Norwich, Norfolk pubs in August 2018

This site is obviously about pub history, and also connects to my many other pub history sites. These pages are of all the open pubs, as listed by the Foods Standards Agency at August 2018, there are currently over 50,000 open pubs.  Index of all Boroughs

Norwich Norfolk - 155
9 Bar,"37 Prince Of Wales Road, Norwich",NR1 1BG,Norwich
Alexandra Tavern,"16 Stafford Street, Norwich",NR2 3BB,Norwich
Angel Gardens Freehouse,"The Angel Gardens, 96 Angel Road, Norwich",NR3 3HT,Norwich
Arboretum,"43 St Benedicts Street, Norwich",NR2 4PG,Norwich
Arkwrights Social Club,"Hobart Square, Norwich",NR1 3JB,Norwich
Bar And Beyond,"Basement And Ground Floor, 24 - 28 Prince Of Wales Road, Norwich",NR1 1LG,Norwich
Bar SU,"Union House, The Street, University Of East Anglia, Norwich",NR4 7TJ,Norwich
Barkade,"35 Prince Of Wales Road, Norwich",NR1 1BG,Norwich
Be At One,"23 Bank Plain, Norwich",NR2 4SF,Norwich
Bedfords,"1 Old Post Office Yard, Norwich",NR2 1SL,Norwich
Beehive Public House,"The Beehive Public House, 30 Leopold Road, Norwich",NR4 7PJ,Norwich
Bond,"27 - 28 Tombland, Norwich",NR3 1RE,Norwich
Brewdog,"1 Queen Street, Norwich",NR2 4SG,Norwich
Cactus Cafe And Bar,"102 Magdalen Street, Norwich",NR3 1JD,Norwich
Cafe Bar Marzano,"The Forum, Millennium Plain, Norwich",NR2 1BH,Norwich
Canary Social Club,"104 Thorpe Road, Norwich",NR1 1RT,Norwich
Chambers Cocktail Company,"The Lawyer, 12 - 14 Wensum Street, Norwich",NR3 1HY,Norwich
Clarkes Snooker Club,"85 Barker Street, Norwich",NR2 4TN,Norwich
Coach & Horses,"Coach And Horses, 82 Thorpe Road, Norwich",NR1 1BA,Norwich
Coach \\& Horses,"51 Bethel Street, Norwich",NR2 1NR,Norwich
Coachmakers Arms,"9 St Stephens Road, Norwich",NR1 3SP,Norwich
Compleat Angler,"120 Prince Of Wales Road, Norwich",NR1 1NS,Norwich
Copacubana,"3 Upper King Street, Norwich",NR3 1RB,Norwich
County Hall - Staff Sports And Social Club Bar,"Sports And Social Club, County Hall, Martineau Lane, Norwich",NR1 2DH,Norwich
Duke Of Wellington,"Iron Duke, 91 - 93 Waterloo Road, Norwich",NR3 1EG,Norwich
Dyers Arms,"2 - 4 Lawson Road, Norwich",NR3 4LF,Norwich
Eagle Tavern,"33 Newmarket Road, Norwich",NR2 2HN,Norwich
East Anglia Tennis And Squash Club,"East Anglia Tennis & Squash Club, Lime Tree Road, Norwich",NR2 2NQ,Norwich
Eaton Cottage,"75 Mount Pleasant, Norwich",NR2 2DQ,Norwich
Edith Cavell Public House,"7 Tombland, Norwich",NR3 1HF,Norwich
Flaunt,"75 Prince Of Wales Road, Norwich",NR1 1DG,Norwich
Fluke,"57 Prince Of Wales Road, Norwich",NR1 1BL,Norwich
Frank's Bar,"19 Bedford Street, Norwich",NR2 1AR,Norwich
Gardeners Arms & Murderers Cafe Bar,"2 - 8 Timberhill, Norwich",NR1 3LB,Norwich
Gin Temple,"6 Pottergate, Norwich",NR2 1DS,Norwich
