Nottingham pubs in August 2018

This site is obviously about pub history, and also connects to my many other pub history sites. These pages are of all the open pubs, as listed by the Foods Standards Agency at August 2018, there are currently over 50,000 open pubs.  Index of all Boroughs

Nottingham - 259
400 Rabbits,"15-16 Hurts Yard, Nottingham",NG1 6JD,Nottingham
A Room With a Brew,"78 Derby Road, Nottingham",NG1 5FD,Nottingham
AD2,"@d2, 74 Lower Parliament Street, Nottingham",NG1 1EH,Nottingham
Admiral Rodney,"Admiral Rodney Public House, Wollaton Road, Nottingham",NG8 2AF,Nottingham
All Bar One,"3 Weekday Cross, Nottingham",NG1 2GB,Nottingham
Anatolian Community Centre,"54 Alfreton Road, Nottingham",NG7 3NN,Nottingham
Angel Microbrewery,"7 Stoney Street, Nottingham",NG1 1LG,Nottingham
Another?,"9 Trinity Square, Nottingham",NG1 4AF,Nottingham
Antenna Business Centre,"Beck Street, Nottingham",NG1 1EQ,Nottingham
Arriba,"26-28 St James's Street, Nottingham",NG1 6FG,Nottingham
Baa Bar,"17-19 Goose Gate, Nottingham",NG1 1FE,Nottingham
Bag O Nails,"60 Lenton Boulevard, Nottingham",NG7 2EN,Nottingham
Bambuu,"3 Broadway, Nottingham",NG1 1PR,Nottingham
Bank Public House,"8-9 Beastmarket Hill, Nottingham",NG1 6FB,Nottingham
Bar,"28 Maid Marian Way, Nottingham",NG1 6GF,Nottingham
Bar,"611 Mansfield Road, Nottingham",NG5 2FW,Nottingham
Bar 101,"101 Mansfield Road, Nottingham",NG1 3FN,Nottingham
Bar Schnapps,"Nightclub, 26-28 St James's Street, Nottingham",NG1 6FG,Nottingham
Basford Hall Miners Welfare,"Basford Hall Miners Welfare So, 55 Goldcrest Road, Nottingham",NG6 8PT,Nottingham
Basford United Football Club,"Basford United Football Club, Greenwich Avenue, Nottingham",NG6 0LE,Nottingham
Be at One,"20 Victoria Street, Nottingham",NG1 2EX,Nottingham
Beacon Hotel,"Beacon Hotel, Aspley Lane, Nottingham",NG8 5RX,Nottingham
Beechdale Pub,"Beechdale Hotel, 438 Beechdale Road, Nottingham",NG8 3FE,Nottingham
BeerHeadZ,"Nottingham Railway Station, Carrington Street, Nottingham",NG2 3AQ,Nottingham
Bell Inn,"Bell Inn, 18 Angel Row, Nottingham",NG1 6HL,Nottingham
Bestwood Road Sports And Social,"Bestwood Road Sports & Social, 40 Bestwood Road, Nottingham",NG6 8UA,Nottingham
Bla Bla Bar,"13-15 St James's Street, Nottingham",NG1 6FH,Nottingham
Boiler Maker,"36 Carlton Street, Nottingham",NG1 1NN,Nottingham
Bowery Club,"22 Fletcher Gate, Nottingham",NG1 2FZ,Nottingham
Brass Monkey,"11 High Pavement, Nottingham",NG1 1HF,Nottingham
Brewdog,"20-22 Broad Street, Nottingham",NG1 3AL,Nottingham
Building Trades Social Club,"50 Thurgarton Street, Nottingham",NG2 4AG,Nottingham
Bunk Bar and Grill,"Ground Floor, 19 Stoney Street, Nottingham",NG1 1LP,Nottingham
Bunkers Hill,"36-38 Hockley, Nottingham",NG1 1FP,Nottingham
Calluna Bar,"11 Forman Street, Nottingham",NG1 4AA,Nottingham
Canalhouse Bar and Restaurant,"Canalhouse Bar And Restaurant, 48-52 Canal Street, Nottingham",NG1 7EH,Nottingham
