Sandwell, West Midlands pubs in August 2018

This site is obviously about pub history, and also connects to my many other pub history sites. These pages are of all the open pubs, as listed by the Foods Standards Agency at August 2018, there are currently over 50,000 open pubs.  Index of all Boroughs

Sandwell West Midlands - 235
Albion Inn,"Albion Inn, 21 Tividale Road, Tipton",DY4 7TF,Sandwell
Allens Sports & Social Club,"W G Allen Club, Newhall Street, Princes End",DY4 9HL,Sandwell
Angels Gentlemens Club,"303 High Street, West Bromwich",B70 8ND,Sandwell
Barge & Barrel,"Bloomfield Road, Tipton",DY4 9AU,Sandwell
Beacon Harvester,"222 Birmingham Road, Great Barr",B43 7AG,Sandwell
Bearwood Corks Social Club Ltd,"558 Bearwood Road, Smethwick",B66 4BT,Sandwell
Bell and Bear Inn,"The Bell And Bear Inn, 71 Gorsty Hill Road, Rowley Regis",B65 0HA,Sandwell
Blackheath Conservative Club,"135 High Street, Rowley Regis",B65 0EE,Sandwell
Blackheath Liberal Club,"51 John Street, Rowley Regis",B65 0EP,Sandwell
Brandhall Conservative Club,"122 Ashes Road, Oldbury",B69 4RB,Sandwell
Brandhall Golf & Social Club,"Brandhall Golf Club, Heron Road, Oldbury",B68 8AQ,Sandwell
British Legion,"The Royal British Legion, Windsor Road, Oldbury",B68 8NY,Sandwell
Bulls Head,"The Chaplin, 1 Dudley Road, Rowley Regis",B65 8JH,Sandwell
Cafe @ Soho Foundry Tavern,"Soho Tavern, 154 Foundry Lane, Smethwick",B66 2LL,Sandwell
Caribbean Delight,"439-441 Dudley Road, Birmingham",B18 4HE,Sandwell
Charlemont Bowling Club,"44-46 Charlemont Road, West Bromwich",B71 3DU,Sandwell
Charlemont Social Club & Institute,"Charlemont Social Club And Ins, Jervoise Lane, West Bromwich",B71 3AR,Sandwell
Club 99 Banqueting Suite Ltd,"Oldbury Trade Union Hall, 173 Tat Bank Road, Oldbury",B69 4NH,Sandwell
Community Action Project,"Windmill Lane, Smethwick",B66 3LX,Sandwell
Cookhouse and Pub,"Wolverhampton Road, Oldbury",B69 2BH,Sandwell
Cottage Spring,"Cottage Spring, 106 Franchise Street, Wednesbury",WS10 9RG,Sandwell
Court of Requests,"Oldbury Library, 19 Church Street, Oldbury",B69 3AF,Sandwell
Cradley Heath Liberal Club,"60 Upper High Street, Cradley Heath",B64 5HU,Sandwell
Crankhall Lane Social Club Ltd,"66 Crankhall Lane, Wednesbury",WS10 0EQ,Sandwell
Crown & Anchor,"79 Hollyhedge Road, West Bromwich",B71 3BS,Sandwell
Curry N Grill House,"Stone Cross Hotel, 178 Walsall Road, West Bromwich",B71 3LH,Sandwell
Dartmouth Central Club,"Dartmouth Central Club, Devonshire Drive, West Bromwich",B71 4AA,Sandwell
Desi 2,"Desi 2, 102 Oldbury Road, Smethwick",B66 1HX,Sandwell
Dudley Golf Club Ltd,"Dudley Golf Club, Turners Hill, Rowley Regis",B65 9DP,Sandwell
