Lincoln pubs in August 2018

This site is obviously about pub history, and also connects to my many other pub history sites. These pages are of all the open pubs, as listed by the Foods Standards Agency at August 2018, there are currently over 50,000 open pubs.  Index of all Boroughs

Lincoln - 92
Adam & Eve,"25 Lindum Road, Lincoln",LN2 1NT,Lincoln
BeerHeadZ,"4 Eastgate, Lincoln, Lincolnshire",LN2 1QA,Lincoln
Birchwood Leisure Centre,"Birchwood Avenue, Lincoln, Lincolnshire",LN6 0JE,Lincoln
Birchwood Social Club,"Birchwood Avenue, Lincoln, Lincolnshire",LN6 0JE,Lincoln
Birchwood Youth Centre,"Larchwood Crescent, Lincoln, Lincolnshire",LN6 0NA,Lincoln
Carholme Golf Club,"Carholme Road, Lincoln, Lincolnshire",LN1 1SE,Lincoln
Castle Hill Club,"4 Castle Hill, Lincoln, Lincolnshire",LN1 3AA,Lincoln
Castle Ward WMC,"Kingsley Street, Lincoln, Lincolnshire",LN1 3JN,Lincoln
Cloud 9,"Kings Arms Yard, Lincoln, Lincolnshire",LN2 1JL,Lincoln
Cosy Club Lincoln,"Unit 4, Corn Exchange Building, Cornhill, Lincoln",LN5 7HE,Lincoln
Eastgate Club,"Langworthgate, Lincoln, Lincolnshire",LN2 4AD,Lincoln
Fever & Boutique,"280-281 High Street, Lincoln",LN2 1JG,Lincoln
Gala Clubs,"10 Saltergate, Lincoln, Lincolnshire",LN2 1DH,Lincoln
Golden Eagle,"21 High Street, Lincoln",LN5 8BD,Lincoln
Gwynnes Social Club,"6 Shakespeare Street, Lincoln, Lincolnshire",LN5 8JX,Lincoln
Hartsholme/Lincoln United Sports Association,"Sports Pavillion, Ashby Avenue, Lincoln",LN6 0DY,Lincoln
Hartsholme/Lincoln Utd Sports Association,"Ashby Avenue, Lincoln, Lincolnshire",LN6 0DY,Lincoln
Home,"Park Street, Lincoln, Lincolnshire",LN1 1UF,Lincoln
Hop & Barley,"417 High Street, Lincoln, Lincolnshire",LN5 8HX,Lincoln
Hop & Barley Beer Barn,"35-36 Bailgate, Lincoln, Lincolnshire",LN1 3AP,Lincoln
Huckleberrys Bar & Grill,"30 Clasketgate, Lincoln",LN2 1JS,Lincoln
Joiners Arms,"4-6 Victoria Street, West Parade, Lincoln",LN1 1HU,Lincoln
Jolly Brewer,"27 Broadgate, Lincoln",LN2 5AQ,Lincoln
Krystals,"8a Park Street, Lincoln, Lincolnshire",LN1 1UF,Lincoln
Lee Road Bowls Club,"Lee Road, Lincoln, Lincolnshire",LN2 4BH,Lincoln
Lincoln & District Indoor Bowling Club Ltd,"Hall Drive, Lincoln, Lincolnshire",LN6 7SW,Lincoln
Lincoln Hospital Sports & Social Club,"St Annes Road, Lincoln, Lincolnshire",LN2 5RA,Lincoln
Lincoln Labour Club & Institute Limited,"Grafton House, 32 Newland, Lincoln, Lincolnshire",LN1 1XJ,Lincoln
Lincoln Moorlands & Railway Sports & Social Club Ltd,"Newark Road, Lincoln, Lincolnshire",LN6 8RT,Lincoln
Lincoln RNA Club Ltd,"Coulson Road, Lincoln, Lincolnshire",LN6 7BG,Lincoln
Lincoln Sea Cadet Corps,"Training Ship Wrangler, Brayford Wharf North, Lincoln",LN1 1YW,Lincoln
Lincoln Snooker Club,"St Peter At Arches, Silver Street, Lincoln",LN2 1EA,Lincoln
Lincoln Theatre Royal,"Clasketgate, Lincoln, Lincolnshire",LN2 1JJ,Lincoln
Lion & Snake,"79 Bailgate, Lincoln",LN1 3AR,Lincoln
Magna Carta,"1 Exchequergate, Lincoln",LN2 1PZ,Lincoln
Millers Arms,"88 High Street, Lincoln",LN5 7QW,Lincoln
"Moka, Shack & Pulse","11 Silver Street, Lincoln, Lincolnshire",LN2 1DY,Lincoln
Monks Road Working Mens Club,"241-247 Monks Road, Lincoln, Lincolnshire",LN2 5JT,Lincoln
Nosey Parker,"1 Crusader Road, Lincoln",LN6 7AS,Lincoln
Our Lady of Lincoln R C Church,"Laughton Way, Lincoln, Lincolnshire",LN2 2HE,Lincoln
Peacock Inn,"23 Wragby Road, Lincoln",LN2 5SH,Lincoln