Gonzo's Kitchen,"68 London Street, Norwich",NR2 1JT,Norwich
Gonzo's Tea Room,"68 London Street, Norwich",NR2 1JT,Norwich
Gringos,"25 Prince Of Wales Road, Norwich",NR1 1BG,Norwich
Hawthorn,"2 - 4 St Benedicts Street, Norwich",NR2 4AG,Norwich
Heartsease Public House,"Heartsease, 180 Plumstead Road, Norwich",NR1 4JZ,Norwich
Heath House,"99 Gertrude Road, Norwich",NR3 4SG,Norwich
Jubilee Public House,"The Jubilee, 26 St Leonards Road, Norwich",NR1 4BL,Norwich
Jurnets,"Wensum Lodge, 167 - 169 King Street, Norwich",NR1 1QH,Norwich
Karma Kafe,"18 Bedford Street, Norwich",NR2 1AG,Norwich
Kings Head Public House,"42 Magdalen Street, Norwich",NR3 1JE,Norwich
Kohlrabi,"Temple Bar, 2 Unthank Road, Norwich",NR2 2RA,Norwich
Lace Night Club,"75 Prince Of Wales Road, Norwich",NR1 1DG,Norwich
Lamb Inn,"The Lamb Inn, Haymarket, Norwich",NR2 1QD,Norwich
Last Pub Standing,"27 - 29 King Street, Norwich",NR1 1PD,Norwich
Little Gems Bar And Function Rooms,"12 Millers Lane, Norwich",NR3 3LU,Norwich
Lolake Qube Limited,"Ground Floor, 81 Prince Of Wales Road, Norwich",NR1 1DG,Norwich
Lollards Pit Public House,"69 - 71 Riverside Road, Norwich",NR1 1SR,Norwich
Maddermarket Theatre,"St Johns Alley, Norwich",NR2 1DR,Norwich
Marlborough Arms Public House,"Marlborough Arms, 43 Spencer Street, Norwich",NR3 4PB,Norwich
Marsh Harrier Public House,"The Marsh Harrier, Ipswich Road, Norwich",NR4 6DX,Norwich
Mecca Bingo,"Mecca Bingo Club, 285 Aylsham Road, Norwich",NR3 2RE,Norwich
Micawbers Tavern,"92 Pottergate, Norwich",NR2 1DZ,Norwich
Mischief Tavern,"8 Fye Bridge Street, Norwich",NR3 1HZ,Norwich
Mojo's,"60 - 62 Prince Of Wales Road, Norwich",NR1 1LT,Norwich
Mr Postles Apothecary,"2 Upper King Street, Norwich",NR3 1HA,Norwich
Norfolk And Norwich Indoor Bowling Club,"444A Unthank Road, Norwich",NR4 7QH,Norwich
Norwich And European Social Club,"First Floor, 119 - 121 Magdalen Street, Norwich",NR3 1LN,Norwich
Norwich Arts Centre,"Reeves Yard, St Benedicts Street, Norwich",NR2 4PG,Norwich
Norwich Masonic Association,"Ground And First Floors, 47 St Giles Street, Norwich",NR2 1JR,Norwich
Norwich Playhouse Bar,"Norwich Playhouse, 42 - 58 St Georges Street, Norwich",NR3 1AB,Norwich
Norwich Puppet Theatre,"St James, Whitefriars, Norwich",NR3 1TN,Norwich
Pear Tree Inn,"79 Unthank Road, Norwich",NR2 2PE,Norwich
Pig \\& Whistle,"2 - 8 All Saints Green, Norwich",NR1 3NA,Norwich
Platform Twelve,"10 - 12 St Benedicts Street, Norwich",NR2 4AG,Norwich
Platinum Lace,"First And Second Floors, 15 Dove Street, Norwich",NR2 1DE,Norwich
Prince Of Wales Public House,"Prince Of Wales, 8 - 14 Prince Of Wales Road, Norwich",NR1 1LB,Norwich
Queen Of Iceni,"Unit 6, Wherry Road, Norwich",NR1 1WX,Norwich
Red Lion,"52 Eaton Street, Norwich",NR4 7LD,Norwich
