Tameside, Manchester pubs in August 2018

This site is obviously about pub history, and also connects to my many other pub history sites. These pages are of all the open pubs, as listed by the Foods Standards Agency at August 2018, there are currently over 50,000 open pubs.  Index of all Boroughs

Tameside Manchester - 218
Acres Inn,"120 Acre Street, Acre Street, Denton, Tameside",M34 2AY,Tameside
Aldwinians Rugby Union Football Club (RUFC),"Old Aldwinians, Droylsden Road, Audenshaw, Tameside",M34 5SN,Tameside
Angel Hotel,"Angel Hotel, 1 Old Street, Ashton-Under-Lyne, Tameside",OL6 6LA,Tameside
Ash Tree Farm,"Ash Tree Farm, Pamir Drive, Ashton-Under-Lyne, Tameside",OL7 0LY,Tameside
Ashton Tap House,"Market Hall, Market Street, Ashton-Under-Lyne, Tameside",OL6 6BZ,Tameside
Ashton Under Lyne Golf Club,"Ashton Golf Club, Gorsey Way, Ashton-Under-Lyne, Tameside",OL6 9HT,Tameside
Ashton Under Lyne Masonic Hall,"Masonic Club, Jowetts Walk, Ashton-Under-Lyne, Tameside",OL7 0BB,Tameside
Ashton United Football Club Ltd,"Football Ground, Surrey Street, Ashton-Under-Lyne, Tameside",OL6 8DY,Tameside
Ashton-under-Lyne Cricket Bowling + Tennis Club,"Ashton-under-Lyne Cricket Bowling + Tennis Club, Richmond Street, Ashton-Under-Lyne, Tameside",OL6 6DL,Tameside
Astley Arms,"Astley Arms, 1 Chapel Hill, Dukinfield, Tameside",SK16 4BT,Tameside
Astley Arms,"Astley Arms, 293 Astley Street, Dukinfield, Tameside",SK16 4QF,Tameside
Audenshaw Masonic Hall,"Audenshaw Masonic Hall Stanley House, Manchester Road, Audenshaw, Tameside",M34 5GB,Tameside
Back Lane Working Mens Club,"Back Lane Working Mens Club, Wilson Street, Hyde, Tameside",SK14 1PP,Tameside
Bar 15,"Bar 15, 3 George Street, Ashton-Under-Lyne, Tameside",OL6 6AQ,Tameside
Beaconsfield Conservative Club,"Beaconsfield Conservative Club, 16 Stamford Street Central, Ashton-Under-Lyne, Tameside",OL6 6QN,Tameside
Beau Geste,"Beau Geste, 162 Katherine Street, Ashton-Under-Lyne, Tameside",OL6 7AE,Tameside
Best O Brass Inn,"Manchester Road, Manchester Road, Mossley, Tameside",OL5 9AB,Tameside
Bike N Hounds,"Bike N Hounds, 10 Hamnett Street, Hyde, Tameside",SK14 2EX,Tameside
Blindz Bar,"Waterloo Tavern, 490 Oldham Road, Ashton-Under-Lyne, Tameside",OL7 9QH,Tameside
Boundary Inn,"Boundary Inn, 2 Audenshaw Road, Audenshaw, Tameside",M34 5HD,Tameside
Bowling Green Hotel,"99 Penny Meadow, Penny Meadow, Ashton-Under-Lyne, Tameside",OL6 6EP,Tameside
Bridge Beers,"Bridge Beers, 55 Melbourne Street, Stalybridge, Tameside",SK15 2JJ,Tameside
Bridge Inn,"The Bridge Public House, 19 Shepley Street, Stalybridge, Tameside",SK15 2AH,Tameside
Britannia Inn,"Britannia Inn, Manchester Road, Mossley, Tameside",OL5 9AJ,Tameside
Broadbottom Cricket Club,"Cricket Club, Mottram Road, Broadbottom, Tameside",SK14 6AG,Tameside
Broadoak Hotel,"Broadoak Hotel, 69 Broadoak Road, Ashton-Under-Lyne, Tameside",OL6 8QD,Tameside
Bulls Head Hotel,"Bulls Head, 4 Knowl Street, Stalybridge, Tameside",SK15 3AJ,Tameside
Carters Arms,"Carters Arms, 207 Stockport Road, Denton, Tameside",M34 6AQ,Tameside