Eight Locks,"The Eight Locks, 1 Ryders Green Road, West Bromwich",B70 0AN,Sandwell
Flirts,"140B High Street, West Bromwich",B70 6JJ,Sandwell
Friar Park,"Friar Park Inn, 103 Crankhall Lane, Wednesbury",WS10 0EF,Sandwell
Golden Cross,"The Pig And Trumpet, Market Place, Wednesbury",WS10 7AX,Sandwell
Golu Da Dhaba,"151 Rolfe Street, Smethwick",B66 2AU,Sandwell
Half Penny Farm,"Joseph Street, Oldbury",B69 2AQ,Sandwell
Halfway House,"Halfway House, 75 Old Meeting Street, West Bromwich",B70 9SR,Sandwell
Hall End Tavern/Rampa,"The Rampa, 114 Vicarage Road, West Bromwich",B71 1AF,Sandwell
Hamstead Social Welfare Club,"Hamstead Institute, Old Walsall Road, Birmingham",B42 1HY,Sandwell
Hargate Arms,"The Hargate Arms, 105 Hargate Lane, West Bromwich",B71 1PH,Sandwell
Himalaya Indian Cuisine,"The Manchester Stores, Park Street, Oldbury",B69 4LE,Sandwell
Holy Name Parish Centre,"32 Birmingham Road, Great Barr",B43 6NR,Sandwell
Horse & Jockey,"49 Stoney Lane, West Bromwich",B71 4EZ,Sandwell
Horse and Jockey,"Horse And Jockey, Wood Green Road, Wednesbury",WS10 9AX,Sandwell
Hot Shot Snooker Club (entrance on High Street),"Unit 12 And 13, Phoenix House, Castle Street, Tipton",DY4 8HP,Sandwell
Hotshots Snooker Club,"Hotshots Snooker Club, 100a Crosswells Road, Oldbury",B68 8HH,Sandwell
Jay's Bar,"3 Graingers Lane, Cradley Heath",B64 6AH,Sandwell
Jolly Collier,"43 Junction Street, Oldbury",B69 3HD,Sandwell
Jolly Collier,"The Jolly Collier, 29 Leabrook Road, Tipton",DY4 0DX,Sandwell
Langley Ward Conservative Club,"Langley Ward Conservative Club, Ethel Street, Oldbury",B68 8QY,Sandwell
Legends Sports Bar,"1 Unity Walk, Tipton",DY4 8QL,Sandwell
Miller & Carter - Hagley Road,"26 Hagley Road West, Smethwick",B67 5EY,Sandwell
Miss Saigon,"Vietnam Restaurant, 2 Wellington Street, Smethwick",B66 2QF,Sandwell
MJ's Bar,"38 Bridge Street, Wednesbury",WS10 0AQ,Sandwell
Moose International,"Moose Hall, Beeches Road",B65 0BB,Sandwell
Muna Bar and Restaurant,"43 High Street, West Bromwich",B70 6PB,Sandwell
Myvod Inn,"The Myvod Public House, Park Lane, Wednesbury",WS10 9PS,Sandwell
Night Inn,"53-54 Great Arthur Street, Smethwick",B66 1DH,Sandwell
Noah's Ark,"Noahs Ark, 12 Wood Street, Tipton",DY4 9BQ,Sandwell
Oakdale Social Club,"Oakdale Social Club, Oak Lane, West Bromwich",B70 8PR,Sandwell
Old Blue Ball,"Old Blue Ball, 19 Hall End, Wednesbury",WS10 9ED,Sandwell
Old Hill Cricket Club,"Old Hill Cricket Club, Haden Park Road, Cradley Heath",B64 7HF,Sandwell
Old Talbot,"Old Talbot, 144 High Street, Smethwick",B66 3AP,Sandwell
Oldbury Social Club,"40 Birmingham Road, Oldbury",B69 4EE,Sandwell
Park Inn Freehouse,"Park Inn, 78 Walsall Street, Wednesbury",WS10 9EN,Sandwell
