Midlothian pubs in August 2018

This site is obviously about pub history, and also connects to my many other pub history sites. These pages are of all the open pubs, as listed by the Foods Standards Agency at August 2018, there are currently over 50,000 open pubs.  Index of all Boroughs

Midlothian - 51
Arniston Miners Welfare Club,Arniston Miners Club Engine Road Gorebridge Midlothian,EH23 4AQ,Midlothian
Bilston Miners Club,Bilston Miners Welfare Club Seafield Road Bilston Roslin Midlothian,EH25 9RW,Midlothian
Bonnyrigg Rose Social Club,Bonnyrigg Rose Social Club 27A Lothian Street Bonnyrigg Midlothian,EH19 3AE,Midlothian
Calderwood Arms,The Calderwood Arms 24 Dundas Street Bonnyrigg Midlothian,EH19 3AS,Midlothian
Chase,33 Polton Street Bonnyrigg Midlothian,EH19 3HB,Midlothian
Coach & Horses,Coach And Horses 166 - 168 High Street Dalkeith Midlothian,EH22 1AY,Midlothian
Corner Pocket Club,Corner Pocket 24 - 26 Buccleuch Street Dalkeith Midlothian,EH22 1HA,Midlothian
Cuiken Inn,The Cuiken Inn 28 Edinburgh Road Penicuik Midlothian,EH26 8NW,Midlothian
Dalkeith Miners Welfare Club,Dalkeith Miners Club 8 Woodburn Road Dalkeith Midlothian,EH22 2AT,Midlothian
Dalkeith Rugby Club,Dalkeith Rugby Club Eskbank Road Dalkeith Midlothian,EH22 3BQ,Midlothian
Danderhall Miners Social Club,Miners Welfare Club 88 Edmonstone Road Danderhall Midlothian,EH22 1QU,Midlothian
Dean Tavern,Dean Tavern 80 Main Street Newtongrange Midlothian,EH22 4NA,Midlothian
Easthouses Miners Welfare And Social Club,Easthouses Miners Institute Easthouses Road Easthouses Dalkeith,EH22 4ED,Midlothian
Edmonstone Inn,111 Edmonstone Road Danderhall Midlothian,EH22 1QX,Midlothian
Fishers Tryst,33 Milton Bridge Penicuik Midlothian,EH26 0RD,Midlothian
Flotterstone Inn,Flotterstone Inn Biggar Road Silverburn Penicuik Midlothian,EH26 0PP,Midlothian
Forresters Arms,63 - 65 Clerk Street Loanhead Midlothian,EH20 9RE,Midlothian
Harrow Hotel,Harrow Hotel 2 - 4 Eskbank Road Dalkeith Midlothian,EH22 1HF,Midlothian
Juniperlea,The Juniperlea Blackshiels Pathhead Midlothian,EH37 5TE,Midlothian
Justinlees Inn,Justinlees Inn 1 - 5 Dalhousie Road Eskbank Dalkeith Midlothian,EH22 3AT,Midlothian
Loanhead Masonic Lodge,47 Clerk Street Loanhead Midlothian,EH20 9RE,Midlothian
Loanhead Miners Welfare,Loanhead Miners Social Club 74 The Loan Loanhead Midlothian,EH20 9AQ,Midlothian
Lodge Dalhousie-Bonnyrigg,71-77 High Street Bonnyrigg Midlothian,EH19 2DB,Midlothian
Lodge Dalkeith Kilwinning No.10,Masonic Lodge 129 High Street Dalkeith Midlothian,EH22 1BE,Midlothian
Lodge Rosslyn St Clair No.606,LODGE ROSSLYN ST CLAIR NO 606 21 Main Street Roslin Midlothian,EH25 9LD,Midlothian
Mason's Arms,Masons Arms 100 - 102 Clerk Street Loanhead,EH20 9RB,Midlothian
Mayfield Community Club,Stone Place Mayfield Dalkeith Midlothian,EH22 5PE,Midlothian
Maysons Arms,188 High Street Dalkeith Midlothian,EH22 1AZ,Midlothian
Melville Inn,Melville Inn From Melville Nurseries To A772 Gilmerton Road Lasswade Midlothian,EH18 1AR,Midlothian
Old Crown Inn,Old Crown Inn 13 - 13A High Street Penicuik Midlothian,EH26 8HS,Midlothian
Pathhead Sports And Social Club,Sports And Social Club 11 Main Street Pathhead Midlothian,EH37 5PZ,Midlothian
Penicuik Bowling Club,28 Bog Road South Penicuik Midlothian,EH26 9BT,Midlothian
Polton Bowling And Social Club,Polton Bowling And Social Club Polton Bank Polton Bonnyrigg Midlothian,EH18 1JT,Midlothian
Polton Inn,Polton Inn Polton Road Lasswade Midlothian,EH18 1BS,Midlothian
Royal British Legion,4 Wallace Crescent Roslin Midlothian,EH25 9LN,Midlothian
"Royal British Legion Club, Kirkhill",60-62 Kirkhill Road Kirkhill Penicuik Midlothian,EH26 8JF,Midlothian
Royal Oak,58 Polton Street Bonnyrigg Midlothian,EH19 3DE,Midlothian
Salters Inn,27 Salters Road Dalkeith Midlothian,EH22 2DQ,Midlothian
Shottstown Miners Welfare,165 John Street Penicuik Midlothian,EH26 8AT,Midlothian
Stewart Bar & Grill,114 - 116 John Street Penicuik,EH26 8NG,Midlothian
Stobsmill Inn,25B Powdermill Brae Gorebridge Midlothian,EH23 4HX,Midlothian
The Anvil Inn,15 High Street Bonnyrigg Midlothian,EH19 2DA,Midlothian
The Black Bull,3 Lothian Street Dalkeith Midlothian,EH22 1DS,Midlothian
The Black Bull Kitchen,3 Lothian Street Dalkeith Midlothian,EH22 1DS,Midlothian
The Blacksmiths Forge,The Blacksmiths Forge 5A Newmills Road Dalkeith,EH22 1DU,Midlothian
The Buccleuch,90 High Street Dalkeith,EH22 1HZ,Midlothian
The Cockatoo Family Fayre,The Cockatoo Old Craighall Road Millerhill Dalkeith Midlothian,EH22 1RZ,Midlothian
The Foresters,The Foresters 107 Main Street Pathhead,EH37 5PT,Midlothian
The Pentland Inn,Pentland Inn Dryden Terrace Loanhead Midlothian,EH20 9JL,Midlothian
The Roadhouse,The Roadhouse 136 John Street Penicuik Midlothian,EH26 8NJ,Midlothian
The Ship Inn,92 High Street Dalkeith Midlothian,EH22 1HZ,Midlothian

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