Castle Meadow Wines,"Inland Revenue, Castle Meadow Road, Nottingham",NG2 1AB,Nottingham
Catchems Corner,"Catchems Corner, Vernon Road, Nottingham",NG6 0BG,Nottingham
Clifton All Whites Football Club,"245 Green Lane, Nottingham",NG11 9AY,Nottingham
Coach & Horses (Nottingham) Ltd,"The Coach And Horses, 15 Upper Parliament Street, Nottingham",NG1 2AP,Nottingham
Coco Tang,"Nightclub, 45 Bridlesmith Gate, Nottingham",NG1 2GN,Nottingham
Colonel Burnaby,"Colonel Burnaby, 35 Hartley Road, Nottingham",NG7 3AA,Nottingham
Coopers Arms,"Coopers Arms, Bardney Drive, Nottingham",NG6 8JY,Nottingham
Copper (City),"27-33 Market Street, Nottingham",NG1 6HX,Nottingham
Cottonmouth,"25 Goose Gate, Nottingham",NG1 1FE,Nottingham
Crafty Crow,"100 Friar Lane, Nottingham",NG1 6EB,Nottingham
Cross Keys,"Cross Keys, 15 Byard Lane, Nottingham",NG1 2GJ,Nottingham
Cucamara,"Cucamara Wine Bar, Hurts Yard, Nottingham",NG1 6JD,Nottingham
Curious Tavern,"2a George Street, Nottingham",NG1 3BE,Nottingham
Dale Hotel,"Dale Hotel, Sneinton Dale, Nottingham",NG2 4HJ,Nottingham
Das Kino,"22 Fletcher Gate, Nottingham",NG1 2FZ,Nottingham
Doctor's Orders,"351 Mansfield Road, Nottingham",NG5 2DA,Nottingham
Duke of Cambridge,"The Duke Of Cambridge, 548 Woodborough Road, Nottingham",NG3 5FH,Nottingham
Duke Of St Albans,"The Duke Of St Albans, Bewcastle Road, Nottingham",NG5 9PJ,Gedling
Dunkirk Inn,"The Dunkirk Inn, 71 Montpelier Road, Nottingham",NG7 2JY,Nottingham
Eleven,"23 Goose Gate, Nottingham",NG1 1FE,Nottingham
Fairham Hotel,"Fairham Hotel, Farnborough Road, Nottingham",NG11 8LT,Nottingham
Faraday's,"23-27 Victoria Street, Nottingham",NG1 2EW,Nottingham
Fat Cat Cafe Bar,"5 Chapel Quarter, Chapel Bar, Nottingham",NG1 6JS,Nottingham
Federation House Social Club,"Federation House Social Club, Ebury Road, Nottingham",NG5 1BB,Nottingham
Ferry Inn,"Ferry Inn, Main Road, Nottingham",NG11 7AA,Nottingham
Flirtz,"26 Friar Lane, Nottingham",NG1 6DQ,Nottingham
Forest Fields Social Club,"73 Beech Avenue, Nottingham",NG7 7LR,Nottingham
Forest Tavern The Maze,"257 Mansfield Road, Nottingham",NG1 3FT,Nottingham
Foresters Inn Ltd,"183 Huntingdon Street, Nottingham",NG1 3NL,Nottingham
Formans Bar,"13-15 Forman Street, Nottingham",NG1 4AA,Nottingham
Fox & Crown,"33 Church Street, Old Basford",NG6 0GA,Nottingham
Fox & Grapes,"21 Southwell Road, Nottingham",NG1 1DL,Nottingham
French 75,"92-94 Friar Lane, Nottingham",NG1 6EB,Nottingham
Gate House & Toll Bar,"The Gatehouse Public House, Tollhouse Hill, Nottingham",NG1 5FS,Nottingham
Gincident,"46 Friar Lane, Nottingham",NG1 6DQ,Nottingham
Gladstone Liberal Club,"Gladstone Liberal Club, Manning Street, Nottingham",NG3 4PX,Nottingham
Glee Club,"Castle Wharf, Nottingham",NG1 7EH,Nottingham
Golden Fleece,"105 Mansfield Road, Nottingham",NG1 3FN,Nottingham
Greyfriars Social Club,"Greyfriars Club, Gordon Road, Nottingham",NG3 2LG,Nottingham
Grosvenor,"The Grosvenor, Mansfield Road, Nottingham",NG5 2BY,Nottingham
