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North East Lincolnshire pubs in August 2018

This site is obviously about pub history, and also connects to my many other pub history sites. These pages are of all the open pubs, as listed by the Foods Standards Agency at August 2018, there are currently over 50,000 open pubs.  Index of all Boroughs

North East Lincolnshire - 140
0 degrees North,"14-18 High Street, Cleethorpes",DN35 8JN,North East Lincolnshire
Abby's,"12-14a Abbeygate, Grimsby",DN31 1JY,North East Lincolnshire
Abby's Wine Bar & Bistro Ltd t/a The Curious Cat,"39 Bethlehem Street, Grimsby",DN31 1JQ,North East Lincolnshire
Arthur’s House Gin Kitchen and Cocktail Lounge,"41-43 Sea View Street, Cleethorpes",DN35 8EU,North East Lincolnshire
Bar Babylon and Sugar Sugar Hotel,"Bar Babylon, 49-51 Market Street, Cleethorpes",DN35 8LY,North East Lincolnshire
Beechwood Farm,"Village Way, Grimsby",DN37 9UA,North East Lincolnshire
Blossom Way Sports & Social Club,"Blossom Way Sports And Social Club, Blossom Way, Immingham",DN40 1PH,North East Lincolnshire
Bluestone Inn,"Bluestone Inn, Bluestone Lane, Immingham",DN40 2DU,North East Lincolnshire
Blundell Park Hotel,"140 Grimsby Road, Cleethorpes",DN35 7DL,North East Lincolnshire
Bootlegger,"The Bootlegger, 30-34 High Street, Cleethorpes",DN35 8JN,North East Lincolnshire
Bradley Football Development Centre,"Bradley Football Development Centre, Bradley Road, Grimsby",DN37 0AG,North East Lincolnshire
Carr Lane Social Club,"Carr Lane Social Club, Carr Lane, Grimsby",DN32 8JP,North East Lincolnshire
Cartergate Social Club,"The Friargate House, Cartergate, Grimsby",DN31 1QZ,North East Lincolnshire
Casablanca Club,"Casablanca Club, Oxford Street, Grimsby",DN32 7QH,North East Lincolnshire
Chambers,"Chambers, 11-12 Old Market Place, Grimsby",DN31 1DT,North East Lincolnshire
Cleethorpes Bowling Club Ltd,"Elm Gardens, Cleethorpes",DN35 8HN,North East Lincolnshire
Cleethorpes Cricket Club,"Chichester Road, Cleethorpes",DN35 0HZ,North East Lincolnshire
Cleethorpes Golf Club,"Kings Road, Cleethorpes",DN35 0PN,North East Lincolnshire
Cleethorpes Home Guard Association,"First Floor, 21-23 Market Street, Cleethorpes",DN35 8LY,North East Lincolnshire
Cleethorpes Royal Air Force Association Club Ltd,"5 Alexandra Road, Cleethorpes",DN35 8LQ,North East Lincolnshire
Cleethorpes Ten Pin Bowl,"Cleethorpes Ten-Pin Bowl, Kings Road, Cleethorpes",DN35 0AQ,North East Lincolnshire
Cleethorpes Working Mens Club,"26a St Peters Avenue, Cleethorpes",DN35 8HL,North East Lincolnshire
Corporation Arms,"Corporation Arms, 88 Freeman Street, Grimsby",DN32 7AG,North East Lincolnshire
Cottees Bar Ltd,"Cottees Bar, 12-16 Freeman Street, Grimsby",DN32 7AA,North East Lincolnshire
Cromwell Social Club,"158 Cromwell Road, Grimsby",DN31 2BA,North East Lincolnshire
Crows Nest Hotel,"Crows Nest Hotel, Balmoral Road, Cleethorpes",DN35 9ND,North East Lincolnshire
Cue World,"Bridge House, 225-241 Victoria Street, Grimsby",DN31 1PS,North East Lincolnshire
Duke Of Wellington,"Duke Of Wellington, 21 Pasture Street, Grimsby",DN31 1QD,North East Lincolnshire
Figs,"36 Alexandra Road, Cleethorpes",DN35 8LE,North East Lincolnshire
Freemans Arms,"132 Freeman Street, Grimsby",DN32 7AJ,North East Lincolnshire
Gala Bingo,"Pasture Street, Grimsby",DN32 9AB,North East Lincolnshire
Grimsby & Cleethorpes Yacht Club,"Grimsby And Cleethorpes Yacht Club, Lock Hill, Grimsby",DN31 3LS,North East Lincolnshire
