Poole, Dorset pubs in August 2018

This site is obviously about pub history, and also connects to my many other pub history sites. These pages are of all the open pubs, as listed by the Foods Standards Agency at August 2018, there are currently over 50,000 open pubs.  Index of all Boroughs

Poole Dorset - 57
Antelope Hotel,"Antelope Hotel, 8 High Street, Poole",BH15 1BP,Poole
Brewhouse and Kitchen Ltd - Poole,"Rising Sun, 3 Dear Hay Lane, Poole",BH15 1NZ,Poole
Broadstone Conservative Club,"Broadstone Conservative Club, Tudor Road, Poole, Dorset",BH18 8AW,Poole
Broadstone Golf Club,"Club House, Broadstone (Dorset) Golf Club, Wentworth Drive, Poole",BH18 8DQ,Poole
Butler & Hops,"The Globe, 88 High Street, Poole",BH15 1DB,Poole
Camden,"4-6 Bournemouth Road, Poole",BH14 0ES,Poole
Cobham Sports & Social Club,"Cobham Sports And Social Club, Merley Park Road, Poole",BH21 3DA,Poole
Crown Hotel,"25 Market Street, Poole",BH15 1NB,Poole
Dylan's Bar,"Bournemouth University, Fern Barrow, Poole",BH12 5BB,Poole
Foundry Arms,"Foundry Arms, 58 Lagland Street, Poole",BH15 1QG,Poole
George Hotel,"The George Hotel, 230 High Street North, Poole",BH15 1DY,Poole
Grasshopper,"The Grasshopper, 139-141 Bournemouth Road, Poole",BH14 9HT,Poole
Harvester (Poole),"Harvester, 1 Alder Park, Alder Road, Poole",BH12 4AY,Poole
Inn In The Park,"The Inn In The Park, 26 Pinewood Road, Poole",BH13 6JS,Poole
Jenkins & Sons,"7-8 Bank Chambers, Penn Hill Avenue, Poole, Dorset",BH14 9NB,Poole
King Charles Inn,"King Charles Inn, Thames Street, Poole",BH15 1JN,Poole
Lord Nelson,"The Lord Nelson, The Quay, Poole",BH15 1HJ,Poole
Mai Tai,"16-18 Bournemouth Road, Poole",BH14 0ES,Poole
Maison Sax,"Britannia Inn, 20 Britannia Road, Poole",BH14 8BB,Poole
Masonic Hall Branksome,"57 Ashley Road, Poole, Dorset",BH14 9BT,Poole
Miller & Carter,"Mountbatten Arms, Wallisdown Road, Poole",BH12 5AD,Poole
New Inn,"The New Inn, 222 Wimborne Road, Poole",BH15 2EL,Poole
Ox,"Ox, 81 Commercial Road, Poole",BH14 0JB,Poole
Parkstone Conservative Club,"19 Parr Street, Poole, Dorset",BH14 0JX,Poole
Poole Arms,"Poole Arms, The Quay, Poole",BH15 1HJ,Poole
Poole Yacht Club,"Poole Yacht Club, New Harbour Road, Poole, Dorset",BH15 4AQ,Poole
Portsmouth Hoy,"Portsmouth Hoy, The Quay, Poole",BH15 1HJ,Poole
Red Lion,"Red Lion, 294 Blandford Road, Poole",BH15 4JQ,Poole
Shah Of Persia,"Shah Of Persia, 173 Longfleet Road, Poole",BH15 2HS,Poole
Sweet Home Inn,"Sweet Home Inn, 25 Ringwood Road, Poole",BH14 0RF,Poole
The Acorn,"The Acorn, Northmead Drive, Poole",BH17 7XZ,Poole
The Angel,"Angel Inn, 28 Market Street, Poole",BH15 1NF,Poole
The Blackwater Stream,"180 Lower Blandford Road, Poole",BH18 8DP,Poole
The Blue Boar Inn,"29 Market Close, Poole",BH15 1NE,Poole
The Butcher's Dog,"37-39 Parr Street, Poole",BH14 0JX,Poole
The Churchill,"382 Ashley Road, Poole",BH14 9DQ,Poole
The Cliff,"The Cliff, 6 Ravine Road, Poole",BH13 7HX,Poole
The Cow,"The Cow, 58 Station Road Parkstone, Poole",BH14 8UD,Poole
The Goods Yard,"The Goods Yard, 14 Station Approach, Poole",BH18 8AX,Poole
The Guildhall Tavern,"Guildhall Tavern, 15-17 Market Street, Poole",BH15 1NB,Poole
The Hamworthy Club,"Hamworthy Engineering Sports A, Magna Road, Poole, Dorset",BH21 3AE,Poole
The Haymoor,"The Haymoor, 18 Neighbourhood Centre, Culliford Crescent, Poole",BH17 9DW,Poole
The Jolly Sailor,"The Jolly Sailor, The Quay, Poole",BH15 1HJ,Poole
The King's Head,"Kings Head Hotel, 6 High Street, Poole",BH15 1BP,Poole
The Lake Yard Club,"Lake Drive, Poole, Dorset",BH15 4DT,Poole
The Lord Wimborne,"Lord Wimborne, 59 Lagland Street, Poole",BH15 1QD,Poole
The Pilot,"The Fighter Pilot, 1 Adastral Square, Poole",BH17 8SA,Poole
The Quay,"21 The Quay, Poole, Dorset",BH15 1HJ,Poole
The Queen Mary,"Queen Mary Inn, 68 West Street, Poole",BH15 1LD,Poole
The Restaurant at Royal British Legion,"Legion House, Tudor Road, Poole, Dorset",BH18 8AW,Poole
The Sloop,"The Sloop, 5 Commercial Road, Poole",BH14 0HU,Poole
The Slug & Lettuce,"35-37 High Street, Poole",BH15 1AB,Poole
The Stable Bar & Restaurant,"2 High Street, Poole",BH15 1BW,Poole
The Yachtsman,"140 Lake Road, Poole",BH15 4LW,Poole
Toby Carvery - Fleetsbridge,"The Fleetsbridge, Wimborne Road, Poole",BH15 3EH,Poole
Victoria Cross,"The Victoria Cross, 377 Ashley Road, Poole",BH14 0AT,Poole
Willett Arms,"Willett Arms, 2 Oakley Hill, Poole",BH21 1RN,Poole

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