Platinum Plaza,"251 Halesowen Road, Cradley Heath",B64 6JD,Sandwell
Plough & Harrow,"Plough And Harrow, 82 Corngreaves Road, Cradley Heath",B64 7BT,Sandwell
Presleys bar,"95a High Street, Cradley Heath",B64 5HE,Sandwell
Prince of Wales,"The Prince Of Wales, 130 High Street, West Bromwich",B70 6JJ,Sandwell
Queens Head,"Queens Head, 100 Brunswick Park Road, Wednesbury",WS10 9QR,Sandwell
Railway Tavern,"The Railway Inn, 79 Harwood Street, West Bromwich",B70 9JD,Sandwell
Red Cow Heritage Banqueting & Catering,"Red Cow Hotel, High Street, Smethwick",B66 3NL,Sandwell
Regis Masonic Hall,"395 Halesowen Road, Cradley Heath",B64 7HX,Sandwell
Rhodia Recreational Club,"PO Box 80, Station Road, Oldbury",B69 4LN,Sandwell
Riddins Tavern,"Riddins Tavern, 33 Mossvale Close, Cradley Heath",B64 6DP,Sandwell
Rising Sun,"Rising Sun, 116 Horseley Road, Tipton",DY4 7NH,Sandwell
Rosehill Tavern,"Rose Hill Tavern, 80 Church Hill, Wednesbury",WS10 9DJ,Sandwell
Rowley & Blackheath Labour Club,"5 Hawes Lane, Rowley Regis",B65 9AL,Sandwell
Rowley Bar & Grill,"Rowley Bar And Grill, 47 Hawes Lane, Rowley Regis",B65 9AE,Sandwell
Royal Naval Association Club,"108 Bull Lane, West Bromwich",B70 9PB,Sandwell
Royal Oak,"7 Dudley Port, Tipton",DY4 7PR,Sandwell
Samsons,"Rood End Road, Oldbury",B69 4HT,Sandwell
Sandwell Snooker Centre Limited,"377-383 Bearwood Road, Smethwick",B66 4DL,Sandwell
Seven Stars On Cape Hill,"39 Cape Hill, Smethwick",B66 4SF,Sandwell
Shoulder of Mutton,"Shoulder Of Mutton, 66 Birmingham Road, Rowley Regis",B65 9BA,Sandwell
Sir Robert Peel,"Sir Robert Peel, Rowley Village, Rowley Regis",B65 9AT,Sandwell
Smethwick Conservative Club,"236 High Street, Smethwick",B66 3NL,Sandwell
Smethwick Cricket & Athletic C,"Smethwick Cricket Club, Broomfield, Smethwick",B67 7DH,Sandwell
Smethwick Labour Club,"Smethwick Labour Club And Inst, Coopers Lane, Smethwick",B67 7DN,Sandwell
Smethwick Photographic Society,"The Old Schoolhouse, Churchbridge",B69 2AX,Sandwell
Sopreme Nightclub,"140a High Street, West Bromwich",B70 6JJ,Sandwell
Special Spices,"Special Spices, Newton Road, Great Barr",B43 6QU,Sandwell
Spring Meadow Social Club,"Spring Meadow Mens Social Club, 1 Spring Meadow, Cradley Heath",B64 6LB,Sandwell
Springfield Social Club,"Springfield Working Mens Club, 198 Dudley Road, Rowley Regis",B65 8PX,Sandwell
Strings,"Sandwell Park Golf Club, 3a Birmingham Road, West Bromwich",B71 4JJ,Sandwell
Strollers Public House,"Strollers, 376 High Street, West Bromwich",B70 9LB,Sandwell
Summerhill Social Club,"4 St Johns Road, Tipton",DY4 9PZ,Sandwell
The Archers,"The Archers, Thorncroft Way, Walsall",WS5 4EF,Sandwell
The Bear Tavern,"The Bear Tavern, 500 Bearwood Road, Smethwick",B66 4BX,Sandwell
