North Kesteven, Lincolnshire pubs in August 2018

This site is obviously about pub history, and also connects to my many other pub history sites. These pages are of all the open pubs, as listed by the Foods Standards Agency at August 2018, there are currently over 50,000 open pubs.  Index of all Boroughs

North Kesteven Lincolnshire - 111
Blacksmiths Arms,"Blacksmith Arms, Grantham Road, Bracebridge Heath",LN4 2NA,North Kesteven
Blankney Cricket Club,"The Cricket Pavilion, Main Street, Blankney",LN4 3AZ,North Kesteven
Blankney Golf Club,"Blankney Golf Club, Lincoln Road, Blankney",LN4 3AZ,North Kesteven
Bracebridge Heath Cricket Club,"The Cricket Pavilion, Cross O'Cliff Court, Bracebridge Heath",LN4 2HL,North Kesteven
Bracebridge Heath Sports & Social Club,"Grantham Road, Bracebridge Heath",LN4 2LD,North Kesteven
Branston Bowls Club,"Lincoln Road, Branston",LN4 1PA,North Kesteven
Branston Home Guard Social Club,"12 High Street, Branston",LN4 1NB,North Kesteven
Brant Road Social Club,"Brant Road, Waddington",LN5 9AJ,North Kesteven
Brass Windmill Ltd,"2 The Green, Helpringham",NG34 0RJ,North Kesteven
Bristol Bowls Club,"Boston Road, Sleaford",NG34 7EZ,North Kesteven
Canwick Park Catering,"Washingborough Road, Canwick",LN4 1EF,Lincoln
Centurion,"Newark Road, North Hykeham",LN6 8LB,North Kesteven
Coach & Horses,"Coach And Horses, Tattershall Road, Billinghay",LN4 4DD,North Kesteven
Coopers Bar,"Building 28, RAF Digby, Lincoln",LN4 3LH,North Kesteven
Crown Lodge,"The Crown Lodge And Restaurant, 16 Main Street, Chapel Hill",LN4 4ZL,North Kesteven
Electra Club,"Electric Station Road, Sleaford",NG34 7QJ,North Kesteven
Ferry Boat Inn,"Ferry Boat Inn, High Street, Washingborough",LN4 1AZ,North Kesteven
Finch Hatton Arms,"Finch Hatton Arms, 43 Main Street, Ewerby, Sleaford",NG34 9PH,North Kesteven
Fox and Hounds,"Fox And Hounds, Newark Road, North Hykeham",LN6 9SP,North Kesteven
Hale Magna Village Hall Luncheon Club,"Little Hale Road, Great Hale",NG34 0LE,South Kesteven
Harrows Inn,"Harrows Inn, 271 Lincoln Road, North Hykeham",LN6 8NH,North Kesteven
Heckington Pavilion Bar & Playing Field,"Howell Road, Heckington",NG34 9RX,North Kesteven
Hykeham Bowls Club,"North Hykeham Bowls Club, Newark Road, North Hykeham",LN6 9RY,North Kesteven
Hykeham PFA Sports & Social,"319 Newark Road, North Hykeham",LN6 9RY,North Kesteven
Hykeham Sailing Club,"Newark Road, North Hykeham",LN6 9SP,North Kesteven
Hykeham Social Club,"Hykeham Social Club, 135 Moor Lane, North Hykeham",LN6 9AA,North Kesteven
Joiners Arms,"Joiners Arms, 21 High Street, Welbourn",LN5 0NH,North Kesteven
Kings Arms,"Church Road, Martin Dales, Woodhall Spa",LN10 6XZ,North Kesteven
Kings Head,"Kings Head, 31 High Street, Navenby",LN5 0EE,North Kesteven
Leadenham Polo Club,"Manor House, Church End, Leadenham",LN5 0PX,North Kesteven
Lion & Royal,"The Lion & Royal, 57 High Street, Navenby",LN5 0DZ,North Kesteven
Marquis of Granby,"24 Northgate, Sleaford",NG34 7DA,North Kesteven
Marquis of Granby,"High Street, Wellingore",LN5 0HW,North Kesteven