Post Office Sports & Social Club,"The Barracks, Dunkirk Road, Lincoln",LN1 3UJ,Lincoln
Prince of Wales Inn,"77A Bailgate, Lincoln",LN1 3AR,Lincoln
Pyewipe Inn,"Saxilby Road, Lincoln, Lincolnshire",LN1 2BG,Lincoln
Rileys Sports Bar,"40 Silver Street, Lincoln",LN2 1EH,Lincoln
Royal William,"1 Brayford Wharf North, Lincoln",LN1 1YX,Lincoln
Ruston Sports & Social Club,"Newark Road, Lincoln, Lincolnshire",LN6 8RT,Lincoln
Strugglers Inn,"83 Westgate, Lincoln",LN1 3BG,Lincoln
Sugar Cubes,"1 West Parade, Lincoln, Lincolnshire",LN1 1NL,Lincoln
Swanholme Tavern,"Doddington Road, Lincoln, Lincolnshire",LN6 3RX,Lincoln
Tap & Spile,"21 Hungate, Lincoln",LN1 1ES,Lincoln
The Alleykat Club,"The Basement, Butchery Court, Lincoln",LN2 1JS,Lincoln
The Anchor,"133 High Street, Lincoln, Lincolnshire",LN5 7PJ,Lincoln
The Atmosphere,"Butchery Court, Lincoln, Lincolnshire",LN2 1JJ,Lincoln
The Barrel,"Woodfield Avenue, Lincoln, Lincolnshire",LN6 0LW,Lincoln
The Birdcage,"54 Baggholme Road, Lincoln, Lincolnshire",LN2 5BQ,Lincoln
The Black Swan,"Jasmin Road, Lincoln, Lincolnshire",LN6 0QB,Lincoln
The Cardinals Hat,"268 High Street, Lincoln, Lincolnshire",LN2 1HW,Lincoln
The Crown & Arrows,"Moorland Avenue, Lincoln, Lincolnshire",LN6 7JJ,Lincoln
The Crows Nest,"Brant Road, Lincoln, Lincolnshire",LN5 9TR,Lincoln
The Curiosity Shop,"266 High Street, Lincoln",LN2 1HW,Lincoln
The Dog & Bone,"10 John Street, Lincoln",LN2 5BH,Lincoln
The Gatehouse Inn,"178 Newark Road, Lincoln",LN5 8QJ,Lincoln
The Golden Cross,"431-434 High Street, Lincoln",LN5 8HZ,Lincoln
The Horse & Groom,"Carholme Road, Lincoln, Lincolnshire",LN1 1RH,Lincoln
The Ivy Tavern,"51 Newport, Lincoln, Lincolnshire",LN1 3DN,Lincoln
The Lincoln Imp,"Blankney Crescent, Lincoln, Lincolnshire",LN2 2EW,Lincoln
The Mailbox,"19-20 Guildhall Street, Lincoln",LN1 1TR,Lincoln
The Morning Star,"11 Greetwell Gate, Lincoln",LN2 4AW,Lincoln
The Original Bierkeller,"13-14 Silver Street, Lincoln",LN2 1DY,Lincoln
The Plough,"393 Newark Road, Lincoln, Lincolnshire",LN6 8RJ,Lincoln
The Plough Boy,"60 Burton Road, Lincoln",LN1 3LB,Lincoln
The Queen In The West,"12-14 Moor Street, Lincoln",LN1 1PR,Lincoln
The Ritz,"143-147 High Street, Lincoln",LN5 7PJ,Lincoln
The Rogue Saint,"33-37 Mint Street, Lincoln, Lincolnshire",LN1 1UB,Lincoln
The Scene,"35 Newland, Lincoln",LN1 1XP,Lincoln
The Shakespeare,"40 High Street, Lincoln",LN5 8AS,Lincoln
The Square Sail,"4 Brayford Wharf North, Lincoln, Lincolnshire",LN1 1YX,Lincoln
The Still,"18-20 Saltergate, Lincoln",LN2 1DH,Lincoln
The Strait and Narrow,"29-31 The Strait, Lincoln, Lincolnshire",LN2 1JD,Lincoln
The Swan,"Lincoln Marina, The Holmes, Lincoln",LN1 1RD,Lincoln
The Treaty of Commerce,"173 High Street, Lincoln",LN5 7AF,Lincoln
The Victoria,"6 Union Road, Lincoln",LN1 3BJ,Lincoln
The West End Tap,"108 Newland Street West, Lincoln",LN1 1PH,Lincoln
The William Foster,"14-15 Guildhall Street, Lincoln",LN1 1TT,Lincoln
Tower Bars,"The Engine Shed, University of Lincoln, Brayford Pool, Lincoln, Lincolnshire",LN6 7TS,Lincoln
Trebles,"5 Saltergate, Lincoln",LN2 1DH,Lincoln
Vice & Co,"27-31 Corporation Street, Lincoln",LN2 1HL,Lincoln
Walkabout Inn,"233-237 High Street, Lincoln",LN2 1AT,Lincoln
Widow Cullens Well,"29 Steep Hill, Lincoln",LN2 1LU,Lincoln
Wig & Mitre,"30-32 Steep Hill, Lincoln",LN2 1TL,Lincoln
Witch & Wardrobe,"21 Waterside North, Lincoln",LN2 5DQ,Lincoln

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