Leicester pubs in August 2018

This site is obviously about pub history, and also connects to my many other pub history sites. These pages are of all the open pubs, as listed by the Foods Standards Agency at August 2018, there are currently over 50,000 open pubs.  Index of all Boroughs

Leicester - 178
33 Cank Street., 33 Cank Street, Leicester ,LE1 5GX,Leicester
Almeida Coffee And Juice Bar, 5 Guildhall Lane, Leicester ,LE1 5FQ,Leicester
Anstey Lane Club, 21 Anstey Lane, Leicester ,LE4 0FF,Leicester
Apres Lounge, 94 High Street, Leicester ,LE1 5YP,Leicester
Aylestone Conservative Club, 204 - 206 Saffron Lane, Leicester ,LE2 7NE,Leicester
Bar 66, 66 Braunstone Gate, Leicester ,LE3 5LG,Leicester
Barley Mow, 149 Granby Street, Leicester ,LE1 6FE,Leicester
Belgrave Bowling Club, Belgrave Bowling Club, Thurcaston Road, Leicester ,LE4 2QG,Leicester
Belgrave Rugby Football Club, Belgrave Rugby Football Club, Thurcaston Road, Leicester ,LE4 2QG,Leicester
Belgrave Service Members Club, The Royal British Legion, 229 Melton Road, Leicester ,LE4 7AN,Leicester
Black Horse Public House, Black Horse, 1 Foxon Street, Leicester ,LE3 5LT,Leicester
Blue Peter Club, 3 - 5 Law Street, Leicester ,LE4 5GR,Leicester
Blue Star Social Club, 151 Evington Road, Leicester ,LE2 1QJ,Leicester
Bombay Nights Dance Bar, 32 Belgrave Road, Leicester ,LE4 5AS,Leicester
Boxed, 1 - 3 Braunstone Gate, Leicester ,LE3 5LH,Leicester
Braunstone Victoria Working Mens Club, Braunstone Victoria Working Mens Cl, Cantrell Road, Leicester ,LE3 1SD,Leicester
BrewDog, Brewdog, 8 Friar Lane, Leicester ,LE1 5RA,Leicester
Bridal Lane Tavern, The Bridle Lane Tavern, 2 Junction Road, Leicester ,LE1 2HS,Leicester
Broood @ Vin Quatre, 24 King Street, Leicester ,LE1 6RL,Leicester
Case Champagne Bar, 2 Hotel Street, Leicester ,LE1 5AW,Leicester
Cherry Tree Hotel, Cherry Tree, 43 East Bond Street, Leicester ,LE1 4SX,Leicester
Coronation Lounge, The Spicetree, 205 Catherine Street, Leicester ,LE4 6GE,Leicester
Cradock Arms, 201 Knighton Road, Leicester ,LE2 3TT,Leicester
Dayas Oasis Bar, 144 - 146 Narborough Road, Leicester, Leicester City ,LE3 0BT,Leicester
Dos Hermanos, 52 - 54 Queens Road, Leicester ,LE2 1TU,Leicester
Dover Castle, The Dover Castle, 34 Dover Street, Leicester ,LE1 6PT,Leicester
Droglites, Leicester Rugby Football Club, Aylestone Road, Leicester ,LE2 7TR,Leicester
Dry Dock, The Dry Dock, 25 Putney Road, Leicester ,LE2 7TF,Leicester
Duffy's, Pirates Bar, 18 Pocklingtons Walk, Leicester ,LE1 6BU,Leicester
East Belgrave Conservative Club, 306 - 308 Gipsy Lane, Leicester ,LE4 9BX,Leicester
Emvee Lounge, Latimer Conservative Club, Surrey Street, Leicester ,LE4 6FG,Leicester
Firebug, Firebug Bar, 1 Millstone Lane, Leicester ,LE1 5JN,Leicester