Metheringham Bowls Club,"Princes Street, Metheringham",LN4 3BX,North Kesteven
Mill Lodge,"Mill Lodge, Branston Road, Canwick",LN4 2RF,North Kesteven
Montana Rose Leisure,"Orchard Caravan Park, Witham Bank, Chapel Hill",LN4 4PZ,North Kesteven
Musicians Arms,"2 Main Street, Dorrington",LN4 3PX,North Kesteven
Nags Head,"Nags Head, 34 High Street, Heckington, Sleaford",NG34 9QZ,North Kesteven
Nocton Social Club,"Nocton Village Hall, Main Street, Nocton",LN4 2BH,North Kesteven
North Scarle Village Hall,"Village Hall, South Scarle Lane, North Scarle",LN6 9ER,North Kesteven
Parva House,"Parva House, Main Road, Little Hale",NG34 9BA,North Kesteven
Penny Farthing,"Penny Farthing, 4 Station Road, Timberland",LN4 3SA,North Kesteven
Plough Inn,"The Plough, 53 High Street, Walcott",LN4 3SW,North Kesteven
Pottergate Golf Club,"Pottergate Golf Club, Moor Lane, Branston Moor",LN4 1JA,North Kesteven
Red Lion,"Church Street, Digby",LN4 3LZ,North Kesteven
Red Lion,"Red Lion, High Street, Wellingore",LN5 0HW,North Kesteven
Reel Club,"Flicks, 91 Southgate, Sleaford",NG34 7RQ,North Kesteven
Sleaford & District Legionnaires Club,"6 Southgate, Sleaford",NG34 7RZ,North Kesteven
Sleaford Golf Club,"Willoughby Road, Greylees",NG34 8PL,North Kesteven
Sleaford Indoor Bowls Club,"Eastbanks, Sleaford",NG34 7HL,North Kesteven
Sleaford Rugby Club Ltd,"The David Williams Pavillion, Ruskington Road, Sleaford",NG34 8SP,North Kesteven
Sleaford Sports Association,"Eslaforde Park, Boston Road, Sleaford",NG34 9GH,North Kesteven
Solo Club,"Solo Club, 6 Market Street, Sleaford",NG34 7SF,North Kesteven
South Kyme Golf Club,"Skinners Lane, South Kyme",LN4 4AT,North Kesteven
Spanners Sports Bar,"41-43 High Street, Heckington",NG34 9RA,North Kesteven
The Barge and Bottle,"3 Carre Street, Sleaford",NG34 7TW,North Kesteven
The Bell Inn,"Bell Inn, 3 Far Lane, Coleby",LN5 0AH,North Kesteven
The Black Bull,"10 Rectory Road, Ruskington, Sleaford",NG34 9AB,North Kesteven
The Bugle Horn,"19 Lincoln Road, Bassingham",LN5 9HQ,North Kesteven
The Bull,"London Road, Bracebridge Heath",LN4 2LA,North Kesteven
The Bull & Dog,"50 Southgate, Sleaford",NG34 7RR,North Kesteven
The Bustard Inn,"44 Main Street, South Rauceby, Sleaford",NG34 8QG,North Kesteven
The Butcher and Beast,"High Street, Heighington",LN4 1JS,North Kesteven
The Duke of Wellington,"The Duke Of Wellington, 19 Lincoln Road, Leasingham",NG34 8JS,North Kesteven
The Five Bells,"Five Bells, 17 High Street, Bassingham",LN5 9JZ,North Kesteven
The Generous Briton,"Generous Briton, 72 High Street, Brant Broughton",LN5 0RZ,North Kesteven
The George Hotel (Leadenham) Ltd,"George Hotel, 20 High Street, Leadenham",LN5 0PN,North Kesteven
The Grapes,"51 Southgate, Sleaford",NG34 7SY,North Kesteven
The Green Man,"The Green Man, Main Street, Norton Disney",LN6 9JU,North Kesteven
The Horseshoes Inn,"London Road, Silk Willoughby, Sleaford",NG34 8NZ,North Kesteven
The Hume Arms,"21 High Street, South Kyme",LN4 4AD,North Kesteven