Grimsby Auditorium,"Cromwell Road, Grimsby",DN31 2BH,North East Lincolnshire
Grimsby Bowling & West End Club,"2 Manor Avenue, Grimsby",DN32 0QR,North East Lincolnshire
Grimsby Rugby Union Football Club,"Grimsby Rugby Union Football Club, Springfield Road, Grimsby",DN33 3JF,North East Lincolnshire
Grimsby Town Cricket Club,"Grimsby Town Cricket Club, Augusta Street, Grimsby",DN34 4TX,North East Lincolnshire
Gullivers,"90 Victoria Street, Grimsby",DN31 1BG,North East Lincolnshire
Habrough Bowls Club,"Habrough Bowls Club, Brocklesby Road, Habrough",DN40 3AA,North East Lincolnshire
Hainton Recreational Club,"159 Heneage Road, Grimsby",DN32 9JG,North East Lincolnshire
Harvest Moon,"Harvest Moon, Station Road, New Waltham",DN36 4QQ,North East Lincolnshire
Healing Mens Social Club,"1-2 Rookery Road, Healing",DN41 7PS,North East Lincolnshire
Hope & Anchor,"Hope And Anchor, 148 Victoria Street, Grimsby",DN31 1NX,North East Lincolnshire
Humber Cruising Association,"Meridian Quay, Humber Bank South, Grimsby Docks",DN31 3SD,North East Lincolnshire
Humber Mouth Yacht Club,"Humber Mouth Yacht Club, Humberston Fitties, Humberston",DN36 4EU,North East Lincolnshire
Humberston Country Club,"Humberston Country Club, Humberston Avenue, Humberston",DN36 4SX,North East Lincolnshire
Hype,"22-24 Market Street, Cleethorpes",DN35 8LY,North East Lincolnshire
Immingham Golf Club,"Immingham Golf Club, Church Lane, Immingham",DN40 2EU,North East Lincolnshire
Immingham Seafarers Centre,"Humber Seafarers Centre, Lockside Road, Immingham Docks",DN40 2NN,North East Lincolnshire
Jack O Clubs,"Jack O Clubs, 383 Cleethorpe Road, Grimsby",DN31 3BP,North East Lincolnshire
Jubilee Inn,"The Jubilee Inn, 350 St Nicholas Drive, Grimsby",DN37 9SF,North East Lincolnshire
Kings Head,"Kings Head, High Street, Waltham",DN37 0LL,North East Lincolnshire
Kings Royal Hotel,"20-21 Kingsway, Cleethorpes",DN35 8QL,North East Lincolnshire
Kingsway Club,"Kingsway Club, 3 Kingsway, Cleethorpes",DN35 8QU,North East Lincolnshire
Laceby Manor Golf Club,"Manor Golf Course, Barton Street, Laceby",DN37 7LD,North East Lincolnshire
Linden Homes Club,"The Linden Club, Clee Road, Grimsby",DN32 8QL,North East Lincolnshire
Lloyds Arms,"76 Victoria Street, Grimsby",DN31 1BL,North East Lincolnshire
Lucarly's,"Lucarlys Sports And Social Club, Wilton Road, Humberston",DN36 4AW,North East Lincolnshire
Mariner's Trust Bars,"Blundell Park, Imperial Avenue, Cleethorpes",DN35 7PT,North East Lincolnshire
Masonic Hall,"Cambridge Road, Grimsby",DN34 5SZ,North East Lincolnshire
McCormacks,"Pleasure Island Theme Park, Kings Road, Cleethorpes",DN35 0PL,North East Lincolnshire
Moon On The Water,"203 North Promenade, Cleethorpes",DN35 8SJ,North East Lincolnshire
Nags Head - Waterloo,"The Nags Head, 2 Caistor Road, Laceby",DN37 7HX,North East Lincolnshire
National Reserve Club,"18 Queens Parade, Grimsby",DN31 2LE,North East Lincolnshire
New Clee Constitutional Club Limited,"179 Grimsby Road, Cleethorpes",DN35 7DJ,North East Lincolnshire
New Imperial Club,"263 Grimsby Road, Cleethorpes",DN35 7HE,North East Lincolnshire
New Standard Club & Institute,"New Standard Club & Institute, Freshney Drive, Grimsby",DN31 1XE,North East Lincolnshire
No 1 Refreshment Rooms,"Station Approach, Cleethorpes",DN35 8AX,North East Lincolnshire
No 2 Refreshment Rooms,"No 2 Refreshment Rooms, Station Approach, Cleethorpes",DN35 8AX,North East Lincolnshire