Chapel House,"Chapel House, 193 Two Trees Lane, Denton, Tameside",M34 7AJ,Tameside
Chapel House Inn,"Chapel House Inn, 145 Stockport Road, Denton, Tameside",M34 6AQ,Tameside
Church Inn,"Church Inn, 82 Stockport Road, Mossley, Tameside",OL5 0RD,Tameside
Clarkes Arms,"Clarkes Arms Hotel, 27 Stockport Road, Hyde, Tameside",SK14 1RH,Tameside
Cock Hotel,"The Cock Hotel, 60 Two Trees Lane, Denton, Tameside",M34 7SZ,Tameside
Corporation Arms,"Corporation Arms, 286 Stockport Road, Ashton-Under-Lyne, Tameside",OL7 0NS,Tameside
Cosmos Bingo + Social Club,"Cosmos Bingo + Social Club, 62 Market Street, Stalybridge, Tameside",SK15 2AB,Tameside
Crown And Cushion,"Crown And Cushion, 57 Victoria Street, Hyde, Tameside",SK14 4AW,Tameside
Crown Point Tavern,"Crown Point Tavern, 16 Market Street, Denton, Tameside",M34 2XW,Tameside
Curzon Ashton Football Club,"Curzon Ashton Football Club, Richmond Street, Ashton-Under-Lyne, Tameside",OL7 9HG,Tameside
Dane Bank Hotel,"Dane Bank Hotel, Windmill Lane, Denton, Tameside",M34 2EY,Tameside
Denton Conservative Club,"Denton Conservative Club, 45 Manchester Road, Denton, Tameside",M34 2AF,Tameside
Denton Cricket And Sports Club,"Denton Cricket And Sports Club, Egerton Street, Denton, Tameside",M34 3PW,Tameside
Denton Golf Club Ltd,"Denton Golf Club Ltd, Manchester Road, Denton, Tameside",M34 2GG,Tameside
Denton Labour Club,"Ashton Road, Ashton Road, Denton, Tameside",M34 3JF,Tameside
Denton Liberal Club,"Denton Liberal Club, Bowden Street, Denton, Tameside",M34 2AB,Tameside
Denton St Lawrence Cricket Club,"Cricket Club, Sycamore Avenue, Denton, Tameside",M34 6LY,Tameside
Denton Town Football Club,"Denton Town FC And Pavilion, Heather Lea, Denton, Tameside",M34 6EJ,Tameside
Denton West End WMC,"Denton West End Working Mens Club, 4 Grosvenor Street, Denton, Tameside",M34 3WN,Tameside
Denton Working Mens Club,"Denton Working Mens Club, Frederick Street, Denton, Tameside",M34 3JB,Tameside
Dog And Pheasant,"Dog And Pheasant, 528 Oldham Road, Ashton-Under-Lyne, Tameside",OL7 9PQ,Tameside
Droylsden A F C,"Droylsden A F C, Market Street, Droylsden, Tameside",M43 7AY,Tameside
Droylsden Catholic Club,"Droylsden Catholic Club, Sunnyside Road, Droylsden, Tameside",M43 7WW,Tameside
Droylsden Cricket Ground,"Fold Avenue, Fold Avenue, Droylsden, Tameside",M43 7XA,Tameside
Droylsden Working Mens Club,"Droylsden Working Mens Club, Carpenters Walk, Droylsden, Tameside",M43 6UB,Tameside
Dukinfield Cricket Club,"Dukinfield Cricket Club, Clarendon Street, Dukinfield, Tameside",SK14 4JG,Tameside
Dukinfield Golf Club,"Dukinfield Golf Club, Yew Tree Lane, Dukinfield, Tameside",SK16 5GF,Tameside
Dysarts Arms,"Dysarts Arms, Huddersfield Road, Mossley, Tameside",OL5 9BT,Tameside
Fairfield Arms,"The Fairfield Arms, 92 Manchester Road, Audenshaw, Tameside",M34 5GB,Tameside
Fitzroy Social Club,"Fitzroy Social Club, Durham Street, Droylsden, Tameside",M43 6DT,Tameside
Fletchers Arms,"Fletchers Arms, 445 Stockport Road, Denton, Tameside",M34 6EG,Tameside
