 2AR,"Herefordshire, County of"
Plough Inn,"Over Ross Street, Ross-On-Wye",HR9 7AS,"Herefordshire, County of"
Queens Arms,"4-5 Broad Street, Hereford",HR4 9AP,"Herefordshire, County of"
Railway Inn,"The Railway Inn, Dinmore",HR1 3JP,"Herefordshire, County of"
Rankin Club (Conservative Club),"5-7 Corn Square, Leominster",HR6 8LR,"Herefordshire, County of"
Red Kite Rising,"Monkland Arms, Monkland",HR6 9DE,"Herefordshire, County of"
Red Lion,"The Red Lion Inn, Cradley",WR13 5NN,"Herefordshire, County of"
Retreat,"7 High Street, Ledbury",HR8 1DS,"Herefordshire, County of"
Rose & Crown,"152 Ledbury Road, Hereford",HR1 1RG,"Herefordshire, County of"
Rose And Lion Inn,"5 New Road, Bromyard",HR7 4AJ,"Herefordshire, County of"
Ross Masonic Club,"Masonic Temple, Wilton Road, Ross On Wye",HR9 5JA,"Herefordshire, County of"
Ross on Wye RFC,"Abbotts Close, Greytree",HR9 7GQ,"Herefordshire, County of"
Royal Arms,"Llangrove, Herefordshire",HR9 6EZ,"Herefordshire, County of"
Royal George,"Lingen, Bucknell",SY7 0DY,"Herefordshire, County of"
Royal Oak,"Much Marcle, Ledbury",HR8 2ND,"Herefordshire, County of"
Royal Oak,"Norton, Bromyard",HR7 4QP,"Herefordshire, County of"
Rubix,"32 Union Street, Hereford",HR1 2BT,"Herefordshire, County of"
Rushall Social Club,"Rushall, Ledbury",HR8 2PE,"Herefordshire, County of"
Saracens Head Inn,"Symonds Yat, Ross-On-Wye",HR9 6JL,"Herefordshire, County of"
Saxtys,"33 Widemarsh Street, Hereford",HR4 9EA,"Herefordshire, County of"
Secret Garden,"Coldwells Road, Holmer",HR1 1LH,"Herefordshire, County of"
Seven Stars Inn,"Clehonger, Hereford",HR2 9SL,"Herefordshire, County of"
Shooters Bar Ltd,"Pool Club, Grafton House, Burgess Street, Leominster",HR6 8DE,"Herefordshire, County of"
Stagg Inn,"Titley, Kington",HR5 3RL,"Herefordshire, County of"
Starting Gate Travel Inn,"41 Holmer Road, Hereford",HR4 9RS,"Herefordshire, County of"
Sun Inn,"Rosemary Lane, Leintwardine",SY7 0LP,"Herefordshire, County of"
Swan Inn,"171 Aylestone Hill, Hereford",HR1 1JJ,"Herefordshire, County of"
Talbot Hotel,"New Street, Ledbury",HR8 2DX,"Herefordshire, County of"
Temple Bar Inn,"Ewyas Harold, Herefordshire",HR2 0EU,"Herefordshire, County of"
The Alma Inn,"Linton, Ross-On-Wye",HR9 7RY,"Herefordshire, County of"
The Amberley Arms,"Sutton St Nicholas, Herefordshire",HR1 3BX,"Herefordshire, County of"
The Baiting House at Upper Sapey,"Upper Sapey, Herefordshire",WR6 6XT,"Herefordshire, County of"
The Baker's Arms,"Green Lane, Orleton",SY8 4JB,"Herefordshire, County of"
The Balance Inn,"Luston, Herefordshire",HR6 0EB,"Herefordshire, County of"
The Barrel Bar,"The Barrell Bar, 2 Brookend Street, Ross On Wye",HR9 7EG,"Herefordshire, County of"
The Barrels,"69 St Owen Street, Hereford",HR1 2JQ,"Herefordshire, County of"
The Bateman Arms,"Shobdon, Leominster",HR6 9LX,"Herefordshire, County of"
The Bay Horse Inn,"236 Kings Acre Road, Hereford",HR4 0SD,"Herefordshire, County of"
The Bell Inn,"Bosbury, Herefordshire",HR8 1PX,"Herefordshire, County of"
The Bell Inn,"39 Etnam Street, Leominster",HR6 8AE,"Herefordshire, County of"
The Boat Inn,"Whitney Village Road, Whitney On Wye",HR3 6EH,"Herefordshire, County of"
The Bowling Green Inn,"37 Bewell Street, Hereford",HR4 0BA,"Herefordshire, County of"
The Brewery Inn,"Bye Street, Ledbury",HR8 2AG,"Herefordshire, County of"
The Bridge Inn,"Bridge Inn Road, Michaelchurch",HR2 0JW,"Herefordshire, County of"
The Broadleys,"93 Ross Road, Hereford",HR2 7RP,"Herefordshire, County of"
The Bull Ring Inn,Kingstone,HR2 9HE,"Herefordshire, County of"
The Bush Inn,"Bush Bank, Hereford",HR4 8EH,"Herefordshire, County of"
