Telford and Wrekin, Shropshire pubs in August 2018

This site is obviously about pub history, and also connects to my many other pub history sites. These pages are of all the open pubs, as listed by the Foods Standards Agency at August 2018, there are currently over 50,000 open pubs.  Index of all Boroughs

Telford and Wrekin Shropshire - 145
AFC Telford United LTD (Bar Only),"Bucks Head Stadium, Watling Street, Wellington, Telford",TF1 2NJ,Telford and Wrekin
Albion Inn,"Station Hill, St Georges, Telford, Shropshire",TF2 9AD,Telford and Wrekin
All Nations Inn,"20 Coalport Road, Madeley, Telford, Shropshire",TF7 5DP,Telford and Wrekin
Aqualate Golf Centre,"Stafford Road, Newport",TF10 9BZ,Stafford
Bell And Bails,"84 Church Street, St Georges, Telford, Shropshire",TF2 9LT,Telford and Wrekin
Black Swan,"Lloyds Head, Jackfield, Telford, Shropshire",TF8 7LZ,Telford and Wrekin
Blue Pig,"Capewell Road, Trench, Telford, Shropshire",TF2 6QQ,Telford and Wrekin
Boscobel Tavern Limited,"Eliot Close, Stirchley, Telford, Shropshire",TF3 1FG,Telford and Wrekin
Bowring Social Club,"Haygate Road, Wellington, Telford, Shropshire",TF1 2BN,Telford and Wrekin
Bridge Builder,"Wrekin Retail Park, Arleston, Telford, Shropshire",TF1 2DE,Telford and Wrekin
Britannia Inn,"21 Aqueduct Road, Brookside, Telford, Shropshire",TF3 1BX,Telford and Wrekin
Bulls Head,"Plough Road, Wrockwardine Wood, Telford, Shropshire",TF2 7AL,Telford and Wrekin
Bulls Head Inn,"The Bulls Head, Milners Lane, Dawley Bank, Telford",TF4 2LJ,Telford and Wrekin
Captain Webb (Wellington),"The Captain Webb, Bagley Drive, Wellington, Telford",TF1 3NP,Telford and Wrekin
Central Square Night Club,"The Square, Newport, Shropshire",TF10 7AG,Telford and Wrekin
Cheshire Cheese Public House,"Doseley Road, Doseley, Telford, Shropshire",TF4 3BB,Telford and Wrekin
Coalbrookdale Inn,"12 Wellington Road, Coalbrookdale, Telford, Shropshire",TF8 7DX,Telford and Wrekin
Coalport Tavern,"The Coalport Tavern, Bridge Street, Oakengates, Telford",TF2 6AH,Telford and Wrekin
Cottage Spring,"39 Church Street, St. Georges, Telford, Shropshire",TF2 9JY,Telford and Wrekin
Crown Inn,"44 High Street, Dawley, Telford, Shropshire",TF4 2EX,Telford and Wrekin
Dawley Social Club,"King Street, Dawley, Telford",TF4 2AG,Telford and Wrekin
Dawley Town Hall,"New Street, Dawley, Telford, Shropshire",TF4 3JR,Telford and Wrekin
Donnington Community Sports And Social Club,"71 Turreff Avenue, Donnington, Telford, Shropshire",TF2 8HE,Telford and Wrekin
Dun Cow,"Trench Road, Trench, Telford, Shropshire",TF2 7DU,Telford and Wrekin
Eden Complex,"Canongate, Oakengates, Telford, Shropshire",TF2 9BF,Telford and Wrekin
Edgmond Bowling Club,"Shrewsbury Road, Edgmond, Newport, Shropshire",TF10 8HU,Telford and Wrekin
Elephant And Castle,"1 High Street, Dawley, Telford, Shropshire",TF4 2ET,Telford and Wrekin
Elephant And Castle,"Stafford Street, St Georges, Telford, Shropshire",TF2 9JQ,Telford and Wrekin
Euston Way Beefeater,"Euston Way, Town Centre, Telford, Shropshire",TF3 4LT,Telford and Wrekin
Forester Arms,"1 Wellington Road, Horsehay, Telford, Shropshire",TF4 3BS,Telford and Wrekin
Foresters Arms,"41 High Street, Madeley, Telford, Shropshire",TF7 5AS,Telford and Wrekin
Golden Ball Inn,"Newbridge Road, Ironbridge, Telford, Shropshire",TF8 7BA,Telford and Wrekin
Harvester,"Unit 2A, Southwater Square, Southwater Way, Telford Town Centre",TF3 4JG,Telford and Wrekin
Hop & Vine,"High Street, Hadley, Telford, Shropshire",TF1 5NG,Telford and Wrekin