The Beech Tree,"The Beech Tree, 158-159 Halesowen Street, Rowley Regis",B65 0ES,Sandwell
The Beehive,"Beehive Inn, 112 Brickhouse Lane, West Bromwich",B70 0DR,Sandwell
The Bell Inn,"Bell Inn, 127 Rood End Road, Oldbury",B68 8SL,Sandwell
The Bellwether,"The Bellwether, 3 Walsall Street, Wednesbury",WS10 9BZ,Sandwell
The Billiard Hall,"The Billiard Hall, 5 St Michael Street, West Bromwich",B70 7AB,Sandwell
The Bing,"2 Victoria Street, West Bromwich",B70 8ET,Sandwell
The Blue Gates,"Blue Gates Hotel, 100 High Street, Smethwick",B66 1AA,Sandwell
The Boat Inn,"Boat Inn, 141 Station Road, Cradley Heath",B64 7QP,Sandwell
The Britannia,"124 Halesowen Street, Rowley Regis",B65 0ES,Sandwell
The Britannia Inn,"Britannia Inn, 18 Rowley Village, Rowley Regis",B65 9AT,Sandwell
The British Queen,"British Queen, 133 Birmingham Road, Oldbury",B69 4EW,Sandwell
The British Queen (Kitchen),"British Queen, 133 Birmingham Road, Oldbury",B69 4EW,Sandwell
The Brunswick Inn,"301 Crankhall Lane, Wednesbury",WS10 0QQ,Sandwell
The Bulls Head Inn,"The Bulls Head Inn, 389 Birchfield Lane, Oldbury",B69 1AQ,Sandwell
The Chestnut Tree,"The Chestnut Tree, Axletree Way, Wednesbury",WS10 9QY,Sandwell
The Coach and Horses,"33 Kesteven Road, Hateley Heath",B71 1JQ,Sandwell
The Coal Shed,"The Model Inn, 2 Titford Road, Oldbury",B69 4PY,Sandwell
The Cock Inn,"Cock Inn, 75 Dudley Road, Rowley Regis",B65 8JY,Sandwell
The Cottage Spring,"The Cottage Spring, Crookhay Lane, West Bromwich",B71 2NE,Sandwell
The Cricketers Arms,"43 Lower Trinity Street, West Bromwich",B70 6EA,Sandwell
The Croft,"The Croft, Hydes Road, Wednesbury",WS10 0DF,Sandwell
The Crosswells Inn,"Whyley Walk, Oldbury",B69 4SB,Sandwell
The Crown & Cushion,"Crown And Cushion, 2 Lloyd Street, West Bromwich",B71 4AT,Sandwell
The Crown Inn,"Crown Inn, 97 Station Road, Cradley Heath",B64 6NT,Sandwell
The Dog Inn,"8 Hagley Road West, Smethwick",B67 5EU,Sandwell
The Dovecote,"The Dovecote, Hill Top, West Bromwich",B70 0SD,Sandwell
The English Oak,"English Oak, 97 Upper Church Lane, Tipton",DY4 9PF,Sandwell
The Flower Pot,"The Flower Pot, 137 Spon Lane, West Bromwich",B70 6AS,Sandwell
The Fountain Inn,"Fountain Inn, 51 Owen Street, Tipton",DY4 8HE,Sandwell
The Fox & Goose,"The Fox And Goose, 161 Greets Green Road, West Bromwich",B70 9EW,Sandwell
The Fox Tavern,"Fox Tavern, Titford Lane, Rowley Regis",B65 0PT,Sandwell
The George,"The George, George Road, Oldbury",B68 9LN,Sandwell
The George Inn,"George Inn, 37 Dudley Road, Oldbury",B69 3DP,Sandwell
The Goldmine,"Three Horseshoes, 97 Ocker Hill Road, Tipton",DY4 0UW,Sandwell
The Goose,"The Goose, 277 High Street, West Bromwich",B70 8ND,Sandwell