Forest, 13 Narborough Road, Leicester ,LE3 0LE,Leicester
Foresters Arms, Foresters Arms, 17 Frog Island, Leicester ,LE3 5AG,Leicester
Foxie Browns, 54 Highcross Street, Leicester ,LE1 4NN,Leicester
Friar Lane & Epworth FC, Friar Lane And Epworth Football Clu, Knighton Lane East, Leicester ,LE2 6FT,Leicester
Golden Mile Lounge, 87A Belgrave Road, Leicester ,LE4 6AS,Leicester
Green Lane Social Club/Jitu's Dhaba, 81 - 83 Green Lane Road, Leicester ,LE5 3TP,Leicester
Hakamou Bar, 8 Bowling Green Street, Leicester ,LE1 6AT,Leicester
Heathley Park, 2 Heathley Park Drive, Leicester ,LE3 9EQ,Leicester
Helsinki, 94 Rutland Street, Leicester ,LE1 1SB,Leicester
High Cross, The High Cross, 103 - 105 High Street, Leicester ,LE1 4JB,Leicester
Hogarths, 5 - 9 Hotel Street, Leicester ,LE1 5AW,Leicester
Indian Queen Club, Indian Queen, 2 Halkin Street, Leicester ,LE4 6JU,Leicester
Jungle Club, 21 - 23 Checketts Road, Leicester ,LE4 5ER,Leicester
Keepers Lodge, The Keepers Lodge, 1 Fletcher Mall, Leicester ,LE4 1DF,Leicester
King Richard III, Richard The Third, 70 Highcross Street, Leicester ,LE1 4NN,Leicester
Knighton Conservative Club, 123 - 125 Clarendon Park Road, Leicester ,LE2 3AJ,Leicester
L Bar And Bistro, 72 Humberstone Gate, Leicester ,LE1 3PL,Leicester
Last Plantagenet, 107 Granby Street, Leicester ,LE1 6FD,Leicester
Latimer Ward Conservative Club, Latimer Conservative Club, Surrey Street, Leicester ,LE4 6FG,Leicester
Leicester Banks Sports Club, 650 Aylestone Road, Leicester ,LE2 8PR,Leicester
Leicester Electricity Sports Club, Leicester Electricity Sports Cricke, 66 New Bridge Street, Leicester ,LE2 7JR,Leicester
Leicester Estonian House, Club, 366 Fosse Road North, Leicester ,LE3 5RS,Leicester
Leicester Indoor Bowl Club, Leicester Indoor Bowls Club, 80 Slater Street, Leicester ,LE3 5AS,Leicester
Leicester Railwaymen's Club And Institute, Leicester Railwaymens Club, East Park Road, Leicester ,LE5 4QA,Leicester
Leicester Senior Service Club, The Pavilion, 295 Loughborough Road, Leicester ,LE4 5PN,Leicester
Leicester Sports Centre, 16 Commercial Square, Leicester ,LE2 7SR,Leicester
Liquid And Envy, 97 Church Gate, Leicester ,LE1 3AN,Leicester
Lloyds No. 1, Corn Exchange 1, Market Place, Leicester ,LE1 5GG,Leicester
Loaded Dog, 144 London Road, Leicester ,LE2 1ED,Leicester
Local Hero, The Local Hero, 84 Aylestone Road, Leicester ,LE2 7LB,Leicester
Marten Inn, Martin Inn, 98 Martin Street, Leicester ,LE4 6EU,Leicester
Melton Hotel, 197 Melton Road, Leicester ,LE4 6QT,Leicester
Midas, 27 Yeoman Street, Leicester ,LE1 1UT,Leicester
Midland Hotel, 161 Lansdowne Road, Leicester ,LE2 8AT,Leicester
Milap Club, 41 Vulcan Road, Leicester ,LE5 3ED,Leicester
