South Staffordshire pubs in August 2018

This site is obviously about pub history, and also connects to my many other pub history sites. These pages are of all the open pubs, as listed by the Foods Standards Agency at August 2018, there are currently over 50,000 open pubs.  Index of all Boroughs

South Staffordshire - 114
Anchor Inn,"ANCHOR INN, BREWOOD ROAD, COVEN",WV10 7PW,South Staffordshire
Barley Mow,"Pennwood Lane, Penn Common",WV4 5JN,South Staffordshire
Bradford Arms,"Ivetsey Bank, Wheaton Aston",ST19 9QT,South Staffordshire
Calf Heath Marina,"Kings Road, Calf Heath",WV10 7DU,South Staffordshire
Catch Corner,"Acton Court, Acton Gate",ST18 9AP,South Staffordshire
Catering Facilty At The Royal Oak,"THE ROYAL OAK, IVETSEY BANK ROAD, Bishops Wood, STAFFORD",ST19 9AE,South Staffordshire
Chase Gate,"Wolverhampton Road, Wedges Mills",WS11 1SY,South Staffordshire
Chase Golf Club Ltd,"The Chase Golf Club, Pottal Pool Road, Penkridge",ST19 5RN,South Staffordshire
Cheslyn Hay Community & Sports Club,"26 Station Street, Cheslyn Hay",WS6 7ED,South Staffordshire
Churchview Catering,"Kinver Constitutional Club, 119 High Street, Kinver",DY7 6HL,South Staffordshire
Coach And Horses,"36 HIGH STREET, Wheaton Aston",ST19 9NP,South Staffordshire
Codsall Legionaires Club Ltd,"22 Wood Road, Codsall",WV8 1DB,South Staffordshire
Codsall Station Pub,"The Station, Chapel Lane, Codsall",WV8 2EH,South Staffordshire
Colliers Arms,"91 High Street, Cheslyn Hay",WS6 7AE,South Staffordshire
Conservative Club,"The Firs, Station Road, Codsall",WV8 1DB,South Staffordshire
Cross Inn,"Church Hill, Kinver",DY7 6HZ,South Staffordshire
Cross Keys,"Filance Lane, Penkridge",ST19 5HJ,South Staffordshire
Dudley Arms,"Wolverhampton Road, Himley",DY3 4LB,South Staffordshire
Essington (Broad Lane) Wmc,"Broad Lane, Essington",WV11 2RH,South Staffordshire
Essington Wmc,"138 High Hill, Essington",WV11 2DW,South Staffordshire
Fishley Park Golf Range,"Fishley Lane, Essington",WS3 5AE,Walsall
Fox Inn,"Bridgnorth Road, Stourton",DY7 5BL,South Staffordshire
Green Man Inn,"High Street, Swindon",DY3 4NR,South Staffordshire
Halfpenny Green Golf Club,"New Road, Swindon",DY3 4PP,South Staffordshire
Hartley Arms,"56 Long Street, Wheaton Aston",ST19 9NF,South Staffordshire
Hinksford Arms,"Hinksford Arms, Swindon Road, Hinksford",DY6 0BA,South Staffordshire
Hollybush Inn,"THE HOLLY BUSH EBSTREE ROAD, Ebstree Road, Trysull, South Staffordshire",WV5 7JE,South Staffordshire
Kinver Sports And Community Association,"KINVER SPORTS AND ASSOCIATION,STERRYMERE GARDENS, STOURBRIDGE",DY7 6ET,South Staffordshire
Littleton Arms Hotel,"St Michaels Square, Penkridge",ST19 5AL,South Staffordshire
Monckton Bar,"Monckton Recreation Centre, Pinfold Lane, Penkridge",ST19 5QP,South Staffordshire
Mount Pleasant,"98 OUNSDALE ROAD, WOLVERHAMPTON",WV5 8BP,South Staffordshire
New Inns,"124 STATION STREET, WALSALL",WS6 7EQ,South Staffordshire
Old Bush Inn,"High Street, Wombourne",WV5 9DT,South Staffordshire
Old Bush Inn,"Old Bush Inn, High Street, Swindon",DY3 4NR,South Staffordshire