Headstocks,"Headstocks Public House, Bagnall Road, Nottingham",NG6 8SF,Nottingham
Hemlock Stone,"The Hemlock Stone Public House, Bramcote Lane, Nottingham",NG8 2QQ,Nottingham
Hockley Arts Club,"25 Warser Gate, Nottingham",NG1 1NU,Nottingham
Hole In The Wall,"63 North Sherwood Street, Nottingham",NG1 4EZ,Nottingham
Holly Tree Farm,"Holly Tree Farm, 2 Lawrence Drive, Nottingham",NG8 6PZ,Nottingham
Horse and Groom,"Horse And Groom, 462 Radford Road, Nottingham",NG7 7EA,Nottingham
Ink,"Elite Buildings, Queen Street, Nottingham",NG1 2BL,Nottingham
Irie & Co,"9 High Pavement, Nottingham",NG1 1HF,Nottingham
Johnson Arms,"The Johnson Arms, 59 Abbey Street, Nottingham",NG7 2NZ,Nottingham
Junkyard,"12 Bridlesmith Walk, Nottingham",NG1 2HB,Nottingham
Kean's Head,"46 St Marys Gate, Nottingham",NG1 1QA,Nottingham
Keoghs Bar,"14 Mansfield Road, Nottingham",NG1 3GX,Nottingham
King Billy,"King William Iv Public House, 6 Eyre Street, Nottingham",NG2 4RG,Nottingham
Langtrys,"4 South Sherwood Street, Nottingham",NG1 4BY,Nottingham
Lenton Liberal Club,"18 Osmaston Street, Nottingham",NG7 1SD,Nottingham
Lincolnshire Poacher,"The Lincolnshire Poacher, 161-163 Mansfield Road, Nottingham",NG1 3FR,Nottingham
Lion Inn,"Lion Inn, 44 Mosley Street, Nottingham",NG7 7FQ,Nottingham
Lion Revived,"10 Robinsons Hill, Nottingham",NG6 8FL,Nottingham
Lloyds No1,"Lloyds 1, 1A Carlton Street, Nottingham",NG1 1NL,Nottingham
Lord Nelson,"The Lord Nelson, Lord Nelson Street, Nottingham",NG2 4FA,Nottingham
Lord Roberts,"Lord Roberts, 24 Broad Street, Nottingham",NG1 3AN,Nottingham
Malt Cross Ltd,"16 St James's Street, Nottingham",NG1 6FG,Nottingham
March Hare,"The March Hare, 248 Carlton Road, Nottingham",NG3 2NB,Nottingham
Market Bar,"Ground And Mezzanine, 16-20 Goose Gate, Nottingham",NG1 1FF,Nottingham
Micro Pub,"71 Haydn Road, Nottingham",NG5 2LA,Nottingham
Miller & Carter,"Miller And Carter Steakhouse, Wollaton Vale, Nottingham",NG8 2NR,Nottingham
Mojo,"ground floor & basement, 10 Thurland Street, Nottingham",NG1 3DR,Nottingham
Mooch and The Studio,"Portland Building, University Boulevard, Nottingham",NG7 2RD,Nottingham
Moon & Stars,"The Moon And Stars Public House, 47 Main Street, Nottingham",NG6 8QF,Nottingham
Nags Head,"14a Nuthall Road, Nottingham",NG8 5AZ,Nottingham
Navigation,"6 Wilford Street, Nottingham",NG2 1AA,Nottingham
New Carrington Inn,"The New Carrington Inn, 335-337 Mansfield Road, Nottingham",NG5 2DA,Nottingham
New Foresters,"Foresters Arms, 18 St Anns Street, Nottingham",NG1 3LX,Nottingham
Newark Hall,"Newark Hall, University Of Nottingham, Wollaton Road, Nottingham",NG8 1BB,Nottingham
Newcastle Arms,"282 Nuthall Road, Nottingham",NG8 5DW,Nottingham
Newmarket Hotel,"Newmarket Hotel, 38 Lower Parliament Street, Nottingham",NG1 3BA,Nottingham
Newstead Abbey,"Newstead Abbey Hotel, St Albans Road, Nottingham",NG6 9JS,Nottingham