Ironbridge Rowing Club,"Eastfield House, Dale End Park, Buildwas Road, Coalbrookdale",TF8 7BJ,Telford and Wrekin
J C Catering At Horsehay Village Golf Centre,"Wellington Road, Horsehay, Telford, Shropshire",TF4 3BT,Telford and Wrekin
Kings Head,"Chetwynd End, Newport, Shropshire",TF10 7JJ,Telford and Wrekin
Lion Inn,"Upton Stones, Waters Upton, Telford, Shropshire",TF6 6NP,Telford and Wrekin
Lord Hill Inn,"Main Road, Ketley Bank, Telford, Shropshire",TF2 0DH,Telford and Wrekin
Maddocks Social Club,"Church Street, Oakengates, Telford, Shropshire",TF2 6BU,Telford and Wrekin
Majestic Bingo Club,"Wellington Road, Donnington, Telford, Shropshire",TF2 8JS,Telford and Wrekin
Malt Shovel,"Malt Shovel Inn, Hadley Park Road, Hadley, Telford",TF1 6QG,Telford and Wrekin
Midnights,"The Parade, Wellington, Telford, Shropshire",TF1 1PY,Telford and Wrekin
Miners Arms,"74 Prince Street, Madeley, Telford, Shropshire",TF7 4DY,Telford and Wrekin
New Inn,"2 Stafford Road, Newport, Shropshire",TF10 7LX,Telford and Wrekin
Newport (Salop) Bowling Club,"Granville Avenue, Newport, Shropshire",TF10 7DX,Telford and Wrekin
Newport Literary & Social Institute,"17 High Street, Newport, Shropshire",TF10 7AR,Telford and Wrekin
Newport Rugby Club,"Forton Road, Newport, Shropshire",TF10 8QG,Telford and Wrekin
Old Fighting Cocks Inn,"48 Market Street, Oakengates, Telford, Shropshire",TF2 6DU,Telford and Wrekin
Ozzy Sports Bar,"18 - 20 St Marys Street, Newport, Shropshire",TF10 7AB,Telford and Wrekin
Pheasant Inn,"68 Upper Bar, High Street, Newport, Shropshire",TF10 7AW,Telford and Wrekin
Plough Inn,"38 King Street, Wellington, Telford, Shropshire",TF1 3AW,Telford and Wrekin
Priorslee Flaming Grill,"Priorslee Avenue, Priorslee, Telford, Shropshire",TF2 9NW,Telford and Wrekin
Queens At Horton,"The Queens Head, Horton, Telford, Shropshire",TF6 6DW,Telford and Wrekin
Queens Head,"King Street, Dawley, Telford",TF4 2AA,Telford and Wrekin
Railway Inn,"42 Mill Bank, Wellington, Telford, Shropshire",TF1 1SD,Telford and Wrekin
Railway Tavern,"62 Upper Bar, Newport, Shropshire",TF10 7EJ,Telford and Wrekin
Randlay Farmhouse,"Randlay Avenue, Randlay, Telford, Shropshire",TF3 2LH,Telford and Wrekin
Red Lion Hotel,"Holyhead Road, Wellington, Telford, Shropshire",TF1 2EW,Telford and Wrekin
Ring O Bells,"75 King Street, Dawley, Telford, Shropshire",TF4 2AH,Telford and Wrekin
Rose And Crown,"The Rose And Crown, Stirchley Village, Telford, Shropshire",TF3 1DY,Telford and Wrekin
Severn Gorge Restaurant,"1 Southwater Way, Town Centre, Telford, Shropshire",TF3 4NL,Telford and Wrekin
Shakespeare Inn,"High Street, Coalport, Telford, Shropshire",TF8 7HT,Telford and Wrekin
Sinclair Sports & Social Club,"Holyhead Road, Ketley, Telford, Shropshire",TF1 6AD,Telford and Wrekin
Sir John Bayley Social Club,"23 Haygate Road, Wellington, Telford, Shropshire",TF1 1QX,Telford and Wrekin
St. Georges Sports & Social Club,"Church Street, St. Georges, Telford, Shropshire",TF2 9LU,Telford and Wrekin
Station Hotel,"42 Market Street, Oakengates, Telford, Shropshire",TF2 6DU,Telford and Wrekin
Students Union,"Harper Adams College, College Lane, Edgmond, Newport",TF10 8NB,Telford and Wrekin
Swan Inn,"Lower Bar, Newport, Shropshire",TF10 7BE,Telford and Wrekin
Talbot Inn,"Gower Street, St Georges, Telford, Shropshire",TF2 9BL,Telford and Wrekin
Telford Hornets Rugby Club,"Town Park, Malinslee, Telford, Shropshire",TF4 3NZ,Telford and Wrekin