Old Wyrley Hall,"Olde Hall Lane, Great Wyrley",WS6 6LL,South Staffordshire
Park House Sheltered Housing Scheme,"Park House, Essington",WV11 2RH,South Staffordshire
Pattingham Club,"43 High Street, Pattingham",WV6 7BH,South Staffordshire
Pear And Partridge,"The Parkway, Perton",WV6 7XZ,South Staffordshire
Pendrell Arms,"Wood Road, Codsall Wood",WV8 1QR,South Staffordshire
Penn Golf Club,"Penn Common, South Staffordshire",WV4 5JN,South Staffordshire
Perton Park Golf Club,"Wrottesley Park Road, Perton",WV6 7HL,South Staffordshire
Pigot Arms,"11 High Street, Pattingham",WV6 7BQ,South Staffordshire
Rainbow Inn,"Brewood Road, Coven",WV9 5DH,South Staffordshire
Red Lion,"Battlefield Hill, Wombourne",WV5 0JJ,South Staffordshire
Red White And Blue,"Cannock Road, Featherstone",WV10 7AD,South Staffordshire
Robin Hood,"5 Walsall Road, Great Wyrley",WS6 6LL,South Staffordshire
Round Oak,"100 OunsdaleRoad, Wombourne",WV5 8BU,South Staffordshire
Shoal Hill Tavern,"Sandy Lane, Hatherton",WS11 1RF,Cannock Chase
Six Ashes Inn,"Six Ashes Road, Six Ashes",WV15 6EJ,South Staffordshire
Spread Eagle,"Watling Street, Gailey",ST19 5PN,South Staffordshire
Springhill Cricket Club,"Springhill Lane, Lower Penn",WV4 4TN,South Staffordshire
Stourbridge Rugby Football Club,"Bridgnorth Road, Stourton",DY7 6QZ,South Staffordshire
Sunnybank Club,"Sunnybank Park Homes, Wenlock Bank, Lapley",ST19 9QH,South Staffordshire
Swindon Cricket Club,"Hinksford Lane, Swindon",DY3 4NU,South Staffordshire
The Bell Inn,"Bell Road, Trysull",WV5 7JB,South Staffordshire
The Bell Inn,"Watling Street, Stretton",ST19 9LN,South Staffordshire
The Bentlands,"38 Suckling Green Lane, Codsall",WV8 2BP,South Staffordshire
The Boat Inn,"Cannock Road, Penkridge",ST19 5DT,South Staffordshire
The Bridge,"22 High Green, Brewood",ST19 9BD,South Staffordshire
The Bull Hotel,"Wolverhampton Road, Codsall",WV8 1PU,South Staffordshire
The Cat Inn,"Bridgnorth Road, Enville",DY7 5HA,South Staffordshire
The Crooked House,"Coppice Mill, Himley",DY3 4DA,South Staffordshire
The Crown,"1 Wood Road, Codsall",WV8 1DB,South Staffordshire
The Crown Inn,"Norton Road, Iverley",DY8 2RX,South Staffordshire
The Crown Inn,"The Crown Inn, 15 High Street, Pattingham",WV6 7BQ,South Staffordshire
The Dog And Partridge,"Straight Mile, Calf Heath, Hatherton",WV10 7DW,South Staffordshire
The Elms,"37 Church Road, Shareshill",WV10 7JR,South Staffordshire
The Four Ashes,"Station Drive, Four Ashes",WV10 7BU,South Staffordshire
The Four Crosses,"Watling Street, Hatherton, South Staffordshire",WS11 1RX,South Staffordshire
The Fox And Anchor,"Brewood Road, Cross Green",WV10 7PW,South Staffordshire
The Fox At Shipley,"Bridgnorth Road, Shipley",WV6 7EH,South Staffordshire
The Harrows Inn,"Stafford Road, Coven",WV9 5AW,South Staffordshire
The Ivy House,"Stafford Road, Newtown, Great Wyrley",WS6 6BA,South Staffordshire
The Littleton,"Stafford Road, Huntington",WS12 4PD,South Staffordshire
The Malt At Landywood,"Holly Lane, Cheslyn Hay",WS6 7AR,South Staffordshire
The Manor House Of Whittington,"Whittington, Kinver",DY7 6NY,South Staffordshire