NG1,"76-80 Lower Parliament Street, Nottingham",NG1 1EH,Nottingham
Nottingham Irish Centre,"2-4 Wilford Street, Nottingham",NG2 1AA,Nottingham
Nottingham Royal Navy Association Club Ltd,"The Nottingham Royal Naval Association Club, 22 Church Street, Old Lenton",NG7 1SJ,Nottingham
Nottinghamshire Fire & Rescue Service,"Stockhill Fire Station, Stockhill Lane, Nottingham",NG6 0LG,Nottingham
Nottm & Notts United Services,"Newdigate House, Castle Gate, Nottingham",NG1 6AF,Nottingham
Oakleigh Lodge Social Club,"1 Highbury Road, Nottingham",NG6 9DD,Nottingham
Ocean,"Ocean Night Club, Greyfriar Gate, Nottingham",NG1 7EF,Nottingham
Old Dog And Partridge,"The Old Dog And Partridge, 18 Lower Parliament Street, Nottingham",NG1 3DA,Nottingham
Organ Grinder,"21 Alfreton Road, Nottingham",NG7 3JE,Nottingham
Oz Bar,"19-23 St James's Street, Nottingham",NG1 6FH,Nottingham
Parliament Bar & Kitchen,"67 Upper Parliament Street, Nottingham",NG1 6LD,Nottingham
Party Celebrations Ltd,"6 Craven Road, Nottingham",NG7 5GD,Nottingham
Peacock Hotel,"The Peacock, 11 Mansfield Road, Nottingham",NG1 3FB,Nottingham
Pelham Hotel,"89-91 Gawthorne Street, Nottingham",NG7 7JS,Nottingham
Pit and Pendulum,"17 Victoria Street, Nottingham",NG1 2EW,Nottingham
Pitcher And Piano,"Pitcher And Piano, High Pavement, Nottingham",NG1 1HN,Nottingham
Poets Corner,"19 Bridgeway Centre, Nottingham",NG2 2JD,Nottingham
Polish Eagle Club,"Club House, 2 Sherwood Rise, Nottingham",NG7 6JN,Nottingham
Propaganda,"Ground Floor, 8-12 Broadway, Nottingham",NG1 1PS,Nottingham
Prysm,"Oceana, Lower Parliament Street, Nottingham",NG1 3BB,Nottingham
Queen Adelaide,"Queen Adelaide, 99 Windmill Lane, Nottingham",NG3 2BH,Nottingham
Raglan Road PH,"69-73 Derby Road, Nottingham",NG1 5BA,Nottingham
Red,"Crowne Plaza Nottingham, Wollaton Street, Nottingham",NG1 5RH,Nottingham
Rescue Rooms,"Rescue Rooms, Masonic Place, Nottingham",NG1 5JT,Nottingham
Retro Rooms,"Night Club, 22 St James's Street, Nottingham",NG1 6FG,Nottingham
Revolucion de Cuba,"26-28 Market Street, Nottingham",NG1 6HW,Nottingham
Revolution Nottingham,"Unit Lg6, The Cornerhouse, Burton Street, Nottingham",NG1 4DB,Nottingham
Robin Hood Public House,"540 Mansfield Road, Nottingham",NG5 2FR,Nottingham
Rock City,"8 Talbot Street, Nottingham",NG1 5GG,Nottingham
Rose & Crown,"The Rose And Crown, 500 Derby Road, Nottingham",NG7 2GW,Nottingham
Rose Inn,"Rose Inn, Moor Road, Nottingham",NG8 6NH,Nottingham
Rose Of England,"Rose Of England Public House, 36-38 Mansfield Road, Nottingham",NG1 3GY,Nottingham
Roxy,"first floor, 10 Thurland Street, Nottingham",NG1 3DR,Nottingham
Royal Antediluvian Order Of Buffaloes,"621-623 Woodborough Road, Nottingham",NG3 5QG,Nottingham
Royal British Legion,"The Royal British Legion, Donington Road, Nottingham",NG11 8BJ,Nottingham
Royal Children,"Royal Children, 50a Castle Gate, Nottingham",NG1 7AT,Nottingham
Royal Oak,"Royal Oak Inn, 51 Nottingham Road, Nottingham",NG7 7AJ,Nottingham