The Gospel Oak Tavern,"The Gospel Oak, 1 Bilston Road, Tipton",DY4 0BT,Sandwell
The Gough Arms Hotel,"Gough Arms, Jowetts Lane, West Bromwich",B71 2QR,Sandwell
The Haden Cross,"Haden Cross Inn, 451 Halesowen Road, Cradley Heath",B64 7JD,Sandwell
The Hamstead,"The Hamstead, 89 Green Lane, Great Barr",B43 5LG,Sandwell
The Harrier,"The Harriers, Powis Avenue, Tipton",DY4 0NF,Sandwell
The Hawthorns Inn,"The Hawthorns, 162 Ross, Rowley Regis",B65 8BW,Sandwell
The Holly Bush,"Holly Bush, 53 Newtown Lane, Cradley Heath",B64 5EA,Sandwell
The Hollybush,"Holly Bush, The Uplands, Smethwick",B67 6BL,Sandwell
The Horseley Tavern,"Horseley Tavern, 238 Horseley Heath, Tipton",DY4 7QT,Sandwell
The Interceptor,"Unit 8 New Square, West Bromwich",B70 7PP,Sandwell
The Island Inn,"Island Inn, Kenrick Way, West Bromwich",B70 6BD,Sandwell
The Ivy Bush,"The Ivy Bush, 218 St Pauls Road, Smethwick",B66 1QR,Sandwell
The Jolly Sailor,"The Jolly Sailor Inn, Oldbury Road, West Bromwich",B70 9EF,Sandwell
The Junction Inn,"32 Birmingham Street, Oldbury",B69 4DY,Sandwell
The Kings Arms,"Kings Arms, 9 Toll End Road, Tipton",DY4 0HP,Sandwell
The Kings Lounge,"304 High Street, Smethwick",B66 3PA,Sandwell
The Knights Quest,"Knights Quest, 126 High Street, Rowley Regis",B65 0EE,Sandwell
The Laffin Few,"4 Phoenix House, Castle Street, Tipton",DY4 8HP,Sandwell
The Lamp Restaurant & Bar,"18 Upper High Street, Wednesbury",WS10 7HQ,Sandwell
The Lounge Bar and Venue Rooms,"The Lounge Bar, 5 Market Place, Tipton",DY4 7EJ,Sandwell
The Malt Shovel,"Malt Shovel Inn, Newton Road, Great Barr",B43 6HN,Sandwell
The Merrivale,"184 Vicarage Road, Oldbury",B68 8JB,Sandwell
The Merry Go Round,"Merry Go Round, Garratt Street, West Bromwich",B71 1NE,Sandwell
The Midland,"526-528 Bearwood Road, Smethwick",B66 4BE,Sandwell
The Miners Arms,"The Miners Arms, 58 Bagnall Street, Harvills Hawthorn",B70 0TW,Sandwell
The Moon Under Water,"The Moon Under Water, 164-166 High Street, Cradley Heath",B64 5HJ,Sandwell
The Moose Hall,"Club, Woodward Street, West Bromwich",B71 4AP,Sandwell
The New Cottage Bar and Grill,"Cottage Inn, 193 Tat Bank Road, Oldbury",B69 4NB,Sandwell
The New Inns,"New Inn, 90 Oldbury Road, Rowley Regis",B65 0PH,Sandwell
The New Navigation,"New Navigation, Titford Road, Oldbury",B69 4QE,Sandwell
The New Talbot,"The New Talbot, Hill Top, West Bromwich",B70 0PR,Sandwell
The Old Bush Revived,"Old Bush Revived, Powke Lane, Rowley Regis",B65 0AA,Sandwell
The Old Chapel Inn,"2 The Uplands, Smethwick",B67 6EQ,Sandwell
The Old Cross,"The Old Cross, Causeway Green Road, Oldbury",B68 8LD,Sandwell
The Old Crown,"The Old Crown, 56 Sandwell Road, West Bromwich",B70 8TG,Sandwell