The Mary Rose,"Moons Lane, Cheslyn Hay",WS6 7AY,South Staffordshire
The Minerva Inn,"The Minerva Inn, Wolverhampton Road, Essington",WV11 2BX,South Staffordshire
The Mount Pleasant,"Ounsdale Road, Wombourne",WV5 8BP,South Staffordshire
The New Inn,"1 Station Road, Wombourne",WV5 9EY,South Staffordshire
The New Inns,"Kiddemore Green Road, Brewood",ST19 9BH,South Staffordshire
The New Masons,"16 Stafford Road, Newtown",WS6 6AZ,South Staffordshire
The New Talbot,"Low Street, Cheslyn Hay",WS6 7DS,South Staffordshire
The Oaken Arms,"Holyhead Road, Codsall",WV8 2HX,South Staffordshire
The Plough And Harrow,"THE PLOUGH AND HARROW 84 HIGH STREET, STOURBRIDGE",DY7 6HD,South Staffordshire
The Red Lion,"Great Chatwell, South Staffordshire",TF10 9BJ,South Staffordshire
The Royal Oak,"8 Norton Lane, Great Wyrley",WS6 6PE,South Staffordshire
The Staffordshire Golf Club,"Bridgnorth Road, Swindon",DY3 4PU,South Staffordshire
The Star Inn,"224 Walsall Road, Great Wyrley",WS6 6NQ,South Staffordshire
The Summerhouse,"92 Gospel End Road, Gospel End",DY3 4AN,South Staffordshire
The Swan Hotel,"15 Market Place, Brewood",ST19 9BS,South Staffordshire
The Swan Inn,"162 Walsall Road, Great Wyrley",WS6 6NQ,South Staffordshire
The Three Stirrups,"1 Engleton Lane, Brewood",ST19 9DZ,South Staffordshire
The Vine,"High Street, Wombourne",WV5 9DT,South Staffordshire
The Vine Inn,"1 Dunsley Road, Kinver",DY7 6LJ,South Staffordshire
The Wheatsheaf,"472 Walsall Road, Great Wyrley",WS6 6HX,South Staffordshire
The Wheatsheaf Inn,"Wolverhampton Road, Laney Green, Shareshill",WV10 7LU,South Staffordshire
The White Horse (Wet Sales),"Mount Pleasant, Cheslyn Hay",WS6 7AG,South Staffordshire
The Why Not Inn,"141 Broad Lane, Springhill, South Staffordshire",WV11 2RH,South Staffordshire
The Woodman,"2 Duck Lane, Bilbrook",WV8 1HZ,South Staffordshire
Three Hammers Bar & Bistro,"Old Stafford Road, Cross Green, Coven",WV10 7PP,South Staffordshire
Waggon And Horses Public House,"Bridgnorth Road, Wombourne",WV5 0AQ,South Staffordshire
Walsall Football Club,"Broad Lane Pavillion, Broad Lane, Essington",WV11 2RG,South Staffordshire
Wergs Golf Club,"Keepers Lane, Codsall",WV6 8UA,Wolverhampton
White Hart,"Stone Cross, Penkridge",ST19 5AS,South Staffordshire
Willenhall Rugby Club,"WILLENHALL RUGBY FOOTBALL CLUB BOGNOP ROAD, Bognop Road, Essington, WOLVERHAMPTON",WV11 2AZ,South Staffordshire
Wolverhampton Casuals Football Club,"Brinsford Lane, Coven Heath",WV10 7PR,South Staffordshire
Wolverhampton Rugby Union Football Club,"Wolverhampton Rugby Football Club, Castlecroft Road, Castlecroft",WV3 8NA,South Staffordshire
Wolverhampton Sporting Community Football Club,"Wolverhampton Sporting Community Football Club, Hazel Lane, Great Wyrley",WS6 6AA,South Staffordshire
Wombourne Pool Bar,"Maypole Street, Wombourne",WV5 9JB,South Staffordshire
Wrottesley Arms,"Severn Drive, Perton",WV6 7QU,South Staffordshire
Ye Olde White Harte,"111 HIGH STREET, Kinver, STOURBRIDGE",DY7 6HD,South Staffordshire

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