Sheriff Social Club,"Social Club, Queens Walk, Nottingham",NG2 2DF,Nottingham
Sherwood Manor,"Sherwood Manor, 639 Mansfield Road, Nottingham",NG5 2FX,Nottingham
Sir John Borlase Warren,"Sir John Borlase Warren, 1 Ilkeston Road, Nottingham",NG7 3GD,Nottingham
Six Barrel Drafthouse,"14 Carlton Street, Nottingham",NG1 1NN,Nottingham
Slug And Lettuce,"Unit G8, The Cornerhouse, Burton Street, Nottingham",NG1 4DB,Nottingham
Sobar,"22-24 Friar Lane, Nottingham",NG1 6DQ,Nottingham
Son Of Steak,"8 Trinity Square, Nottingham",NG1 4AF,Nottingham
Southbank City,"12-18 Friar Lane, Nottingham",NG1 6DQ,Nottingham
Spanky Van Dykes,"17 Goldsmith Street, Nottingham",NG1 5JT,Nottingham
Spot On Leisure Ltd,"Spot On Leisure Club, Bulwell High Road, Nottingham",NG6 8NU,Nottingham
Squares,"The Square, 6-9 Poultry, Nottingham",NG1 2HW,Nottingham
Starting Gate,"Starting Gate Ph, Candle Meadow, Nottingham",NG2 4DX,Nottingham
Stealth,"Stealth, Masonic Place, Goldsmith Street, Nottingham",NG1 5GG,Nottingham
Strelley Social Club Community Cafe,"Strelley Social Club, Helston Drive, Nottingham",NG8 6JZ,Nottingham
Students Union Venue,"Students Union, Nottingham Trent University, Shakespeare Street, Nottingham",NG1 4GH,Nottingham
Suede,"34a Heathcoat Street, Nottingham",NG1 3AA,Nottingham
Tap & Tumbler,"33 Wollaton Street, Nottingham",NG1 5FW,Nottingham
Tempophase Ltd,"20 Victoria Street, Nottingham",NG1 2EX,Nottingham
The Albany Hotel P H,"74 Birkin Avenue, Nottingham",NG7 5AR,Nottingham
The Bakersfield,"The Bakersfield Public House, Oakdale Road, Nottingham",NG3 7EJ,Nottingham
The Barley Twist,"91 Carrington Street, Nottingham",NG1 7FE,Nottingham
The Barrel Drop,"7 Hurts Yard, Nottingham",NG1 6JD,Nottingham
The Bath Inn,"Bath Inn, 1 Handel Street, Nottingham",NG3 1JE,Nottingham
The Blue Bell Inn,"Blue Bell Inn, 50 Upper Parliament Street, Nottingham",NG1 2AG,Nottingham
The Boat Inn,"7-9 Priory Street, Nottingham",NG7 2NX,Nottingham
The Bodega,"23 Pelham Street, Nottingham",NG1 2ED,Nottingham
The Brickworks,"Unit 3b, Davisella House, Lower Eldon Street, Nottingham",NG2 4PL,Nottingham
The Bull's Well Micro Pub,"unit 3, 7-15 Main Street, Nottingham",NG6 8QH,Nottingham
The Bunker,"19a King Street, Nottingham",NG1 2AY,Nottingham
The Castle,"The Castle, 1 Castle Road, Nottingham",NG1 6AA,Nottingham
The Chameleon,"First Floor And Second Floor, 17 Angel Row, Nottingham",NG1 6HL,Nottingham
The Company Inn,"Castle Wharf, Canal Street, Nottingham",NG1 7EH,Nottingham
The Crown Hotel,"Crown Hotel, Western Boulevard, Nottingham",NG8 1PE,Nottingham
The Crusader,"The Crusader, Hartness Road, Nottingham",NG11 8SG,Nottingham
The Dragon,"The Dragon, 67 Long Row, Nottingham",NG1 6JE,Nottingham
The Embankment Club Trent Bridge,"282-284 Arkwright Street, Nottingham",NG2 2GR,Nottingham
The Falcon Inn,"The Falcon, 1 Alfreton Road, Nottingham",NG7 3JE,Nottingham
The Footman's Rest,"2 Ilkeston Road, Nottingham",NG7 3GD,Nottingham