The Old Dispensary,"234 Causeway Green Road, Oldbury",B68 8LS,Sandwell
The Old Hop Pole,"Old Hop Pole, 474 High Street, West Bromwich",B70 9LD,Sandwell
The Old Royal Oak,"Royal Oak, 4 Meeting Street, Wednesbury",WS10 7PH,Sandwell
The Pearl Girl,"Hallbridge Arms, 57 New Road, Tipton",DY4 7BX,Sandwell
The Pheasant Inn,"Pheasant Inn, 273 Abbey Road, Smethwick",B67 5NQ,Sandwell
The Phoenix,"The Phoenix, Martley Road, Oldbury",B69 1DY,Sandwell
The Plough,"Plough Inn, 7 George Road, Oldbury",B68 9LH,Sandwell
The Prince Albert,"The Prince Albert, 101 Sams Lane, West Bromwich",B70 7EG,Sandwell
The Prince of Wales,"Prince Of Wales, 41 Wrights Lane, Cradley Heath",B64 6QY,Sandwell
The Prince Of Wales (kitchen),"The Prince Of Wales, 130 High Street, West Bromwich",B70 6JJ,Sandwell
The Queens Head,"Queens Head, 101 Church Lane, West Bromwich",B71 1BU,Sandwell
The Queens Head,"Queens Head, Londonderry Lane, Smethwick",B67 7EW,Sandwell
The Railway Inn,"The Railway Inn, 96 Bromford Road, West Bromwich",B70 7JB,Sandwell
The Red Admiral,"Red Admiral, Gorse Farm Road, Great Barr",B43 5LR,Sandwell
The Red Lion,"Red Lion, 190 All Saints Way, West Bromwich",B71 1RH,Sandwell
The Red Lion,"Red Lion, 172 Park Lane West, Tipton",DY4 8LD,Sandwell
The Ridgacre,"New Gas Street, Black Lake",B70 0NP,Sandwell
The Robin,"Robinson Crusoe, 60 Suffrage Street, Smethwick",B66 3PZ,Sandwell
The Roost,"The Roost, 34 Bilston Road, Wednesbury",WS10 7JL,Sandwell
The Royal British Legion,"The Royal British Legion, Church Hill, Wednesbury",WS10 9DF,Sandwell
The Royal Oak,"Royal Oak, 14 Newton Street, West Bromwich",B71 3RQ,Sandwell
The Scott Arms,"The Scott Arms, Newton Road, Great Barr",B43 6BN,Sandwell
The Shireland,"Shireland Inn, Shireland Road, Smethwick",B66 4RD,Sandwell
The Shrubbery,"The Shrubbery, 60 Horseley Road, Tipton",DY4 7NB,Sandwell
The Spinney,"The Spinney, Smithmoor Crescent, West Bromwich",B71 3EZ,Sandwell
The Sportsman,"The Sportsman, St Marks Road, Tipton",DY4 0SZ,Sandwell
The Sportsman Club,"The Sportsman, 13-15 High Street, West Bromwich",B70 6PP,Sandwell
The Spring Meadow,"Spring Meadow, 255 Halesowen Road, Cradley Heath",B64 6NP,Sandwell
The Swan,"The Swan, 25 Providence Street, Cradley Heath",B64 5DR,Sandwell
The Tamebridge,"The Tame Bridge, 45 Tame Road, Tipton",DY4 7JA,Sandwell
The Tavern,"Turks Head, 25-26 Lower High Street, Wednesbury",WS10 7AQ,Sandwell
The Tilted Barrel,"33 High Street, Princes End",DY4 9HU,Sandwell
The Valley Bar,"Tanhouse Avenue, Great Barr",B43 5AB,Sandwell
The Vic,"Victoria Inn, 32 Lyng Lane, West Bromwich",B70 7RP,Sandwell
The Victoria Suite,"Victoria Suite, 118 Windmill Lane, Smethwick",B66 3EN,Sandwell