Revolucion De Cuba,"7 - 9 Queen Street, Norwich",NR2 4SG,Norwich
Revolution,"6 Queen Street, Norwich",NR2 4SQ,Norwich
Robin Hood PH,"Robin Hood, 84 Mousehold Street, Norwich",NR3 1NX,Norwich
Rose Tavern,"88 Rupert Street, Norwich",NR2 2AT,Norwich
Rumsey Wells,"4 St Andrews Street, Norwich",NR2 4AF,Norwich
Scholars,"Union House, The Street, University Of East Anglia, Norwich",NR4 7TJ,Norwich
Sir Garnet,"36 Market Place, Norwich",NR2 1RD,Norwich
St Andrews Brew House,"39 - 41 St Andrews Street, Norwich",NR2 4TP,Norwich
Stadia,"19 Upper King Street, Norwich",NR3 1RB,Norwich
Sugar And Spice,"39 Prince Of Wales Road, Norwich",NR1 1BG,Norwich
Temple Bar,"2 Unthank Road, Norwich",NR2 2RA,Norwich
TGI Fridays,"Unit 5A, Wherry Road, Norwich",NR1 1WX,Norwich
The Adam & Eve Public House,"Adam And Eve, 17 Bishopgate, Norwich",NR3 1RZ,Norwich
The Artichoke Public House,"The Artichoke, 1 Magdalen Road, Norwich",NR3 4LW,Norwich
The Belgian Monk,"7 Pottergate, Norwich",NR2 1DS,Norwich
The Bell Hotel,"5 Orford Hill, Norwich",NR1 3QB,Norwich
The Berstrete Gates,"174 Ber Street, Norwich",NR1 3EN,Norwich
The Bird Cage,"The Birdcage, 23 Pottergate, Norwich",NR2 1DS,Norwich
The Blueberry,"20 Cowgate, Norwich",NR3 1SY,Norwich
The Boundary,"Boundary Tavern, 414 Aylsham Road, Norwich",NR3 2SA,Norwich
The Brickmakers,"496 Sprowston Road, Norwich",NR3 4DY,Norwich
The Castle Public House,"The Castle, 1 Spitalfields, Norwich",NR1 4EY,Norwich
The Catherine Wheel,"Catherine Wheel, 61 St Augustines Street, Norwich",NR3 3BG,Norwich
The Cellar House,"Cellar House, 2 Eaton Street, Norwich",NR4 7AB,Norwich
The Champion Pub,"101 Chapel Field Road, Norwich",NR2 1SE,Norwich
The Cherry Tree,"Dereham Road, Norwich",NR5 8TD,Norwich
The City Club,"Bacon House, 33 Colegate, Norwich",NR3 1BN,Norwich
The Cottage,"Cottage Tavern, 9 Silver Road, Norwich",NR3 4TB,Norwich
The Dog House,"18 St Georges Street, Norwich",NR3 1BA,Norwich
The Earlham,"Earlham Arms, 41 Earlham Road, Norwich",NR2 3AD,Norwich
The Farmhouse,"50 Colman Road, Norwich",NR4 7EH,Norwich
The Fat Cat,"49 West End Street, Norwich",NR2 4NA,Norwich
The Fat Cat And Canary Public House,"101 Thorpe Road, Norwich",NR1 1TR,Norwich
The Fat Cat Brewery Tap,"98 - 100 Lawson Road, Norwich",NR3 4LF,Norwich
The FDC,"Bowthorpe Park, Clover Hill Road, Bowthorpe, Norwich",NR5 9ED,Norwich
The Forge,"118 Philadelphia Lane, Norwich",NR3 3JJ,Norwich
The Garden House,"1 Pembroke Road, Norwich",NR2 3HD,Norwich
The Gatehouse,"Dereham Road, Norwich",NR5 8QJ,Norwich
The Georgian Townhouse,"30 - 34 Unthank Road, Norwich",NR2 2RB,Norwich
The Glass House,"The Glasshouse, 9 - 13 Wensum Street, Norwich",NR3 1LA,Norwich
The Golden Star,"Golden Star, 57 Colegate, Norwich",NR3 1DD,Norwich