Mobius, 35 Braunstone Gate, Leicester ,LE3 5LH,Leicester
Mosh, 37 St Nicholas Place, Leicester ,LE1 4LD,Leicester
Mount Zion Inn, The Burlington, 76 Guthlaxton Street, Leicester ,LE2 0SE,Leicester
New Parks Social Club, Battersbee Road, Leicester ,LE3 9LD,Leicester
Newfoundpool WMC, 55 Beatrice Road, Leicester ,LE3 9FJ,Leicester
Nine, 74 Narborough Road, Leicester ,LE3 0BS,Leicester
Nottingham Odd Fellows Club And Institute, Nottingham Imperial Oddfellows Club, 89 - 91 Humberstone Gate, Leicester ,LE1 1WB,Leicester
O2, Percy Gee Building, University Of Leicester, University Road, Leicester ,LE1 7RH,Leicester
Odd Bar, 32 Millstone Lane, Leicester ,LE1 5JN,Leicester
Old Aylestone Constitutional Club Ltd, 689 Aylestone Road, Leicester ,LE2 8TG,Leicester
Old Aylestone Social Club Ltd, Old Aylestone Social Club, 1 Middleton Street, Leicester ,LE2 8LU,Leicester
O'Neills, O Neills, 16 - 20 Loseby Lane, Leicester ,LE1 5DR,Leicester
Orange Tree, The Orange Tree, 99 High Street, Leicester ,LE1 4JB,Leicester
Pi Bar, 1 Norman Street, Leicester ,LE3 0BA,Leicester
Polonez Bar, 56 Hinckley Road, Leicester ,LE3 0RB,Leicester
R Bar, Bar, 78A Granby Street, Leicester ,LE1 1DJ,Leicester
Rack 'N' Roll, 170 Belgrave Gate, Leicester ,LE1 3XL,Leicester
Rainbow And Dove, 185 Charles Street, Leicester ,LE1 1LA,Leicester
Regent Club, 102 Regent Road, Leicester ,LE1 7DA,Leicester
Republic, Club Republic, Gravel Street, Leicester ,LE1 3AG,Leicester
Revolution, 6B New Walk, Leicester ,LE1 6TF,Leicester
Royal Leicesters, The Royal Leicesters, Lockerbie Walk, Leicester ,LE4 7ZX,Leicester
Royal Leicesters Kitchen, Flat, The Royal Leicesters, 7 Lockerbie Walk, Leicester ,LE4 7ZX,Leicester
Royal Oak, 110 - 114 Belgrave Gate, Leicester ,LE1 3GR,Leicester
Royal Standard, 87 Charles Street, Leicester ,LE1 1FA,Leicester
Rutland And Derby Arms, 19 - 23 Millstone Lane, Leicester ,LE1 5JN,Leicester
Scarlet Pimpernel, Howden Road, Leicester ,LE2 9AW,Leicester
Seven Spice Bar, Gujurat Arya Community Centre, 49 Hildyard Road, Leicester ,LE4 5GG,Leicester
Seven Spice Grill, Gujurat Arya Community Centre, 49 Hildyard Road, Leicester ,LE4 5GG,Leicester
Shoemaker, The Shoemaker, Cokayne Road, Leicester ,LE3 6NE,Leicester
Sir Charles Napier, 46 Glenfield Road, Leicester ,LE3 6AR,Leicester
Sir Robert Peel, 50 Jarrom Street, Leicester ,LE2 7DD,Leicester
Sizzlers Bar And Grill, 188 - 190 Melton Road, Leicester ,LE4 5EE,Leicester
Skandals, The Old Black Lion, 71 Humberstone Gate, Leicester ,LE1 1WB,Leicester
Soar Point, Soar Point Pub, 25 The Newarke, Leicester ,LE2 7BY,Leicester
Sub 8 Ten, 8 King Street, Leicester ,LE1 6RJ,Leicester
Sue Townsend Theatre, Upper Brown Street Theatre, 16 Upper Brown Street, Leicester ,LE1 5TE,Leicester