The Butchers Arms,"Woolhope, Herefordshire",HR1 4RF,"Herefordshire, County of"
The Castlefields,"Clifford, Hereford",HR3 5HB,"Herefordshire, County of"
The Chase Inn,"Chase Road, Upper Colwall",WR13 6DJ,"Herefordshire, County of"
The Chequers Inn,"63 Etnam Street, Leominster",HR6 8AE,"Herefordshire, County of"
The Comet Inn,"Stone Street, Madley",HR2 9NJ,"Herefordshire, County of"
The Commercial,"44 Commercial Road, Hereford",HR1 2BG,"Herefordshire, County of"
The Corners Inn,"Kingsland, Leominster",HR6 9RY,"Herefordshire, County of"
The Crown,"Walwyn Road, Colwall",WR13 6QP,"Herefordshire, County of"
The Dog Inn,"Ewyas Harold, Hereford",HR2 0EX,"Herefordshire, County of"
The Drop Inn,"21 Station Street, Ross-On-Wye",HR9 7AG,"Herefordshire, County of"
The Ducker Bar & Beer Garden Ltd,"11 South Street, Leominster",HR6 8JA,"Herefordshire, County of"
The Eagle,"23 Broad Street, Ross On Wye",HR9 7EA,"Herefordshire, County of"
The Exchange,"40 Widemarsh Street, Hereford",HR4 9EP,"Herefordshire, County of"
The Farmers Arms,"Farmers Arms, Ochre Hill, Wellington Heath",HR8 1LS,"Herefordshire, County of"
The Firefly,"16 King Street, Hereford",HR4 9BX,"Herefordshire, County of"
The Grandstand,"Grandstand Road, Hereford",HR4 9NH,"Herefordshire, County of"
The Grapes,"Church Street, Hereford",HR1 2LW,"Herefordshire, County of"
The Greenman,"Fownhope, Hereford",HR1 4PE,"Herefordshire, County of"
The Harewood End,"Harewood End, Hereford",HR2 8JT,"Herefordshire, County of"
The Herdsman,"Old Harp Inn, 54 Widemarsh Street, Hereford",HR4 9HG,"Herefordshire, County of"
The Herefordshire House Inn,"The Herefordshire House, Stanford Bishop",WR6 5TT,"Herefordshire, County of"
The Horseshoe Inn,"The Homend, Ledbury",HR8 1BP,"Herefordshire, County of"
The Hostelrie at Goodrich,"Goodrich, Herefordshire",HR9 6HX,"Herefordshire, County of"
The Inn at Bromyard,"19-21 High Street, Bromyard",HR7 4AA,"Herefordshire, County of"
The Kerry,"Commercial Street, Hereford",HR1 2BS,"Herefordshire, County of"
The Kings Arms,"7 Gloucester Road, Ross On Wye",HR9 5BU,"Herefordshire, County of"
The Lough Pool,"Grove Common Sellack, Ross on Wye",HR9 6LX,"Herefordshire, County of"
The Mail Rooms,"Gloucester Road, Ross On Wye",HR9 5BS,"Herefordshire, County of"
The Man Of Ross Inn,"Wye Street, Ross On Wye",HR9 7BS,"Herefordshire, County of"
The Mortimers Cross Inn,"Mortimers Cross, Leominster",HR6 9PD,"Herefordshire, County of"
The New Inn,"Staunton On Wye, Hereford",HR4 7LR,"Herefordshire, County of"
The New Strand,"Eardisley, Hereford",HR3 6PW,"Herefordshire, County of"
The Oak At Wigmore,"Wigmore, Leominster",HR6 9UJ,"Herefordshire, County of"
The Old Boot at Wellington,"Stoney Lane, Wellington",HR4 8AT,"Herefordshire, County of"
The Oxford Arms,"Duke Street, Kington",HR5 3DR,"Herefordshire, County of"
The Oxford Arms,"111 Widemarsh Street, Hereford",HR4 9EZ,"Herefordshire, County of"
The Plough,"86 Whitecross Road, Hereford",HR4 0DH,"Herefordshire, County of"
The Plough Inn,"Plough Inn, Little Dewchurch",HR2 6PW,"Herefordshire, County of"
The Prince of Wales,"Walford Road, Ross-On-Wye",HR9 5AP,"Herefordshire, County of"
The Queens Arms,"30 High Street, Bromyard",HR7 4AE,"Herefordshire, County of"
The Queens Head,"51 Bridge Street, Kington",HR5 3DW,"Herefordshire, County of"
The Red Lion,"Peterstow, Ross-On-Wye",HR9 6LH,"Herefordshire, County of"
The Red Lion Inn,"High Street, Pembridge",HR6 9DS,"Herefordshire, County of"
The Riverside Bar,"Symonds Yat West, Whitchurch",HR9 6BY,"Herefordshire, County of"