Telford Naturist Club,"The Windings, Grange Lane, Redhill, Telford",TF2 9PB,Telford and Wrekin
The Aston Taphouse,"Wellington Road, Church Aston, Newport, Shropshire",TF10 9EJ,Telford and Wrekin
The Barley,"62 High Street, Newport, Shropshire",TF10 7AQ,Telford and Wrekin
The Barley Mow,"16 Court Street, Madeley, Telford, Shropshire",TF7 5EB,Telford and Wrekin
The Beacon,"6 - 7 Market Square, Wellington, Telford, Shropshire",TF1 1BP,Telford and Wrekin
The Bird In Hand,"Waterloo Street, Ironbridge, Telford, Shropshire",TF8 7HG,Telford and Wrekin
The Boat Inn,"Ferry Road, Jackfield, Telford, Shropshire",TF8 7LS,Telford and Wrekin
The Brewery Inn,"High Street, Coalport, Telford, Shropshire",TF8 7HZ,Telford and Wrekin
The Bridge Inn,"Wombridge Road, Trench, Telford, Shropshire",TF2 6RJ,Telford and Wrekin
The Church Wickets,"Church Road, Dawley, Telford, Shropshire",TF4 2AS,Telford and Wrekin
The Clock Tower,"101 New Trench Road, Donnington, Telford, Shropshire",TF2 8LE,Telford and Wrekin
The Cock Hotel,"148 Holyhead Road, Wellington, Telford, Shropshire",TF1 2DL,Telford and Wrekin
The Compasses Inn,"Beveley Road, Oakengates, Telford, Shropshire",TF2 6SD,Telford and Wrekin
The Coracle Micropub,"27 High Street, Ironbridge, Telford, Shropshire",TF8 7AD,Telford and Wrekin
The Crown Inn,"Market Street, Oakengates, Telford, Shropshire",TF2 6EA,Telford and Wrekin
The Duke Of York,"Trench Road, Trench, Telford, Shropshire",TF2 7DP,Telford and Wrekin
The Dun Cow,"4 Duke Street, Wellington, Telford, Shropshire",TF1 1BJ,Telford and Wrekin
The Edgmond Lion,"1 Newport Road, Edgmond, Newport, Shropshire",TF10 8HH,Telford and Wrekin
The Foresters Arms,"Union Street, Hadley, Telford, Shropshire",TF1 5RG,Telford and Wrekin
The Fox,"Pave Lane, Newport, Telford, Shropshire",TF10 9LQ,Telford and Wrekin
The Grazing Cow,"Gresham Drive, Newdale, Telford, Shropshire",TF3 5ES,Telford and Wrekin
The Grove Inn,"Wellington Road, Walcot, Telford, Shropshire",TF6 5EN,Telford and Wrekin
The Half Moon,"Half Moon Inn, 174 Salthouse Road, Jackfield, Telford",TF8 7LP,Telford and Wrekin
The Honeysuckle Inn,"Beaumaris Road, Newport, Shropshire",TF10 7BN,Telford and Wrekin
The Horse & Jockey,"15 Jockey Bank, Ironbridge, Telford, Shropshire",TF8 7PD,Telford and Wrekin
The Horseshoes Inn,"Holyhead Road, Ketley, Telford, Shropshire",TF1 5AE,Telford and Wrekin
The Lamb Inn,"Moss Road, Wrockwardine Wood, Telford, Shropshire",TF2 7BH,Telford and Wrekin
The Lion,"3 Whitchurch Road, Wellington, Telford, Shropshire",TF1 3AG,Telford and Wrekin
The Lion Inn,"Shifnal Road, Priorslee, Telford, Shropshire",TF2 9NN,Telford and Wrekin
The Liquor Lab,"Unit 4A, Southwater Square, Southwater Way, Telford Town Centre",TF3 4JG,Telford and Wrekin
The Mallard,"Brookside Avenue, Brookside, Telford, Shropshire",TF3 1LE,Telford and Wrekin
The Malthouse,"The Wharfage, Ironbridge, Telford, Shropshire",TF8 7NH,Telford and Wrekin
The Meadow Inn,"Buildwas Road, Coalbrookdale, Telford, Shropshire",TF8 7BJ,Telford and Wrekin
The Park,"Whitchurch Road, Wellington, Telford, Shropshire",TF1 3AG,Telford and Wrekin
The Pheasant Inn,"14 Shawbirch Road, Admaston, Telford, Shropshire",TF5 0AB,Telford and Wrekin
The Pheasant Inn,"54 Market Street, Wellington, Telford, Shropshire",TF1 1DT,Telford and Wrekin
The Plough Inn,"Allscott, Telford, Shropshire",TF6 5EG,Telford and Wrekin
The Raven (Rasputins),"3 Walker Street, Wellington, Telford, Shropshire",TF1 1BD,Telford and Wrekin