Flowery Field Cricket Club,"Flowery Field Cricket Club Changing Rooms, Throstle Bank Street, Hyde, Tameside",SK14 4RY,Tameside
Foresters Call,"Foresters Call, 147 Old Street, Ashton-Under-Lyne, Tameside",OL6 7SA,Tameside
Gardeners Arms,"Gardeners Arms, 279 Edge Lane, Droylsden, Tameside",M43 6BS,Tameside
Gardeners Arms,"Gardeners Arms Public House, 17 Stockport Road, Denton, Tameside",M34 6DB,Tameside
Godley Hall Inn,"Godley Hall Inn, 15 Godley Hill, Hyde, Tameside",SK14 3BL,Tameside
Grapes Hotel,"Grapes Hotel, 289 Stockport Road, Hyde, Tameside",SK14 5RU,Tameside
Greenwood Catering At Fairfield Golf & Sailing Club,"Fairfield Golf And Sailing Club, Kings Road, Audenshaw, Tameside",M34 5FA,Tameside
Haddon Hall Hotel,"Haddon Hall Hotel, Haddon Hall Road, Droylsden, Tameside",M43 6LB,Tameside
Halfway House Hotel,"Halfway House Pub, 435 Manchester Road, Droylsden, Tameside",M43 6JE,Tameside
Halfway House Inn,"Halfway House Inn, 123 Whiteacre Road, Ashton-Under-Lyne, Tameside",OL6 9PS,Tameside
Hanging Gate Inn,"Hanging Gate Inn, 77 Audenshaw Road, Audenshaw, Tameside",M34 5NL,Tameside
Hare And Hounds,"Hare And Hounds, 394 Huddersfield Road, Stalybridge, Tameside",SK15 3ET,Tameside
Hare And Hounds,"Hare And Hounds, 238 Kings Road, Ashton-Under-Lyne, Tameside",OL6 8HD,Tameside
Hare And Hounds,"Hare And Hounds Hotel, Werneth Low Road, Hyde, Tameside",SK14 3AA,Tameside
Hare And Hounds,"Hare And Hounds Inn, Luzley Road, Ashton-Under-Lyne, Tameside",OL6 9AL,Tameside
Harewood Arms,"Harewood Arms, 2 Market Street, Broadbottom, Tameside",SK14 6AX,Tameside
Harmers Bar,"Harmers Bar, Melbourne Street, Stalybridge, Tameside",SK15 2JE,Tameside
Hartshead Inn,"Hartshead Inn, Mossley Road, Ashton-Under-Lyne, Tameside",OL6 9AQ,Tameside
Haughton Green Conservative Club,"Haughton Green Conservative Club, 92 Haughton Green Road, Denton, Tameside",M34 7QN,Tameside
Heroes Of Waterloo,"Heroes Of Waterloo Hotel, 3 Mossley Road, Ashton-Under-Lyne, Tameside",OL6 9DQ,Tameside
Hollingworth Conservative Club,"Hollingworth Conservative Club, 113 Market Street, Hollingworth, Tameside",SK14 8HY,Tameside
Hollingworth Liberal Club,"Hollingworth Liberal Club, 44 Market Street, Hollingworth, Tameside",SK14 8LN,Tameside
Hyde Central Conservative Club,"Hyde Central Conservative Club, Reynold Street, Hyde, Tameside",SK14 1LU,Tameside
Hyde Club,"Hyde Bowling Club, Bowling Green Street, Hyde, Tameside",SK14 1DJ,Tameside
Hyde Cricket And Squash Club,"Hyde Cricket And Squash Club, Werneth Low Road, Hyde, Tameside",SK14 3AF,Tameside
Hyde Snooker & Social Club,"Hyde Snooker & Social Club, 13 Manchester Road, Hyde, Tameside",SK14 1BA,Tameside
Jolly Carter,"Jolly Carter, 1 Clarendon Place, Hyde, Tameside",SK14 2ND,Tameside
Jolly Hatters Inn,"Jolly Hatters, 155 Haughton Green Road, Denton, Tameside",M34 7PW,Tameside
Judges Bar,"Judges Bar, 8 Corporation Street, Stalybridge, Tameside",SK15 2JL,Tameside
Junction Inn,"Junction Inn, 55 Turner Lane, Ashton-Under-Lyne, Tameside",OL6 8LP,Tameside
Junction Inn,"Junction Inn Public House, Mossley Road, Ashton-Under-Lyne, Tameside",OL6 9BX,Tameside
