Shepway, Kent pubs in August 2018

This site is obviously about pub history, and also connects to my many other pub history sites. These pages are of all the open pubs, as listed by the Foods Standards Agency at August 2018, there are currently over 50,000 open pubs.  Index of all Boroughs

Shepway Kent
Abbots Fireside, High Street, Elham, Kent ,CT4 6TD,Shepway
Bailiff Sergeant, The Bailiffs Sargent, 30 Jefferstone Lane, St Marys Bay, Kent ,TN29 0SA,Shepway
Bar 39, Ground Floor, 39 Tontine Street, Folkestone, Kent ,CT20 1JT,Shepway
Bell Inn, Ashford Road, Ivychurch, Kent ,TN29 0AL,Shepway
Black Bull - Hungry Horse, Black Bull, Canterbury Road, Folkestone, Kent ,CT19 5NX,Shepway
Botolphs Bridge Inn, Botolphs Bridge Road, West Hythe, Kent ,CT21 4NL,Shepway
Brickfield Tavern, Brickfield Brewers Fayre, Cherry Garden Lane, Folkestone, Kent ,CT19 4AP,Shepway
Britannia Inn, 26 Horn Street, Hythe, Kent ,CT21 5SR,Shepway
Captain Howey, The Captain Howey, 1 Littlestone Road, Littlestone, Kent ,TN28 8LN,Shepway
Carousel Lounge, 166-170 High Street, Hythe, Kent ,CT21 5JR,Shepway
Castle Hotel, The Green, Saltwood, Kent ,CT21 4AJ,Shepway
Chambers, Basement Business Premises, 98 Sandgate Road, Folkestone, Kent ,CT20 2BE,Shepway
Churchills, 2 Tontine Street, Folkestone, Kent ,CT20 1JP,Shepway
Cinque Ports Arms, 1 High Street, New Romney, Kent ,TN28 8BU,Shepway
Coach & Horses, Church Road, Lyminge, Kent ,CT18 8JA,Shepway
County Members, Aldington Road, Lympne, Kent ,CT21 4LH,Shepway
Dover Road Social Club, 95 Dover Road, Folkestone, Kent ,CT20 1JZ,Shepway
Drum Inn, Stone Street, Stanford, Kent ,TN25 6DN,Shepway
Dukes Head, Main Road, Sellindge, Kent ,TN25 6EG,Shepway
Earl of Clarendon, Clarendon Inn, Brewers Hill, Sandgate, Kent ,CT20 3DH,Shepway
East Kent Arms, 21 Sandgate Road, Folkestone, Kent ,CT20 1SB,Shepway
Eastcliff Tavern, East Cliff Tavern, 13-15 East Cliff, Folkestone, Kent ,CT19 6BU,Shepway
Edies @ Follies, 78 High Street, Hythe, Kent ,CT21 5AL,Shepway
George Hotel, 11 High Street, Lydd, Kent ,TN29 9AJ,Shepway
George Inn, Stone Street, Stelling Minnis, Kent ,CT4 6DF,Shepway
Gillespies, 28-30 Harbour Street, Folkestone, Kent ,CT20 1QN,Shepway
Globe Inn, 6-8 High Street, Hythe, Kent ,CT21 5AT,Shepway
Hamlet Hotel / Meze House, 5-6 Shakespeare Terrace, Folkestone, Kent ,CT20 2DX,Shepway
Harbour Inn, 24-26 Harbour Street, Folkestone, Kent ,CT20 1QN,Shepway
Hope Inn, The Hope Inn, 82 Stade Street, Hythe, Kent ,CT21 6DA,Shepway
Inn Doors, 96 Sandgate High Street, Sandgate, Kent ,CT20 3BY,Shepway
Jolsons, 2-6 Tontine Street, Folkestone, Kent ,CT20 1JU,Shepway
Kings Arms, The Square, Elham, Kent ,CT4 6TJ,Shepway
Kings Head, 117 High Street, Hythe, Kent ,CT21 5JJ,Shepway
Kipps Alehouse, Ground Floor Business Premises, 11-15 The Old High Street, Folkestone, Kent ,CT20 1RL,Shepway
Mariner, 16 The Stade, Folkestone, Kent ,CT19 6AB,Shepway
Masonic Hall, Gough Road, Sandgate, Kent ,CT20 3BE,Shepway
Nailbox, The Nail Box, 74 Coolinge Lane, Folkestone, Kent ,CT20 3QE,Shepway
New Romney Bowls Club, Sussex Road, New Romney, Kent ,TN28 8HL,Shepway
Ocean Inn, 2 High Street, Dymchurch, Kent ,TN29 0NG,Shepway
Park Inn, 2 Radnor Park Road, Folkestone, Kent ,CT19 5AU,Shepway
Pilot Inn, Coast Drive, Lydd On Sea, Kent ,TN29 9NJ,Shepway
Portland Hotel & Skuba, 2-4 Langhorne Gardens, Folkestone, Kent ,CT20 2EA,Shepway
Prince Of Wales Inn, Dymchurch Road, Hythe, Kent ,CT21 6PG,Shepway
Quarterhouse, 65-69 Tontine Street, Folkestone, Kent ,CT20 1JR,Shepway
Red Cow, 138 Foord Road, Folkestone, Kent ,CT19 5AB,Shepway
Red Lion, Rhee Wall Road, Snargate, Kent ,TN29 9UQ,Shepway
Rose & Crown, High Street, Elham, Kent ,CT4 6TD,Shepway
Rose & Crown, Minnis Lane, Stelling Minnis, Kent ,CT4 6AS,Shepway
Rose & Crown, Swamp Road, Old Romney, Kent ,TN29 9SQ,Shepway