The Riverside Inn,"Aymestrey, Leominster",HR6 9ST,"Herefordshire, County of"
The Roadmaker Inn,"The Manse Lane, Gorsley",HR9 7SW,"Herefordshire, County of"
The Roebuck Inn,"Brimfield, Ludlow",SY8 4NE,"Herefordshire, County of"
The Royal Oak,"24 Church Street, Kington",HR5 3BE,"Herefordshire, County of"
The Royal Oak Hotel,"South Street, Leominster",HR6 8JA,"Herefordshire, County of"
The Saracens Head,"1 St Martins Street, Hereford",HR2 7RD,"Herefordshire, County of"
The Seven Stars,"11 The Homend, Ledbury",HR8 1BN,"Herefordshire, County of"
The Slip Tavern,"Much Marcle, Ledbury",HR8 2NG,"Herefordshire, County of"
The Spread Eagle,"2 King Street, Hereford",HR4 9BW,"Herefordshire, County of"
The Stables,"45 West Street, Hereford",HR4 0BX,"Herefordshire, County of"
The Stockton Cross,"Kimbolton, Herefordshire",HR6 0HD,"Herefordshire, County of"
The Sun Inn,"Winforton, Hereford",HR3 6EA,"Herefordshire, County of"
The Tarrington Arms,"Tarrington, Hereford",HR1 4HX,"Herefordshire, County of"
The Three Elms,"1 Canon Pyon Road, Hereford",HR4 9QQ,"Herefordshire, County of"
The Tram Inn,"Eardisley, Hereford",HR3 6PG,"Herefordshire, County of"
The Trumpet Inn,"Trumpet, Ledbury",HR8 2RA,"Herefordshire, County of"
The Tump Inn,"Wormelow, Hereford",HR2 8EJ,"Herefordshire, County of"
The Vaga Tavern,"26 Vaga Street, Hereford",HR2 7AT,"Herefordshire, County of"
The Venue,"Gaol Street, Hereford",HR1 2HU,"Herefordshire, County of"
The Victory,"88 St Owen Street, Hereford",HR1 2QD,"Herefordshire, County of"
The Walwyn Arms,"Much Marcle, Ledbury",HR8 2LY,"Herefordshire, County of"
The Wellington,"57 Widemarsh Street, Hereford",HR4 9EA,"Herefordshire, County of"
The Wellington Inn,"Colwall, Malvern",WR13 6HW,"Herefordshire, County of"
The Wheelwright Arms,"Pencombe, Bromyard",HR7 4RN,"Herefordshire, County of"
The White Lion,"Worcester Road, Leominster",HR6 8AR,"Herefordshire, County of"
The Wye Inn,"Holme Lacy Road, Hereford",HR2 6EF,"Herefordshire, County of"
The Yew Tree Inn,"Preston-On-Wye, Hereford",HR2 9JT,"Herefordshire, County of"
Three Horseshoes Inn,"Much Dewchurch, Herefordshire",HR2 9AS,"Herefordshire, County of"
Three Horseshoes Inn,"Norton Canon, Hereford",HR4 7BH,"Herefordshire, County of"
Three Horseshoes Inn,"Little Cowarne, Herefordshire",HR7 4RQ,"Herefordshire, County of"
Travellers Rest Beefeater,"Gatsford, Ross-On-Wye",HR9 7QJ,"Herefordshire, County of"
Unicorn Inn,"High Street, Weobley",HR4 8SL,"Herefordshire, County of"
Volunteer Inn,"Marden, Hereford",HR1 3ET,"Herefordshire, County of"
Volunteer Inn,"21 Harold Street, Hereford",HR1 2QU,"Herefordshire, County of"
Wellington Social Club,"Wellington, Hereford",HR4 8AX,"Herefordshire, County of"
Weston Cross Inn,"Weston Under Penyard, Ross-On-Wye",HR9 7NU,"Herefordshire, County of"
Wheatsheaf Inn,"Fromes Hill, Ledbury",HR8 1HT,"Herefordshire, County of"
White Swan,"Eardisland, Herefordshire",HR6 9BD,"Herefordshire, County of"
Wine Vaults,"37 High Street, Kington",HR5 3BJ,"Herefordshire, County of"
Wye Knot Inn,"Symonds Yat, Ross-On-Wye",HR9 6BJ,"Herefordshire, County of"
Yates,"58 Commercial Road, Hereford",HR1 2BP,"Herefordshire, County of"
Ye Old Ferrie Inn,"Ye Olde Ferrie Inn, Ferrie Lane, Symonds Yat",HR9 6BL,"Herefordshire, County of"
Ye Olde Salutation Inn,"High Street, Weobley",HR4 8SJ,"Herefordshire, County of"
Ye Olde Tavern,"22 Victoria Road, Kington",HR5 3BX,"Herefordshire, County of"
Yew Tree Inn,"Walwyn Road, Colwall",WR13 6ED,"Herefordshire, County of"
Yew Tree Inn,"Peterstow, Ross on Wye",HR9 6JZ,"Herefordshire, County of"

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