King William IV Hotel,"King William IV Hotel, 196 Talbot Road, Hyde, Tameside",SK14 4HJ,Tameside
Kings Head,"The Kings Head, 169 Market Street, Droylsden, Tameside",M43 7AY,Tameside
Last Orders,"Last Orders Inn, 81 Market Street, Hyde, Tameside",SK14 1HL,Tameside
Lazy Toad,"The Lazy Toad, Ashton Hill Lane, Droylsden, Tameside",M43 7UB,Tameside
Legendz,"Legendz, 42 Grosvenor Street, Stalybridge, Tameside",SK15 1RR,Tameside
Lord Napier,"Lord Napier, 3 Albion Street, Ashton-Under-Lyne, Tameside",OL6 6HF,Tameside
Masons Arms,"335 Stockport Road, Stockport Road, Denton, Tameside",M34 6AZ,Tameside
Masons Arms,"Masons Arms, 107 Oxford Road, Dukinfield, Tameside",SK16 5NT,Tameside
Matteo Events Catering At Oaklands Masonic Hall,"Oaklands Hall Masonic Club, Beech View, Hyde, Tameside",SK14 3DE,Tameside
Micklehurst Cricket Club,"Micklehurst Cricket Club, Castle Lane, Mossley, Tameside",OL5 9DQ,Tameside
Micklehurst Liberal Club Ltd,"Micklehurst Liberal Club Ltd, 38 Micklehurst Road, Mossley, Tameside",OL5 9NL,Tameside
Miners Arms,"Miners Arms, 147 Mossley Road, Ashton-Under-Lyne, Tameside",OL6 6NE,Tameside
Molly Malones,"Molly Malones, 4 George Street, Ashton-Under-Lyne, Tameside",OL6 6AQ,Tameside
Mossley Band Social Club,"Mossley Band Social Club, 3 Argyle Street, Mossley, Tameside",OL5 0HF,Tameside
Mossley Masonic Hall,"Westholme, Stockport Road, Mossley, Tameside",OL5 0RB,Tameside
Mottram Wood,"Premier Lodge, Stockport Road, Mottram, Tameside",SK14 3AU,Tameside
Music Lounge,"Music Lounge, 91 Manchester Road, Denton, Tameside",M34 2AF,Tameside
New Bridge Inn,"New Bridge Inn, Micklehurst Road, Mossley, Tameside",OL5 9HT,Tameside
New Inn,"New Inn, Mossley Road, Ashton-Under-Lyne, Tameside",OL6 6ND,Tameside
Newton Cricket Club,"Newton Cricket Club, Barmhouse Lane, Hyde, Tameside",SK14 3BZ,Tameside
Newton Ward Conservative Club,"Newton Moor Conservative Club, Ashton Road, Hyde, Tameside",SK14 4BH,Tameside
Old Fleece Hotel,"Old Fleece Hotel, 29 Market Street, Stalybridge, Tameside",SK15 2AL,Tameside
Old Hunters Tavern,"Old Hunters Tavern, 51 Acres Lane, Stalybridge, Tameside",SK15 2JR,Tameside
Old Pack Horse,"Old Pack Horse, 234 Guide Lane, Audenshaw, Tameside",M34 5EF,Tameside
Penny Farthing,"Penny Farthing, St Annes Road, Denton, Tameside",M34 3BP,Tameside
Pig On The Wall,"Pig On The Wall, Greenside Lane, Droylsden, Tameside",M43 7RA,Tameside
Premier Suite,"Premier, Corporation Road, Audenshaw, Tameside",M34 5LP,Tameside
Prince Of Orange,"Prince Of Orange Public House, 109 Warrington Street, Ashton-Under-Lyne, Tameside",OL6 6DW,Tameside
Pyramid Snooker Hall,"Pyramid Snooker Hall, 92 King Street, Dukinfield, Tameside",SK16 4NQ,Tameside
Queen Adelaide Hotel,"Queen Adelaide, 268 Stockport Road, Hyde, Tameside",SK14 5RF,Tameside
Queen Inn,"Queen Inn, 37 Oldham Road, Ashton-Under-Lyne, Tameside",OL6 7AP,Tameside
Queens Arms,"Queens Arms, Guide Lane, Audenshaw, Tameside",M34 5FF,Tameside
Queens Hotel,"The Queens Hotel, 23 Clarendon Place, Hyde, Tameside",SK14 2ND,Tameside