Nunsthorpe Tavern,"Nunsthorpe Tavern, Sutcliffe Avenue, Grimsby",DN33 1HA,North East Lincolnshire
Old Clee Club,"Old Clee Social Club, Clee Crescent, Grimsby",DN32 8LS,North East Lincolnshire
R N A Club Clee,"4 Alexandra Road, Cleethorpes",DN35 8LQ,North East Lincolnshire
Ray Edmonds Snooker Club,"84 Freeman Street, Grimsby",DN32 7AG,North East Lincolnshire
Rose And Crown,"Louth Road, Grimsby",DN33 2HR,North East Lincolnshire
Royal British Legion (Laceby and District),"Bainbridge Hall, Austin Garth, Laceby",DN37 7BJ,North East Lincolnshire
Rutland Arms,"Rutland Street, Grimsby",DN32 7ND,North East Lincolnshire
Scartho Bowling Club,"Scartho Bowling Club, 47a Waltham Road, Grimsby",DN33 2ND,North East Lincolnshire
Seven Seas Pub Ltd,"Rydal Avenue, Grimsby",DN33 3EL,North East Lincolnshire
Shalom Youth Centre,"St John And St Stephen Church, Rutland Street, Grimsby",DN32 7LT,North East Lincolnshire
Solway Club,"68 Kings Road, Immingham",DN40 1AN,North East Lincolnshire
Spiders Web,"Spiders Web, Carr Lane, Grimsby",DN32 8LN,North East Lincolnshire
St James Hotel,"St James Hotel, St James Square, Grimsby",DN31 1EP,North East Lincolnshire
St James Tennis Club,"St James Tennis Club, Hereford Avenue, Grimsby",DN34 5BL,North East Lincolnshire
Sunnyside Social Club,"Sunnyside Club, Grant Street, Cleethorpes",DN35 8AT,North East Lincolnshire
Swashbuckle / Barracuda,"1-3 Grant Street, Cleethorpes",DN35 8AT,North East Lincolnshire
Tale of Two,"2 Alexandra Road, Cleethorpes",DN35 8LQ,North East Lincolnshire
Teddys Bar Ltd,"Teddys Bar, 26-28 Market Street, Cleethorpes",DN35 8LY,North East Lincolnshire
The Angel,"The Angel, 175-179 Freeman Street, Grimsby",DN32 7AS,North East Lincolnshire
The Bank,"27 Bethlehem Street, Grimsby",DN31 1JN,North East Lincolnshire
The Barge Inn,"Riverhead Centre, Victoria Street, Grimsby",DN31 1NH,North East Lincolnshire
The Barn (formerly Seymours),"Thorpe Park Holiday Centre, Anthonys Bank Road, Humberston",DN35 0PW,North East Lincolnshire
The Beachcomber,"Beachcomber Holiday Centre, 208 North Sea Lane, Humberston",DN36 4ET,North East Lincolnshire
The Bobbin,"12 High Street, Cleethorpes",DN35 8JN,North East Lincolnshire
The Bradley Inn,"Bradley Inn, Laceby Road, Grimsby",DN34 5NX,North East Lincolnshire
The Coach House,"The Coach House, Fieldhouse Road, Humberston",DN36 4UJ,North East Lincolnshire
The Coliseum Picture Theatre,"Amishi, 26-28 High Street, Cleethorpes",DN35 8JN,North East Lincolnshire
The Counting House,"11-13 Sea View Street, Cleethorpes",DN35 8EU,North East Lincolnshire
The Countryman,"The Countryman, Fieldhouse Road, Humberston",DN36 4UN,North East Lincolnshire
The County Hotel,"22-24 Brighowgate, Grimsby",DN32 0QX,North East Lincolnshire
The County Hotel,"County Hotel, Pelham Road, Immingham",DN40 1AD,North East Lincolnshire
The Cricketers,"The Cricketers, Littlefield Lane, Grimsby",DN34 4PS,North East Lincolnshire
The Empire,"Runswick Road, Grimsby",DN32 8HL,North East Lincolnshire
The Farmhouse,"The Farmhouse Public House, Station Road, New Waltham",DN36 4PF,North East Lincolnshire
The Fishermen's Arms,"Fishermans Arms, Wardall Street, Cleethorpes",DN35 8HA,North East Lincolnshire
The Friary,"26 Victoria Street, Grimsby",DN31 1PQ,North East Lincolnshire
The Green Man,"110 Station Road, Stallingborough",DN41 8AP,North East Lincolnshire
The Grosvenor,"193 Humberston Road, Cleethorpes",DN35 0PH,North East Lincolnshire
The Haven,"Brewers Fayre, Appian Way, Grimsby",DN31 2UT,North East Lincolnshire