The Hunters Leap,"Hunters Leap, Oak Hill, Washingborough",LN4 1BA,North Kesteven
The Jolly Scotchman,"Jolly Scotchman, Lincoln Road, Sleaford",NG34 8NP,North Kesteven
The Lincoln Green,"Lincoln Road, North Hykeham",LN6 8DL,North Kesteven
The Lincolnshire Poacher Inn,"High Street, Metheringham",LN4 3DZ,North Kesteven
The Londesborough Arms,"Middle Street, Metheringham",LN4 3EU,North Kesteven
The Packhorse Inn,"7 Northgate, Sleaford",NG34 7BH,North Kesteven
The Plough,"The Plough, 3 Church Lane, North Kyme",LN4 4DJ,North Kesteven
The Plough Inn,"15 High Street, Swinderby",LN6 9LW,North Kesteven
The Plough Inn,"1 High Street, Skellingthorpe",LN6 5TR,North Kesteven
The Plough Inn,"Main Street, Wilsford",NG32 3NS,North Kesteven
The Queens Head Inn & Restaurant,"Church Lane, Kirkby-La-Thorpe",NG34 9NU,North Kesteven
The Railway Inn,"Railway Inn, Station Road, Thorpe On The Hill",LN6 9BS,North Kesteven
The Red Lion,"Newton, Sleaford",NG34 0EE,North Kesteven
The Red Lion,"Middle Street, Dunston",LN4 2EW,North Kesteven
The Red Lion,"Red Lion, 107 High Street North, Ruskington",NG34 9DZ,North Kesteven
The Royal Oak,"Tattershall Bridge Road, Tattershall Bridge",LN4 4JL,North Kesteven
The Royal Oak,"Royal Oak Lane, Aubourn",LN5 9DT,North Kesteven
The Royal Oak,"High Street, Martin",LN4 3QT,North Kesteven
The Royal Oak,"Royal Oak Inn, Brookside, Scopwick",LN4 3PA,North Kesteven
The Shoulder of Mutton,"11 Church Street, Ruskington, Sleaford",NG34 9DU,North Kesteven
The Star & Garter,"Princes Street, Metheringham",LN4 3BX,North Kesteven
The Stone Arms,"Stones Arms, Saxilby Road, Skellingthorpe",LN6 5TS,North Kesteven
The Strugglers Inn,"Struggler Inn, 42 High Street, Eagle",LN6 9DG,North Kesteven
The Tally Ho Inn,"Aswarby, Sleaford",NG34 8SA,North Kesteven
The Tempest,"Tempest Arms, High Street, Coleby",LN5 0AG,North Kesteven
The Thorold Arms,"High Street, Harmston",LN5 9SN,North Kesteven
The Turks Head Heighington Ltd,"High Street, Heighington",LN4 1RG,North Kesteven
The Whichcote Arms,"Whichcote Arms, London Road, Osbournby",NG34 0DG,North Kesteven
The White Horse,"45A Boston Road, Sleaford",NG34 7HD,North Kesteven
The White Horse Inn,"White Horse Inn, Dunston Fen, Metheringham",LN4 3AP,North Kesteven
Three Horseshoes,"Three Horse Shoes, High Street, Waddington",LN5 9RF,North Kesteven
Three Kings Inn,"Saltersway, Threekingham, Sleaford",NG34 0AU,North Kesteven
Waddington Bowls Club,"Grantham Road, Waddington",LN5 9NT,North Kesteven
Waggon and Horses,"Waggon & Horses, 1 Rectory Lane, Branston",LN4 1NA,North Kesteven
Watergate Yard,"2 Watergate, Sleaford",NG34 7PG,North Kesteven
Wellingore Scout Hall,"28 High Street, Welbourn",LN5 0NH,North Kesteven
Wheatsheaf Inn,"117 Grantham Road, Waddington",LN5 9NT,North Kesteven
White Hart Inn,"White Hart, High Street, Metheringham",LN4 3DZ,North Kesteven
White Hart Inn,"White Hart Inn, 2 High Street, North Scarle",LN6 9EP,North Kesteven
Windmill Farm,"Whisby Road, North Hykeham",LN6 3QZ,North Kesteven

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