Red Lion Hotel,"Red Lion Hotel, 1 Stockport Road, Denton, Tameside",M34 6DB,Tameside
Reindeer Inn,"Reindeer Inn, 109 Huddersfield Road, Stalybridge, Tameside",SK15 3DW,Tameside
Rising Sun Inn,"Rising Sun Inn, Stockport Road, Mossley, Tameside",OL5 0RQ,Tameside
Silvia Catering Solutions At Dukinfield Masonic Hall Co Ltd,"Masonic Hall, 62 Old Road, Dukinfield, Tameside",SK16 4EN,Tameside
Snipe Inn,"Snipe Inn, 387 Manchester Road, Audenshaw, Tameside",M34 5RP,Tameside
St Pauls Cricket Club (Stalybridge),"Stalybridge Cricket Athletic Club, Cheetham Hill Road, Dukinfield, Tameside",SK16 5JL,Tameside
Staly Vegas Snooker Club,"Staly Vegas Snooker Club, 32 Grosvenor Street, Stalybridge, Tameside",SK15 2JN,Tameside
Stalybridge Station Buffet Bar,"Station Buffet Bar, Rassbottom Street, Stalybridge, Tameside",SK15 1RF,Tameside
Stamford Arms,"Stamford Arms, 815 Huddersfield Road, Stalybridge, Tameside",SK15 3PY,Tameside
Stamford Golf Club,"Stamford Golf Club, Huddersfield Road, Stalybridge, Tameside",SK15 3DN,Tameside
Stanley Square Conservative Club Stalybridge,"Stalybridge Conservative Club, 10 Stanley Street, Stalybridge, Tameside",SK15 1SR,Tameside
Star Inn,"Star Inn Public House, 108 Old Street, Ashton-Under-Lyne, Tameside",OL6 7SD,Tameside
Strawberry Gardens Inn,"Strawberry Gardens Inn, 70 Moorside Street, Droylsden, Tameside",M43 7HL,Tameside
Tame Valley Hotel,"Tame Valley Hotel, 1 Park Road, Dukinfield, Tameside",SK16 5LX,Tameside
The Albion,"The Albion Public House, 19 Market Place, Hyde, Tameside",SK14 2LX,Tameside
The Albion Hotel,"Albion Hotel, 66 Jeffreys Drive, Dukinfield, Tameside",SK16 4BZ,Tameside
The Angel Hotel,"The Angel Public House, 147 Hyde Road, Denton, Tameside",M34 3DW,Tameside
The Angel Inn,"Angel Inn, 197 King Street, Dukinfield, Tameside",SK16 4TH,Tameside
The Apethorn,"Knott Lane, Knott Lane, Hyde, Tameside",SK14 5BS,Tameside
The Ash Tree,"Ash Tree, Wellington Road, Ashton-Under-Lyne, Tameside",OL6 6DA,Tameside
The Bay Horse,"The Bay Horse, 142 Haughton Green Road, Denton, Tameside",M34 7GQ,Tameside
The Beehive,"Beehive Inn, 143 Market Street, Droylsden, Tameside",M43 7AR,Tameside
The Billy Goat,"Billy Goat Inn, 71 Stamford Street, Mossley, Tameside",OL5 0JS,Tameside
The British Protection,"British Protection Inn, Hough Hill Road, Stalybridge, Tameside",SK15 2HB,Tameside
The Bush,"Bush Inn, 120 Moorside Street, Droylsden, Tameside",M43 7HL,Tameside
The Buxton Inn,"Buxton Inn, 36 Mottram Old Road, Hyde, Tameside",SK14 5NG,Tameside
The Caledonia,"The Caledonia, 13 Warrington Street, Ashton-Under-Lyne, Tameside",OL6 6AS,Tameside
The Chapel House,"The Chapel House, 192 Astley Street, Dukinfield, Tameside",SK16 4QD,Tameside
The Cheshire Cheese,"Cheshire Cheese, 407 Stockport Road, Hyde, Tameside",SK14 5RY,Tameside
The Cheshire Ring,"The Cheshire Ring Public House, 72 Manchester Road, Hyde, Tameside",SK14 2BJ,Tameside
The Clarence Hotel,"Clarence Hotel, 195 Talbot Road, Hyde, Tameside",SK14 4HJ,Tameside
The Coach And Horses,"Coach And Horses, 125 Hyde Road, Denton, Tameside",M34 3BB,Tameside