The Market Tavern,"37-41 Market Street, Cleethorpes",DN35 8LY,North East Lincolnshire
The Matrix Rock Club,"29a Bethlehem Street, Grimsby",DN31 1JQ,North East Lincolnshire
The Mayflower,"The Mayflower, Margaret Street, Immingham",DN40 1JY,North East Lincolnshire
The Olde Farmhouse Inn,"Stallingborough Road, Little London",DN41 8BL,North East Lincolnshire
The Parity,"21-23 Old Market Place, Grimsby",DN31 1EW,North East Lincolnshire
The Pear Tree,"The Pear Tree, Grimsby Road, Humberston",DN36 4AH,North East Lincolnshire
The Punchbowl & Lacey's,"195 North Promenade, Cleethorpes",DN35 8SJ,North East Lincolnshire
The Scratching Post,"Bar Silk, 38 High Street, Cleethorpes",DN35 8JN,North East Lincolnshire
The Ship Inn,"The Ship Inn, Main Road, Barnoldby Le Beck",DN37 0BG,North East Lincolnshire
The Signal Box Inn,"Kings Road, Cleethorpes",DN35 0AG,North East Lincolnshire
The Smokers Arms,"The Smokers Arms, 175-177 Albion Street, Grimsby",DN32 7DX,North East Lincolnshire
The Smugglers,"Smugglers, High Cliff Road, Cleethorpes",DN35 8RG,North East Lincolnshire
The Station Inn (Habrough) Ltd,"Station Hotel, Station Road, Habrough",DN40 3AP,North East Lincolnshire
The Studio,"25-29 Market Street, Cleethorpes",DN35 8LY,North East Lincolnshire
The Tilted Barrel,"The Tilted Barrel, Kirkgate, Waltham",DN37 0LS,North East Lincolnshire
The Trawl,"The Trawl Inn, Yarborough Road, Grimsby",DN34 4ES,North East Lincolnshire
The Valiant,"The Valiant, Wingate Road, Grimsby",DN37 9DP,North East Lincolnshire
The Wellow,"Kings Road, Cleethorpes",DN35 0AQ,North East Lincolnshire
The Wheatsheaf,"The Wheatsheaf, 47 Bargate, Grimsby",DN34 4SN,North East Lincolnshire
The Winepipe,"178-182 Freeman Street, Grimsby",DN32 7AT,North East Lincolnshire
Tivoli Tavern,"Tivolii Tavern, 14 Old Market Place, Grimsby",DN31 1DT,North East Lincolnshire
Toby Carvery Grimsby,"Hainton Inn, Weelsby Road, Grimsby",DN32 9RT,North East Lincolnshire
Trawlerman,"Trawlerman, North Sea Lane, Cleethorpes",DN35 0PP,North East Lincolnshire
Walters Bar,"Walters, 5-6 Old Market Place, Grimsby",DN31 1EW,North East Lincolnshire
Waltham British Legion Club,"Waltham British Legion, 15 Barnoldby Road, Waltham",DN37 0JR,North East Lincolnshire
Waltham Tea Garden Limited,"38 Skinners Lane, Waltham",DN37 0EU,North East Lincolnshire
Waltham Windmill Golf Club,"Cheapside, Waltham",DN37 0HT,North East Lincolnshire
Wellington Bar,"Wellington Bar, 198-200 Freeman Street, Grimsby",DN32 9DR,North East Lincolnshire
Westlands Club,"Westlands Club, Responso Avenue, Grimsby",DN32 9RF,North East Lincolnshire
Willows Social Club,"Crosland Road, Grimsby",DN37 9DS,North East Lincolnshire
Willy's,"17 High Cliff Road, Cleethorpes",DN35 8RQ,North East Lincolnshire
Yarborough Hotel,"29 Bethlehem Street, Grimsby",DN31 1JN,North East Lincolnshire
Yardbirds Rockclub Ltd,"Church Street, Grimsby",DN32 7DD,North East Lincolnshire

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What I am now attempting to achieve is the coverage of an earlier London street directory in 1832. This is unique, plus images of the 1842 Robsons directory which confirm earlier entries and also carry much more trade detail about a premises or person. Here is the index of streets in 1832, many with 1842 imagery added.
And next is the complete 1940 London street directory - this will take some months to complete, so bear with me!

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