The Fox Hotel,"The Fox Hotel, Valley Road, Nottingham",NG5 1HY,Nottingham
The Framesmiths Arms,"Framesmiths Arms, 287 Main Street, Nottingham",NG6 8ED,Nottingham
The Gladstone Hotel,"The Gladstone Hotel, 45 Loscoe Road, Nottingham",NG5 2AW,Nottingham
The Gooseberry Bush,"5 Peel Street, Nottingham",NG1 4GL,Nottingham
The Hand And Heart,"65-67 Derby Road, Nottingham",NG1 5BA,Nottingham
The Hop Merchant,"The Hop Merchamt, 64-68 Upper Parliament Street, Nottingham",NG1 2AG,Nottingham
The Horn in Hand,"21 Goldsmith Street, Nottingham",NG1 5JT,Nottingham
The Horseshoe Inn,"Horseshoe Inn, Station Road, Nottingham",NG6 9AA,Nottingham
The Joseph Else,"11-12 South Parade, Nottingham",NG1 2JS,Nottingham
The Lace Makers Arms,"Basement And Ground And Part First And Second Floors, 3-5 High Pavement, Nottingham",NG1 1HF,Nottingham
The Lacehouse,"32a Stoney Street, Nottingham",NG1 1LL,Nottingham
The Leisure Centre Club,"City Hospital, Hucknall Road, Nottingham",NG5 1PB,Nottingham
The Limekiln,"The Limekiln, Camberley Road, Nottingham",NG6 8GE,Nottingham
The Loxley,"The Loxley, 24-26 Pelham Street, Nottingham",NG1 2EG,Nottingham
The Mill Public House,"The Mill Public House, Bagnall Road, Nottingham",NG6 0JY,Nottingham
The Moog,"The Moog, 14 Newdigate Street, Nottingham",NG7 4FD,Nottingham
The Moot Hall,"27c Carlton Road, Nottingham",NG3 2DG,Nottingham
The Nags Head,"140 Mansfield Road, Nottingham",NG1 3HW,Nottingham
The Ned Ludd,"27 Friar Lane, Nottingham",NG1 6DA,Nottingham
The New Castle,"8 Sneinton Road, Nottingham",NG2 4PA,Nottingham
The Newshouse,"The Newshouse Public House, 123 Canal Street, Nottingham",NG1 7HB,Nottingham
The Nottingham Legend,"The Nottingham Legend, Lower Parliament Street, Nottingham",NG1 1GD,Nottingham
The Old Pear Tree,"The Old Pear Tree Public House, Bulwell Lane, Nottingham",NG6 0BT,Nottingham
The Orange Tree,"38 Shakespeare Street, Nottingham",NG1 4FQ,Nottingham
The Overdraught,"11 Alfreton Road, Nottingham",NG7 3JE,Nottingham
The Oxford Hotel,"Oxford Hotel, 191-193 Highbury Road, Nottingham",NG6 9BU,Nottingham
The Park Tavern,"Park Tavern, 98 Arnold Road, Nottingham",NG6 0DZ,Nottingham
The Peacock,"The Peacock Public House, Southchurch Drive, Nottingham",NG11 9FB,Nottingham
The Pelican,"The Pelican Public House, Bracebridge Drive, Nottingham",NG8 4PN,Nottingham
The Pheasant Inn,"The Pheasant Inn, 35 Prospect Street, Nottingham",NG7 5QE,Nottingham
The Plough Inn,"The Plough Inn, 17 St Peters Street, Nottingham",NG7 3EN,Nottingham
The Point bar & Diner,"Benenson Building, Nottingham, Clifton Lane, Nottingham",NG11 8NS,Nottingham
The Raven,"The Raven, 19 Rawson Street, Nottingham",NG7 7FR,Nottingham
The Roebuck Inn,"The Roebuck, 9-11 St James's Street, Nottingham",NG1 6FH,Nottingham
The Ropewalk,"107-111 Derby Road, Nottingham",NG1 5BB,Nottingham
The Royal Oak,"The Royal Oak Public House, 56 Main Street, Nottingham",NG6 8EW,Nottingham