The Commercial Hotel,"Commercial Hotel, 106 Astley Street, Dukinfield, Tameside",SK16 4JU,Tameside
The Dance Emporium,"The Dance Emporium, 1 Bowden Street, Denton, Tameside",M34 2AB,Tameside
The Engine Room,"The Old Fire Station, Wellington Road, Ashton-Under-Lyne, Tameside",OL6 6DQ,Tameside
The Feathers,"The Feathers Hotel Public House, 138 Stamford Street Central, Ashton-Under-Lyne, Tameside",OL6 6AD,Tameside
The Flowery Field,"Flowery Field Public House, 2 Furnace Street, Hyde, Tameside",SK14 4NU,Tameside
The Forester,"The Forester, Fir Tree Lane, Dukinfield, Tameside",SK16 5EW,Tameside
The Full Shilling,"The Full Shilling, 67 Stockport Road, Denton, Tameside",M34 6NB,Tameside
The George And Dragon,"George And Dragon, 23 Bennett Street, Hyde, Tameside",SK14 4TQ,Tameside
The George Fitzpatrick,"Last Orders, 1 Manchester Road, Denton, Tameside",M34 3JU,Tameside
The Gun Inn,"Gun Inn, 2 Market Street, Hollingworth, Tameside",SK14 8LN,Tameside
The Harvester Ashton Moss,"The Ashton Moss PH, Fold Way, Ashton-Under-Lyne, Tameside",OL7 0PG,Tameside
The Jolly Hatters,"The Jolly Hatters, Town Lane, Denton, Tameside",M34 2DJ,Tameside
The Joshua Bradley,"The Joshua Bradley, Stockport Road, Hyde, Tameside",SK14 5EZ,Tameside
The Ladysmith,"The Ladysmith Public House, 52 Wellington Road, Ashton-Under-Lyne, Tameside",OL6 6DD,Tameside
The Lions Bar,"The Lions Bar, 91 Market Street, Stalybridge, Tameside",SK15 2AA,Tameside
The Lodge,"Lodge Hotel, 144 Cheetham Hill Road, Dukinfield, Tameside",SK16 5JY,Tameside
The Lord Nelson,"Lord Nelson Inn, Nook Lane, Ashton-Under-Lyne, Tameside",OL6 9HJ,Tameside
The Lord Stamford,"The Lord Stamford, 2 Kenworthy Street, Stalybridge, Tameside",SK15 2DX,Tameside
The Lowes Arms,"Lowes Arms Public House, 301 Hyde Road, Denton, Tameside",M34 3FF,Tameside
The New Inn,"The New Inn, 44 Market Street, Hollingworth, Tameside",SK14 8LN,Tameside
The New Stalybridge Labour Club,"Stalybridge Labour Club, Acres Lane, Stalybridge, Tameside",SK15 2JR,Tameside
The Olde Town House,"The Olde Town House, 46 Mottram Road, Hyde, Tameside",SK14 2RB,Tameside
The Oxford Inn,"Oxford Inn, 120 Stockport Road, Ashton-Under-Lyne, Tameside",OL7 0NL,Tameside
The Q Inn,"Q Inn, 3 Market Street, Stalybridge, Tameside",SK15 2AL,Tameside
The Railway Inn,"Railway Inn, 29 Commercial Brow, Hyde, Tameside",SK14 2JR,Tameside
The Railway Inn,"The Railway Inn, 326 Lumb Lane, Droylsden, Tameside",M43 7LA,Tameside
The Rising Moon,"The Rising Moon Inn, Matley Lane, Hyde, Tameside",SK14 4EG,Tameside
The Roaches Lock,"The Roaches Lock, Manchester Road, Mossley, Tameside",OL5 9BB,Tameside
The Royal Oak,"Royal Oak Hotel, 23 Nook Lane, Ashton-Under-Lyne, Tameside",OL6 9HN,Tameside
The Sheldon Arms,"The Sheldon Arms, Lord Sheldon Way, Ashton-Under-Lyne, Tameside",OL6 7UB,Tameside
The Shepherds Call,"Shepherds Call, 216 Market Street, Hyde, Tameside",SK14 1HB,Tameside
The Society Rooms (Wetherspoons),"J D Wetherspoons Society Rooms, 49 Grosvenor Street, Stalybridge, Tameside",SK15 2JN,Tameside