Sumo, 54 Braunstone Gate, Leicester ,LE3 5LG,Leicester
The Aberdale Inn, Aberdale Inn, 111 Shackerdale Road, Leicester ,LE2 6HT,Leicester
The Addies Bar, The Adventurers, 41 Courtenay Road, Leicester ,LE3 9TA,Leicester
The Ale Stone, Shop, 660 - 662 Aylestone Road, Leicester ,LE2 8PR,Leicester
The Ale Wagon, 27 Rutland Street, Leicester ,LE1 1RE,Leicester
The Balmoral, 190 Belgrave Road, Leicester ,LE4 5AX,Leicester
The Black Horse, Black Horse, 63 - 65 Narrow Lane, Leicester ,LE2 8NA,Leicester
The Blackbird, Blackbird Road, Leicester ,LE4 0FW,Leicester
The Blue Boar, 16 - 18 Millstone Lane, Leicester ,LE1 5JN,Leicester
The Bowling Green, The Polar Bear, 44 Oxford Street, Leicester ,LE1 5XW,Leicester
The Broadway, Broadway Hotel, 263 - 265 Abbey Lane, Leicester ,LE4 5QH,Leicester
The Cedars, Main Street, Evington, Leicester ,LE5 6DN,Leicester
The Charny, The Charny Public House, 25 Spinney Hill Road, Leicester ,LE5 3GH,Leicester
The Clarendon, 7 - 9 West Avenue, Leicester ,LE2 1TS,Leicester
The Club Triangle, Coleman Road, Leicester ,LE5 4LE,Leicester
The Counting House, 40 Almond Road, Leicester ,LE2 7LH,Leicester
The Cricketers, Grace Road, Leicester ,LE2 8AD,Leicester
The Criterion, The Criterion Free House, 44 Millstone Lane, Leicester ,LE1 5JN,Leicester
The Crows Nest, Crows Nest, 1 Glenfield Road East, Leicester ,LE3 5QW,Leicester
The Distillery, 27 Market Street, Leicester ,LE1 6DN,Leicester
The Donkey, 203 Welford Road, Leicester ,LE2 6BH,Leicester
The Dove Pub And Dining, The Dove, 48 Downing Drive, Leicester ,LE5 6LH,Leicester
The Duncan Road, Saffron Lane Working Mens Club, 429 Saffron Lane, Leicester ,LE2 6UF,Leicester
The Durham Ox, Durham Ox, 45 Birstall Street, Leicester ,LE1 2HJ,Leicester
The Exchange Bar, 50 Rutland Street, Leicester ,LE1 1RD,Leicester
The Fountain Inn, 52 Humberstone Gate, Leicester ,LE1 3PJ,Leicester
The Friary, 13 Hotel Street, Leicester ,LE1 5AW,Leicester
The Glassy Club, Green Lane Road, Leicester ,LE5 3TH,Leicester
The Glen, Hillsborough Road, Leicester ,LE2 9PT,Leicester
The Globe, 43 Silver Street, Leicester ,LE1 5EU,Leicester
The Good Neighbours, 261 Aikman Avenue, Leicester ,LE3 9PW,Leicester
The Head Of Steam, The Reynard, 17 - 19 Market Street, Leicester ,LE1 6DN,Leicester
The Hind, Hind Hotel, 49 - 51 London Road, Leicester ,LE2 0PD,Leicester
The Humber Stone Pub, The Humberstone Inn, 15 Main Street, Humberstone, Leicester ,LE5 1AE,Leicester
The John O Gaunt, John O Gaunt, Somerset Avenue, Leicester ,LE4 0JY,Leicester
The King's Head, Kings Head, 36 King Street, Leicester ,LE1 6RL,Leicester
The Lancaster Arms, Lancaster Arms, 234 Green Lane Road, Leicester ,LE5 4PA,Leicester
The Lansdowne Bar, The Lansdowne, 123 London Road, Leicester ,LE2 0QT,Leicester
