Mole Valley, Surrey pubs in August 2018

This site is obviously about pub history, and also connects to my many other pub history sites. These pages are of all the open pubs, as listed by the Foods Standards Agency at August 2018, there are currently over 50,000 open pubs.  Index of all Boroughs

Mole Valley Surrey
43 South Street Wine Bar, 43 South Street, Dorking ,RH4 2JX,Mole Valley
Arkle Manor, Reigate Road, Brockham ,RH3 7HB,Mole Valley
Black Horse, Reigate Road, Hookwood ,RH6 0HU,Mole Valley
Edmund Tylney, 30-32 High Street, Leatherhead ,KT22 8AJ,Mole Valley
Falkland Arms, 60 Falkland Road, Dorking ,RH4 3AD,Mole Valley
Gossip Bar & Lounge, 24 High Street, Leatherhead ,KT22 8AN,Mole Valley
Inn on the Green, The Dukes Head (Ph), Brockham Green, Brockham ,RH3 7JS,Mole Valley
Inn On The Green, Stane Street, Ockley ,RH5 5TD,Mole Valley
Lime Bar, 48 High Street, Leatherhead ,KT22 8AJ,Mole Valley
Penny Black, 5 North Street, Leatherhead ,KT22 7AX,Mole Valley
Plough, The Plough Inn (Ph), Church Road, Leigh ,RH2 8NJ,Mole Valley
Prince of Wales, Guildford Road, Westcott ,RH4 3QE,Mole Valley
Queens Head, Horsham Road, Dorking ,RH4 2JS,Mole Valley
Royal Oak, 12-16 High Street, Bookham ,KT23 4AG,Mole Valley
Royal Oak, Brockham Green, Brockham ,RH3 7JS,Mole Valley
Running Horses, Old London Road, Mickleham ,RH5 6DU,Mole Valley
Seven Stars, Bunce Common Road, Leigh ,RH2 8NP,Mole Valley
Six Bells, Village Street, Newdigate ,RH5 5DH,Mole Valley
Stephan Langton Inn, Friday Street Road, Abinger ,RH5 6JR,Mole Valley
Surrey Oaks, Parkgate Road, Newdigate ,RH5 5DZ,Mole Valley
The Abinger Hatch, Abinger Hatch Hotel, Abinger Lane, Abinger ,RH5 6HZ,Mole Valley
The Anchor, 161 Lower Road, Bookham ,KT23 4AH,Mole Valley
The Bell, Bell Lane, Fetcham ,KT22 9ND,Mole Valley
The Brewery Inn, 15 The Street, Ashtead ,KT21 2AD,Mole Valley
The Bulls Head, 11 South Street, Dorking ,RH4 2DY,Mole Valley
The Cock Inn, Church Lane, Headley ,KT18 6LE,Mole Valley
The Cricketers, 81 South Street, Dorking ,RH4 2JU,Mole Valley
The Cricketers Arms, Stane Street, Ockley ,RH5 5TP,Mole Valley
The Crown, 98 The Street, Capel ,RH5 5JY,Mole Valley
The Crown Inn, Guildford Road, Westcott ,RH4 3QG,Mole Valley
The Dolphin, The Street, Betchworth ,RH3 7DW,Mole Valley
The Dukes Head, Horsham Road, Beare Green ,RH5 4QP,Mole Valley
The Dukes Head, 57 High Street, Leatherhead ,KT22 8AG,Mole Valley
The Fox Revived, Norwood Hill, Charlwood ,RH6 0ET,Mole Valley
The Greyhound Public House, 12 The Street, Charlwood ,RH6 0BY,Mole Valley
The Half Moon, The Half Moon (Ph), 73 The Street, Charlwood ,RH6 0DS,Mole Valley
The King William IV, Byttom Hill, Mickleham ,RH5 6EL,Mole Valley
The Kings Arms, 45 West Street, Dorking ,RH4 1BU,Mole Valley
The Leg of Mutton and Cauliflower, 48 The Street, Ashtead ,KT21 1AZ,Mole Valley
The Old Crown, 1 High Street, Bookham ,KT23 4AA,Mole Valley
The Old Crown (bar only), 1 High Street, Bookham ,KT23 4AA,Mole Valley
The Old House, 24 West Street, Dorking ,RH4 1BY,Mole Valley
The Parrot Inn, Horsham Road, Forest Green ,RH5 5RZ,Mole Valley
The Pheasant at Buckland, Reigate Road, Buckland ,RH3 7BG,Mole Valley
The Plough, 93 Kingston Road, Leatherhead ,KT22 7SP,Mole Valley
The Plough Inn, Abinger Road, Coldharbour ,RH5 6HD,Mole Valley
The Prince of Wales, 55 Hampstead Road, Dorking ,RH4 3AH,Mole Valley
The Punchbowl Inn, Okewood Hill, Okewood Hill ,RH5 5PU,Mole Valley
The Red Lion, The Red Lion (Ph), Old Road, Buckland ,RH3 7DS,Mole Valley
The Royal Oak, 265 Kingston Road, Leatherhead ,KT22 7PJ,Mole Valley
The Royal Oak, Chart Lane South, North Holmwood ,RH5 4DJ,Mole Valley
The Running Horse, 38 Bridge Street, Leatherhead ,KT22 8BZ,Mole Valley
The Scarlett Arms, Horsham road, Wallis Wood ,RH5 5RD,Mole Valley
The Spotted Dog, 42-46 South Street, Dorking ,RH4 2HQ,Mole Valley
The Star, 36 West Street, Dorking ,RH4 1BU,Mole Valley
The Stepping Stones, Westhumble Street, Westhumble ,RH5 6BS,Mole Valley
The Tree, Boxhill Road, Boxhill ,KT20 7PS,Mole Valley
The Volunteer, Water Lane, Abinger Hammer ,RH5 6PR,Mole Valley
The White Hart, 5 Dene Street, Dorking ,RH4 2DR,Mole Valley
The Woodman, 238 Barnett Wood Lane, Ashtead ,KT21 2DA,Mole Valley
The Ye Olde Windsor Castle, 25 Little Bookham Street, Bookham ,KT23 3AA,Mole Valley
Watermill Inn, Reigate Road, Dorking ,RH4 1NN,Mole Valley
Wotton Hatch, Guildford Road, Wotton ,RH5 6QQ,Mole Valley

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