The Red House,"Wellington Road, Newport, Shropshire",TF10 9EW,Telford and Wrekin
The Red Lion,"The Red Lion Inn, 39 Park Street, Madeley, Telford",TF7 5LD,Telford and Wrekin
The Royal British Legion,"Station Road, Dawley, Telford, Shropshire",TF4 2NW,Telford and Wrekin
The Second Club,"148A Trench Road, Trench, Telford, Shropshire",TF2 7DU,Telford and Wrekin
The Sutherland Arms,"Sutherland Arms, Tibberton, Newport, Shropshire",TF10 8NN,Telford and Wrekin
The Swan Taphouse,"The Swan Inn, 21 The Wharfage, Ironbridge, Telford",TF8 7NH,Telford and Wrekin
The Talbot,"26 High Street, Dawley, Telford, Shropshire",TF4 2EX,Telford and Wrekin
The Tayleur Arms,"Cotwall Road, Longdon On Tern, Telford, Shropshire",TF6 6LJ,Telford and Wrekin
The Thomas Botfield (Wetherspoons),"The Thomas Botfield, Central Square, Grange Central, Telford",TF3 4DR,Telford and Wrekin
The Unicorn,"Holly Road, Little Dawley, Telford, Shropshire",TF4 3HZ,Telford and Wrekin
The White Horse Tavern,"New Road (North Of Wrockwardine Woo, Wrockwardine Wood, Telford, Shropshire",TF2 7AB,Telford and Wrekin
The Wickets Inn,"240 Holyhead Road, Wellington, Telford, Shropshire",TF1 2EB,Telford and Wrekin
The Woolpack,"Acorn Way, Shawbirch, Telford, Shropshire",TF5 0LW,Telford and Wrekin
The Wrekin Giant,"Unit 11, Southwater Square, Southwater Way, Telford Town Centre",TF3 4JG,Telford and Wrekin
The Wrekin View,"Milners Lane, Dawley Bank, Telford, Shropshire",TF4 2JH,Telford and Wrekin
Three Furnaces Inn,"The Three Furnaces, Bridgnorth Road, Telford, Shropshire",TF7 4JB,Telford and Wrekin
Three Horseshoes,"Three Horse Shoes Inn, Sambrook, Newport, Shropshire",TF10 8AP,Telford and Wrekin
Tiddly,"Ellerdine Heath, Telford, Shropshire",TF6 6RL,Telford and Wrekin
Toby Carvery Telford (Apley Arms),"Shawbirch Cross Roads, Shawbirch, Telford, Shropshire",TF1 3QA,Telford and Wrekin
Tontine Hotel,"8 Tontine Hill, Ironbridge, Telford, Shropshire",TF8 7AL,Telford and Wrekin
Travellers Joy,"Woodhouse Lane, Horsehay, Telford, Shropshire",TF4 3BJ,Telford and Wrekin
Turf Inn,"The Turf Inn, Grove Street, St Georges, Telford",TF2 9JW,Telford and Wrekin
Ugly Duckling,"Long Lane, Telford, Shropshire",TF6 6HA,Telford and Wrekin
Wellington Cricket Club,"Haygate Road, Wellington, Telford, Shropshire",TF1 2BW,Telford and Wrekin
Wheatsheaf Inn,"Chetwynd Aston, Newport, Shropshire",TF10 9LF,Telford and Wrekin
Whispers Venus \\& Pussycats,"17 Tan Bank, Wellington, Telford, Shropshire",TF1 1HJ,Telford and Wrekin
White Hart Inn,"10 The Wharfage, Ironbridge, Telford, Shropshire",TF8 7AW,Telford and Wrekin
White Horse,"4 Finger Road, Dawley, Telford, Shropshire",TF4 3LB,Telford and Wrekin
White Lion,"9 Crown Street, Wellington, Telford, Shropshire",TF1 1LP,Telford and Wrekin
White Lion,"9 Crown Street, Wellington, Telford, Shropshire",TF1 1LP,Telford and Wrekin
White Lion,"Holyhead Road, Ketley, Telford, Shropshire",TF1 5DJ,Telford and Wrekin
William Withering (J D Weatherspoon Plc),"43-45, New Street, Wellington, Telford",TF1 1LU,Telford and Wrekin
Wrens Nest PH,"The Wrens Nest, Wrens Nest Lane, Ketley, Telford",TF1 5HJ,Telford and Wrekin
Wrockwardine Wood & Trench Labour Club,"Gibbons Road, Trench, Telford, Shropshire",TF2 7JP,Telford and Wrekin
Wrockwardine Wood Football Club,"New Road, Wrockwardine Wood, Telford, Shropshire",TF2 7AB,Telford and Wrekin
Ye Olde Robin Hood,"Ye Olde Robin Hood Inn, 33 Waterloo Street, Ironbridge, Telford",TF8 7HQ,Telford and Wrekin

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