The Kings Arms,"Kings Arms, 22 Hall Road, Norwich",NR1 3HQ,Norwich
The Leopard Public House,"98 - 100 Bull Close Road, Norwich",NR3 1NQ,Norwich
The Loft,"78 - 80 Rose Lane, Norwich",NR1 1PT,Norwich
The Mash Tun And Gin Palace,"16 Charing Cross, Norwich",NR2 4AL,Norwich
The Nelson,"122 Nelson Street, Norwich",NR2 4DR,Norwich
The Norfolk Club,"17 Upper King Street, Norwich",NR3 1RB,Norwich
The Norkie,"Norkie, Bowthorpe Main Centre, Wendene, Norwich",NR5 9HA,Norwich
The Oak Tree,"59 Ipswich Road, Norwich",NR4 6LA,Norwich
The Plasterers Arms,"43 Cowgate, Norwich",NR3 1SZ,Norwich
The Plough Inn,"58 St Benedicts Street, Norwich",NR2 4AR,Norwich
The Red Lion,"Red Lion Public House, 79 Bishopgate, Norwich",NR1 4AA,Norwich
The Reindeer,"10 Dereham Road, Norwich",NR2 4AY,Norwich
The Ribs Of Beef,"24 Wensum Street, Norwich",NR3 1HY,Norwich
The Rose Inn,"233 Queens Road, Norwich",NR1 3AE,Norwich
The Rosebery,"Lord Rosebery, 94 Rosebery Road, Norwich",NR3 3AB,Norwich
The Shoemakers,"1 The Lastings, Sandy Lane, Norwich",NR4 6EF,Norwich
The Stanley,"33 Magdalen Road, Norwich",NR3 4LG,Norwich
The Steam Packet,"39 Crown Road, Norwich",NR1 3DT,Norwich
The Strangers Club,"22 - 24 Elm Hill, Norwich",NR3 1HG,Norwich
The Ten Bells,"74 - 78 St Benedicts Street, Norwich",NR2 4AR,Norwich
The Vine Thai Cuisine,"7 Dove Street, Norwich",NR2 1DE,Norwich
The Wallow,"36 Exchange Street, Norwich",NR2 1AX,Norwich
The Walnut Tree Shades,"Walnut Tree Shades, Old Post Office Court, Norwich",NR2 1NG,Norwich
The Waterfront,"139 - 141 King Street, Norwich",NR1 1QH,Norwich
The Whalebone,"144 Magdalen Road, Norwich",NR3 4BA,Norwich
The White Lion,"73 Oak Street, Norwich",NR3 3AQ,Norwich
The Wild Man,"29 Bedford Street, Norwich",NR2 1AG,Norwich
The Windmill,"211 Aylsham Road, Norwich",NR3 2RE,Norwich
The Woolpack Yard,"3 Muspole Street, Norwich",NR3 1DJ,Norwich
The Workshop Bar/Cafe,"Workshop Cafe Bar, 53 Earlham Road, Norwich",NR2 3AD,Norwich
Trafford Arms,"61 Grove Road, Norwich",NR1 3RL,Norwich
Trowel & Hammer Public House,"Trowel And Hammer, 25 St Stephens Road, Norwich",NR1 3SP,Norwich
Unthank Arms,"149 Newmarket Street, Norwich",NR2 2DR,Norwich
Vanity,"16 Prince Of Wales Road, Norwich",NR1 1LB,Norwich
Victoria Bowling Club,"30 Trafford Road, Norwich",NR1 2QW,Norwich
Warwick St Social,"2 Warwick Street, Norwich",NR2 3LD,Norwich
West End Retreat,"Browne Street, Norwich",NR2 4QY,Norwich
Wig & Pen Public House,"Wig And Pen, 6 St Martin At Palace Plain, Norwich",NR3 1RN,Norwich
William IV Public House,"33 Quebec Road, Norwich",NR1 4AU,Norwich
Windmill Public House,"The Windmill, Knox Road, Norwich",NR1 4LQ,Norwich
Woolpack Inn,"9 Golden Ball Street, Norwich",NR1 3EH,Norwich

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