Royal George, 18 Beach Street, Folkestone, Kent ,CT20 1QW,Shepway
Royal Norfolk Hotel, 7 Sandgate High Street, Sandgate, Kent ,CT20 3BD,Shepway
Royal Oak, Park Street, Lydd, Kent ,TN29 9AX,Shepway
Royal Standard, 60 Canterbury Road, Folkestone, Kent ,CT19 5NL,Shepway
Samuel Peto, The Samuel Peto, 23 Rendezvous Street, Folkestone, Kent ,CT20 1EY,Shepway
Sandgate Hotel, 8-9 Wellington Terrace, Sandgate Esplanade, Sandgate, Kent ,CT20 3DY,Shepway
Shepherd & Crook Inn, Shearway, Burmarsh, Kent ,TN29 0JJ,Shepway
Ship Inn, 65 Sandgate High Street, Sandgate, Kent ,CT20 3AH,Shepway
Smugglers Alehouse, 10 St Lawrence Court, High Street, New Romney, Kent ,TN28 8BU,Shepway
Stripes Club, Stripes, Cheriton Road, Folkestone, Kent ,CT19 5JU,Shepway
The Bell Inn, 1 Seabrook Road, Hythe, Kent ,CT21 5NB,Shepway
The Black Horse Inn, 366 Canterbury Road, Densole, Kent ,CT18 7BG,Shepway
The Britannia, Dungeness Road, Dungeness, Kent ,TN29 9ND,Shepway
The British Lion, 8-10 The Bayle, Folkestone, Kent ,CT20 1SQ,Shepway
The Butt Of Sherry, 3-5 Theatre Street, Hythe, Kent ,CT21 5LD,Shepway
The Cat and Custard Pot, Teddars Leas Road, Paddlesworth, Kent ,CT18 8AD,Shepway
The Dolphin Hotel, 11 South Street, Lydd, Kent ,TN29 9DQ,Shepway
The Firkin Alehouse, 18 Cheriton Place, Folkestone, Kent ,CT20 2AZ,Shepway
The Firs Bar Lounge, The Firs, Firs Lane, Folkestone, Kent ,CT19 4QF,Shepway
The Gatekeeper, Canterbury Road, Etchinghill, Kent ,CT18 8DE,Shepway
The Golden Arrow, 89 Enbrook Valley, Folkestone, Kent ,CT20 3NE,Shepway
The Guildhall, 42 The Bayle, Folkestone, Kent ,CT20 1SQ,Shepway
The Harp Restrung, Ground Floor Businees Premises, 11 Grace Hill, Folkestone, Kent ,CT20 1HA,Shepway
The Heron, Herons Park, Dengemarsh Road, Lydd, Kent ,TN29 9JH,Shepway
The Jolly Fisherman Pub, Jolly Fisherman Hotel, The Parade, Greatstone, Kent ,TN28 8ST,Shepway
The Lifeboat, 42 North Street, Folkestone, Kent ,CT19 6AF,Shepway
The Lord Morris, 17 Guildhall Street, Folkestone, Kent ,CT20 1EA,Shepway
The Master Brewer, Perries Mead, Folkestone, Kent ,CT19 5UD,Shepway
The Mayfly, Defiant Close, Hawkinge, Kent ,CT18 7RU,Shepway
The Neptune, 127 Hythe Road, Dymchurch, Kent ,TN29 0TS,Shepway
The Plough Inn, Dymchurch Road, New Romney, Kent ,TN28 8UF,Shepway
The Potting Shed, 160A High Street, Hythe, Kent ,CT21 5JR,Shepway
The Providence Inn, 47-49 Sandgate High Street, Sandgate, Kent ,CT20 3AH,Shepway
The Pullman, Pullman Wine Bar, 7-9 Church Street, Folkestone, Kent ,CT20 1SE,Shepway
The Red Lion Hotel, Red Lion Square, Hythe, Kent ,CT21 5AU,Shepway
The Royal Cheriton, 339-341 Cheriton Road, Folkestone, Kent ,CT19 4BP,Shepway
The Royal Oak, High Street, Brookland, Kent ,TN29 9QR,Shepway
The Rum Clinic, 3 West Terrace, Folkestone, Kent ,CT20 1RR,Shepway
The Ship, 23 The Stade, Folkestone, Kent ,CT19 6AB,Shepway
The Ship Hotel, 83 High Street, New Romney, Kent ,TN28 8AZ,Shepway
The Ships Galley, The Ship, 23 The Stade, Folkestone, Kent ,CT19 6AB,Shepway
The Star Inn, St Mary In The Marsh, Kent ,TN29 0BX,Shepway
The Swan Hotel and Pub, The Swan Hotel, 59 High Street, Hythe, Kent ,CT21 5AD,Shepway
The Troubadour of Kent, Ground Floor Business Premises, 61 Tontine Street, Folkestone, Kent ,CT20 1JR,Shepway
Three Mariners, 37 Windmill Street, Hythe, Kent ,CT21 6BH,Shepway
Tiger Inn, Stowting, Kent ,TN25 6BA,Shepway
Timber Batts Inn, School Hill, Bodsham, Kent ,TN25 5JQ,Shepway
Valiant Sailor, New Dover Road, Capel-Le-Ferne, Kent ,CT18 7JJ,Shepway
Warren Inn, Dymchurch Road, New Romney, Kent ,TN28 8UF,Shepway
White Hart, 71 High Street, Hythe, Kent ,CT21 5AJ,Shepway
White Horse Inn, 7 Canterbury Road, Hawkinge, Kent ,CT18 7JA,Shepway
Woolpack Inn, Brookland, Kent ,TN29 9TJ,Shepway

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