The Vine,"The Vine Inn, 123 Dartmouth Street, West Bromwich",B70 8DB,Sandwell
The Vine Inn,"152 Roebuck Street, West Bromwich",B70 6RD,Sandwell
The Waterfall,"The Waterfall, 132 Waterfall Lane, Cradley Heath",B64 6RG,Sandwell
The Wernley,"The Wernley, 161 Wolverhampton Road, Oldbury",B68 0LR,Sandwell
The Wheatsheaf Hotel,"The Wheatsheaf, 379 High Street, West Bromwich",B70 9QW,Sandwell
The Windmill's End,"393 Long Lane, Rowley Regis",B65 0JE,Sandwell
The Windsor Castle,"Windsor Castle, 140-144 Sams Lane, West Bromwich",B70 7ED,Sandwell
The Woden Inn,"The Woden Inn, 25 Church Hill, Wednesbury",WS10 9DF,Sandwell
The Wonder,"The Wonder, 94 Dudley Road West, Oldbury",B69 2HX,Sandwell
The Yew Tree,"The Yew Tree, Albion Road, Greets Green",B70 8QX,Sandwell
Three Horseshoes,"Three Horseshoes, 86 Witton Lane, West Bromwich",B71 2AQ,Sandwell
Tipton Sports & Social Club,"Tipton Harriers Club, Sedgley Road East, Tipton",DY4 8XA,Sandwell
Tipton Sports Academy Social Club,"Wednesbury Oak Road, Tipton",DY4 0BS,Sandwell
Tividale Football and Social Club,"Tividale F C, Packwood Road, Tividale",B69 1UL,Sandwell
Toby Carvery,"Toby Carvery, Burnt Tree, Tipton",DY4 7UF,Sandwell
Top Star,"178 Horseley Heath, Tipton",DY4 7DS,Sandwell
Triple S Bar,"13 Bradleys Lane, Tipton",DY4 9EZ,Sandwell
Venue 71,"West Bromwich Labour Club, 54 Sandwell Road, West Bromwich",B70 8TF,Sandwell
Waggon and Horses,"57 Dudley Road, Tipton",DY4 8EB,Sandwell
Waggon and Horses,"Waggon And Horses, 100 Reddal Hill Road, Cradley Heath",B64 5JR,Sandwell
Waggon and Horses,"Waggon And Horses, 131 Toll End Road, Tipton",DY4 0ET,Sandwell
Warley Rugby Football Club,"Tat Bank Road, Oldbury",B69 4NH,Sandwell
Wednesbury Sports Union,"Wednesbury Sports Union, Wood Green Road, Wednesbury",WS10 9QL,Sandwell
West Bromwich Albion Supporters Club,"West Bromwich Football Support, Westbourne Road, West Bromwich",B70 8LD,Sandwell
West Bromwich Dartmouth Cricke,"West Bromwich Dartmouth Cricke, Birmingham Road, West Bromwich",B71 4JQ,Sandwell
White Swan,"The White Swan, 5 Church Street, Oldbury",B69 3AD,Sandwell
Whiteheath Tavern,"White Heath Tavern, 400 Birchfield Lane, Oldbury",B69 1AD,Sandwell
Wizard & Glass,"Wizard And Glass, 52 Cradley Road, Cradley Heath",B64 7AY,Sandwell
Woodlands Street Members Club,"Smethwick Working Mens Club, 108 Woodlands Street, Smethwick",B66 3TD,Sandwell
Woodmans Corner,"25 St Michael Street, West Bromwich",B70 7AB,Sandwell
Ye Olde Leathern Bottle,"The Leathern Bottle, 40 Vicarage Road, Wednesbury",WS10 9DW,Sandwell
Ye Olde Wine Shoppe,"89 High Street, West Bromwich",B70 6NZ,Sandwell

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