The Sportsman Inn And El Cuba Libre,"Sportsman Inn, 57 Mottram Road, Hyde, Tameside",SK14 2NN,Tameside
The Stable Gate,"The Stable Gate Public House, Alphagate Drive, Denton, Tameside",M34 3SH,Tameside
The Star Inn,"The Star Inn, 108 Old Street, Ashton-Under-Lyne, Tameside",OL6 7SD,Tameside
The Station Hotel,"The Station, 2 Warrington Street, Ashton-Under-Lyne, Tameside",OL6 6XB,Tameside
The Stocks Inn,"The Stocks Inn, 8 Stocks Lane, Stalybridge, Tameside",SK15 2LW,Tameside
The Sun Inn,"Sun Inn, 210 Guide Lane, Audenshaw, Tameside",M34 5EE,Tameside
The Sycamore,"Sycamore Inn, 4 Stamford Square, Ashton-Under-Lyne, Tameside",OL6 6QX,Tameside
The Toll Point,"The Toll Point Public House, 49 Stockport Road, Denton, Tameside",M34 6NB,Tameside
The Ukrainian Centre,"Association Of Ukranians, 215 Stockport Road, Ashton-Under-Lyne, Tameside",OL7 0NP,Tameside
The Victoria,"The Victoria, 92 Victoria Road, Dukinfield, Tameside",SK16 4UP,Tameside
The Warrington Arms,"The Warrington Arms Public House, Stamford Square, Ashton-Under-Lyne, Tameside",OL6 6QR,Tameside
The Waterhouse,"The Waterhouse, St Albans Avenue, Ashton-Under-Lyne, Tameside",OL6 8TU,Tameside
The White Gates Inn,"The White Gates Inn, 103 Manchester Road, Hyde, Tameside",SK14 2BT,Tameside
The White House,"The White House Public House, 1 Water Street, Stalybridge, Tameside",SK15 2AG,Tameside
The Windmill,"The Windmill, Hulme Road, Denton, Tameside",M34 2WZ,Tameside
The Witchwood,"The Witchwood, 152 Old Street, Ashton-Under-Lyne, Tameside",OL6 7SF,Tameside
Theatre Tavern,"The Theatre Tavern, 42 Oldham Road, Ashton-Under-Lyne, Tameside",OL6 7AP,Tameside
Timezone,"Timezone, 11 St Michaels Square, Ashton-Under-Lyne, Tameside",OL6 6LF,Tameside
Tollemache Arms,"Tollemache Arms, Manchester Road, Mossley, Tameside",OL5 9BG,Tameside
Trafalgar Inn,"Trafalgar Inn, 47 William Street, Ashton-Under-Lyne, Tameside",OL7 0RX,Tameside
Union Club,"The Union Club, 107 Old Street, Ashton-Under-Lyne, Tameside",OL6 7RL,Tameside
Waggon & Horses Hotel,"Waggon And Horses, 300 Mottram Road, Stalybridge, Tameside",SK15 2SU,Tameside
Waterloo & Taunton Conservative Club,"Waterloo & Taunton Conservative Club, 350 Oldham Road, Ashton-Under-Lyne, Tameside",OL7 9PS,Tameside
Wharf Tavern,"Wharf Tavern, 77 Caroline Street, Stalybridge, Tameside",SK15 1PD,Tameside
Wheatsheaf Inn,"Wheatsheaf Inn, 41 Birch Lane, Dukinfield, Tameside",SK16 4AJ,Tameside
White Horse Inn,"The White Horse Public House, 58 Stamford Square, Ashton-Under-Lyne, Tameside",OL6 6QW,Tameside
White House Inn,"White House, 170 Ashton Road, Denton, Tameside",M34 3JD,Tameside
White Lion,"White Lion, 7 Market Place, Hyde, Tameside",SK14 2LX,Tameside
Woodman Inn,"Woodman Inn, 338 Oldham Road, Ashton-Under-Lyne, Tameside",OL7 9AU,Tameside
Works 4 U At The Peacock,"The Peacock, Ambleside, Stalybridge, Tameside",SK15 1EB,Tameside
Yorkshire Ward Conservative Club,"Yorkshire Ward Conservative Club, Carrhill Road, Mossley, Tameside",OL5 0BL,Tameside

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