The Laundry Bar, 59 - 61 Braunstone Gate, Leicester ,LE3 5LH,Leicester
The Locker Room, 5 - 11 Belvoir Street, Leicester ,LE1 6SL,Leicester
The Lost Bar, 139A Narborough Road, Leicester, Leicester City ,LE3 0PB,Leicester
The Lounge, 451 Saffron Lane, Leicester ,LE2 6UG,Leicester
The Market Tavern, Market Tavern, 1 - 5 Market Place, Leicester ,LE1 5GG,Leicester
The Marquis, Marquis Of Wellington, 139 London Road, Leicester ,LE2 1EF,Leicester
The Merry Monarch, 23 Fosse Road South, Leicester ,LE3 0LP,Leicester
The Musician, 42 Crafton Street West, Leicester ,LE1 2DE,Leicester
The Old Horse, 198 London Road, Leicester ,LE2 1ND,Leicester
The Parcel Yard, 48A London Road, Leicester ,LE2 0QB,Leicester
The Queen Of Bradgate, Queen Of Bradgate, 93 - 97 High Street, Leicester ,LE1 4JB,Leicester
The Real Ale Classroom, 22 Allandale Road, Leicester ,LE2 2DA,Leicester
The Salmon, Salmon Inn, 19 Butt Close Lane, Leicester ,LE1 4QA,Leicester
The Salmon, Salmon Inn, 19 Butt Close Lane, Leicester ,LE1 4QA,Leicester
The Shed, 5 Yeoman Street, Leicester ,LE1 1UT,Leicester
The Soundhouse, The Sound House, 28 Southampton Street, Leicester ,LE1 1SJ,Leicester
The Sportsman, 43 Park Rise, Leicester ,LE3 6SG,Leicester
The Stirrup Cup, Stirrup Cup, Thurncourt Road, Leicester ,LE5 2NG,Leicester
The Talbot Inn, Talbot Inn, 4 Thurcaston Road, Leicester ,LE4 5PF,Leicester
The Terrace, 1 Albion Street, Leicester ,LE1 6GD,Leicester
The Three Kilns, Three Kilns, 69 Nicklaus Road, Leicester ,LE4 7RP,Leicester
The Tom Hoskins, 131 Beaumanor Road, Leicester ,LE4 5QE,Leicester
The West End Brewery, 68 - 70 Braunstone Gate, Leicester ,LE3 5LG,Leicester
The Western, Western Hotel, 70 Western Road, Leicester ,LE3 0GA,Leicester
The Willow, The Willow Tree Inn, 215 Humberstone Lane, Leicester ,LE4 9JR,Leicester
The Y Bar, Ymca, 7 East Street, Leicester ,LE1 6EY,Leicester
Union Inn, 27 Middleton Street, Leicester ,LE2 8LU,Leicester
Velvet Lounge/Panache, 25 Yeoman Street, Leicester ,LE1 1UT,Leicester
Victoria Jubilee, 112 Leire Street, Leicester ,LE4 6NT,Leicester
Victoria Tennis Club, Holmfield Avenue, Leicester ,LE2 2BG,Leicester
Walkabout, Yates Wine Lodge, 17 - 25 Belvoir Street, Leicester ,LE1 6SL,Leicester
Welford Bar And Grill, 479 Welford Road, Leicester ,LE2 6BL,Leicester
West End Working Mens Club, West End Working Mens Club, Braunstone Avenue, Leicester ,LE3 1LD,Leicester
West Leicester Conservative Club, Conservative Club, 55 Westcotes Drive, Leicester ,LE3 0QU,Leicester
Woolpack Inn, The Woolpack, 109 Catherine Street, Leicester ,LE4 6EP,Leicester
X Y Nightclub, Club, 2 King Street, Leicester ,LE1 6RH,Leicester

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