The Running Horse,"The Running Horse, 16 Alfreton Road, Nottingham",NG7 3NG,Nottingham
The Samuel Hall,"Mansfield Road, Nottingham",NG5 2JN,Nottingham
The Sherwood,"Sherwood Inn, 548 Mansfield Road, Nottingham",NG5 2FR,Nottingham
The Stage,"7a Wollaton Street, Nottingham",NG1 5FW,Nottingham
The Tailors Arms,"Wilford Lane, Nottingham",NG11 7AX,Nottingham
The Three Crowns,"51 Upper Parliament Street, Nottingham",NG1 6LD,Nottingham
The Three Wheatsheaves,"Three Wheat Sheaves, 402 Derby Road, Nottingham",NG7 2GQ,Nottingham
The Vat & Fiddle,"The Vat And Fiddle, Queens Bridge Road, Nottingham",NG2 1NB,Nottingham
The Wheelhouse,"Wheelhouse Public House, Russell Drive, Nottingham",NG8 2BH,Nottingham
The Whitemoor,"135 Nuthall Road, Nottingham",NG8 5BN,Nottingham
The William Peveral,"The William Peverel, 253 Main Street, Nottingham",NG6 8EZ,Nottingham
The Willow Tree Inn,"Nottingham Road, Nottingham",NG7 7DA,Nottingham
The Winning Post,"Winning Post, Farnborough Road, Nottingham",NG11 8GF,Nottingham
Tilt,"Nightclub, 9 Pelham Street, Nottingham",NG1 2EH,Nottingham
Top Valley Social Club,"Top Valley Social Club, 1 Potters Close, Nottingham",NG5 9JZ,Nottingham
Trent Navigation,"Trent Navigation Inn, 17 Meadow Lane, Nottingham",NG2 3HS,Nottingham
Tuck and Tanner,"The Tuck And Tanner, 6 Top Valley Way, Nottingham",NG5 9DD,Nottingham
Turkish Community Centre,"257 North Sherwood Street, Nottingham",NG1 4EQ,Nottingham
University of Nottingham Sports and Social Club,"Lenton Eaves, University Of Nottingham, University Boulevard, Nottingham",NG7 2RD,Nottingham
V Plus KTV,"82-84 Lower Parliament Street, Nottingham",NG1 1EH,Nottingham
Via Fossa,"44-46 Canal Street, Nottingham",NG1 7EH,Nottingham
Vine Inn,"The Vine, 25 Handel Street, Nottingham",NG3 1JE,Nottingham
Volt Nightclub,"8-12 Broadway, Nottingham",NG1 1PS,Nottingham
Waterfront,"The Waterfront Public House, Castle Wharf, Nottingham",NG1 7EH,Nottingham
Waters Edge,"Waters Edge, 3 Castle Bridge Road, Nottingham",NG7 1GX,Nottingham
Watson Fothergill's,"5-7 Castle Road, Nottingham",NG1 6AA,Nottingham
West Indian Cavaliers Sports & Social Club,"Marcus Garvey Centre, Lenton Boulevard, Nottingham",NG7 2BY,Nottingham
West Notts Unionist Club,"25 Noel Street, Nottingham",NG7 6AQ,Nottingham
White Hart,"The White Hart, 29 Gregory Street, Nottingham",NG7 2LT,Nottingham
Wilford Farm Inn,"Wilford Farm Inn, Clifton Lane, Nottingham",NG11 7AT,Nottingham
Wired,"42 Pelham Street, Nottingham",NG1 2EG,Nottingham
Wollaton Royal British Legion Club,"The Royal British Legion, Bramcote Lane, Nottingham",NG8 2ND,Nottingham
Yates's,"Yates Wine Lodge, 49 Long Row, Nottingham",NG1 6JB,Nottingham
Ye Olde Salutation Inn,"The Salutation Inn Public House, Maid Marian Way, Nottingham",NG1 7AA,Nottingham
Ye Olde Trip To Jerusalem,"Trip To Jerusalem, Brewhouse Yard, Nottingham",NG1 6AD,Nottingham

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